Daji and I Are Fighting Over A Man

The environment was on the verge of collapse because of the war between humans, countries, and ethnic groups.

Haoran, the protagonist, was sent back to the Shang Dynasty 4000 years ago, tasked with the mission of searching for ancient artifacts.

He must find the ten divine artifacts scattered across Divine Land after the world was born: bell, sword, axe, pot, pagoda, qin, cauldron, seal, mirror, and stone, and bring them back to the modern age so this ruined world can be saved. But unexpectedly, Haoran was trapped in a game of chess that the gods were playing, and he sunk into the depravity of love with the last king of the Shang Dynasty.

Yinshang's Son of Heaven, the most stunning fox yao, a country overturned, and tens of thousands of immortals turning into gods.

Could Haoran salvage a hopeless situation? This book will reveal the real cause and end of the Battle of Gods.

As well as the existence of a stranger who came from a world 4000 years later, the one who was never recorded in history.

War of Seven States

Warring states, sages, schools of thoughts.

Hero, emperor, fierce general.

Fatricidal strife, war between tribes.

Aside from what was recorded in history books, there was a traveler.

The protagonist, Hao Ran, and Zixin came from a future 3000 years later.

They returned to the Warring States period in search of the five lost Divine Artifacts.

The fire beacons were lit again, and the heroes vied for supremacy.

Can the five lost artifacts be reunited? Can history be changed?

Nothing to Lose

Did heroes write history or did history create heroes?

Someone returned to the time of the Three Kingdoms Era, which was originally just history to him, and he became a hero.

After that, it became a dance between heroes and history.

Then again, whether it was changing the course of the long flowing river of history or thinking of the heroes under his command like clouds, what was most unlucky was that he transmigrated into a minor emperor nicknamed “The Broken Jar”.

Observation Diary of Martial Generals

The Three Kingdoms have always been a set of dice
Adding one won't make a difference
Little shou Qilin please prepare
With the qi of the Xuanyuan Sword in your left hand and the Six Souls Banner in your right, transmigrate!
The story begins from Yuan Shao leading the Campaign Against Dong Zhuo
This time, your mission is to pick a random general and make him become an emperor.
Tongtian-jiaozhu will bestow the protagonist halo upon you, amen.

A simple novel. The first half is a doujin, the second half is alternate history. The materials it draws from are mixed together, and the eras and the history is mixed up
The characters all have muddied personalities, and there are small collapses in character
Bu Ce Yu Quan Chao Yun Bei Jia Liang Yu Cao, pick your favorite, all are danger
This novel is full of bullshit, and heroes don't fall because of nonsense, while birds don't become gods because of nonsense
History flows on for thousands of years, naturally with its own principles. This is a YY novel, no need to take it seriously