Chapter 63 - Success Turning Into Ashes

Tianbao Fuyao Lu

"At that time, he was still ignorant of what meaning eternal life or eternal death held."

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The sound of the iron hooves striking the ground had already drowned out all the other sounds in the world. Clumps of snow kept falling from the snowy mountains as two hundred thousand corpse ghosts, breathtakingly marched right in, rushing into the valley within the Qilian Mountains!

This valley was only a single short li in length. Li Jinglong held his breath; the vanguard had already rushed out. But when that tall warrior and Lu Xu charged in at the same time, Li Jinglong shouted, “Jump!”

The group simultaneously rushed off the cliff. Spreading their arms, they leapt down.


In midair, Hongjun readied his glaive. With a spin, he gathered up all of the mana in his body and channeled it into the glaive -- before he then slashed to his left, sending out an arc of blade energy!

When the blade energy left the steel, it created a transparent ripple that whistled outwards, burying itself into the summit of the snowy mountain. Li Jinglong grabbed his left wrist, and as they fell, he tossed him. Hongjun borrowed the momentum and let out a loud cry, sending out the second slash! As soon as the second slash left the blade, it flew towards the snowy slopes on the other side!

“Use that momentum!” Li Jinglong roared.

The group crashed in twos and threes into the snowy slope on the other side, and right that very moment, the summits of the Qilian Mountains exchanged positions overhead. An immense portion of the icy mountains and powdery snow slid down thunderingly. Everyone leapt into the air again, leaving the snowy slopes behind, and hopped onto the numerous ropes that criss-crossed the valley!

The corpse ghosts that fell in battle noticed what was going on above them. Lu Xu swiftly looked up, only to see an avalanche collapsing down onto their heads. However, in the sky, black-robed Xuannü came flying in at top speed, and she shouted, “Pass through as quickly as you can --!”

Right after, with a wave of her long sleeves, a blizzard once again grew from the ground, dispersing the snow in the air.

Li Jinglong drew his longbow, pointing it at the corpse ghost king as he shouted, “A-Tai --!”

“Alrighty!” A-Tai flipped open his Wind God’s Fan and spread his arms. With his body in mid-air and the power of the Sacred Fire funneling into the fan, he swiftly waved it at Xuannü’s blizzard.

The blazing flames and strong wind roared as they blasted through the entirety of the valley; Xuannü’s blizzard was instantly dispersed, and she was sent flying backwards. The waterfall of snow once again began to earth-shakingly crash down! The first huge chunk of ice came smashing into the corpse ghost army, even as the ice and snow on the two sides of the valley sped towards the middle, instantly burying the main strength of the entire troop under the snow.

The avalanche quickly began to spread towards the entrance of the valley, growing faster and faster. The corpse ghost king led his subordinates in a swift retreat, but at that very instant, Li Jinglong, standing on the ropes, let his arrow fly.

In the dim, dark night, that arrow that had been infused with the power of the Heart Lamp lit up the entire valley like a meteor. It passed through the roaring avalanche as it flooded into the valley, chasing after the corpse ghost king!

As soon as the arrow left the string, the troops in hiding received their signal, and they simultaneously let fly thousands of grappling hooks over the corpse ghost king. And the Grey Wolf, with a howl, rushed out, leaping between several of the rocks on the mountain and racing towards the entrance of the valley!

The grappling hooks that covered the sky like a net tangled around the corpse ghost king and his steed, dragging him to the ground.

At the same time, the glowing arrow was just about to bury itself into the chest of the corpse ghost king, when with a push, the corpse ghost king summoned up a huge, black shield in front of him. It blocked the arrow shaft with a dang.

When the arrow hit the shield, that collision created a wild energy wave, sending the nearby Lu Xu and his steed both flying outwards!

The corpse ghost king dispersed the shield and let out an earth-shaking roar!

