Extra 3.2 - Mid Autumn 2019: Accompany You on the Breeze to the West of Yelang


"Where did all of you geges come from? Are you supermodels? You have such good physiques ah."

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Beijing, China, 3:20 PM. "Peng!", as if a deluge of flowers rained down from heaven.

Zhou Sheng was in the middle of an afternoon nap when he was suddenly crushed by a group of people who fell onto his bed. He woke up with a start, yelling, "Yu Hao! Yu Hao! Laozi's getting squashed by ghosts!"

"You're being crushed by humans, not ghosts," Hongjun answered.


When Zhou Sheng woke up fully, he saw four additional people on his bed. Two of the larger ones immediately turned over and got off. Chi Xiaoduo and Hongjun were each on one side —— Hongjun was straddling Zhou Sheng's leg, while Chi Xiaoduo was lying against Zhou Sheng's chest.

Yu Hao was discussing a research topic with Chen Yekai outside, but when he heard the noise, they immediately rushed in, and both Chen Yekai and Yu Hao were startled at that sight.

"This…" Chen Yekai said. "What are you guys doing in here? No wonder you didn't let me see Zhou Sheng…"

Yu Hao exclaimed, "We didn't do anything! This group of people wasn't here at noon."

Zhou Sheng said, "Stop thinking about such nonsense, laozi's a proper guy!"

Zhou Sheng was only wearing a pair of briefs when he took his afternoon nap. He had fallen asleep after cuddling with Yu Hao for a while at noon, and now his face was flushed red, yet it wasn't like he could just start beating people up. Besides, these uninvited guests were wet from head-to-toe, as if they had just been fished out of water. Amongst them, Li Jinglong was wearing a wet martial robe that was translucent, while Xiang Cheng's white shirt was plastered to his body, his suit pants stuck to his legs. His shoes had been thrown out earlier when water seeped into them, so he was only wearing a pair of black socks.

"Let me explain," Chi Xiaoduo said immediately.

"Don't," Li Jinglong said. "It's more important to catch the thief. Just use the Lihun Pollen on them. Did the thief come by here?"

Chi Xiaoduo said, "It seems like we've returned to our world. Wait no, this is the Beijing of a parallel universe? Crap, when we fell into the hot springs, the time-space positioning system must have malfunctioned after being soaked in water. We're 12 kilometers away from where we should be."

Hongjun was taking out the Lihun Pollen when Yu Hao said, "Wait, wait... you guys... crossed over here?"


Chen Yekai thought of the Golden Crow Wheel and the Time Wheel, then he and Zhou Sheng immediately looked at each other. Zhou Sheng had already put on his pajama pants. With his upper body bare, he stared doubtfully at the four strangers.

"I... guess so?" Chi Xiaoduo's head hurt from having to explain to so many different people. "Have you all seen a black shadow … appear nearby?"

Chen Yekai asked, "A black shadow?"

Zhou Sheng demanded, "Hey, what are you trying to do? What's that in your hands?"

Hongjun's little movements while taking the Lihun Pollen out had been discovered, so he could only hide his hands behind his back and say, "Nothing, see? There's nothing in my hands."

Zhou Sheng said, "You hid your left hand behind your back when you showed me your right hand! Are you treating me like an idiot?!"

Chen Yekai said doubtfully, "I think they're trying to use some Divorce Pollen."

Yu Hao asked, "Will we get divorced if they use it?"

Xiang Cheng: "......"

Chi Xiaoduo said, "You guys seem to be the smartest bunch we've met after shuttling through so many places."

Chen Yekai asked, "What will you guys do after catching the black shadow?"

Zhou Sheng interjected, "Cut the crap, call the police."

"Don't!" Xiang Cheng quickly thought of an idea on the sly and took out his work permit, waving it as he continued, "I have proof. I'm a staff member of the Time-Space Administrative Bureau. I brought them here to our era to catch a thief…"

"Who the fuck are you trying to fool?!" Zhou Sheng said, "Your work permit clearly says National First-Class Exorcist! Wait, what's an exorcist?"

"Oh my god!" Chi Xiaoduo said, "How are his eyes so sharp?! He just waved it a little!"


