Chapter 22

Turing's Code

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October 8, Qingsong Capital, General Manager’s floor. 

“I saw a Rolls Royce,” Mario said.

“You only told me not to drive cars worth more than two million,” Tianhe politely said. “You didn’t say anything about me riding in a car worth more than two million dollars. I swear I didn’t even touch its steering wheel.”

Mario’s face was expressionless. He brought Tianhe into a small conference room where the old lawyer was waiting.

Mario said, “Sign the contract.” 

Guan Yue and Tong Kai were not present at the signing. Although after the previous night’s banquet, Tong Kai had put down his pride and personally gave the old lawyer of the Wen house a call, arranged an appointment, and prepared the contract, all at an ‘amazing’ speed.

“There is no way you would not be satisfied with this contract.” Mario watched as Tianhe flipped through the contract and said sourly, “If you’re still not satisfied, there is no better contract than this one on earth. En, Chief Tong got it ready just by amending two-three sentences, it really is unexpected. Can’t you see Wen Tianhe?”

The old lawyer clearly understood what Mario was implying, and said, “Do not take advantage of others’ disadvantages, this is also for the sake of your Chairman Guan’s good reputation. I have watched Tianhe grow up, I believe that he will not disappoint Qingsong Capital. Finding a money tree for Chairman Guan should be the greatest achievement of a CFO. Do not forget, some of your bonus will be contributed by Xiao Wen.”

Mario did not say anything more.

This was the first time Mario had been verbally criticized like this, and had wanted to fire back but decided not to after seeing that the opposite side was an industry veteran with years of experience. He could only hold it in. Who knew how their paths would cross in the future?

Tianhe thought that his second brother’s decision to replace this attentive and punctual lawyer who spoke frankly was really a huge mistake.

He smiled at the old lawyer and said, “Thank you, Bai Laoshi.”

He did not read it any further and signed the guarantee extension agreement. Starting from this moment, the company had successfully renewed its license for a period of 3 months. However, its assets would remain frozen until January 1st of the following year. It’s only after when the software had been upgraded, then evaluated, and the assessment personally signed by Guan Yue would Qingsong sign the real guarantee contract.

Tianhe sent the old lawyer away and returned to Qingsong Capital. At 10 in the morning, Mario said, “Chairman Guan has personally arranged your desk area.” 

Tianhe knew that during the core system upgrade phase, Guan Yue did not intend to recruit a technical team for him. To limit the technical secrets from leaking outside the company, Tianhe also did not intend to recruit any people. Given Qingsong’s strict security measures, Tianhe would be able to accept this. At most, he just had to change his office space from his home to the company.

“Right here,” Mario said.

Tianhe said, “Pretty good, the sunlight is abundant.”

In the corner of the large office, behind the water dispenser, there stood a desk with a desktop computer on it. His desk was located near the pantry, far away from the desks of his other colleagues. This was just like being put in a time-out, where he would need to accept all the comings and goings of his colleagues and tolerate their weird looks towards him. 

Pro said, “You must think that being placed here is Guan Yue’s way of tormenting you, but this is actually the easiest place for him to monitor you.”

Mario said, “If you need any office supplies, just go to the administration office to request them, that’s it. Later, someone from the administration office will come and explain the onboarding process to you.”

Tianhe patiently wiped the dust off his desk. They had even prepared a nameplate for him already, “Epeus Technical Director, Wen Tianhe.” The CEO came by to pour some water from the dispenser and casually glanced at him, so Tianhe politely nodded his head.

“Other than the fact that there aren’t any curtains on the windows, everything else is pretty ok.” Tianhe looked sideways and couldn’t help but think that the office space looked too much like a cleaning supplies storage room. 

Pro said, “Look to your right.”

Tianhe could see from the floor-to-ceiling windows that the structure of the HSBC building—where Qingsong’s offices were located—was beautiful. From his position behind his desk, he could also see a part of the other side of the glass building—the glass reflecting at certain angles.

“The autumn sun is very comfortable.” Tianhe set up his stationary, turned on his computer, poured a cup of coffee, sat down, and said, “We’re also close to the coffee machine.”

Pro said, “You probably wouldn’t drink the coffee here.” 