That roar left their eardrums in extreme pain, and almost caused a second avalanche! Right after, the corpse ghost king once again pushed outwards with both hands, and a long polearm appeared in his grasp. With a turn, he swept the polearm out in a circle, summoning his energy and dispersing the avalanche that fell like a waterfall around him!

The corpse ghost king took a half-step back, and his subordinates all gathered around him. The corpse ghost king then reached out as if he was feeling for something. A huge amount of black qi spewed forth from his hands, rushing outwards, coiling around the snow and ice that kept collapsing down on them.

His corpse ghost subordinates emitted black qi from all over their bodies, an uninterrupted flow, as they all stood in position, as if they were forming an array! And with another roar, the corpse ghost king pushed his hands out, arresting the momentum of the entire mass of snow and ice as it piled up on itself! That black qi swept up the loose rocks and chunks of ice, and forcefully cleared out the valley into a large empty area!

“Another slash?” Hongjun asked, panting heavily, the glaive still in his hand.

But Li Jinglong roared, “Use my arrow as the signal! Break through his magic!”

Li Jinglong drew his long bow, and the arrow glowed with a brilliant light. But at the very moment that he was about to fire it off, he suddenly heard a whistle from high in the air.

Liu Fei’s cloak billowed out behind him as he leapt into the air from the summit of the icy mountains. With the wind sword in hand, his arms spread apart, he plummeted down towards the valley below! The wild wind gusted through the holes on the wind sword, and with a weng, like some strange beast was awakening, the soldiers by the corpse ghost king’s side all dispersed. Before anyone could react, Liu Fei was already just above the corpse ghost king’s head.

The corpse ghost king immediately changed strategies, using his long polearm to block the wind sword in Liu Fei’s hands. As soon as the two weapons collided, the long clash of steel resounded through the valley!

The steel sword in Liu Fei’s hands trembled as it rang, and with a slash, he roared angrily, “My king!”

The corpse ghost king leapt into the air, immediately leaving the valley behind.

“Give chase!” Li Jinglong roared, stowing his bow and arrows away as he rushed down the mountain path together with the group. The soldiers all let out loud shouts, and with swords and blades in hand, they rushed wildly down from the two sides of the valley.

The plains were a chaotic mess, and everywhere was corpse ghosts that fell in battle. The sound of the wind sword echoed to the very horizon, and when they raced onto the plains, Hongjun could only sprint towards that sound. Suddenly, A-Tai’s voice sounded by his ear, crying out, “Watch out!”

A fiery dragon exploded, generating billows of warmth that spread outwards as it lit up the battlefield. All around were blade-wielding corpse ghosts staggering through the fire that lit up the night, and the Grey Wolf roared, “I see Lu Xu! I’m going to save him!”

Li Jinglong shouted back, “Split up and act separately!”

Hongjun flipped up onto the Grey Wolf’s back, being carried along by it, as they rushed along the front lines of where the corpse ghosts and Tang troops were fighting.

Li Jinglong’s expression changed. “Hongjun can’t go!”

But the Grey Wolf ran far too fast, and Li Jinglong could no longer catch up. He then heard a huge boom from the wind sword, and could only turn and rush towards the center of the battle!


Everywhere on the battlefield was scattered corpse ghosts on fire, before the blizzard once again sprung up, accompanied by Xuannü’s heavenly fury. She roared, “Who dares come --!”

“Yo,” A-Tai said smilingly as he held his fan. “Beautiful, it’s not good to have this explosive of a temper.”

With that, A-Tai waved his fan again, hot flames erupting forth, colliding with that blizzard that filled the sky.

That scene was extremely grand, as a line of blazing flames rose from the earth, reaching towards the sky. From the horizon, a torrent of snow and ice whistled forth, as numerous as the stars in the sky. The night sky was lit up by the bright flames and the snow light, and the thousands of troops that clashed underneath were impressively situated within a natural wonder!

Xuannü sucked in a deep breath and controlled her rage, but just as she was about to fly towards the battlefield, A-Tai was sent up into the sky by a powerful breeze. He smiled. “Your opponent is me.”