Yu Hao continued, "You guys are from the Tang Dynasty?"

He even noticed that… Li Jinglong could only give up the idea of using the Lihun Pollen and said, "Let's talk."

Xiang Cheng raised his watch to signal Li Jinglong, "Look." Li Jinglong nodded, then pointed at the watch Xiang Cheng had given him, meaning, "I know, I'll take note of the time."

Zhou Sheng realized that this group wasn't hostile, so he pulled out a chair and sat at the dining table.

Chen Yekai remembered something. "One of our friends seemed to have seen the black shadow you were talking about."

"Qihang?" Yu Hao asked.

"Ask him to come over ba," Zhou Sheng said. "Where did you guys come from? And what's an exorcist?"

"Is this a refrigerator?" Hongjun asked. "I've been to the modern world once. Can I taste the things inside?"

Zhou Sheng said, "Get him some ice cream from the fridge."

Yu Hao smiled as he went over to open the refrigerator, and Hongjun's saliva almost spilled out. Xiang Cheng asked, "Do you have a dryer to lend us?"


So, Yu Hao found two shirts for Hongjun and Chi Xiaoduo to change into. Four sets of clothing tumbled around in the dryer now: two sets of modern and two sets of ancient clothing. A towel was wrapped around Li Jinglong and Xiang Cheng's waists. Then they all sat down at the dining table for a meeting.

"I have an old ancestor who's looking for the thief as well," Xiang Cheng said. "But I don't know where he was shuttled off to."

Zhou Sheng was already dumbfounded from all this talk. Aside from this world, there were tens of thousands of other worlds that were this complex. On the other hand, Chen Yekai walked to one side to give Ou Qihang a call.

"According to the Spiritual Pointer Index," Chi Xiaoduo said. "The last world should be this one."


Right after he said that, another "peng!" rang out in the room, and another deluge fell from heaven.

"This bed's so soft…" Chen Xing's voice traveled over.

Xiang Shu opened the door like a gust of wind, and Xiang Cheng stood up in response. Xiang Shu only nodded coldly at him.

"There's more?" Zhou Sheng was flabbergasted.

"He's our colleague," Chi Xiaoduo explained to the trio.

Everyone: "......"


Chen Xing asked, "Hey, why aren't you guys wearing any clothes... can I take mine off too? It feels so icky wearing wet clothes, and we just came over from a huge group of drought fiends…"

Xiang Shu signaled for Chen Xing to stop talking with his gaze. Yu Hao got up and pulled a chair out, saying, "Sit here ba, will there be any more people later?"

"No," Xiang Cheng said. "There's six in total."

"Hongjun, what are you eating?" Chen Xing asked out of curiosity. "It looks pretty tasty."

"That's the owner's refrigerator," Hongjun said.

"Wah." Chen Xing was a little apprehensive as he looked at the fridge.

Yu Hao asked, "Would you like to take a tour of the fridge? You can open it if you want. Come, I'll open it for you."

Chen Xing lunged at the refrigerator at once, asking, "Is there stir-fried tomato and eggs? I'll just take a look, I won't eat it."

Everyone: "......"

"There's some hot-and-sour shredded potato leftover from lunch. Zhou Sheng taught me how to make it, but it might not be very tasty. Are you hungry? I can microwave it for you," Yu Hao offered.

"What's a potato?" Chen Xing asked.

"I know potatoes," said Hongjun. "Chi Xiaoduo told me about it last time. They weren't imported until the Qing dynasty."

With familiar ease, Chen Xing picked up his chopsticks and dug into the leftovers from lunch, generous compliments spilling from his lips the entire time. He even fed some to Xiang Shu. Zhou Sheng couldn't bear to keep watching and suggested, "Maybe we should order them a pizza."

Xiang Cheng glanced at the Spiritual Pointer Index and turned to Xiang Shu. "Great-great-grandfather."

"What do the ancestors think?" Chi Xiaoduo asked.

"Don't call them ancestors!" everyone reprimanded Chi Xiaoduo at the same time.

"It sounds like you're cursing us out…" Chen Xing said, pressing a hand to his forehead.

"Is he your captain?" Zhou Sheng scrutinized Xiang Shu, who was silent. This guy seemed to be the most attractive one there.