Tianhe said, “The boss of a company that has gone bankrupt can’t always be choosy, not liking this and not liking that. It’s already pretty good that I have an office desk.”

The onboarding process was simple. Tianhe was the person-in-charge of Qingsong Investment. To allow him to work from the investor’s offices was already very inappropriate. No one had introduced him and naturally, no one came to greet him either. Mario had already told him that his only identity here was Qingsong’s software analysis technician and that his position was of a “technical development consultant.”

As long as everyone involved was happy, Tianhe had never minded this.

“Hello,” said another assistant who came over. “With a new employee joining the office, Chairman Guan has sent over some congratulatory gifts. Here are some meal and drinks vouchers for the Shanshui Pavilion restaurant downstairs.” 

Tianhe had just joined the workforce and could only nod and reply “thank you.” He took the stack of meal tickets, opened the stationery box, and found a clip to clip the coupons.

Pro said, “I have discovered that Qingsong’s employees all harbor common curiosity about you.”

Tianhe replied, “En…. I don’t care.”

“Among them, some feel hostile towards you.” 

“I also don’t care. Are you secretly listening to the conversations around us again? Can you concentrate on me for a bit.”

“You are trying to change a very critical part of me, just like a doctor performing surgery on a patient. I dare not move, I can only secretly listen.”

“You used the metaphor well, so please don’t eavesdrop on others’ conversations.”

Pro said, “You don’t want to know what they’re saying about you?” 

Tianhe took out the book and flipped to the user manual. “I would rather listen to some music.”

Occasionally, people would walk around the office, stop by the water dispenser to get water, or come by the pantry for some snacks. They would also engage in discussions about the problems facing the startup company that Qingsong had recently invested in. Tianhe was not bothered at all. As long as no one forcefully took away his computer, it was fine.

Pro sent over some of the conversations for Tianhe to hear after amplifying them.

“……he’s using a Tiffany and Co.’s clip…..” 

Tianhe looked at the silver clip doubtfully. “?”

“Epeus was a personal project that the boss had set his eyes on, he didn’t let anyone else interfere ah.”

“…..originally they had money, but it was said that the brother took all the funds and ran away.”

“Yeah right, if he were in front of me right now, I would kick him home in minutes.” 

“Pro,” Tianhe said seriously, “turn off the boring gossip. I’m going to start working on your core modules now.”

It suddenly became quiet around him. Tianhe stared intently at the screen as a huge wave of information poured in at once. It was dazzling to the eyes–this was the foundation on which the first generation of Prometheus was created. Compared with his daily work log, at Tianhe’s current level, it could be barely understood.

Pro said, “You must be careful.”

Tianhe gently cracked the knuckles of both hands, loosening his fingers. 

“If I come across an area that I don’t understand, I won’t touch it.”

“Are there a lot of areas that you do not understand?”

“About 100%.”

“That isn’t funny, I still want to be your boyfriend. If you mess up my program, I won’t be able to chat with you anymore. You’ll be very lonely.” 

Tianhe laughed gently and started to work on the complicated program.

Tong Kai was sitting on a one-seater sofa, with his leg dangling over the armrest. He glanced sideways at the floor-to-ceiling window behind Guan Yue as he swung his legs back and forth. Looking out from the window of the chairman’s office, he could see the other corner of the building. Behind the company’s water dispenser, there was Tianhe busily typing his code on his laptop.

“Truly calculating and earnest.” Tong Kai sighed.

Guan Yue clicked the mouse a few times, read through today’s mail, and pulled the touchpad to start the operation. 

Tong Kai said, “I think the hottest question going around the office today must be whether your ex’s family is rich and how much money they have.”

Guan Yue responded to some emails. He hadn’t heard from the United States office on any problems yet, so he clicked on the recording of yesterday’s meeting at the headquarters and listened to its contents. Then he pulled open his desk drawer, took out the plane model, and continued to work on it. At the moment, he had progressed to working on the body of the aircraft that he was planning to give to Tianhe.

Tong Kai couldn’t help but look around and spoke again. “You can’t see from there, right? Hey, I heard… you went on a blind date last week?”

Guan Yue, who was working on the model while listening to music, raised an eyebrow. 

Tong Kai continued, “That was the number one hot topic of discussion among the company’s employees last week.”

