Chapter 78 - My Heart Delights at My Lord

Tianbao Fuyao Lu

"In my life, you are someone that is very important to me."

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My Heart Delights at My Lord

But just at this moment, a voice came from outside. “His Majesty summons Li Jinglong --”

When he heard this voice, Li Jinglong knew that he had won.

“Honored lords, Your Highness, this subject will take his leave first.”

Everyone: “...”

Yang Guozhong and Gao Lishi were originally ready to denounce Li Jinglong publicly, but they hadn’t expected that in the very end, it was the Son of Heaven himself who would save Li Jinglong! Li Heng was also shocked. When Li Jinglong saw Li Heng’s expression, he knew that the matter this time was one that Li Longji perhaps didn’t know anything about; it had all been kept from him by the crown prince.

This matter had wide implications, and was more about the power struggle between Geshu Han, Yang Guozhong, and Li Heng. For Li Heng to be unwilling to report it was understandable. If it was only the corpse ghosts that fell in battle, Li Jinglong might have let it go, but it also touched upon Mara, where one misstep could cause the complete collapse of the entire chessboard. Li Jinglong didn’t dare to be careless, so he could only report back to Li Longji as soon as he could.

With this bypassing of his immediate superior, the crown prince naturally hated him, but Li Jinglong couldn’t spare any more thought on that. He immediately headed to the Jinhua Luo.

“Hongjun,” Li Jinglong said to Hongjun, suddenly coming to a stop in the corridor. “Do you trust me?”

Hongjun stopped for a second, before nodding. Li Jinglong said, “No matter what I do or say, you must trust me.”

“Of course. What’s wrong?” Hongjun asked.

Li Jinglong thought deeply for a while, before saying, “In a bit, no matter what I say in front of His Majesty, you must remember this, Hongjun…”

Hongjun: “???”

Hongjun watched Li Jinglong curiously, but Li Jinglong only looked at him calmly, before finally saying, “You just need to remember that to me, you are the most important…

“Let’s go ba.” There was a blush on Li Jinglong’s face, and he didn’t keep talking, instead chivvying Hongjun to hurry along. In that instant, Hongjun clearly sensed that Li Jinglong was a little embarrassed.

His heart began to thump loudly as he caught up to Li Jinglong, the two of them coming to the Jinhua Luo.


Winter had passed, and spring had come. New leaves had sprouted from the branches of the country’s guardian gingko, and its surroundings were dotted with peach trees that had been transplanted here, blossoming with vivid brilliance.

Li Longji and Yang Yuhuan were sitting on the lounge chair as they always had, but when Li Jinglong and Hongjun presented themselves, the music stopped. Li Longji sent someone to bring Li Heng over. Li Jinglong was just about to report, but Li Longji said as lightly as the clouds and wind, “Let’s talk about it after the crown prince is here ba.”

Yang Yuhuan was wearing a white outfit, and she smiled happily as she looked at Hongjun, asking, “Did you manage to find your uncle?”

“We found him,” Hongjun smiled back, taking the pastries and tea that a eunuch handed him. “It’s a pity that we didn’t get to say goodbye to him, because we had to come back in such a rush.”

Yang Yuhuan said, “There will always be a chance to meet again, do not worry.”

Li Longji said, “If it wasn’t for this missive that you sent, Zhen wouldn’t even know that you took a trip to Liangzhou. Zhen was wondering why no news of you had been heard these past few days.”

Li Jinglong blushed with shame. “This official was fortunate enough to be carrying out matters on the crown prince’s behalf.”

Li Jinglong originally wanted to continue making his case, but the emperor merely asked after some matters of the local customs and practices, so Li Jinglong could only give some casual responses. When Li Heng arrived, Li Longji glanced at Yang Yuhuan. At that, she rose and left, and the atmosphere in the Jinhua Luo grew imposing once more.

“Li Jinglong,” Li Longji said coldly, after dismissing everyone else. “What you mentioned in the missive is incredibly exaggerated to scare the people.”

Hongjun hadn’t expected that as soon as Yang Yuhuan left, Li Longji would change completely, and he immediately grew nervous. With those words, Li Longji tossed the memorial to the throne onto the ground, where it unfurled. Hongjun managed to catch a glimpse of “Mara has descended to this earth and plunged the people into suffering and despair”, and he immediately jolted and looked towards Li Jinglong.