"He's the oldest." After Chen Xing finished up the shredded potatoes, he began digging through the owners' fridge. "We must respect the elders and cherish the young."

"So I'm the youngest," Chi Xiaoduo said.

"If you put it that way, that does seem to be true…" Xiang Cheng agreed.

Xiang Shu saw that Chen Xing and Hongjun no longer wanted to leave after they arrived here. "Let's figure out the mission after the something-za gets here."

"Pizza," Zhou Sheng corrected.

"Yes, that," Xiang Shu replied.


There were still several hours until nightfall, so this could serve as a Mid-Autumn party for now. Zhou Sheng ordered six extra-large pizzas to entertain them, and Yu Hao took out cola for the exorcists to drink. Chen Yekai began to ask them about what exactly happened during the Tang and Jin eras, but no matter what he asked, all he got was that this was related to the parallel worlds. No one could explain how or why.

While they were doing so, Chen Xing even brought up that desolate, drought fiend-filled world, and he asked, "What did they call those drought fiends here for?"

"Zombies?" Chen Yekai asked.

"Yes," Xiang Shu replied. "Zombies. They said that that place was a wasteland, and they didn't live there either. They were there searching for someone."

"Did it become like that?" Yu Hao asked. "With that, doesn't that mean that our world could also have a zombie outbreak? Is it only because the trajectory of our time played out differently?"

Zhou Sheng, however, recalled Ou Qihang's dream, and he said, "The friends who will be here soon also saw zombies in their dreams. What if these different universes composed of many worlds are all dreams?"

Chen Yekai began to smile as he said, "In Indian mythology, Vishnu sleeps soundly in the limitless universe, and the world is but a dazzling, fanciful dream of his. If we think about it this way, that is a possibility."


Just at this moment, the doorbell sounded, and Ou Qihang entered.

"Yo, are you guys having a sauna party?" Ou Qihang asked. "Where did all of you geges come from? Are you supermodels? You have such good physiques ah."

Xiang Shu: "???"

"Don't look where you shouldn't," Chen Yekai said. "Didn't you see someone last night on Drum Tower Street?

Ou Qihang immediately recalled the black shadow that he had seen when he was leaving the subway station the night before. He pulled over a chair, sat down, opened a can of beer, and said, "I kept feeling that something wasn't right. A gust of dark wind swept by… Here, let me explain it to all of you supermodel geges…"


2019, Evening of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Drum Tower Street, Chang'an Clocks and Antiques.

Today, Zhou Luoyang had prepared to close the store early for the night, because he had plans with Du Jing —— this was the fourth Mid-Autumn Festival that they would be spending together. At noon, Du Jing had already made a bunch of preparations for what they would do that night, but Zhou Luoyang replied to those messages twenty minutes late, which was enough to elicit silence from the other side. He supposed that that fellow was probably having an episode again.

Zhou Luoyang constantly felt a little fatigued. Was this really what he wanted? But when he thought of Du Jing, he couldn't resist wanting to see him.

Just then, there was the sound of the door opening, and someone rang the bell.

"No more customers today," Zhou Luoyang said. "Come back tomorrow morning ba."

Zhou Luoyang was afraid of the customer staying too long, causing him to have another pointless fight with Du Jing later that night. He hadn't opened the store in order to make money in the first place.

The rich baritone of a man's voice said, "I'm just asking about something, I'll leave right after."

Zhou Luoyang originally wanted to refuse him a second time, but that man barged right into the store. The man's skin color was relatively dark, and his stubble was messy as if he had experienced many hardships outside. He wore a thin windbreaker, and he was easily 190 cm.

From his windbreaker, he pulled out two pieces of torn, yellowing paper, which he laid on the counter. When he put them together, there was only one piece missing.

"Do you have the last piece?" the tall, sturdy man asked. "Help me out, xiongdi, it should be with you. I still want to go home to celebrate the holiday, but if I can't find my wife, then I won't be allowed to go home."

Zhou Luoyang glanced at it and suddenly recalled the half a page of paper wedged in his great-grandfather's notebook from a long, long time ago. 

