Book that Goes Against the World

Flip to the first page of 'Summoning'.
Follow behind the apprentice who lives in the shadows - Cheyne Illot.
Walk out of the ancient dark castle.
Pass through the twists and turns of betrayal and forgiveness, despair, and dreams.
Although life is short, love isn't.
Let us travel under the brilliant sun and walk into a kind world.

Walk into the world of Summoners: "Book that Goes Against the World"

War of Heaven Records

A little magician who stutters, a brave and noble night, a red-haired king, a saintess with golden eyes; the world has sucked away all traces of time like a vortex. On the land of heaven, miracles of history were happening quietly all around them...

Galaxy Aria

The boundless galaxy guides lost travelers back home. The arrangement of stars contains a special power; when astrology reaches its peak, it would disrupt the arrangement of the constellations and destroy the order of the world. With every meteor that falls to the ground, a wish is fulfilled. Reverse the cause and effect, alter destiny, in the war of perishing gods, all the stars fell, leaving behind the legacy of an adventurer. Let us follow the young swordsman as he embarks on his journey, following the path destiny laid out for him - Astrologer: "Galaxy Aria"

Youngest Son

The original meaning in Sichuan dialect is 'the youngest, most pampered son in the family', and it can be extended to mean 'treasure' - parents or elders call children little car or dog, while lovers call each other 'dear'. This is a really boring slice-of-life story with no special background to it about two people in love. A dum shou, dum story, long and draggy, read 'Youngest Son' to pass time, don't think too hard about it

Starting a Revolution in the Depths of One’s Soul (Graverobbing)

The crazy shou Zhan Xing who had ran away from home merely said the words "Little Shifu" before he tied the graverobber gong Lin Jingfeng who suffers from face paralysis onto his chariot.

Then he openly ran over countless ancient tombs.

The cat general at the bottom of the sea, the headless Buddha of Tibet, the thousand-year-old drought fiend of Liuzhou, the suspended coffin corpse of Hunan, the ghost boy of Changbai...

Lin Jingfeng's tragic yet heroic life began then.

Chinese Ship Sailing Across the Sea

Just go to America, get married, and find a partner! Oh, and get a green card in the process too.

However, as soon as he entered the country, he lost his passport. So he could only stay in his big boss fiance Zhan Yang's home everyday, playing games like a neet.

But being a neet has its advantages too, such as nurturing a relationship, for example.

This is a typical getting-married-before-falling-in-love story.

Don’t Come Over

Lin Yu: celibate shou, born with a golden spoon in his mouth, studied at a good school and lived a good life.

After graduating, he came back from abroad and decided to work hard, then became the ultimate winner in life.

But not long after he returned to the country, his grandfather died. Infighting amongst his relatives ensued, who then framed him and got him a long sentence in jail to prevent him from fighting for the assets.

Li Hongye: leader of a gang, came from an orphanage, led a bunch of followers to start a major enterprise in S City.

He's actually a good man whose hobbies are playing online games and whaling in-game to buy equipment and VIP access.

He continued leading his followers to act as tyrants in-game.

Li Hongye still thought about the little guy he made friends with when he was six. Over the years, he watched the two of them embark on different paths.

Now that Lin Yu was down and out, Li Hongye lent him a hand without hesitation and took him in...

War of Seven States

Warring states, sages, schools of thoughts.

Hero, emperor, fierce general.

Fatricidal strife, war between tribes.

Aside from what was recorded in history books, there was a traveler.

The protagonist, Hao Ran, and Zixin came from a future 3000 years later.

They returned to the Warring States period in search of the five lost Divine Artifacts.

The fire beacons were lit again, and the heroes vied for supremacy.

Can the five lost artifacts be reunited? Can history be changed?

Observation Diary of Martial Generals

The Three Kingdoms have always been a set of dice
Adding one won't make a difference
Little shou Qilin please prepare
With the qi of the Xuanyuan Sword in your left hand and the Six Souls Banner in your right, transmigrate!
The story begins from Yuan Shao leading the Campaign Against Dong Zhuo
This time, your mission is to pick a random general and make him become an emperor.
Tongtian-jiaozhu will bestow the protagonist halo upon you, amen.

A simple novel. The first half is a doujin, the second half is alternate history. The materials it draws from are mixed together, and the eras and the history is mixed up
The characters all have muddied personalities, and there are small collapses in character
Bu Ce Yu Quan Chao Yun Bei Jia Liang Yu Cao, pick your favorite, all are danger
This novel is full of bullshit, and heroes don't fall because of nonsense, while birds don't become gods because of nonsense
History flows on for thousands of years, naturally with its own principles. This is a YY novel, no need to take it seriously

Guoshi, Lend a Hand

Lu Zhongming's mission was to return to the early Tang Dynasty to occupy a place of influence in order to take in a little brother.

He had originally thought that it would be like the three parts of wine and seven parts of moonlight that Li Bai had described, opening his mouth and spitting out half the Tang Dynasty at its peak.

He didn't expect though... in the end he would actually become someone else's little brother.