“There is not a single false word,” Li Jinglong said. “As for the specifics...”

As they spoke, Li Jinglong took a sip of tea. Beginning from Mara of many years ago, he spoke of the thousand year cycle of reincarnation, then to this time period, when they had gone to Hexi, how they had learned of the specifics from the king of the corpse ghosts that fell in battle. He only left out any part that had to do with Hongjun, and in the end, he said, “And as of today, the seed of Mara is still in this world, and its rebirth is already unavoidable.”

When Hongjun heard these words, his heart skipped a beat. He hadn’t expected that Li Jinglong wouldn’t hide even a bit of that!

“What you mean is,” Li Longji murmured, “there is a ‘seed of Mara’, and when the time is right, it will grow up to become Mara?”

“Correct.” Li Jinglong clearly had come prepared today, and he wasn’t planning to hide that from the emperor.

“Where is the devil seed?” Li Longji then asked.

“That is being investigated,” Li Jinglong replied composedly. “I have already grasped its trail, but I cannot say where it is right now.”

Li Heng’s voice trembled as he said, “Li Jinglong, you best not be speaking nonsense to falsely spread alarm!”

“Your Highness,” Li Jinglong replied, not at all polite, “in this occurrence of events, is there any part that is unreasonable?”

Sometimes, the words that had the most power to persuade were that of the truth. Hongjun had to admit that Li Jinglong was very smart, because as soon as he revealed the truth, no matter how twisted this process was and how impossible this story seemed, this link upon link of the truth possessed power of its own to make people believe.

“I shall get rid of the seed of Mara,” Li Jinglong continued. “But in this process, Chang’an will undergo great chaos, and Your Majesty’s support will be necessary.”

To get rid of the seed of Mara also implied that Li Jinglong was going to kill him. In that instant, the world whirled around Hongjun, and when he heard these words, it was as if he had seen the future where he would die by Li Jinglong’s own hand.

But Li Jinglong merely gave him a look. It was the gaze that Hongjun was the most used to: be calm, leave everything else to me.

Hongjun thought of Li Jinglong’s words, and he finally managed to suppress that discomfort in his heart. He nodded.

“How will you get rid of it?” Li Longji asked.

Li Jinglong answered, “The seed of Mara is what the yao king is searching for. As long as it is found, if we stand guard by it, then the yao king will reveal itself sooner or later, because it will come searching for it, unheeding of anything else. At that time, I will use all the power of the Exorcism Department to first completely eliminate ‘Xie Yu’, before then using the Heart Lamp to purify the devil seed and burn it to ash.”

“You may not be able to achieve this,” Li Longji said.

“If I am unable to achieve this,” Li Jinglong said, “others have even less of a chance to do so.

“To face down the yao tribes, the entirety of the Exorcism Department is willing to put in all their effort into such a battle, just like Hongjun, by my side right now, who is someone very important in my life. They have handed their very lives to me, but when we face the court, Your Majesty, and Your Highness, when the danger comes from our own people, we have no way to defy Your Majesty’s edict, and we are unable to ignore the reproach of the officials of the court.

“This is exactly why I needed to report this to Your Majesty in its entirety. When we leave the Jinhua Luo, no fifth person can know of this matter. I need Your Majesty’s unreserved trust.”

And saying this, Li Jinglong placed his hand on top of Hongjun’s, which was draped over his knee. He raised his head and studied Li Longji’s expression.

Li Longji only watched the two of them silently. Hongjun’s gaze held a hint of desolation. Though he had long since known, when he heard this, he still felt sorrow in his heart. But he didn’t break free of Li Jinglong’s hold, all because in this very instant, he only had Li Jinglong to lean on.

“Li Jinglong,” Li Longji said, “do you understand what you are doing?”

Li Jinglong replied, “This subject understands.”

“With that, Zhen will fulfill your request.”

“This subject holds Your Majesty in great esteem,” Li Jinglong said in the end.


In the depths of the night, Li Jinglong and Hongjun walked through a small alley, one in front, one behind, moving slowly. Hongjun walked ahead, while Li Jinglong followed behind. The two of them were both lost in their own thoughts, and they didn’t speak for a long while.