"Please wait a moment." As Zhou Luoyang went into the storage room to search, a black Ferrari pulled up outside the antiques store. The horn honked twice, and that tall, sturdy man turned his head back and gave it a glance.


Zhou Luoyang came out from the storage room, shouting, "You come in first, I'll be done right away."

Zhou Luoyang spread open the last piece in his hands, and the three pieces fit together, becoming one.

The man visibly let out a sigh of relief, and he asked, "How much do you want? Name your price."

The man immediately prepared to stow the page away, but just then, Zhou Luoyang saw, very keenly, that there seemed to be shining scales on his wrist!!

What was that? Zhou Luoyang was shocked.

"Wait," Zhou Luoyang said, pressing down on the map without any semblance of politeness. "What do you want to use it for?"

"My wife's looking for it," the man said. "It's not very useful, it's just that he wants it."

Zhou Luoyang looked doubtfully at that man, when suddenly noises came from outside.

"He's right there! Don't let him escape——!" Chi Xiaoduo shouted.


First it was Xiang Shu who rushed over, treading firmly on the front hood of the Ferrari, before he slammed open the door to the antiques shop and charged in. Li Jinglong darted in on his heels, and Du Jing immediately pulled off his sunglasses and came out of his car, shouting angrily, "What are you all doing!"

"We'll pay you for a new Ferrari!" Chi Xiaoduo bolted out from behind the Ferrari blocking the street, stepping on the car roof as he leapt over it.

"A Lamborghini is also fine! Sorry! Xiongdi! We're currently catching a thief!" Xiang Cheng shouted.

"Who are you all lying to?!" Zhou Sheng cried. "A group who traveled through time, do any of you even have money on you?"

Everyone: "......"

Right after, Zhou Sheng, Yu Hao, Chen Yekai, Ou Qihang, Hongjun, and Chen Xing all hurried in. Du Jing was afraid of an accident happening, so he scrambled into the antiques store after them.

Instantly, the entirety of Chang'an Clocks and Antiques was crammed chock full of people, and there wasn't even space for them to turn. Li Jinglong's forearm was pressed against Xiang Cheng's chin, while Xiang Cheng squeezed Hongjun up onto the counter. Chen Xing was flattening Zhou Luoyang, whose shoulder was pressed into Ou Qihang's face. Ou Qihang was stepping on Xiang Shu, who almost ended up with Zhou Sheng in his arms. Only Chi Xiaoduo, having entered first, managed to get an advantageous spot, and with a single step, he climbed onto the counter, directing them, "Tie him up, he's been caught with the goods in his hands, we can take him back to complete the mission now."

"You get down from there!" Du Jing shouted angrily. "This is my store!"

Zhou Luoyang was at the end of his rope, and he lifted both his hands, indicating that it had nothing to do with him.

Zhou Luoyang: "I don't care who it ends up with, all I'm asking is that you leave me the money."

Yuchi Gong also raised his hands, saying, "Alright, alright, it doesn't matter who ends up taking it back. I'm not a thief, Zhongming wanted me to help his little brother find it."

"Like I believe you!" Xiang Shu and Chen Xing had been bathing happily together when they had been grabbed by Iuppiter and dragged along to search for something for an entire day, so naturally, they were very incensed. All they wanted to do was to beat this dark-skinned man to death.

Yuchi Gong said, "Why don't you guys hand over the payment first, yeah? Don't take something for free. It doesn't make any difference who is responsible for it. You think this yeye is afraid of you all?"

"Yo," Chi Xiaoduo said, "You still want to go up against these guys?"

Yuchi Gong took off his sunglasses, revealing the golden pupils of a dragon. He swept a glance at everyone, silencing them immediately. Chen Xing was surprised to find out that this man was actually a dragon!

At the same moment, Xiang Cheng channeled the force of the Azure Dragon, revealing his dragon pupils; Xiang Shu and Li Jinglong summoned two generations worth of the true qi of Acala at the same time, and in a matter of seconds, the antique shop erupted with golden light.

"Wow——" everybody gasped in unison.

"So they all weren't human ah," Yu Hao murmured.


"Uh..." Zhou Sheng said, "we can't afford to play this game, we'll be leaving first and going back on holiday. You gentlemen can slowly split these maps up, okay."