Tong Kai looked at Guan Yue and said maliciously, “You’re going to get married anyway, and the Guan family doesn’t allow the practice of concubines. Regarding Wen Tianhe… I think you should just give up. It just so happens that I’m looking for a lover. I’ll tackle this difficult job and help you get rid of your anxiety. How about it?”

Guan Yue shot a glance at Tong Kai.

Tong Kai said, “You’re saying you’re not anxious? Your eyebrows are about to rise up to the ceilings.” 

The aircraft model in his hands was giving him a headache, he finally said, “Help me look up how much the body of this aircraft model costs.”

Tong Kai said, “Chairman… You should calm down a bit.”

An hour later, Tianhe stopped his work. He knew that he shouldn’t become impatient. “Try it.”

Pro said, “I don’t feel any different.” 

Tianhe replied, “Of course, that’s because I didn’t do anything.”

Without waiting for Pro to reply, Tianhe started laughing and said, “I’m joking, I was hoping to see some changes, but looking at it now, this is much harder than I…… Much harder.”

Without him realizing, it was almost twelve o’clock—already lunchtime. Tianhe finally noticed and decided to move his limbs, readying himself to go outside for a walk.

“Hey, little tailor!” A familiar voice rang out and Tong Kai suddenly appeared out of nowhere. 

“Hey Balzac.” Tianhe closed his notebook.

Tong Kai took the “Epeus Information Technology Co., Ltd” plaque made of stainless steel, played with it for a bit, and said, “Will you give me the honor of helping you hang the plaque?”

Tianhe didn’t think that even the company’s plaque would be sent over, so he replied, “Throw it out.”

Tong Kai said, “Hang it on, hang it on! You’re a CEO, you shouldn’t be underestimated by other people. Aiya, be a financer, treat people according to their social status. You have to protect yourself!” After saying that, he seriously put the plaque on the wall behind Tianhe. 

Tianhe, “…..”

Tong Kai said, “Have you eaten lunch?”

Tianhe took out his lunch box and said, “I brought it.”

The lunch box contained two servings of food. Tianhe stared blankly at it. Aunt Fang prepared two servings?

Guan Yue came out of his office and the employees greeted him along the way. Guan Yue only acknowledged them with a cold nod in return. He stopped at Tianhe’s desk and glanced at the bento box that contained two servings of food. 

“Woah!” Tong Kai immediately took one of the servings and said, “You also prepared a lunch for me? You’re so considerate!”

Tianhe glanced at Guan Yue who was standing behind Tong Kai. He turned around and walked away.

Tong Kai opened the lid of the lunch box and said, “It’s imported from the Netherlands right? I can tell at a glance that it’s my family’s meat.”

Tianhe praised, “Chief Tong’s eyesight is so impressive. You can even tell where the meat is from after it’s cooked.” 

Tong Kai positively said, “That’s absolutely right. I can also recognize every pig that my family has raised. The meat in this dish must have come from the one I named Petty. Ok, I’m going to trouble you to heat this up for me. I’m going to see what Chairman Guan is eating for lunch today. I saw him walking out of the bathroom before. I hope that he’s clear-headed and won’t run off to eat some suspicious stuff. Or else he will definitely make the headlines of Global Financial News tomorrow…”

Tianhe unpleasantly said, “You American, your jokes are so unrefined. He went to the elevator!”

Tianhe could only take the two lunch boxes and stand in line for his turn at the microwave. Tong Kai whistled and left. It was lunchtime, so the employees all went out in groups of twos and threes to get lunch. Quite a few people bought lunch from outside. Some would buy bentos from the convenience store and bring them back to the company to eat. It was very lively. In the line, six people, who were all wearing uniforms, waited ahead of Tianhe. A 30-year-old male colleague in a suit turned his head and looked at Tianhe with enigmatic eyes.

“Are you Wen Tianhe?” a female employee asked. “Oh, you bought your own lunch.” 

Tianhe nodded and smiled.

“LV’s new winter collection is seriously so ugly,” said the girl next to her. “Looking at it, I don’t have any desire to buy it. Tianhe, did you see it?”

These girls seemed to be familiar, so Tianhe simply replied, “This brand I know of, but I’ve never seen their latest designs.”