“Hongjun,” Li Jinglong finally opened his mouth. “I have something to say to you.”

But Hongjun responded, “I’m so tired, I don’t want to talk.”

Li Jinglong raced a few steps forward and explained, “Today, the crown prince’s summons were sudden. There are many things that I originally wanted to explain to you last night, or tonight…”

“I’m going back,” Hongjun replied.

He still trusted Li Jinglong, but those words in the Jinhua Luo had hit him too heavily, and he was a little at a loss. The stones outside the main doors of the Exorcism Department flew open, and Hongjun hurried in. Li Jinglong followed behind him, saying,

“You promised me that no matter what, you’d trust me!”

Hongjun turned back and glanced at Li Jinglong, loneliness and desolation in his gaze. He understood the reason, but in this moment, he felt very terrible in his own heart.

“You two are back?” the carp yao asked from the yard. “Have you eaten? Where did you go?”

Hongjun passed by with rapid steps. Lu Xu stuck his head out from Mo Rigen’s room, shouting, “Hongjun!”

Hongjun went into his room and closed the door. Li Jinglong came racing after him, and he stood outside the door, saying, “Hongjun, let me explain…”

But Hongjun didn’t open the door. When facing that single, thin door, Li Jinglong didn’t barge in either; he merely stood right there. No lights had been lit inside the room, and his large shadow was silhouetted on the paper door.

Hongjun stared at that silhouette, not saying a single thing.

A-Tai, Mo Rigen, and the rest all stuck their heads out of the room to watch Li Jinglong, but he waved towards A-Tai, gesturing for him to come over before saying a few quiet words into his ear. A-Tai was torn between laughing and crying, and he went back to his room with one hand pressed to his forehead.

“He’s alright ba?” Mo Rigen mouthed.

Li Jinglong nodded. Lu Xu was just about to go call out in front of the door, but Li Jinglong hastily stopped him. He gestured to Mo Rigen, making a “cage” gesture with his fingers.

Lu Xu: “?”

Mo Rigen understood, and he hurried to grab Lu Xu, explaining quietly into his ear. Lu Xu didn’t keep fighting to break free of Mo Rigen’s hold, instead studying Li Jinglong doubtfully.


Hongjun laid on the bed, and when he saw that Li Jinglong had left, he began to toss and turn. He thought about the words that he had said today. He understood in his heart that Li Jinglong was protecting him, which was how today’s words came about.

“I know that the words I said today must not have been easy to hear.” Li Jinglong’s voice came again from outside the door.

Hongjun’s heart was as tangled as a skein of rope. “Stop talking! Go away ba!”

“... but you only heard the words that had to do with Mara,” Li Jinglong said, not heeding Hongjun’s order to see the visitor off. “There was one other sentence that I said to Your Majesty, which was: In my life, you are someone that is very important to me.”

Mo Rigen, Lu Xu, the carp yao, A-Tai, Ashina Qiong, when the group heard these words, they bore expressions of amazement. Mo Rigen even smiled, and he made a fist with his hand and waved it at Li Jinglong. Though he didn’t know what had happened, he still cheered him on.

The carp yao’s fish mouth widened. Everyone acted as if they were watching the fun, and Li Jinglong grew awkward, waving his hand for them to hurry up and leave.

In the room, Hongjun still didn’t reply.

Li Jinglong came over, holding the barbat lute in his hand. He sat down, his legs criss-crossed, outside Hongjun’s room and said, “Hongjun, do you know why I admire His Majesty?”

The room was a patch of stillness, and the moonlight shone through the paper window, turning the ground snowy white. Li Jinglong continued to speak.

“Ten years ago, Imperial Consort Wu passed away from an illness. His Majesty fell in love with Imperial Consort Yang at first sight, so he summoned her into the palace. The imperial consort was once his son’s wife. This action was no different from setting off a huge wave within the imperial court.

“But he held his ground despite objections, only because he believed that the two of them would be together,” Li Jinglong continued. “Aside from that, if the sky collapsed or the ground split open, if the vast seas flooded the silk plains, that had nothing to do with him.”

