Chapter 82 - Amber of Lanling

Tianbao Fuyao Lu

"But Xie Yu could be a human."

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Colorful lanterns had just been hung, and Chang’an had just entered its nightly curfew, which was the time when every ward became bustling with noise. Li Jinglong ordered them to head to the wine shop that Turandokht had opened, the “Amber of Lanling”. This was only because everyone in the Exorcism Department was gone today. No one was there to make food, so they would grab dinner there before doing anything else. Upon seeing A-Tai’s superior and colleagues come by, Turandohkt was very friendly.

Hongjun had come here just a little earlier, but when he arrived back at the wine shop he was completely exhausted. Tonight, he had run, been frightened, and had to fight, and as soon as he laid down in the hall, he didn’t want to move anymore.

“How much money did this cost,” Li Jinglong said. “A-Tai, if your wife does business like this, won’t she lose money? When I passed by here during the day, I didn’t see many customers.”

“If I’m happy with it, why are you butting in?” Turandokht said, leaning on the staircase. “Li Jinglong, what do you want to eat?”

Li Jinglong smiled. Though Turandokht’s words were very direct and to the point, her tone implied that she was treating them as her own people. Li Jinglong then said, “Ashina Qiong’s also here? Noodles or dumplings, anything will do, bring on something warm so that everyone can fill their stomachs before we do anything else.”

Everyone went up to the second floor and put a screen around them. Not long after, the food came. They were all hungry, and after they cleared the plates off at lightning speed, Li Jinglong detailed the events of the day. Ashina Qiong and A-Tai were greatly astonished.

“I said I’d go with you two,” A-Tai said, frowning, “and yet you didn’t let me go.”

Hongjun bemoaned, “How was I supposed to know Xie Yu was inside? Didn’t they all say it was ghosts wreaking havoc, and yet it’s even related to this.”

“What’s it doing in the royal mausoleum?” Ashina Qiong asked. “Sucking away the corpse qi of your Emperor Taizong? Impossible ba?”

Everyone was very suspicious. The strangest part was why Xie Yu would appear there, but after crossing swords, disappear into thin air just like that!

“It was also like that in Dunhuang, appearing and disappearing seemingly out of thin air,” A-Tai said. “Perhaps it has some special illusion ability?”

Lu Xu replied, “The snake body that appeared in Dunhuang was its hunpo. What appeared in the Zhao Mausoleum was its true body! It’s impossible that a jiao as large as that could disappear in the blink of an eye, so there must be some trickery involved.”

Li Jinglong said to Hongjun, “Next time when you investigate a case, you have to gather information first, ask some people who are in the know, and figure out what happened that night by asking them one by one. After organizing the information, gather everyone to discuss the case, and only then can you enter the Zhao Mausoleum and these kinds of places to survey the scene.”

Hongjun could only nod. Li Jinglong thought, well, there wasn’t that much difference in the end. Even if they had investigated left and right, they’d still run into Xie Yu when they went in. Who knows if that guy had come on purpose to keep watch on Hongjun, or if they had run into it mistakenly.

“Each person gets one sentence, take a guess,” Li Jinglong said in the end. “Let’s disperse for today ba, we’ll investigate tomorrow.”

“It’s a good thing,” Mo Rigen said. “Xie Yu has finally come searching. As long as we watch our step every step of the way, it will not be able to tolerate us.”

En.” Li Jinglong nodded after some deep thought.

“My guess is that the Zhao Mausoleum is one of its lairs,” A-Tai said. “We’ve exposed one, but it probably still has more. There probably are special passageways between the nests, which allow it to move between them freely, like what the fox used in the past.”

Li Jinglong thought for a bit and said, “Makes sense.”

Ashina Qiong said, “Zhangshi, if you all didn’t stumble in on it accidentally, things may have gotten troublesome.”

“I know.” Li Jinglong shot a glance at Ashina Qiong, and he had long since thought of the key point in that -- if it was true that Hongjun and Lu Xu ran into it accidentally, then that was alright; if this was Xie Yu’s trap, then its schemes were terrifyingly cautious. It would first have had to surveil the Exorcism Department, wait for a day when everyone was gone, then figure out a way to let Huang Yong go forth to persuade Hongjun and Lu Xu to head out...

“Huang Yong isn’t a yaoguai,” Li Jinglong said.

“But Xie Yu could be a human,” Mo Rigen reminded him.