Yuchi Gong saw that the other side had two people with the power of calling down gods to inhabit their bodies, and that deity was the arch-nemesis of the yao tribes, Acala, and they also had an azure dragon. If they really fought, it was hard to say who would win. They might even end up demolishing this store that was not theirs, so he relaxed his tone a bit and said, "Xiongdi, we are all wife-fearing people, show some empathy ba."

This statement actually resonated well. Xiang Shu, seeing that his opponent didn't seem to want to pick a fight, then said, "Take him back to Jin'ao Island and let him speak with Iuppiter face to face.

"Turn on the transporter ba." Xiang Cheng said.

Li Jinglong reminded them as he said, "Hongjun, clean up the scene."

"Where's the money?" Zhou Luoyang coldly said, "I don't care where you all came from, or what island you're going to, pay up now. Don't look down on an antiques shop owner, okay, or watch out that you don't take a big tumble."

All of a sudden, Chi Xiaoduo felt a powerful force spread through the antiques shop, which seemed to create a vortex between Zhou Luoyang and Du Jing. He immediately took out the energy gauge, and the needle started to frantically oscillate, stopping at the "Extremely Dangerous" zone.

This antiques shop had an extraordinary talisman! Chi Xiaoduo immediately came back to his senses. The last time he tested and got an "Extremely Dangerous" reading was for the Exorcist Department's most powerful talisman, the Eternal Wheel... not even the Pisces Jade Pendant could reach this rank.

Luckily, Xiang Cheng, who hadn't sensed the atmosphere, asked, "How much does it cost?"

"Let me do it," Chen Yekai said, "Just regard it as making a friend."

"2600," Zhou Luoyang said, "No bargaining."

"This piece of paper costs 26 million?!" Xiang Cheng said incredulously, "Friend, you can't capitalize off of people's difficulties."

"Two thousand six hundred dollars!" Zhou Luoyang said, "My grandpa passed it down to me."

Everyone went "oh——", their hearts having almost jumped out from the scare. Zhou Sheng said, "Let me ba, just regard it as treating everybody to dinner."


"Thank you." Xiang Cheng, Li Jinglong, and the others took turns shaking hands with Zhou Luoyang. Xiang Shu, though, only nodded his head and said, "We will meet again if it is fated to be."

Everyone powered up their own time travel device, and with a swish, they disappeared from Chang'an Clocks and Antiques.

Zhou Luoyang collected the money and saw that the countertop had a fair amount of fine powder on it. As he brushed it off in passing, he suddenly sneezed, and Du Jing sneezed as well.

The two of them looked at each other in confusion. Zhou Luoyang asked, "What are you doing?"

"Waiting for you," Du Jing said. "Not leaving yet?"

So, Zhou Luoyang changed clothes, came out, and got into Du Jing's car. Du Jing drove attentively, and they left the city to go admire the moon.


Jin'ao Island, Dusk.

Everyone appeared on Jin'ao Island in quick succession. Yuchi Gong didn't take the three fragments of the Blueprint of Civilization, indicating that whoever wanted to return it should go return it. This laozi wasn't about to scramble to be the Good Samaritan, so he turned to leave.

"It seems that he wasn't lying." Chen Xing remarked.

"So this is Jin'ao Island?" Hongjun asked. "A place within the time-space crack?"

This was also Chi Xiaoduo's first time here. He said, "Wow, it's really pretty, and it's surrounded by the sea on all four sides. This island is even floating."

"You found it?" Xiao Ji exclaimed, "That's so great! Love you all to death!"

It was Xiang Shu's first time seeing Xiao Ji's face. He did look a little somewhat like Chen Xing, especially when he smiled; after all, the two of them had co-existed for such a long time. Xiao Ji probably knew many of Xiang Shu's thoughts, and at that, he felt a bit too embarrassed to talk to him and walked off to the side on his own.

"Little-little-little-little baobei?!" Lü Bu's voice suddenly boomed. Xiao Ji's soul left his body from the shock, and when he looked up, he unexpectedly saw his own father sitting on the branch of a huge tree, watching him with a gaze filled with confusion.