With a wave of her flowing sleeve, Xuannü revealed her pitch-black face, greatly startling A-Tai. Both sides cast their own magic, and in that instant, the fire and ice seemed as if they were thousands of meteorites, colliding wildly in the air!


With the Sword of Wisdom in hand, Li Jinglong rushed towards where the wind sword was crying incessantly, only to see that Liu Fei and the corpse ghost king had already turned into two swift shadows, clashing all around. Liu Fei bellowed, “Wake up!”

Right after, Liu Fei pinned that corpse ghost king onto the ground and sent one swift fist to his face. The corpse ghost king let out an angered roar, kicking him away with one foot. Liu Fei fell back, slamming heavily into a boulder, and the corpse ghost king rushed up again, pressing him into the snowy ground. It was at that moment that Li Jinglong rushed up from behind, stabbing his sword at the corpse ghost king’s back, but the ghost king sensed him and turned, sweeping his leg around. Li Jinglong couldn’t dodge in time and was hit at the side of the waist, immediately falling into the snow!

The ghost king raised a hand, calling that long polearm to him, but just as he was about to stab it down into Li Jinglong’s chest, two throwing knives flew over, heading right for his face. The ghost king ferociously leaned back, his helmet falling off, his head of black hair swaying in the wind as he turned and glanced at this new opponent.

“Hongjun?!” Li Jinglong called out.

“It’s me.” Ashina Qiong pulled out his other two throwing knives, shrugging out his neck and shoulders, which cracked audibly. He stood in the snowy field, watching the ghost king’s each and every move.

“Don’t attack him head-on!” Li Jinglong dragged the Sword of Wisdom along, but just as he was about to rush forward to attack, Ashina Qiong had already rushed forward like a gale. His throwing knives were clasped between his fingers that had formed a fist, speeding right for the ghost king’s throat!

Li Jinglong’s reminder was already too late. Ashina Qiong slammed into him, but the ghost king merely blocked with one arm and lifted a leg. The two of them exchanged a blow with their legs, before the ghost king’s left fist shot out, hitting Ashina Qiong’s chest. Ashina Qiong only felt that that immense power was as if a mountain had slammed directly into him, and he spewed out a mouthful of blood from his mouth as he fell backwards!

“What… monster is this…” Ashina Qiong said brokenly as he staggered to his feet. “I’m not fighting anymore! I’m leaving!” And after saying this, he actually turned and ran, going to support Mo Rigen’s group instead.

Li Jinglong: “...”

Liu Fei: “..."

Liu Fei struggled to rise. He and Li Jinglong, who was wielding the Sword of Wisdom, stood one in front and one behind, facing the ghost king. The ghost king didn’t chase after Ashina Qiong either, rather turning to face Li Jinglong.

The corpse ghosts all around flooded towards them, but just as Li Jinglong thought to himself, damn, Liu Fei immediately turned the wind sword and funneled his mana in.

With a weng, the wind sword began to vibrate. The movements of the surrounding corpse ghosts slowed, as if they were afraid, and they avoided Liu Fei and Li Jinglong.

The corpse ghost king turned his head, using his clouded eyes to look in Liu Fei’s direction. Li Jinglong caused the Sword of Wisdom to glow with bright light, holding his breath as he observed his opponent’s movements; he had to defeat him in a single blow! Otherwise, if he were to get hit by even one of those punches, he would perhaps never be able to get up again!

The corpse ghosts around them all backed away as Liu Fei focused his attention on the corpse ghost king. The corpse ghost king fell still, before slowly spreading his palm open. A red light flashed at the center, revealing a rattle-drum. The ghost king then gripped the rattle-drum and gave it a twirl.

With two du dus, all of the corpse ghosts on the battlefield stopped in their tracks, turning and racing towards the center!

Liu Fei roared, “King!”