If Xie Yu had a human form and was an official of the imperial court, it could also result in this same effect.

“This is one of the possibilities,” Li Jinglong said. “Anything else?”

Everyone turned to their own thoughts, and Li Jinglong said, “Let’s disperse first.” Everyone then went off on their own, but Li Jinglong didn’t move, continuing to think where he sat in the wine shop. As he thought about what had happened, he watched Hongjun.

“What are you looking at?” Hongjun grew a little awkward under that stare.

“Go get some wine,” Li Jinglong said.

Hongjun went downstairs to get some wine. Li Jinglong poured out some for him to drink, while he had Hongjun sit by his side, holding him with one arm and going in to kiss him. He had just confessed to Hongjun last night, and the relationship between the two of them had changed. A whole night had passed, yet he was still not completely used to it. Seeing that he was moving over to be intimate with him as soon as he was freed, Hongjun felt so awkward that he tried to push him away, but at the same time, found that he liked him so very, very much.

“What are you afraid of? No one’s around,” Li Jinglong said into his ear. “You won’t let me hug you at home, nor will you let me be intimate when we’re outside; are you trying to stifle me?”

Hongjun’s entire face was bright red as he said, “For my entire life, I haven’t done… done this with anyone before, so of course I’m embarrassed."

“But now you have.” Li Jinglong pulled Hongjun into his lap, and desire caused his hand to reach into Hongjun’s outer robe to touch him. Hongjun’s entire body stiffened at that, and he hurried to grab Li Jinglong’s hand, only for Li Jinglong to hold his hand and press it against his own chest.

Hongjun suddenly remembered and undid his inner robe, putting magic power into that seal. Both of them were silent while that happened, and after it was over, Hongjun said, satisfied, “Now that’s more like it.”

Hongjun wanted to help him straighten his robes, but Li Jinglong let his robes hang loose as he hugged Hongjun, using his entire body to press him down onto the ground. Hongjun immediately grew nervous, and he said quietly, “A-Tai’s still downstairs.”

“Today, during the day, I went to Mt. Li to investigate a case,” Li Jinglong said quietly, their position very intimate. “The entire day, my mind was elsewhere, missing you to the point…”

When Hongjun heard these words, his face immediately reddened all the way to the base of his ears. A single sentence of Li Jinglong’s had struck him in his weakest spot, and he turned his head, saying, “I also missed you.”

Li Jinglong let out a hot breath, which smelled a little of alcohol, and he said, “As soon as you said you missed me, Gege got hard, come feel it?”

Hongjun: “...”

Hongjun hadn’t expected that Li Jinglong would be more shameless than he imagined. Especially when the two of them were alone, this fellow asked for even more than he got when he spoke. And what caused his blood to boil even more was… Hongjun himself was hard too.

“In the daytime, as I kept thinking about it, I was afraid that when you woke today, you wouldn’t admit to any of the words you said last night,” Li Jinglong said, hugging Hongjun, pressing him against the table. He flattened Hongjun and said into his ear, “Say it once more? Say one more time that you like me?”

Hongjun pushed against Li Jinglong’s face as he was squashed underneath. Li Jinglong’s thing was as stiff as a thick rod, and the two of them rubbed together with the material of their silk martial pants between them.

“You’d… better get up quickly.” Hongjun heard the sound of the door sliding open downstairs, but Li Jinglong watched him blearily, desire written in his eyes. In that instant, Hongjun was overwhelmed by his own desire, and he hugged Li Jinglong, burying his face in his shoulder. The two of them laid down in their clothes, entangled together. Li Jinglong was very exhausted, and he closed his eyes, unable to fight off the sleepiness and the alcohol. His breathing evened, and he fell asleep.

Hongjun felt that this embrace was infinitely safe and warm, and in Li Jinglongs chest was the Heart Lamp that glowed like burning sunlight. It shone into his soul, and it was as if he was bathed in the warm rays of a rising spring sun, which caused him to fall deeply asleep amidst this light.


In the city of Chang’an, the watchman clapped his clappers to signal the oncoming of the night. Black clouds filled the sky, and rain water soaked the streets both small and large. A black-robed man was holding an umbrella as he slowly walked over the Zhuque Bridge, and wherever he went, it was as if he had disturbed the ghosts and monsters hiding in the darkness and watching intently. Devil qi coiled all around him, gathering into things of darkness, and roars resounded.

