Chapter 64 - The Seven Emotions and Six Desires

Tianbao Fuyao Lu

“How much of a relationship built on life and death experiences do you and the White Deer have?”

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Not far behind him, the ghost king silently finished listening to Li Jinglong’s narrative. He let out a long sigh, slowly getting to his feet.

“... Everything happened like that.” After Li Jinglong finished his last sentence, he waited for the ghost king’s reply.

Hongjun lowered his head, watching Liu Fei’s skeleton, when suddenly, he heard “dong, dong”, the two crisp, clear thuds of the rattle drum.

The ghost king held the rattle drum in his hand, slowly walking towards the center of where the corpse ghosts had collapsed on the battlefield. The rest of them rose, slowly following behind him.

He solemnly put on his helmet. With the non-stop thuds, “dong dong”, it was as if the earth itself underwent a mysterious transformation!


The corpse ghosts that had been scattered haphazardly on the ground all rose.

Hongjun took a few steps back, watching the king of the corpse ghosts that fell in battle with surprise, only to see that while the ghost king stood on a clear patch of ground, those near two hundred thousand corpse ghost troops all came back to life under the call of the rattle drum!


They picked up the weapons by their hands, standing up in twos and threes. Li Jinglong and the rest immediately grew anxious, and they glanced at Hongjun, trying to get him to come back to where they were. After all, none of them wanted to be attacked by this group of corpse ghosts for a second time. But this time, all of the corpse ghost troops seemed to be very well-trained, and none of them attacked randomly. They only retreated like the tide after retrieving their weapons, forming up into a square formation at the foot of the valley, where they slid their rusted weapons back into their sheaths.

Dong, dong --”

The sound of the rattle drum echoed across the snowy plains, sounding even more lonely and distant. For a time, silence blanketed the land, and even the light breeze stopped. Only the ghost king kept twirling that rattle drum in his hand, again and again, rhythmically, as if he was knocking against the sky itself, beating against the vast land...

Twenty cavalry commanders appeared at the front of the square formation, each of them a commander of ten thousand. Then came the thousand-man leaders, galloping their horses forward, then the leaders of a hundred, ten, and the squad leaders. The entirety of the two hundred thousand corpse ghost army swiftly formed organized ranks to the sounds of this rattle drum.

The members of the Exorcism Department exchanged glances, astonishment written in their eyes. Li Jinglong breathed a sigh of relief at their narrow escape; before this, the army had no organization at all and no military tactics as they fought that chaotic battle. If Xuannü had actually, fully controlled the ghost king, then it was possible that last night’s battle would not have been resolved so easily.

The rattle drum stopped, and the plains were covered with a black mass. The mountains and the plains teemed with corpse ghosts that fell in battle.


The ghost king removed his helmet, and one of the ten-thousand-man commanders rode forward, untied the bag of wine that it carried with it, and poured the strong wine into the helmet.

“What is it doing?” the carp yao asked.

“Shh,” Li Jinglong gestured, before having Hongjun come to his side. The group then stood there, shoulder to shoulder, looking at the ghost king in the center, his twenty thousand corpse ghost soldiers, as well as the bones of Liu Fei lying quietly at the foot of the boulder.

In that instant, Hongjun dimly expected that the ghost king would know some magic to bring Liu Fei back to life.

But he heard the ghost king’s voice echo through the snowy plains as he intoned,

“At the beginning of everything, who spread the dao in this world? The heavens and earth had not yet taken shape, so who was there to perceive the spreader of the dao?

“Knowing of the limitless universe and its even more limitless beginning, who can find an external vantage point?” And saying this, he lifted the helmet, raising it to the sky like he was raising a cup in salute.

“Life and death are eternally intertwined, continuing onwards without end, and only in a dream will they end!”

In that moment, all of the corpse ghosts that fell in battle all dropped to one knee at the same time! Like a sword leaving the sheath, that sound was like the roars of a group of dragons, echoing through the valley endlessly!

Everyone held their breaths and exchanged glances, watching the corpse ghost king, who still had his back to them. Hongjun could keenly sense, just like the night that Liu Fei had dispelled the corpse poison, that powerful energy that could even surpass life and death had returned once more!


Right after, the corpse ghost king held the helmet in his left hand, dipped the fingers of his right into the bowl, and flicked it at the sky.