The corpse ghosts that had just dispersed once again raised their bows, pointing them at Liu Fei and Li Jinglong. The corpse ghost king twirled the rattle drum again. Liu Fei’s wind sword was torn from his grasp, flying towards the ghost king, who raised a hand and caught it, before turning and walking towards Li Jinglong.

Li Jinglong had no way to escape any longer. He could only grip the Sword of Wisdom tighter, gritting his teeth and preparing to take it head-on!


“What’s going on over there?!” Hongjun turned and looked into the distance. All of the corpse ghosts had given up on fighting entirely, rushing wildly towards the center of the battlefield. Even the corpse ghosts in the valley that had been buried by the snow and ice earlier struggled incessantly, fighting to clamber into upright positions.

The Grey Wolf sped along on all fours, even as it turned its head to look back, before roaring, “We won’t make it in time! Let’s find Lu Xu first! Only after finding Lu Xu will we be able to wake the corpse ghost king!”

Lu Xu in his black robes was currently standing up high observing the battle, but upon seeing the Grey Wolf with Hongjun on its back rushing over, he startled, before dismounting from his horse. With rapid steps, he began to sprint down the mountain slope. The Grey Wolf did an abrupt turn and chased after him, but even though Lu Xu’s speed was as fast as lightning, the Grey Wolf kept chasing after him unflaggingly.

Hongjun shouted, “You can’t catch up if you’re carrying me!”

The Grey Wolf gritted its teeth. “I’ll do my best!”

Hongjun called, “Bring him over to me!” And with that, with a turn, he vaulted off the Grey Wolf’s back, rolling as he landed in the snow, before racing towards the closest boulder. The Grey Wolf shrunk in size and began to race after Lu Xu wildly.

Without the burden, the Grey Wolf’s speed was actually a little faster than Lu Xu’s. Even as Lu Xu sprinted, the Grey Wolf kept decreasing the distance between them. Just as the Grey Wolf was about to pounce on him and hold him down, Lu Xu actually exploded with black qi as he was running, turning into a completely inky black deer, racing into the sky!

The Grey Wolf pounced on empty air, and borrowing that momentum, the Black Deer’s entire body exploded with qi as it lowered its head and rammed its antlers at the Grey Wolf. The Grey Wolf was sent flying into the air, but while it flailed, it caught one of the Black Deer’s antlers with its claws. Instantly, the two huge beasts plummeted towards the ground. Though the Black Deer struggled, the Grey Wolf adamantly refused to let go. One wolf and one deer rolled around wildly in the snow.

The throwing knives in Hongjun’s hand spun as he wanted to go help the Grey Wolf, but the wolf and the deer sent flurries of snow into the air, making it difficult for him to take aim. The Grey Wolf pinned down the Black Deer, a roar issuing from its mouth. Suddenly, wolf howls echoed across the land, and the Black Deer’s entire body emitted black qi, as if there was something being expelled from its body!

It turned its head, Lu Xu’s voice issuing from its mouth.

“Grey… Wolf…” the Black Deer said in a low voice. “Give up ba, the White Deer has long since died…”

The Grey Wolf’s entire body seemed to light up with blue blazing flames, and white light shot out from its eyes as it roared, “Who exactly are you?! You’ve taken over the White Deer’s body?!”

The Black Deer replied quietly, “The most painful thing in this world is not losing someone, or becoming someone else… but rather that, in the passage of every single day and night while you’re still alive, you must watch the myriad beings of this world suffer under the torments of the world, leaving behind infinite suffering…”

From the beautiful antlers of the Black Deer, black qi spewed out, spreading across the snowy plains in thousands of thin silken tendrils. They wove a huge net that tangled around the Grey Wolf’s entire body.


Within the mass of corpse ghost troops, Li Jinglong and Liu Fei were exerting all their might. Yet the corpse ghost king, as he swung his polearm, fighting one against two, actually managed to easily suppress them both. Though Li Jinglong had no ability to fight back at all, he still wielded the Sword of Wisdom in his hand and the Heart Lamp in his chest, which the ghost king still seemed to be afraid of. However, Liu Fei was the most beat up of them; the armor over his entire body had already completely cracked. With that, the corpse ghost king rushed up, striking with a flurry of blows, completely slicing off his arm!