“This is not your place…”

“Fuck off back to your northern sea…”

The black-robed man’s face was ashen white, and his eyes were bound with a strip of cloth - that was Yuan Kun. And on Zhuque Bridge, a fierce beast rose up, which had a crimson red, ghastly head. Its black beastly body was covered with sharp scales and backwards-pointing spikes, while its tusks pointed forwards, gusts of devil qi issuing forth from its mouth.

“Chang’an is the land of Xie Yu…”

More and more yaoguai came, lining the two sides of the Zhuque Bridge.

Yuan Kun held his umbrella and walked up the bridge, completely unheeding of the sounds the yaoguai were making, continuing to walk towards that beast with the crimson head. Just as the beast was about to let out a roar and charge forth --

-- Yuan Kun lifted his index and middle finger carelessly, touching them lightly to the fierce beast’s tusk. Yet he didn’t stop in his tracks, brushing by it as he walked off the Zhuque Bridge.

Where Yuan Kun pointed, the air itself seemed to vibrate, and the fierce beast experienced a moment which stretched like a thousand years. It turned into dust that drifted away in the wind with a shua and dispersed.

The yaoguai at the two sides immediately fell silent, no longer daring to block Yuan Kun’s way. They all turned to flee, hiding themselves in the deepest parts of the darkness.


On the second floor of the wine shop named “The Amber of Lanling”, Hongjun had his head pillowed on Li Jinglong’s chest as he hugged him around the waist, sleeping soundly as he tangled with him. Li Jinglong laid there, sprawled out on his back, snoring lightly.

Yuan Kun raised his index and middle finger, touching them lightly to Li Jinglong’s forehead.

Blue light shone from Li Jinglong’s forehead, and his snores stopped. His brows furrowed, as if he had begun to dream.

The skies were filled with devil qi, and the ground was covered with corpses. Hongjun stood on a battlefield, a huge, black dragon coiling and howling behind him.

The entirety of the city of Chang’an was engulfed in blazing flames!

Hongjun was shrouded in the darkness, and his eyes glowed with a red light as he let out an infuriated roar.


“Hongjun… Hongjun!”

Li Jinglong pulled together the last of his strength to let out that loud shout at Hongjun, standing in the middle of the desolate plain. But Hongjun slowly raised a hand towards him, and the devil qi suddenly and shockingly shot towards Li Jinglong!

Blood spewed forth from Li Jinglong, but he dragged along his body laden with wounds, a resplendent glow issuing from his hand as he approached Hongjun relentlessly.

“The living… are merely passing travelers…”

His low, rich voice resounded through the world, and in that instant, the black fog that blanketed the earth and sky receded before that light.

“The dead… return to their eternal homes.”

That light was the bright sun that shone over the world, the stars that twinkled in the night, a Heart Lamp that pierced through the darkness and would never be snuffed out, for as long as the world existed.

“The heavens and earth are… an inn; for all our grief we return inevitably… to dust.”

Li Jinglong shut his eyes, placing one hand on Hongjun’s forehead. White light suddenly shone forth, illuminating the battlefield filled with mountains of corpses and rivers of blood.


In Xingqing Palace, a beam of strange magic soundlessly spread out, like a transparent ripple of water. It vibrated through the air at high speeds, sweeping over thousands of households in a single instant. Yuan Kun’s pupils contracted at that, and he immediately pulled his hand back. With a turn of his body, he spread his arms wide, and with a shua, his physical form disappeared, turning into countless flying fishes flashing with silver light that flew out of the second floor of the wine shop.

“Get out of Chang’an.”

A deep, rich man’s voice sounded. The black qi gave chase, and the flying fish gathered in the air to become Yuan Kun’s physical form.

“Go back to your Northern Sea.”

In that instant, the black qi turned into a harpoon, which flew with a shua towards Yuan Kun!

“Nature has its own laws…” Yuan Kun’s cold, removed voice responded, before he turned into countless flying stars, rising into the sky! But the black qi didn’t stop pursuing him, and it turned into a black dragon that went racing after!

As soon as they pierced through the layer of clouds, under the moonlight, Yuan Kun turned into a huge kun. It opened its mouth, letting out the roar of a beast, and howled, “Which do not exist for Yao, nor will be destroyed for Jie!

In the next moment, the huge kun opened its mouth, spewing out blinding lightning!