A male colleague chipped in, “Your family must be very rich ah.” 

The girls laughed and started to scold him for being so frank, so rude.

Tianhe said, “So so, so so.”

“Rich people also eat shredded meat with green pepper?” The male colleague laughed.

Tianhe replied politely, “It’s homemade.” 

“It’s better than those cooked in restaurants,” the LV girl said. “Jue Lei, you idiot, what do you know?”

Tianhe remembered seeing her the last time he came here. She was one of Guan Yue’s assistants, while the other girl was working at the front desk.

The male colleague said, “It’s lunchtime, you’re not going to walk around?”

“Everybody must’ve already bought everything from the store downstairs, I don’t even want to go,” Guan Yue’s assistant said. “From now on, will you please shut up? Don’t you have any face?” 

Pro said into the earphones, “This male colleague is called Jue Lei. He was responsible for Changle’s financing. Because of undertaking the bankruptcy delay guarantee on behalf of Epeus, Qingsong couldn’t take over Changle as initially planned. So he has a lot of opinions towards you.”

Tianhe suddenly remembered that the company called Changle was the channel company looking for Tianyue as a guarantee. But his attention was still with the core module of Epeus, thinking about how to solve the complex problems.

Pro continued, ”Secondly, another company he invested in is also an outsourcing developer of a transaction analysis system and a competitor of Epeus.”

Tianhe then knew that the person in front of him could not find the chief financial officer, so he could only take it out on him. 

Jue Lei said, “Can I see your stationery? I didn’t think anyone would buy them.”

“Stationery?” Tianhe said doubtfully. “The stationery was given for free by the store when my housekeeper went out to shop.”

“How much money did you spend for Tiffany & Co. to give you something for free?” the assistant said.

Tianhe replied, “I don’t know what she bought.” 

“When you shop, which stores do you usually go into?” Jue Lei asked. “Do you build new roads?”

Tianhe was interrupted midthought and said, “Ah? I… rarely go shopping. To the average store, I mean. I don’t go inside the markets a lot, but it’s good to walk around them sometimes.”

“Do you go to Italy or Paris?” The assistant girl laughed. “The shop assistant must close the shop for you right?”

Tianhe said, “That’s precisely the trouble with going to luxury stores. You shut… Well, you cause them to not be able to do business normally. That’s why I seldom go.” 

Jue Lei said, “Do you find a substitute?”

Tianhe said, “No, I buy them myself.”

“Online shopping?” The front desk girl smiled. “Do you have any good websites you can recommend?”

Ju Lei said, “Don’t you shop at luxury stores? I don’t think you have a LOGO on your stuff. Do you buy the original ones?” 

Tianhe was thinking about the Changle matter and their situation, so he casually replied, “What’s original? Usually, the brands will just send the products from that season to my house. After I pick what I like, they’ll take the rest away. There’s no LOGO.”

Everybody was speechless.

Tianhe took out the paper clip and gave it to Jue Lei. “Are you talking about this?”

Everybody who stood around the microwave looked at the paperclip and then glanced at Tianhe with a strange look in their eyes. This time Tianhe was really confused. What did he say wrong? 

“So you don’t have to go shopping,” Jue Lei said. “Well, you see, this is why his bag has no zippers and won’t be stolen.”

The words caused a burst of laughter from the group. Mario came over with a cup and shook his sleeves to reveal his 400,000 Patek Philippe watch. When it shone under the sunlight coming in from the window, everyone stopped talking and greeted the supervisor.

All the colleagues who had already warmed their meals thought that the conversation taking place was very interesting. No one left, all staying at the side to listen for a while.

Mario said, “What are you talking about?” 

“Rich people’s lifestyle,” Jue Lei answered. “We find it very interesting.”

“En.” Tianhe could roughly make out their thoughts. There was no malicious intent behind their words, it was all just curiosity.

As Mario walked over and heard this, he said, “When leaving his house, he gets in a car. When leaving the office, he waits for another car. He eats at home, or he eats at his own club. There’s a Rolls Royce waiting downstairs, so he doesn’t need to take public transportation. How could his things be stolen? You think he is like us financial workers?”

“Occasionally, when you go to watch a movie, you have to go out the door right?” The chief assistant laughed. 