"I salute these vast heavens, may all the things in the world return to their original forms.”

Then he flicked them towards the great earth.

"I salute the fertile soil of this divine land, may all living things return in silence to their end."

In the next moment, with a spread of his hand, he sent the entire helmetful of wine splashing out, huala, towards Liu Fei’s bones. He intoned, “I salute my king of Jiangdu, for finally breaking free --”

The two hundred thousand corpse ghosts soldiers that fell in battle all lowered their heads, and at the last moment, all raised them again. A wind rose, and that skeleton instantly turned into countless points of light, rising towards the blue expanse of the heavens in that wild wind.

The fine points of light were like the silver river above, slowly rising into the air, but also like a plume of grey smoke that, under the attention of everyone present, turned into a road leading to the heavens, before finally vanishing in the wind.


After humans died, could they turn into corpse ghosts that fell in battle and keep living on? Hongjun couldn’t help thinking of his own family members that had bid farewell to this world.

“When was the first time that you encountered death?” Li Jinglong suddenly asked him.

They rode forward shoulder to shoulder, following behind the corpse ghost king. The two hundred thousand strong army had been sent back, and only twelve guards remained with the ghost king. Mo Rigen hugged Lu Xu as he rode along behind A-Tai and Ashina Qiong, who were following the ghost king, racing towards the end of the plains.

They didn’t ask where the ghost king was going. Contrary to how things were usually, everyone maintained their silence, especially Mo Rigen and the rest of them. It was as if this was the first time that they had seen such magic that crossed the boundaries of life and death, and that caused them to think of many questions, each more mystical than the last.

Hongjun slowed his horse. If he didn’t count the scene in the dream, when he had watched his parents die, his first time encountering death had been in Yaojin Palace.

“...That time, I brought a bird back from the mountains,” Hongjun said. “It was already very, very old. I begged Chong Ming to save it, but Chong Ming said, ‘Every living thing will die. I can cure an illness, but I cannot save its life.’ That was the first time that I knew death.”

“What do you think death is?” Li Jinglong then asked.

With that question, Hongjun couldn’t resist thinking of his parents, and his expression grew clouded.

Li Jinglong hurriedly added, “I brought it up thoughtlessly, nothing more.”

When Hongjun looked up, he saw that Li Jinglong’s expression was a little uneasy, as if after Hongjun had woken from his dream, he could sense the distance that Hongjun was unconsciously maintaining between them. This caused Li Jinglong, on this entire journey, to feel a sense of constraint that he could not easily put in words. It was as if he wanted to find a few words to say, but he was afraid of touching upon the things that Hongjun didn’t want to talk about.

“Death is a caterpillar leaving its cocoon and becoming a butterfly, returning to the vast heavens,” the ghost king suddenly said. He slowed the speed of his horse, continuing from the front, “It is snow melting into water, returning to the great earth; it is one drop of water, sinking into the rivers, the lakes, and the sea. From then on, you are no longer able to distinguish between you and the rest of the world.”


A long, unbroken stretch of stone cliffs appeared in the distance. It was almost twilight, and that was the sheer face of a stone mountain, which was over ten zhang tall. In the middle of the stone wall was a huge tower painted green with carven railings of red lacquer, and it was a good nine stories tall.

“Wow, the Mogao Caves!” The carp yao answered the question that hadn’t even left Hongjun’s mouth yet.

The ghost king and his personal guards all dismounted. Outside the nine-story tower, there were only a few soldiers standing guard. Upon seeing the group, they all stood to attention, weapons in hand, and shouted, “Who are you?!”

Li Jinglong immediately pulled out his waist tally to identify himself, but the ghost king already strode forwards, his cloak billowing out behind him as he walked into the nine-story tower.

“All of you, come in ba,” the ghost king ordered, that tone leaving no room for doubt.


Within the nine-story tower was a grand, towering sitting Buddha -- one of Maitreya’s hands was placed flat on his knee, while the other was curved downwards past the knee. The ghost king seemed to be even more familiar with this place than his own residence, and he held a rope in his hands, a jade pendant tied to that rope. He spun it in a few circles, and the jade pendant left his hands, arcing through the air, flashing with reflected light as it flew towards the flat, extended palm of Maitreya. It landed with a ding in the center of that palm.