Li Jinglong shouted, “Liu Fei!”

The ghost king turned, polearm in hand as he walked towards Li Jinglong. Most of the bones in Liu Fei’s body had been broken, but still he got shakily to his feet, his hair loose and unbound. He smiled bitterly, sending a glance at Li Jinglong.

In that instant, Li Jinglong understood that Liu Fei was seeking his own death, and his heart abruptly skipped a beat.

Right after, Liu Fei gathered himself and ran forward, shouting, “Attack!”

Li Jinglong held the Sword of Wisdom, shooting towards the ghost king!

The ghost king ducked and was about to stab Li Jinglong to death on the spot, but Li Jinglong’s Sword of Wisdom had already reached the front of his chest. Liu Fei, however, let out a wild roar. With his hands clasped, he leapt into the air, landing on the ghost king’s back, using that posture to grab his head. Li Jinglong took this opportunity, and he sent a stab heading directly for his chest!

“Do not… harm his neidan…” With great difficulty, Liu Fei latched onto the ghost king’s neck.

The power of the Heart Lamp traveled from Li Jinglong’s chest down his arm, then into the Sword of Wisdom. It traveled towards the ghost king, who immediately let out an infuriated roar as he was scorched relentlessly by that white light, his hands furiously grabbing the Sword of Wisdom!

Li Jinglong felt that the power of his own Heart Lamp was currently pouring wildly into the ghost king’s body, fighting that black fog in his body.

But in the next instant, the ghost king let out a wild roar and pushed Li Jinglong aside. Just as Li Jinglong was devoting all his energy elsewhere, he was dealt a blow to the shoulder, and he immediately felt the bones there fracture as he fell to the ground. As soon as the Heart Lamp was gone, the ghost king furiously grabbed Liu Fei clinging to his back, and with a throw, sent him flying out!

In that instant, the polearm appeared in the ghost king’s hand as he raced up. Liu Fei was struggling to rise, but he was skewered right through the chest in one blow! In the instant that his chest was pierced, there was a light ding. The corpse ghost king neidan in Liu Fei’s body was mercilessly pierced by the polearm. It cracked, shattered, and exploded into a cloud of green mist. The polearm’s destruction was not over yet, however, and it pinned Liu Fei to the snowy ground!

Liu Fei’s eyes widened. The green cloud in front of his chest spread into the air, coiling up around the haft of the polearm.

“Liu Fei --!” Li Jinglong roared wildly, struggling to his feet.

“I’ve… finally…” Liu Fei murmured, “been freed… King, from now on… it will only be… you left… alone…”

Liu Fei’s eyes were still open, even as the flesh all over his body began to rot, visible even to the naked eye. In just a few moments, he turned into white bones, while that green mist enveloped the entirety of the ghost king’s body, like a specter, restraining his movements.

Li Jinglong once again readied his sword and rushed up, and with a sorrowful shout, he stabbed the Sword of Wisdom into the ghost king’s back!

White light shot out, and the ghost king let go of the polearm, his knees going weak, collapsing into the snow. Li Jinglong wildly channeled the light of the Heart Lamp into his body. The ghost king turned his face up to the sky and let out a pained roar. From his ears, eyes, mouth, and nose, black smoke that had been exorcised by the power of the Heart Lamp came pouring out.


In the sky, A-Tai was in pursuit of Xuannü, and they flew towards the summit of the snowy mountains.

From afar came the roar of the ghost king, and A-Tai smiled. “Beautiful, your turn in this chess game is already over, isn’t it? It’s time to draw back.”

Xuannü tugged her outer robe around her, and she said in a dark tone, “It’s far too early to say!”

