Chapter 52 - Chilling Corpse Poison

Tianbao Fuyao Lu

"This ten-thousand-strong corpse ghost army had surrounded the city for an entire night, so why weren’t they attacking?"

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“Old general!”

As soon as Geshu Han collapsed, loud shouts filled the hall. His wife and the serving girls all gathered around, while Li Jinglong, Hongjun, and the rest were squeezed to the edges of the crowd. Before their eyes, the scene devolved into chaos, and Hongjun, his brows furrowed deeply, was still trying to peer in.

“Quick, get the doctor --”

“Damn! Someone, come quick! The madam’s also unwell!”

Li Jinglong: “You go take a look at the old madam.”

In his sixty-plus years of life, Geshu Han didn’t listen to anyone’s words except for his old partner’s, and the husband and wife duo were very deeply devoted to each other. Now, in front of their very eyes, a large army was laying siege to the city, and Geshu Han had also suddenly contracted an illness - this was very much a situation where they were being besieged from outside and in.

“Lock down all messages,” Li Jinglong hurriedly issued orders to the leader of the guards. “Any word of the current situation cannot be leaked out. Tell outsiders that the old general is holding a meeting to discuss counter strategies, go quickly!”

The handmaidens supported Geshu Han’s wife into a room. Following them in, Hongjun took her pulse and said, “Her condition isn’t serious, she was just frightened. She should be fine after drinking some calming soup.”

Everyone in the hall let out a sigh of relief. The old madam asked, “Are there still enemies outside? How about the general? Why don’t you go take a quick look?”

Hongjun replied, “The old general is also going to be alright. It was probably because he went out in the snowstorm yesterday and caught a chill, and was also overly worried, that he fainted. Please rest easy.”

With that, the old madam finally calmed down. She grabbed Hongjun’s hand and said, “You all are good children, the old general spoke of you.”

Hongjun then held her hand and listened to her babble about many things. After all, Li Jinglong didn’t come to tell him to hurry up, so he kept her company and chatted with her for a while. It wasn’t until he heard that he knew, Geshu Han’s madam had also once been the eldest daughter of a family, feasting on luxuries and leading an extravagant life. When she was fourteen, she had first glimpsed Geshu Han’s handsome, armored figure, fallen in love with him, and decided to follow him even until now. In the time in between, even having to travel between battlefields and march with the army didn’t drag a single word of complaint out of her.

In that time, Geshu Han had gone through many ups and downs, but his first and only wife had been with him every step of the way. When he was outside waging war, she was waiting in the city for his return. Geshu Han, having been born as a Uyghur, faced many more difficulties in his path to promotion, but she had never uttered a single word of blame. Twenty plus years ago, when the county troops headquarters didn’t receive their pay in time and the troops were ready to mutiny, she was the one who sold off her jewelry and dowry, heading to Chang’an to smooth things over.

She and Geshu Han had two sons and a daughter. Their eldest son went to Luoyang, their younger son had been assigned command of a garrison of troops in the south, while their daughter had married and now resided in Jizhou. In his entire life, Geshu Han had never taken a concubine, and this entire time, in his household, his wife was the head. No matter how angry he got, as long as his wife appeared to persuade him, he would always be able to sheathe his sword in time.

“This time still can’t compare to when the old master invaded Tujue,” the old madam said. “They laid siege to the city for three months, and towards the end, there wasn’t even food left. The old master still had some leftover military rations that he had me eat, but if he wasn’t full, how would he have the energy to go fight? Don’t you agree?”

Hongjun, holding her hand, responded, “This time, he’ll be fine, don't you worry.”

The old madam en-ed. She was ignorant of what kind of monsters were surrounding the city at this very moment as she continued to worry about how many wounds Geshu Han had received, and how many bloody battles he had fought.

Originally, Hongjun had been pretty annoyed with Geshu Han. After all, his anger towards Li Jinglong was over the top. But with this conversation, he couldn’t help starting to feel some respect towards him. What he respected, however, was the affections of husband and wife between them that had lasted for over forty years.

“How many years have you been together?” Hongjun asked.

The old madam thought for a while, seemingly in a better mood. She smiled as she responded, “Forty-two years now.”