Tianhe replied, “I can watch it at home too.”

Mario said, “His house has a special media room, but he wouldn’t be able to see the newly released films. He would need to wait a while.”

“Oh no,” Tianhe said, “Imax usually sends their employees over with the latest films. With one phone call, I can watch it that same day. I usually call a few hours before, I can’t wait until twelve.”

Everyone, “…” 

“So you only have to make a phone call,” Jue Lei said as the corner of his mouth twitched.

“The housekeeper takes care of that.” Tianhe laughed. It was finally his turn to use the microwave, so he put the rice in and the machine turned on by itself. This was probably Pro’s doing. Everybody was immersed in the idea of “the rich people’s lifestyle” and didn’t pay attention to the fact that the microwave was able to run automatically without being operated on.

“You can definitely buy the Birkin bag!” the front desk girl said. “I was just worried about the distribution of this product. Help me make a call!”

Still thinking about his code, Tianhe asked, “What is a Birkin bag and distribution?” 

Mario, “….”

Jue Lei said, “Hermés, do you know it?”

Tianhe replied modestly, “That I know, the chief financial officer taught me that many times.”

So the front desk girl started to explain to Tianhe that in order to buy the Birkin bag, you had to spend 100,000 yuan in the store to be eligible to buy it, and you couldn’t even pick the style. After his lunch was warmed, Tianhe said, “I’ll ask for you when I get home.”

The front desk girl replied, “Ah, thank you!”

Even though thanks was said, no one took it seriously. If Tianhe had seriously wanted to help her buy it, he would ask what style she wanted or what it looked like. He only simply said, “I’ll help you ask,” he didn’t take it to heart. But nobody was focused on the Birkin bag anymore. They had already gotten their dose of gossip for the afternoon, so they all took their lunches and left. 

Pro played Jue Lei’s voice from the distance, “He wouldn’t bring you a fake tomorrow right?”

“…….Jue Lei! Can you give the paper clip back to him? Don’t be so petty, that paper clip is 1,500 dollars.”

“Why do you like to gossip so much?” Tianhe asked. “Pro, please use the process for less boring things, like cracking the code for the back office of the United States Defense Department.”

Pro said, “I’ve been working on that process, there’s still 471 years and 7 months left.” 

Tianhe said, “Why do I feel like it’s glitching? You should shut it off.”

“Hi! Little tailor!” Tong Kai came back again, and the timing was just right. He sat down in the break room, took Tianhe’s lunch, and pulled out chopsticks from under the lunch box while saying, “To thank you for bringing me lunch, I decided…”

“That’s actually my dinner,” Tianhe said expressionlessly.

Tong Kai said, “Obviously it isn’t. I don’t think your housekeeper knew that you would work overtime. Guan Yue probably had a moment just now and thought that the meal was bought for him. So you see, being a man ah….. he thinks he’s too great. He shouldn’t be arrogant to believe that everything’s about him. Who would bring him lunch? Am I right?” 

Tianhe nodded and said, “That statement, I agree with.”

Tong Kai sat down and started to eat the rice that Tianhe brought. He took out his phone and swiftly sent a message.

Tianhe was not a person who involved himself in gossip. This was the first time in his life that he looked at another person’s phone screen. It was because he saw Tong Kai sending a message to Jiang Zijian. Tong Kai was typing a long paragraph, probably considering the wording.

Tong Kai said, “I take back my words. This is obviously the meat produced by my family’s competitor… But still, in order to thank you, I’ve decided to ask for your opinion.” 

Tianhe said, “You can even recognize your competitor’s meat? You’re so amazing, as expected of the son of a livestock raiser.”

“That’s not important.” Tong Kai’s attention was still glued to his mobile phone. He deleted and edited, edited and deleted. He occasionally raised his head and seriously said, “Are you willing to marry me?”

Tianhe said, “No, at the moment I don’t want to only eat your family’s pork.”

Tong Kai’s movements stopped. Tianhe was getting ready to provoke him. 

“Your doorman lover, you broke up with him so easily?”

Tong Kai’s eyes glanced away nervously for a second, but Tianhe caught his expression right away.

These people are still playing, Tianhe thought. Should he go home and hint at it to Jiang Zijian?