"This... is my dad." Xiao Ji had to introduce him.

"Hello, Uncle." Everyone could only greet Lü Bu.

"Your friends?" Lü Bu asked while sitting carelessly and sloppily.

Xiao Ji immediately replied, "Yes."

"Introduce us?" Lü Bu nodded his head at them.

Xiao Ji: "......"

Xiao Ji only knew Chen Xing and Xiang Shu. He didn't even know the names of the other four, having never met them before, so he was immediately at a loss for words.


But Lü Bu was actually thinking of something else: his youngest, most dearly beloved son had actually made so many friends! He couldn't help but recall the time when Zhongming went to the Tang Dynasty, and after reminiscing, he couldn't help but sigh with nostalgia —— before, when Zhongming was a child, he was carried by Lü Bu every day, crawling around everywhere. After he grew up though, he made friends, found someone he liked, and then never again let Lü Bu carry him around anywhere.

Fortunately, after Shuzhi came, Lü Bu could improvise by carrying his daughter and crawling around. Regretfully, good times didn't last... Shuzhi got tired of this crawling game very quickly.

Fortunately, again, after Jichen was born, Lü Bu finally rediscovered the joy of bringing his son with him to crawl around. However, Xiao Ji was growing up right in front of his eyes, and there would come a day when he would also refuse to be brought along to crawl around. Lü Bu's life, without crawling around, would be a void that could be seen with the naked eye... No, he couldn't keep thinking about this anymore.

But, after observing them at length one by one, he didn't find the person that might snatch away his son from him. Xiao Ji's friends seemed to all be paired up, which allowed him to feel a bit more at ease.

"You've already come, so let's eat together tonight," Lü Bu said. "Dad made many dishes, I'll go back now and have him make a couple more."

At once, everyone declined modestly, yet Lü Bu transformed into a five-clawed golden dragon, and with a clear whistle, he flew away. This time, everyone was shocked.

"Five...five-clawed golden dragon?" Xiang Cheng murmured, "Dragon King?!"

"Ah... really?" Xiao Ji said, "Maybe? Is my dad really that OP? He's alright ba? He actually doesn't dislike speaking most of the time…"

"Oh, right," Chen Xing said, "I get it, he only dislikes talking with everyone except you."

Xiao Ji thought that he didn't even speak a few words with his friends, which was way too impolite, so he corrected him, "No, he talks a lot to my other dad, and sometimes talks to us a bit more. He's just that kind of person. If there has been any breach in manners, please forg-..."

As he was talking, the five-clawed golden dragon flew back. There was a swish, and then Lü Bu, sitting on the tree branch like before, said nonchalantly, "I forgot to say hello. My name is Lü Fengxian. Thank you all for taking care of my son."

As the words sunk in, Lü Bu flew off again.

Everyone: "............"


After Xiao Ji got to know the other four exorcists and briefly exchanged standard greetings, he said, "I'll introduce you all to my big brother and big sister. Let's go, let's go to jiaozhu's place to eat…"

"No, no, it's okay, it's okay," everyone hurried to say at once. "We need to go back to enjoy the holiday. There are still friends waiting for us."

Xiao Ji was a little saddened by this, but Li Jinglong suddenly smiled. "Guys, look. The moon has started to rise."

Looking out from the cassia groves of Jin'ao Island, the moon was both large and round as it cast its light over the realm of immortals. Everyone let out a "wah" as they all went to the edge to look outwards. The sea reflected the light of the moon, and the bright reflection caused the entire world to be filled with its luminescent glow.

"Tonight's moon is too beautiful," Li Jinglong said to Hongjun while smiling.

"It's as beautiful as Chang'an's," Hongjun said.

Xiao Ji had seen the sunrises and moonsets of Jin'ao Island countless times, but this time he felt a little sorrowful. He smiled and said, "It has to be seen with the person you like for you to feel that it looks beautiful, right?"

In that instant, it was as if a window had opened in his heart; as if today, he had walked into a new part of his life.

Chen Xing smiled. "Then, we're going to go back."

Xiang Shu nodded and saluted Xiao Ji slightly. Xiao Ji understood that the meaning of his gesture was to thank him for Xiao Ji's care of Chen Xing before, and he smiled as he waved his hand at them.