In an instant, Xuannü revealed her snowy white naked form. Only her face was pitch black. With that, there was a cold flash of icy light, and A-Tai startled, afraid that Xuannü was planning to end both herself and him at the same time. He immediately removed himself and called up a strong wind, flying high into the sky, before stooping over and firmly fanning the Wind God’s Fan once. Bright ice, blazing flames, crackling lightning, and flying sand poured down in vast amounts!

Xuannü had already turned into an ice crystal, and now she opened her mouth and let out a roar. Over the mountains and land that was connected to her, a layer of frost swiftly blossomed, and in a twinkling, the entire land was covered with that layer of ice! With a wave of Xuannü’s hand, that layer shattered, turning into sharp blades that shot towards A-Tai!

A-Tai could only rise higher, pulling his arms back to himself, where they blocked in front of him. Blazing flames surrounded his entire body, and the peng peng noises kept going until all of the icy blades in front of the wall of wind had melted.

But with a cold laugh, Xuannü turned, and with a shua, she turned into snowflakes that covered the sky and disappeared.


At the same time, on the snowy ground, the Grey Wolf and the Black Deer rolled around, fighting each other. After the Black Deer used the black qi emitting from its antlers to trap the Grey Wolf, it leapt into the air, turning into Lu Xu’s form upon landing. He was trying to escape when suddenly, Ashina Qiong appeared in front of him.

“Break!” Ashina Qiong’s throwing knives left his hands at the same time, shooting towards Lu Xu. Lu Xu leaned his body back to dodge, and just then, Ashina Qiong turned into a shadow, shooting towards him!

In midair, Ashina Qiong and Lu Xu collided with each other. Lu Xu managed to catch Ashina Qiong’s throwing knives, and they swiftly shot out into his grasp.

A snowflake fell from the sky, drifting so slowly as if it was frozen in the air between the two of them. In that instant, Lu Xu and Ashina Qiong each lashed out with one knife, and they collided with a light tinkle. The snowflake flew towards the blades, and when the blades finally parted, they had already exchanged over twenty blows in that single instant!

“How is he this fast?!” Ashina Qiong had no time to wonder; he was exchanging blows with Lu Xu solely based on skill. The snowflake sheared apart under the forces, turning into an ice crystal. Fists and feet flew back and forth, and glints of light reflecting off blades filled the sky. After another five blows, a shadow suddenly dashed out across the snowy field.

“The Lihun Pollen has arrived!”

Lu Xu: “...”

Before he could defend against it, Lu Xu was sprayed with a faceful of the Lihun Pollen that the carp yao that had been hiding in the snow tossed out. He sneezed once, and a thread of confusion appeared in his eyes. Ashina Qiong let out an angered roar.

“Take this --!”

Ashina Qiong finally spotted a break in his guard, and with a swift turn, he used his left foot to kick Lu Xu’s chest.

Lu Xu had lost one exchange of blows. But this blow was a lethal one, and he immediately flew backwards like an arrow leaving the bow. Just then, the Grey Wolf had managed to fight off the black qi, and it leapt through the air, its jaws closing around Lu Xu!

Lu Xu once again took deer form in the air. With a graceful flip, it was just about race away, all four of its hooves stepping on thin air, but the Grey Wolf bit the Black Deer’s leg from the side. With a fierce roar, the wolf dragged it firmly towards the ground, tossing it towards a boulder!

“Hongjun!” the Grey Wolf called, after slamming the Black Deer towards a boulder, “Cut off its antlers!”

Hongjun had finally found a chance, and he hefted the glaive, leaping into the air from the boulder. The Black Deer lifted its head, black qi suddenly rising from its antlers, but it was pressed to the ground by the Grey Wolf. In a flash, Hongjun’s glaive came slashing down!

With the brittle snap of breaking gemstones, the glaive erupted with the bright light; a piece of the blade had actually flown off!

But Hongjun merely gripped the glaive even tighter, and with a great bellow, blade qi burst out. Without even a moment of hesitation, he slashed straight down!