The black dragon dispersed in midair, morphing into countless harpoons that shot like meteors blazing with black flames towards the huge kun. With a pained roar, the huge kun’s lightning fizzled and struck the sea of clouds, which went as clear as if it was a mirror pool under the moonlight. There were hundreds of wounds on the huge kun’s body, which seeped black qi. It then rushed into the midst of the clouds, vanishing without a trace.

The black qi gathered, once more turning into a man’s silhouette, which faded in and out. He looked towards the sea of clouds and chuckled coldly.

That peal of thunder startled Li Jinglong awake. He only heard the thunder, but didn’t see any rain come down, so he opened his eyes. He felt that his head still hurt a little, and he then pulled off his outer robe and draped it over the two of them, hugging Hongjun as he went back to sleep.


The next morning, the ceaseless, chaotic hubbub of the market sounded, waking Hongjun. Hongjun felt that there was a patch of wetness on his own leg, and he thought to himself, not good, so he immediately reached out to touch it.

No way! It happened again? Hongjun’s face immediately flared red. But when he went to touch Li Jinglong, he found that he had also actually… no, did I accidentally get some on him? Or was he unable to hold it in last night? Hongjun gently undid Li Jinglong’s belt and reached into his pants. He originally wanted to keep his underwear between them as he confirmed, but he hadn’t expected to go one layer too far and reach directly into his underwear...

AAAAHHHH --! He had accidentally reached in too far!

With only a single swipe, Hongjun had managed to grab that huge, hard object, and his entire hand was wet. Normally, he didn’t feel anything when he touched himself, but touching Li Jinglong’s burning, thick “that” directly for the first time made him feel extremely strange. It was as if he had been struck by lightning, and Hongjun immediately gritted his teeth and held his breath, not daring to let out any sound, his entire face filled with a strange expression.

He wanted to release his grip, but he couldn’t resist squeezing it a little. He remembered his shock at the size of this thing that day when he had seen it in the hot springs, and now that he tested it, it was really too big ba!

“Is it fun to play with?” Li Jinglong asked, his eyes closed.

Hongjun suddenly pulled his hand back, and he said, “I… I only wanted to confirm…”

But Li Jinglong pressed down on his hand, not letting him pull it away. He opened his eyes and studied Hongjun, smiling. He pushed his hips forward just a little, and that thing rubbed against Hongjun’s hand. Hongjun’s entire body stiffened at that, and he couldn’t resist gulping. Then, Li Jinglong reached his hand into Hongjun’s pants; Hongjun hurried to dodge away, his face reddening to the base of his ears, saying, “Don’t touch… it’s wet…”

“What did you do last night, while you had the chance?” Li Jinglong’s nose rubbed affectionately against Hongjun’s ear as he spoke quietly into it, but his hand didn’t stop. He went directly for Hongjun’s that, and his thumb began to draw circles around the tip of Hongjun’s thing, with a very teasing intent.

“Ah….” Hongjun had never felt such intense feelings. Before, he had also unconsciously touched himself a few times, but he had never learned to get himself off, and there was no one in Yaojin Palace to teach him. Though that thing was hard, it was also very sensitive, and as soon as Li Jinglong’s fingers stroked it, a numbing pleasure traveled along his spine, directly to the top of his head.

Li Jinglong hugged Hongjun, his body not stopping in its movements, pulling the tip of his own thick, sturdy thing back and forth in Hongjun’s hand.

“Tighten your grip a little.” Li Jinglong’s voice also trembled a little; clearly he felt very good.

Under Li Jinglong’s hand’s ministrations, Hongjun already felt so good that he shuddered, and pleasure washed over his entire body like the tide. Suddenly, Li Jinglong stopped his movements, his thumb and index finger gently pinching Hongjun’s erect thing mischievously.

“Ah!” Hongjun immediately began to shout at that.

Li Jinglong swiftly kissed him, before backing off a little, pulling his own thing out from Hongjun’s grasp.

“Someone’s coming,” Li Jinglong said. “Let’s go home, and I’ll give everything to you tonight. As long as you like, I’ll let you play with it until you’re content. Get up, let’s eat breakfast first.”

Just as he finished speaking, Hongjun heard the sound of the sliding wooden door downstairs, and Turandokht said, “Go up and take a look?”

“Spring nights are bitter and short,” A-Tai chuckled. “You must know how to act in a delicate situation.”

There was a pa, like the sound of Turandokht cracking the whip, and A-Tai, demonstrating his understanding of how to act in a delicate situation, swiftly walked into the downstairs level of the wine shop, shouting towards the second floor, “Zhangshi, Hongjun, are you two awake?”