“Ghost king.” Li Jinglong was just about to question him, but the ghost king lifted a hand, stopping anyone from speaking. He then ascended the wooden ladder at the side, while the guards spread out to stand guard around it. The group could only follow behind the ghost king, each following the next in a single file line, climbing up to the fifth story. When they emerged, they were actually high up in the Mogao Caves. The icy wind was biting as the ghost king led the assembled group into a bright hall. The hall was devoid of any statues or depictions, and there was only a vivid, gorgeously colored mural on the wall, and rush cushions scattered on the floor.

“How should we address you?” Li Jinglong asked.

“I have long since forgotten my name,” the ghost king replied. “Keep calling me Ghost King as you had before. Sit ba, however you wish is fine, this is the sacred land of my people, the living dead.”

Mo Rigen was still hugging the unconscious body of Lu Xu, and the ghost king said, “Place him here.”

Saying this, he pointed at the space under the mural in the hall, and Mo Rigen placed Lu Xu horizontally on the floor in front. The ghost king took off his cloak and draped it over Lu Xu’s body.

Li Jinglong studied the mural and recalled the words that the sand snake had said. He asked, “Where is the mural that Xuannü and the Plague God use to get in contact with the yao king?”

“That worm won’t dare to come again,” the ghost king replied darkly. “As soon as I awoke from the dream, I gained complete control over this area. As long as you all are in the Mogao Caves, your safety is assured.”

Li Jinglong let out a long breath, suddenly feeling tired beyond belief.

A-Tai asked, “Since you’re so powerful, how did you get controlled by the yaoguai under the command of the yao king?”

The ghost king turned his head, looking towards Lu Xu lying in front of the mural, and that glance made his meaning clear.


“Eighteen years ago, the White Deer should have been reborn in the body of a mortal, to guard the nights of the human realm,” the ghost king said slowly. “But no one expected that it would be ensnared by a trap laid by the black jiao ‘Xie Yu’, and for its two hun and six po to be stolen, so it was reborn with only a single hun and po…”

As soon as he spoke those words, everyone was greatly taken back. This coincidentally lined up perfectly with Li Jinglong’s previous hypothesis. Mo Rigen immediately grew anxious, but Li JInglong indicated that he should remain calm.

“Sit down,” the ghost king commanded after seeing that Hongjun was still studying the wall mural.

Hongjun glanced at the ghost king, before he nodded and dragged a rush cushion over. Instead of heading towards Li Jinglong’s side, however, he sat down next to Ashina Qiong, who was furthest away.

“Come over here.” The ghost king, as lightly as a breeze, pointed at the spot next to Mo Rigen.

Hongjun was silent for a moment, and the ghost king added, “Chong Ming and I are old acquaintances, and you calling me ‘uncle’ is acceptable. At home, are you also this unruly?”

This time, it was Hongjun’s turn to be surprised, and he exclaimed, “You…”

“If you want to ask something, naturally I will tell you the answer.” The ghost king’s voice held the severity of an elder. When Hongjun heard these words, he couldn’t not follow them, so he sat down by Mo Rigen.

The ghost king’s gaze followed Hongjun the entire way, until the moment he sat down.

“When will Lu Xu get better?” Mo Rigen asked.

“Perhaps it will be very fast,” the ghost king replied evenly. “Perhaps, he will never get better. This all depends on what decision you make.”

Mo Rigen was the first to understand, and he asked in reply, “What do I have to do?”

The ghost king didn’t respond; rather, it was LI Jinglong who accurately touched upon the key point of the problem.

Li Jinglong: “What happened to the other two hun and six po?”

The ghost king’s forehead gently furrowed, and he pressed one hand against his knee, crossing his legs and sitting. He said solemnly, “The remaining two hun and six po have been corrupted by devil qi. This matter has to be told starting from when Xie Yu began to become obsessed with reviving Mara. It has been almost four hundred years since he escaped his prison, and in these four hundred years, there has not been a true king…”

Hongjun had a premonition that what the ghost king was going to say would be deeply connected with Hongjun’s own birth and background, and he immediately held his breath, listening closely.

The yao tribes of the Divine Land did not have a king in the beginning, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that many small yao would deify some existences as rulers. For example, great yaoguai like the corpse ghosts that died in battle, the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox, the Kun, the Golden-Winged Great Peng, and so on, yaoguai that had extremely strong powers and profound backgrounds, with powerful magic.