Black flames erupted from the entirety of the Black Deer’s body, generating a wave of air that sent everyone else flying. Its antlers were cut off, and they landed in the snow.

The hand that Hongjun was using to hold his blade kept trembling. That shockwave just now had actually used up all of the magic in his body.

The Black Deer laid on the ground, convulsing incessantly. The two antlers that had been cut off emitted a thick black smoke, which rose into the heavens.

“How… how did you know that you had to cut off its antlers?” Hongjun couldn’t steady his hand, and he couldn’t even hold the glaive, which fell to the ground.

The Grey Wolf turned back into Mo Rigen, who said, “Zhangshi… guessed as much. Lu Xu?! Lu Xu!”


The Black Deer’s body shrank steadily, turning into black-clothed Lu Xu lying on the snowy ground. The bite wound on Lu Xu’s left shoulder left there by Mo Rigen kept seeping blood without stopping, even as his black robes steadily turned white.

“Lu Xu?” Hongjun staggered forward, half-lifting him. Mo Rigen and Ashina Qiong also hurried forward.

At the same time, the ghost king’s roar traveled to their ears. The corpse ghost troops across the battlefield all dispersed, and with a succession of blades clashing against each other, all of the corpse ghosts toppled over.

Li Jinglong felt his heart give a great jolt of pain. He took half a step back, letting go of the Sword of Wisdom.

The corpse ghost king’s mountain-like body fell forward, thudding heavily against the ground, collapsing in front of Liu Fei, who had already turned into a skeleton.

The stars shone brightly overhead, and the ground was littered with skeletons wearing armor. The light shone down on the white bones of Liu Fei, leaning back quietly against the boulder in the middle of the battlefield. A gentle breeze lifted the long locks of the skeleton, which rose with the wind.

In front of him was still the collapsed heroic figure of the corpse ghost king, along with Li Jinglong, who was struggling to his feet with the support of his sword. Li Jinglong’s gaze was filled with confusion, and on the battlefield were the Tang troops, who were equally confused.

The sun rose, lighting up the Great Wall that stretched for thousands of li.


Under the shadow of the mountains, Mo Rigen pressed his hand against the forehead of the corpse ghost king, murmuring an incantation. But on his body, there was already no more black qi to exorcise.

Hongjun, A-Tai, Li Jinglong, and Ashina Qiong, the four of them calmly observed the ghost king’s expression.

His build was very powerful, he was even taller than Li Jinglong by half a head, and his set of Qin armor was as indestructible as a mountain.

His eyes were tightly shut, and Mo Rigen said, “I don’t know if I can wake him.”

“I had a very long dream…” the ghost king said in a low voice.

His tone was as hoarse as Liu Fei, and as he spoke, he slowly opened his eyes.

The gathered group took a step back, watching the corpse ghost king guardedly.

“In my dream, I killed my closest brother,” the corpse ghost king continued.

His eyes were no longer clouded, and like Liu Fei’s had been when he had first awoken, faint outlines of pupils coalesced in them. His skin color was no different than a living human’s, and he had no livor mortis spots, nor was it dried out. The only thing that gave away his identity was that grey-white color.

“Now, who will tell me, whether or not that was real?” the corpse ghost king asked.

No one responded. They all just watched him quietly. He sat down by the Great Wall, his back pressed against the wall, staring into the vast, jade-blue morning sky. Suddenly, he spoke. “I haven’t seen the day for so long…” 

A gentle breeze began to blow. Hongjun turned, walking slowly towards the center of the battlefield, stepping over the ground strewn with corpse ghost bodies, before coming to a stop in front of that skeleton.

The rusted armor had cracked into pieces, and Liu Fei’s skeleton had its head lifted, the hollows where his eyes were staring emptily at the white clouds in the sky. That long polearm was still stuck in its shattered, sunken ribcage.

Hongjun said quietly, “Actually, you aren’t under the influence of an eternal curse either, Liu Fei.”

At that time, he was still ignorant of what meaning eternal life or eternal death held.

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