“I’m coming up now --!” A-Tai said exaggeratedly, before walking heavily up the stairs to the second floor. What he saw was that Li Jinglong was already awake, lazily leaning against the railings. Hongjun’s eyes were bleary with sleep, and he looked at A-Tai.

“There’s someone looking for you at the Exorcism Department,” A-Tai replied. “How much did you drink last night? Want some soul-returning wine?”

Li Jinglong hadn’t drunk too much last night, so he waved his hand to indicate it wasn’t necessary. Hongjun put away his underwear, handing it from behind to Li Jinglong, who messily folded it and tucked it away, before leading Hongjun down. Hongjun was still a little awkward, but that wave of arousal from when he had woken up had disappeared, and he scratched his head, thanking Turandokht for taking them in last night.

Turandokht asked, “Leave after you’ve had some noodles?”

Li Jinglong said as he walked, “I’ll take him to eat something outside, no need to trouble dimei any further.”

“Come often,” Turandokht added.

A-Tai watched the two of them with a grin on his lips, and Hongjun smiled awkwardly back, before he left with Li Jinglong.

There was a breakfast stall named “Golden Jade Rice” in the Western Market. It used pork bones and chicken boiled over a low flame for a long time, to which was added silver gingko with the veins removed, also known as white fruit, spring bamboo, and white jade tofu to improve the flavor and make it a soup.

“The gods and saints hunger with their eyes and want to descend to this mortal paradise, simply to eat a bowl of ‘Golden Jade Rice’. Customers, your food is here --” The waiter was holding six giant bowls like he was juggling them, and he put down bowls of rice on each table with a few clanks. As soon as Hongjun looked into the bowl, he saw that half the bowl was filled with fresh, steaming round-grained rice that had just come out of the pot, on top of which was placed a piece of wild rice stem sliced paper-thin so it curled up.

“How is this enough to eat?” Hongjun asked. “Bring on two more bowls.”

Just as Hongjun was about to eat, Li Jinglong hurried to grab him, indicating for him to wait, as he replied, “Don’t rush.” And saying this, he gestured towards the boss, who had another large pot bubbling with soup in front of him.

“Watch out, soup’s coming --”

The soup came out of the pot, a huge ladleful, which also had white fruit in there that had turned soft. It went over the rice, and this half a bowl of rice plus a huge ladleful of soup became a huge bowl of rice soaked in soup. As soon as the steamed rice grains made from round-grained rice were soaked in the soup, they grew as soft and silky as white jade. The white fruit was chewy and soft, the tofu light and sweet, and that broth was even more fragrant.

Alongside the bowl of snow-white soaked rice, every customer was also given a salted duck egg still dripping with oil and a small plate of celery preserved in vinegar.

Hongjun: “.......”

“Eat however many bowls you want.”

At the long table, the two of them sat across from each other. There were few people here so early in the morning, and Li Jinglong scooped up a small spoonful of fish floss, sprinkled it over Hongjun’s bowl, and said, “Go slow, don’t burn yourself.”

Hongjun remembered once when Li Jinglong told him to eat a little less, only for the response he got to be, “I have money of my own, and I’m growing, so what harm is there in eating more”. He immediately picked up his spoon and began to smile, raising his head to look towards Li Jinglong.

That youthful smile and the affection in those eyes immediately caused Li Jinglong to feel as if he was bathed in a spring breeze.

Li Jinglong’s face actually reddened, and he hurried to sling one of his legs over the other, awkwardly covering up a certain kind of development caused by pure instinct. He coughed and said, “What are you smiling about?”

Hongjun shook his head, chuckling to himself. Li Jinglong casually reached up and tugged down the collar of his martial robe, and he began to eat. A moment later, he seemed to think of something, and he said solemnly, “Is it good? If it’s good, then eat a little more.”

Hongjun en-ed, and Li Jinglong chuckled again.

“What are you laughing about now?” Hongjun had already slowly lost his nervousness, and he only felt that when he was with Li Jinglong, his life had seemed to become very good.

Li Jinglong said mildly, “I’m laughing about how you have a natural appetite for both food and good looks.”

“What does that mean?” Hongjun asked.

Li Jinglong winked at him, and Hongjun, his head filled with fog, ate one bowl and asked for another. When he was eating his second bowl, he suddenly understood the meaning in Li Jinglong’s words, and with a pu he almost spat his food out.

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