The four great yaoguai were often called the “yao kings”, but this title of king was not the same as a “king”. The king of the corpse ghosts that fell in battle had never considered uniting all of the yao tribes of the Divine Land, or building some sort of new order. With that, almost a thousand years came and went, and yet the yao tribes remained in that state, like a pile of loose sand.

“That’s pretty good,” A-Tai said. “Since there are no conflicts, there is no annihilation.”

Ashina Qiong shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“The yao tribes are not the same as you humans,” the ghost king said slowly. “The process of cultivating for tens or even hundreds of years to achieve intelligence is extremely difficult, and because of this, yaoguai deeply treasure life and are unwilling to let go of their cultivation without a good cause. But above the yao tribes, there is one who holds undisputable, complete power… Mara.”

When the group heard these words, their hearts thumped.

“Mara is formed from the resentment in the world,” Li Jinglong said as lightly as a breeze. “It is reincarnated once every thousand years. What I don’t understand, however, is why the yao tribes must heed the orders of Mara? Isn’t it good to just keep living their own lives and continue cultivating?”

“Because the yao tribes are different from you humans,” the ghost king answered. “Aside from the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox, the yao tribes are unable to ward off the corrosion of Mara. It is not that we do not want to, but rather that we have no choice but to surrender to it.”

Hongjun: “Why?!”

“If this question was to be discussed at depth,” the ghost king said, after thinking deeply, “then it will take a long time. Are you sure you want to listen?”

Hongjun hesitated for a while, while Li Jinglong responded, “That can be discussed later ba.”

The ghost king thought for a bit, before continuing, “The yao tribes harbor deep resentment. Though it is said that they cultivate into human forms, in the end it is difficult for them to abandon the bloodlust and gluttony in their hearts; humans, however, are different. Many humans, when they find themselves in a hopeless situation, still hold on to their own persistence.”

“But as long as their hearts are inclined towards good, they will always be able to cultivate into…” Mo Rigen’s words were ones of comfort.

“Cultivate into what?” the ghost king asked in return. “Cultivate into an immortal? Cultivate into a buddha?”

Hongjun lifted his head to look towards the mural. Everyone understood the ghost king’s suspicions; though it was said that all living things had the ability to become a buddha, when yaoguai cultivated to that stage, they would no longer be yao.

“One thousand years makes up one cycle,” the ghost king continued. “Mara’s rebirth also spells out inescapable doom for all living things. When that happens, we all have no other choice; though we are unwilling to surrender to Mara, we have no power to oppose it. But two hundred years ago, when Xie Yu came to visit me, he proposed a plan of his own devising. He wanted to unite the yao tribes, with him as their leader and the rest of the four kings to assist him, and before Mara was reborn, all of the yaoguai across the entirety of the Divine Land would fall under his command.”

When this was said, the carp yao suddenly piped up. “Later, he was sent running by Chong Ming.”

“Exactly,” the ghost king said easily. “To prove that he had the qualifications to be the yao king, Xie Yu challenged the leader of Yaojin Palace. That battle brought defeat to both sides: the phoenix fell prey to his flame poison, and subsequently vowed that he would never involve himself in the matters of the human realm again. And while Xie Yu became the king of the Divine Land’s yao tribes in name, he was also wounded badly, and in the past two hundred years, has not caused many waves.”

Li Jinglong murmured, “Until twenty years ago…”

“Exactly.” The ghost king nodded. “Technically, there are still more than a hundred years until the time that Mara is to revive, but Xie Yu has already found the vessel for Mara in advance…”

When he spoke to this point, Mo Rigen subconsciously glanced towards Hongjun, and Hongjun’s heart thumped rapidly.


“Who?” Li Jinglong asked.

“I do not know,” the ghost king responded. “But what I can confirm is that this vessel is currently in his grasp.”

When he heard those words, Hongjun finally let out a true breath. Mo Rigen smiled slightly at him and nodded, indicating that it was alright.

Li Jinglong watched this all transpire, but he didn’t say anything. A moment later, he asked, “Why do you say this?”

The ghost king responded, “The second time Xie Yu appeared before me, he could already control devil qi. He methodically corroded the other yao tribes, and the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox willingly surrendered to him. Many of the yao tribes in the Divine Land have also become his followers.”