"We're also going," Chi Xiaoduo said, tugging Xiang Cheng along as he spoke to Xiao Ji. "When you have free time, come to our Yao Association to play."

Xiao Ji smiled. "Alright, see you later!"

The three groups of exorcists then exchanged goodbyes amongst themselves, making sure that they would meet again in the future, before activating the time machine and vanishing into thin air.


Xiao Ji put the pieces of the blueprint together. The moon-viewing banquet on Jin'ao Island had already been set up, and Haoran, Zixin, Crown Prince Dan, Longyang, Jing Ke, Sun Ce, Zhou Yu, and the rest of them were scattered about in the area, feeding fish and admiring the flowers. Xiao Ji then put the Blueprint of Civilization back into the Founder's study, and Qilin asked, "Where are your friends?"

Xiao Ji said, "Everyone was rushing to go back and celebrate the holiday, so they all left."

Qilin rubbed Xiao Ji's head, saying, "We missed you a lot, go eat quickly ba."

Founder Tongtian and Wen Zhong sat at the head. Lü Bu sat at the Founder's side, evidently already having become the new leader of Jin'ao Island. Lü Zhongming stood on the black dragon's head, flying over the ocean as they flew up to Jin'ao Island.

Founder Tongtian lifted his cup, saying, "Another year and another Mid-Autumn has passed, and with every single year, our people gather around when the moon is full. This year is even livelier than before."

Lü Zhongming said, "Aiyo, at least no one went missing, I thought that none of you would come back to celebrate the holiday."

Xiao Ji sent an angry glare towards his brother, while Shuzhi smiled as she glanced at her second brother, before looking at her little brother.

Qilin said, "Drink up. Happy Mid-Autumn!"

Everyone raised their cups.


The moon hung full over Mt. Zhong, and Duan Ling had finished soaking in the hot springs, his entire body loose and boneless as he lay in Wu Du's embrace. Wu Du's bathrobe hung loose, revealing his body, and as he hugged Duan Ling, the two of them quietly faced the bright moon hanging on the horizon.


On the island of Nara, in the deer park, Guan Yue, Tianhe, Tong Kai, Jiang Zijian, along with Wu Shun and Situ Jing who had just arrived, had just drunk sake. They wore bathrobes and held fans as they sat in the bamboo forest admiring the moon and playing dominoes. Tong Kai laughed loudly before raising his fan to slap Jiang Zijian over the head.


Within the ruins, zombies were scattered as far as the eye could see, and the four of them, Liu Yan, Meng Feng, Zhang Min, and Jue Ming, were eating the mooncakes that Zhang Min had made as they sat on the beacon tower, facing the bright moon in the distance. Below the beacon tower, hundreds of thousands of zombies bustled about.

Jue Ming was still fiddling around with his transmitter, and Meng Feng said, "Hey, darling, this one can't cross planes of existence. This is a 4D machine, it can't connect up with my dad's."

Jue Ming changed to a channel, and suddenly a familiar voice issued from within.

"This is Lai Jie. If you're hearing this, please respond."

Everyone immediately said, "Squad Leader Lai!"


America, Manhattan:

Lin Jingfeng held a champagne glass as he stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, looking at the luminous moon in the distance. He clinked glasses with the American delegate, who exaggeratedly sipped a little, then smiled. "It's too strong to drink, too strong to drink." Afterward, while continuing to smile, he poured the rest of his liquor into Lin Jingfeng's cup.

Lin Jingfeng: "......"


Beijing, where the bright moon shedding its light over the land lit up the Forbidden City:

"The poplars shed their blossoms and the cuckoos sang, when I learned of you being assigned as the Longbiao County Official, across the Five Streams."

Within the Forbidden Palace, behind a tea table that had been hastily laid out, Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao had taken over a single bench. Yu Hao sat there watching the night sky, while Zhou Sheng lay across the bench, his head pillowed on Yu Hao's thigh, as a few cassia blossoms drifted down to touch his face.

"I entrust my worries to the bright moon, in hope that it will travel to you on the breeze and accompany you to the west of Yelang." Yu Hao smiled. "Why did you think of this poem?"