Hongjun sat on the bed, his legs crossed, and dazedly watching Li Jinglong’s silhouette outside, not at all understanding why he was saying this. Li Jinglong was not only completely lacking any desire to apologize, he actually sucked in a breath after he finished explaining.

“Let me play a song for you, Hongjun,” Li Jinglong said.

Hongjun: “???”

Hongjun’s anger had already dissipated, and when he thought of how the others probably hadn’t slept yet and Li Jinglong was sitting outside like this, the rest of them probably thought that they had argued, so he grew embarrassed. Just as he was about to go ahead and open the door for him, he heard the sound of the barbat, like flowing water.


“The mountains have trees and the trees have branches…”

Li Jinglong’s voice was deep and rich, unlike the clarity of A-Tai’s, but when that singing voice sounded, there was a strange power in it that went straight for Hongjun’s heart!

“My heart delights for my lord, yet my lord does not know…” Li Jinglong’s face was reddened by a blush as he plucked at the strings. His fingers glowed with light, and they danced between the strings without stopping. Hongjun stopped breathing. This was… a… courtship tune!

Hongjun was in disbelief, and he looked around, feeling a little dizzy. He then fixed his gaze back on Li Jinglong’s silhouette projected on the door.

Li Jinglong continued to sing. “What evening is this, that I take my boat into the river -- What day is this, that I happen to share this boat with my prince? -- Shame, I feel, for being drawn to you, but I do not fear the shame of being denounced.”

“My yearning is intense, yet without rest, and my thoughts are only of my prince. The mountains have trees, and the trees have branches!”

“My heart delights in my lord, yet! My lord does not know!”

Hongjun: “...”


This “Song of the Yue Boatman” was originally a tactful and graceful song by a Yue woman, and was meant to be sung slowly. Li Jinglong, however, played very fast, and he sang the lyrics in quick succession majestically. There was a kind of constant inescapable approach, which Hongjun had almost no way to defend against.

In that instant, all of the people in the yard were struck dumb, and they stared at Li Jinglong from afar. Li Jinglong, however, changed the tune once more, and he began to play, “Heavens! I yearn to love and cherish you, my lord, as you would me! Such a long life is one without regrets -- Unless the mountains vanish, the rivers run dry, and thunder roars through the winter sky… unless snow flies during the blazing summer and the heavens and earth collide… nothing will...”

“... make me give up my love for my lord.”

The music slowly stopped, and Li Jinglong looked at that door. His smile was handsome, and he looked like a little child as he said, “Hongjun, you like gege, don’t you?”

Hongjun: “...”

Hongjun was sitting on the ground, and he couldn’t help backing up a little. Outside the room, Li Jinglong didn’t give him even a bit of time to consider as he said,

“I know that you like me, Hongjun. Say it, say that you like me. You said it before, you like me the most. Say it once more, Hongjun.”

Hongjun couldn’t resist loudly shouting, “You’re… you’re too dastardly! Zhangshi! You can’t do this!”

“Say that you like me.” Li Jinglong put down the lute, and he knelt outside of Hongjun’s door. His hands were pressed against his knees, and he said earnestly, “If you say that you like me, Hongjun, then I’m coming in.”

“I…” Hongjun couldn’t control himself and gasped rapidly for breath. What he was feeling right now was just like what he had felt that day when Li Jinglong hugged him and leapt down from Yaojin Palace into vast emptiness.

Li Jinglong was like a great general besieging a city. Though he was alone, it was as if he had a great army behind him that charged towards all of those nameless and named gods of the world, towards the endless sky, the vast land, the mountains and plains, the great oceans, the entirety of the living beings on the Divine Land. In the span of a breath, he would break through into the city.

“Say that you like me,” Li Jinglong smiled. “Then, Hongjun, we’ll be together. From then on, you will not leave me, and I will not leave you.”

“I… I…” Hongjun said. “I…”

Hot blood seemed to have dazed Hongjun’s mind, and he couldn’t stop trembling as that sentence clogged up his throat. Everything that he yearned for was on the other side of the door. His voice grew distant, yet it seemed to well up truthfully from his heart.

“I… I like… you.” Hongjun almost couldn’t breathe now.

“Who do you like?” Li Jinglong asked from outside the door.