“But he was not able to successfully recruit you,” Ashina Qiong said, studying the ghost king.

“Within the yao tribes of the Divine Land, if we count by age, excluding the Three Sages of Yaojin Palace and the Kun God of the North Sea, I am the eldest,” the ghost king said scornfully. “Xie Yu is no more than a snake that has practiced his craft for less than five hundred years, what could he do to me?”

Li Jinglong instantly recalled that “kun god” whose eyes had been covered with black cloth, and a thought flashed through his mind. He himself and Hongjun had been pulled into this complicated power struggle between yao tribes. Though everything seemed to happen just so on the surface, deep below, in those unseen currents, how many of these situations were actually finely-crafted schemes set up by these great yaoguai?

For the Golden-Winged Great Peng to appear just as the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox was on the brink of death, and for the kun god to request “one body” and “one hunpo” from him, these were things that even today, no matter how hard he racked his brains, he could not explain. If he ran into them next time, he would have to get an answer then.

What came next was self-explanatory. Xie Yu had no way to subdue the corpse ghost king, so he turned his attention to stealing away the White Deer’s souls, and in these ten plus years, had repeatedly refined the White Deer’s two hun and six po with devil qi. That had slowly corroded them. In a roundabout way, he managed to sneak into the ghost king and Liu Fei’s dreamscapes, thus achieving what he had set out to do in the first place.

“You all will have to fight Xie Yu one day,” the ghost king said clearly, after pondering for a moment. “No matter when this battle happens, or where, I will lead my armies into the Central Plains to seek revenge for Liu Fei. When that happens, I hope you exorcists will be able to forgive me.”

Though he said “forgive”, the ghost king’s words left no room for protest. Li Jinglong smiled bitterly to himself, thinking, even if I didn’t forgive you for that offense, would I be able to stop you?


Mo Rigen finally asked, “Then, how should I go about letting Lu Xu recover his powers as the White Deer?”

He picked up the stag’s antlers that he had placed by his side. Though they had been cut off by Hongjun, those antlers were still pitch-black.

“Since his antlers have been cut off, his magic has already been lost. After he awakens, you must cast magic to expel the devil qi in his body,” the ghost king replied. “According to what I know, there are only two ways to do this: one is to use the power of the Heart Lamp and shine that through his soul; the other is to merge the six weapons of Acala into one, and inject its power into his heart.”

Everyone turned their gazes to look at Li Jinglong, who felt a little overwhelmed by this sudden attention. He asked, “Using the Heart Lamp? As long as it’s something that I can accomplish, then I will not shirk my duty. Only, what am I supposed to do?”

The ghost king replied bluntly, “How much of a relationship built on life and death experiences do you and the White Deer have?”

Li Jinglong’s expression was one of confusion, and without understanding why, he subconsciously glanced at Mo Rigen, then at Hongjun.

“Relationship?” Mo Rigen asked.

“To use the Heart Lamp to light up his soul requires that you trust him for many, many years to come, and for him to feel the same about you,” the ghost king replied. “The only opening that devil qi possesses to corrupt him is desire. And for humans, love begets desire, and from desire, wishes arise. Everything began from a single wish, and the world moves due to a single wish…

“To have desire is to seek, and to seek but not to obtain is the root of resentment. When the resentment grows strong enough, that is when it evolves into a specter of a devil.

“If you want to exorcise the specter of a devil, then you will have to offer up your seven emotions and six desires, then use your Heart Lamp to get rid of the resentment in his seven emotions and six desires.”


Mo Rigen: “...”

Li Jinglong: “...”

A-Tai and Ashina Qiong exchanged a glance, and A-Tai said, “This is a little hard to do.”

Hongjun asked, “I don’t quite understand, what does this mean?”

“Joy, rage, worry, fear, love, hate, and desire,” the ghost king explained, “are the seven emotions. Desire for pleasures of the flesh, desire for appearances, desire for a majestic pose, desire for voice and speech, desire for delicacy, and desire for company are the six desires. If you are only thinking of saving him while keeping him at arm’s length, that will not do; if you will not be able to find all of this, where will you even begin from? That will only work if he awakens and you assimilate your seven emotions and six desires with him. You can then use the power of the Heart Lamp to cleanse him.”