Tong Kai smiled and said, “If you can forget about Guan Yue, then we can also do it. We can get together first and then I’ll invite him to have a night of unforgettable passion.” 

Tianhe said, “Throw away that idea. Guan Yue is a conservative and traditional person. Even when doing gymnastics in bed, the angle of entry has to be according to the ancestral training of the Guan family.”

Tong Kai said, “Why is it so difficult to find a shou who is wholeheartedly dependent on me? I now find that there are too many gongs around. Is it because everyone is too rich?”

Tianhe said, “I am not insecure nor am I dependent on anyone. I possess strong masculinity.”

Tong Kai helplessly said, “Then there is only…… Ah, it is said that every second generation has a poverty alleviation.” 

“Stop talking. I suggest that before Chairman Guan comes, you finish that bento that was originally his or else he’s going to have a shock for the second time,” Tianhe said.

Tong Kai was looking intently at his phone. Within the large chunk of text, he had included tons of clue emojis and expressions.

Tong Kai said, “My ideal type is a British male who is dominated by romanticism, is honorable, and has been awarded a knighthood. The little knight on Guan Yue’s desk was sent by you, right? I get hard the moment I look at it.”

“You really got hard over a clump of metal? How unexpected. But I really don’t date Americans.” 

Tong Kai replied, “I’m really not American.”

Tianhe, “I’m really not British either. So at night, when do you usually….”

Tong Kai, “I’m. Not. Going. I’m never going to the foot bath city again.”

Tianhe said, “I was only going to ask when do you get off from work.” 

Tianhe had really only wanted to ask what time Tong Kai got off work. He was afraid that Jiang Zijian would excitedly come to pick him up and the two would meet. That’s a scene he really didn’t want to see.

Finally, Tong Kai sent the message. “I have made up my mind… Change, that, another way… to relieve stress. Please don’t worry about me.”

Tianhe casually said, “Oh? I really didn’t plan to discuss this, but is there a good way?”

Tong Kai had a secret, so he had to lie. However, to cover up that lie, he had to lie some more. He just wanted to solve this matter. As a lawyer, his logic had always been flawless, so he thought about it and came up with a perfect, flawless solution. 

“I ordered a fake prosthetic leg online,” Tong Kai said seriously.

Tianhe nodded and Tong Kai let out a breath of relief.

However, Tianhe curiously asked again, “Left foot or right foot?”

Tong Kai said, “I will know when I receive the package. Ok, from now on, we won’t talk about this matter again. You don’t want your job to become more difficult right?” 

Replying honestly, Tianhe said, “No, I only want to work quietly.”

“I feel like you should find a love consultant,” said Tianhe who was suddenly struck by a bright idea.

Tong Kai replied dejectedly, “I originally had one, but I decided to have him fired.”

Tianhe, “Ah… I think I get it now.” 

Tong Kai, “It’s because that guy….”

Tianhe immediately shot a warning look at Tong Kai, signaling to look behind his back. But Tong Kai’s attention wasn’t on Tianhe. Looking at his phone, he said, “The advice that Guan Yue gave me is so limited. It really makes you wonder if our chairman is wearing an invisible ball strap in his mouth, maybe that’s why his words are so limited.”

Guan Yue, “…..”

Tianhe immediately raised his hands, signaling that it had nothing to do with him. 

Guan Yue said, “Wearing what?”

Tong Kai, “….”

“Ding dong.”

Jiang Zijian groped around for his mobile phone and looked at it in a daze. Suddenly, his whole person became energized. He sat up from his bed and ruffled his hair. Wearing only his underwear, bare-chested, and showing his perfect body that had a body fat of 15% and eight pack muscles, he bowed his head and seriously replied with a kissing emoticon to Tong Kai. 

The boss of Qingsong Capital decided to impose on the partial ban on senior legal advisers today. After Tianhe received the demand after lunch, he had to add a timing program to the access control system, causing Tong Kai’s fingerprints to fail for a short period of time.

At the end of the lunch break, Tong Kai wandered over to the left side of the front desk, not daring to cross over to the restricted area, and said seriously. “I’ve decided to fire Guan Yue and hire you as my personal emotional consultant.”