“You bastard!” Hongjun’s entire face was bright red as he roared angrily at the door, “Li Jinglong --!”

Li Jinglong let out an “ay” as he smiled, before he pulled open the paper door and walked in with large strides. Hongjun immediately grew nervous, and as Li Jinglong went forward, Hongjun shouted, “What are you doing?!”

Li Jinglong came to a stop in front of Hongjun, who kept ducking back into a corner. His entire being had grown muddled, but Li Jinglong knelt down on one knee, before his other knee joined it on the ground as he blocked Hongjun into the corner.

Hongjun felt awkward beyond belief, but Li Jinglong reached up and grasped his chin, studying him earnestly. He said in a quiet voice, “Don’t move, be good.”

Right after, Li Jinglong turned his head and kissed him.

Instantly, there was a boom in Hongjun’s mind, and it went completely white. Li Jinglong’s lips were burning hot but also gentle, and when they touched Hongjun’s, the spring night suddenly fell silent. Hongjun felt a beam of white light split open the vast dark night, shining right into his soul.


When their lips parted, the two of them dumbly watched each other. Li Jinglong was still sitting in a kneeling position as he had before, and he studied Hongjun. With a smile in his eyes, he asked, “What am I?”

“You’re a bastard,” Hongjun said.

“Say that one more time?” Li Jinglong asked.

“You are… wu…” Before Hongjun could say those words, he was once again kissed passionately by Li Jinglong. His eyes widened, watching Li Jinglong, before his gaze then leapt over his shoulder to outside the door. His entire face turned bright red as he tried to push Li Jinglong away.

“Focus,” Li Jinglong said, frowning.

“Stop watching!” Hongjun was about to die from embarrassment; a large group of people was standing outside the door.

“Congrats, congrats!” Mo Rigen hastily said.

“Zhangshi, distribute some money ba!” A-Tai said. “When a happy event occurs, you’ve got to give out red envelopes.”

Ashina Qiong added, “That’s right, give each of us twenty taels ba.”

Lu Xu said, “I feel like you’re indeed pretty bastardly, Zhangshi.”

Li Jinglong let out an angry roar. “If you keep talking, I’ll dock your pay!”

With that, the entire group dispersed, leaving behind the carp yao, which watched Hongjun dumbly, as if it was very disappointed.

“Close the door for me,” Hongjun hurried to say, “Zhao Zilong.”

The carp yao said, “Hongjun…”

Hongjun hurried to add, “Let me be alone for a bit!”

The carp yao could only close the door and run off.

When Hongjun looked back at Li Jinglong, he was so nervous that he almost threw up, and he rose, trying to dash outside. Li Jinglong, however, asked, “Where are you going?”

Hongjun said, “I… I’m going to get a breath of fresh air.”

Hongjun put on his wooden ji and dashed out in just his inner robe. Li Jinglong kept following behind. Hongjun took a circle around the yard, his face set in confusion, but Li Jinglong only followed, going wherever Hongjun went.

“You…” When Hongjun turned, he almost slammed into Li Jinglong’s chest, and Li Jinglong asked, “Want me to hug you?”

Hongjun: “No!”

Li Jinglong said, “They all heard.”

Hongjun: “...”


“Come with me,” Li Jinglong said, grabbing Hongjun’s hand. Right now, as soon as Hongjun felt that touch, he grew nervous and wanted to shake it off, but Li Jinglong held on tightly and leapt up onto the rooftops. Hongjun’s mind was occupied elsewhere and he almost slipped and fell, so Li Jinglong wrapped an arm around his waist and took him leaping across the rooftops. They bounded over several eaves, climbing up onto the Dayan Pagoda.

Hongjun felt as if he was sunk in a dream. He had no way to digest this sudden change in his life, and he only wanted to leave Li Jinglong speedily so that he could go calm down on his own. Li Jinglong, however, followed right behind him, not even giving him a chance to breathe, as if he was afraid that the moment he turned, he would lose Hongjun.


Hongjun turned his head to face Li Jinglong, the emotions in his heart swelling like a huge wave threatening to swallow the sky. He had a torrent of words, but he didn’t know how to say them.

“Look,” Li Jinglong said. “The Chang’an of tonight is so beautiful.”

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