Zhou Sheng said, "I memorized it just a few days ago. Why do I feel like quite a few things happened this afternoon, but I can't remember any of it?"

Yu Hao said, "You were dreaming ba?"

Not far away, Ou Qihang was watching a movie with Fu Liqun and Cen Shan. To one side, Chen Yekai was sending Huang Ting messages, wishing them a happy holiday.



The yaoguais' Mid-Autumn Gala was noisy and boisterous. The flowers were in bloom, the moon was full, and Chi Xiaoduo sat in Xiang Cheng's lap eating peanuts while Xiang Cheng spoke quietly with Chen Zhen, who had come over to celebrate the holiday. A moment later, Chi Xiaoduo and Chen Lang began to throw peanuts at each other, and the little ginseng and lingzhi in their laps hopped up as they landed on the ground to pick up food. There was a young man sitting next to Xuan Hezhi, his face etched with lines of bitterness and harsh living, wearing an impatient expression.

The jiao immortal, with Qi Wei riding on it, flew through the night sky. Kodak, wearing a bathrobe, lazily wrapped himself around Feng Li as he chatted idly with Cao Bin.


Jin'ao Island, after three rounds of wine:

"Baobao," Shuzhi said in a small voice to Jichen, "The three keys to the time-space portals that your friends took, did they return them?"

Xiao Ji was currently joking with Qilin, and after he had finished laughing, he heard Shuzhi's reminder, and his smile immediately vanished.


Chang'an Exorcism Department:

Qiu Yongsi had returned from overseas, bringing Du Hanqing with him. Mo Rigen and Lu Xu had also returned to the department, while Li Jinglong was currently writing A-Tai and them a reply letter. The moon hanging over Chang'an was full and round as it shone over the world.

"The poplars shed their blossoms, and the cuckoos sang, when I learned of you being assigned as the Longbiao County Official, across the Five Streams…" Hongjun sang as he heard the song that Li Guinian was playing on his pipa in the courtyard. "I entrust my worries to the bright moon, in hope that it will travel to you on the breeze and accompany you to the west of Yelang…"

Chen Feng sat on Hongjun's leg as he fiddled with something.

Li Jinglong suddenly thought of something, and he asked, "Son, what is that thing you're holding in your hand?"

Hongjun said, "Oh, that's the key to the Gates of the Infinite Worlds that Iuppiter gave us."

Li Jinglong: "......"

A long while later, Li Jinglong asked, "You aren't… you aren't returning it? Then won't that mess things up?"

Hongjun said, "What are you thinking! Return it? I still need to go find Chi Xiaoduo to go eat ice cream!"

Li Jinglong: "......"


Jiankang, the alley with purple wisteria:

"The poplars shed their blossoms, and the cuckoos sang, when I learned of you being assigned as the Longbiao County Official, across the Five Streams," Xie An, waving his fan. "A good poem, an extraordinary poem, a pity that I was unaware of it before."

Xiang Shu furrowed his brow. "Shixiong, don't fiddle around with that thing."

Xie An asked, "If I take it, then I can go to the future world?"

Chen Xing put the key away, saying, "I still need to go eat stir-fried tomato and eggs, so I can't give this to you."

Feng Qianjun, seeds in hand, was trying to plant them in the yard as he asked, "When will this stuff finally grow?"

Chen Xing said, "Be a little more patient, those are the tastiest things in the world!"

From outside came voices as Tuoba Yan, the Ghost King, and the other drought fiends arrived. Xiao Shan was already impatient from waiting, and he said, "Let's eat ba! We can serve dinner now!"

"They don't eat food," Chen Xing smiled. "And yet we waited for this long."

Xiang Shu said, "Only when everyone is gathered is it lively. Let's serve dinner ba, come, everyone drink."

"Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!" Chen Xing lifted his cup, and the rest of them all lifted their cups, knocking them together, and within their cups was reflected the bright, eternal moon.


—— Extra: Accompany You on the Breeze to the West of Yelang · End ——

Translator's Comment:

Fun fact that this extra was released in 2019, which was a year before Tiandi was released. Feitian basically teased that Tiandi was going to be his next novel here LMAO

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