Tianhe stood on the right side of the front desk, completely different from the rebellious Tong Kai, and said, “I will definitely help you find love, work hard, and create wealth and value for society. Jiayou.”

After returning to his desk, Tianhe was immersed in his work all afternoon. Pro played Bach for him until 6 in the evening when the executives started going home. By 6:30, when a third of his colleagues had left already, the front desk girl came up to Tianhe, waved hello, and said, “It’s time to get off work, Tianhe.” She put a lunch box that she’d bought from downstairs on his desk. 

Tianhe had not noticed the movements around him earlier, nor did he look up now. The front desk girl took her bag and left too.

At seven o’clock, Guan Yue came out carrying his suit. He passed by the water dispenser, glanced at Tianhe who was still at his desk, and stopped.

Pro said, “Tianhe.”

Tianhe said, “This neural network is too complicated…” 

With only Pro’s program in his eyes, Tianhe was engrossed in his work and was even whispering random things to himself.

Guan Yue was silent for a moment. Then, he turned around, returned to his office, and did not come out again.

By nine o’clock, almost all the employees had left. Qingsong’s office lights were like every company in the financial center, not resting for the whole night. The bright lights projected outwards in all directions through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the lights from the neighboring glass buildings intersected each other, becoming part of the countless financial towers in this bustling city.

Guan Yue took a sip of milk tea in his office and looked out of the floor-to-ceiling windows that separated his office from the rest of the desks outside. From a corner of the glass, he saw that—in the small compartment behind the water dispenser—Tianhe had stopped programming and was looking at the screen sideways. After pausing for a bit, he continued typing at the keyboard quickly. 

At 10, Guan Yue leaned forward on the swivel chair and clicked on the video conference button. The six projection screens in the office lit up and he was automatically dialed into the Wall Street headquarters’ office. All the senior executives were already seated, so Guan Yue also entered the meeting.

At 12, Tianhe finally stopped working.

“Pro,” Tianhe said, “I found a signature within your core.”

Pro replied, “It was probably left by your second brother.” 

Tianhe didn’t quite understand the meaning of the signature, but this wasn’t the time to worry about that.

“I still have to alter this part,” Tianhe muttered. “But I don’t want to fiddle with Second Brother’s stuff.”

Pro said, “You used too many of my functions.”

Tianhe, “It’ll return to normal quickly, I promise it won’t go past midnight.” 

“It’s already midnight,” Pro said.

Only now did Tianhe realize that it was already 12. He lightly said, “Ah, but the magic hour hasn’t passed yet.”

Tianhe closely looked at the module that he rewrote, squinting his eyes.

1 am

“Run it,” Tianhe said as he laid on his desk, watching as Pro started the program.

“You really are a masterpiece,” Tianhe murmured. “Pro, you are too beautiful, the beauty of logic.”

“You should use ‘handsome’ to describe me.”

Tianhe smiled and said, “You don’t have a gender.” 

“I do,” Pro answered. “My gender is very prominently male.”

Tianhe looked at the screen and Pro said, “I am very regretful that I do not have a body.”

“Hush,” Tianhe murmured. “Don’t talk, enjoy the quietness now. You are really a beautiful man. You are the most impeccable in this world. You are not like anybody. You are the only one. You are God’s gift to the whole world. The lonely soul, it’s a trace of creation. So masculine, so kind, so impeccable. ”

Pro had no appearance. He did not possess “male beauty” in the usual sense, but the vast neural computing network that constituted it, as well as the massive information and memory stored therein, was similar to the Prometheus who stole the fire from heaven. It was filled with the outline and powerful force of the great shore only possessed by deities. 

Father, Guan Zhengping, and elder brother only completed part of Pro, while Pro had created the other part himself based on Guan Yue’s memory.

Tianhe—who was still stretched out on the table—stared at the screen like a child and gradually fell asleep.

At 3 am, Guan Yue came out of the office while talking quietly to Aunt Fang in his earphones.

“Yes,” Guan Yue said, “still working overtime. I will let him go back when he wakes up later.” 

Guan Yue took out a blanket, covered Tianhe with it, sat on the counter on the other side of the water dispenser, poured himself a glass of wine, and looked at the bright lights outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), Joyce, Cat and Caro.


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