For a while, everyone’s expressions grew very odd. Li Jinglong and Mo Rigen exchanged a glance, a thread of confusion appearing in their eyes.

Hongjun: “Oh, that is, we need to find these places where he was tainted?”

The carp yao said to one side, “So Zhangshi has to wait until after he wakes up, and he has to like him, but also get mad at him, but also worry about him, and he also has to be afraid of him, love him, and hate him, plus he has to …”

“Stop, stop, stop!” Li Jinglong and Mo Rigen shouted at the same time.

Hongjun: “...”

But the carp yao barreled on like a cannon firing consecutive shots. “He has to fall in love with him at first sight, and even more, he has to become enamoured with his appearance, his every action, like to hear his voice, stroke his delicate, supple body, and finally do ‘that’ to him.”

“Shut up!” Li Jinglong roared, infuriated.


A-Tai and Ashina Qiong instantly exploded with laughter. Mo Rigen was already losing his mind, and A-Tai kept laughing as he said, “Sorry, Mo Rigen, I should be worried for you, but this is too funny…”

Li Jinglong protested, “Impossible! Ghost King, I’ve dealt with many… many yao, and even when I used the Sword of Wisdom to awaken you, my seven emotions and six desires were not moved…”

The ghost king replied, “Exorcist, as of today, the devil qi does not simply reside in his body, but rather in his hunpo. This situation is not the same.”

Hongjun was at a loss for what to say; this was really too impossible for his brain to even think of.

“But if he wanted to get rid of Mara…” Hongjun asked, “then wouldn’t he need to love him, and touch him, and also do that?”

Li Jinglong groaned, “Don’t say it anymore…”

The ghost king replied, “You can also use the six weapons of Acala and fire an arrow to end that devil seed, causing it to dissipate in the divine veins of heaven and earth. But with the way things are today, the White Deer’s hun are already pitch black, and if you are willing to kill it, then all our woes will be ended with that.”

Upon hearing this, everyone looked towards Lu Xu again. At this moment, Lu Xu was lying all alone under the mural, looking very pitiful.

“I have spoken my part,” the ghost king said. “You all do as you see fit ba.” And saying this, he actually rose and left.

A-Tai pressed one hand to his forehead, saying, “The ghost king is really amazing, splitting up two pairs in our Exorcism Department as soon as he appears, and switching them around too. Hongjun, why don’t you consider our family’s eldest prince?”

Hongjun: “What are you saying, A-Tai?!”

“I agree!” the carp yao replied, raising its hands high into the air.

Li Jinglong: “...”

Mo Rigen glanced at Li Jinglong, already completely confused. A moment later, he said, “That’s impossible.”

“Can I temporarily give you my Heart Lamp?” Li Jinglong replied.

Ashina Qiong was already laughing so hard that he couldn’t sit up straight. Hongjun watched Lu Xu, feeling both heartache and helplessness. Without knowing why, he thought of what the carp yao had said before, and he even felt a little discomfort. He couldn’t resist looking at Li Jinglong, but when he thought of Lu Xu growing up his entire life missing two hun and six po, his nose stung a little.

“It can’t be given,” Hongjun said. “I once thought of retrieving it as well.”

Mo Rigen said, “Give me a moment, there must be another way… there must be.”

Mo Rigen let out a long breath and rose, also leaving the hall. The rest of them all found excuses to disperse, leaving Hongjun and Li Jinglong sitting across from each other.

Li Jinglong said, “This… Hongjun?”

When Li Jinglong saw that Hongjun was sitting there in sadness, his emotions all mixed together, his expression changed. As he observed him, he bent over and came over, pulling over a rush cushion, sitting in front of him. He was about to open his mouth and offer up an explanation, but Hongjun’s mind was still elsewhere, still thinking about the matter of the ghost king, this yaoguai that had lived for more than a thousand years and learned too many of the secrets of the human realm.

“I’ll also go out to take a walk,” Hongjun said. “You… think through it well ba.”

And saying this, Hongjun also turned and left, leaving Li Jinglong, speechless. The carp yao pressed against the door, using one of its eyes to stare at Li Jinglong sneakily, saying, “I’ll… also go out to get some air.”

“No one cares about you!”

Finally, Li Jinglong snapped.

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