She had married him at fourteen. That year, Geshu Han was in his twenties, and now the old madam was already fifty-six. Hongjun couldn’t resist thinking, forty-plus years, that’s almost a whole lifetime. He wondered if he too would have this kind of life, where he and someone would keep each other company and depend on each other, until they were both old.

“Do you love him?” Hongjun couldn’t resist asking.

“I was still very young when I met him,” the old madam said to Hongjun as she began to smile. “I forget how old I was that year, but he was just about as old as you. I even called him gege… Only later did I learn that he was that Uyghur surnamed Geshu.”

Hongjun also began to smile. Without knowing why, he really wanted to listen to the old madam tell their love story. It sounds so beautiful, when will I also be able to have something like that?

The old madam went on for a while more before she fell asleep. Hongjun gently extracted his hand, indicated for the handmaidens to not wake her, and slowly walked out of the room. Li Jinglong was waiting in the corridor for him, and Hongjun jolted at that. Their gazes met. Li Jinglong seemed to be a little out of it; clearly he had also heard the old madam’s words as he was standing outside.

“She hasn’t had it easy,” Li Jinglong said, watching the dancing snowflakes in the yard.

En,” Hongjun said. “But that must be so nice.”

Hongjun longed for such feelings, and after hearing her story, he was still a little dumbfounded by it. Li Jinglong, however, began to smile as he looked him up and down. He then let out a sigh and said, “Slowly savor it later ba. The situation’s not quite right, come take a look first.”

Finding this to be an unexpected surprise, Hongjun followed Li Jinglong swiftly through the hallway into Mo Rigen’s room.

Lu Xu was slumped in front of Mo Rigen’s bed, tugging at his pinky. As soon as Hongjun saw the color of Mo Rigen’s face, he thought to himself, not good. Yesterday, it wasn’t this serious, what had happened to cause this?

As soon as Lu Xu saw Hongjun come, he hurriedly scooted aside and pointed at Mo Rigen. Clearly, he had been worried for a long time, but he hadn’t been able to find anyone.

Hongjun tested Mo Rigen’s forehead, and asked, “Mo Rigen?”

“Cold…” Mo Rigen responded.

Last night, Mo Rigen had only eaten some rice gruel. Today’s meal was laid on the table, and only a little bit had been touched. Seeing how it was placed, it was probably Lu Xu who had fed it to him.

His body was bared, as before, and he was covered in blankets. Only his arms and shoulders were out of it. His external injuries had already fully healed.

“Give him another pill?” Li Jinglong asked.

“He’s already had two,” Hongjun said. “He can’t eat anymore, if he eats too much his body might burst into flame.”

Mo Rigen was halfway between waking and sleeping, and he kept shivering from the cold. Li Jinglong said, “It doesn’t seem like a chill, it’s as if he’s been bit by a snake. I don’t know, but he might have been infected by corpse poison after being scratched by the corpse ghosts that fell in battle.”

“The wounds haven’t festered,” Hongjun said furrowing his brow. “It shouldn’t be. You…” He suddenly remembered that there wasn’t only one person who had been wounded, and he immediately asked, “Zhangshi, how about you? How are your wounds?”

Li Jinglong undid his clothes with his back to Hongjun, shrugging off his outer robe to let Hongjun take a look at his wounds. There were a few obvious slashes on his back, and there was a wound made by an arrow on his arm, but they had all already healed.

Li Jinglong added, “There’s one more thing, come take a look.”

Hongjun first put an inner robe on Mo Rigen. Lu Xu watched Hongjun worriedly, and Hongjun, his thoughts like a tangled skein of string, said, “I’ll go mix some medicine for him right now.”

Lu Xu stubbornly followed. Li Jinglong left the estate, letting Lu Xu go with Hongjun as they rode towards the main street of Liangzhou City. Outside the city, the corpse ghost army had yet to move out in any sort of attack. But the rumors were already spreading like fire amongst the citizens of Liangzhou, and they went about their day in a state of heightened anxiety. The entire city was wrapped in a strange aura of horror.

Hongjun wanted to go to the apothecary, but Li Jinglong brought him into a small alley along the way, and they entered a residence - the Qin estate. Qin Liang was lying in bed, while his daughter Qin Xuan and his madam were both sitting to one side.

Hongjun: “!!!”

“Come take a look,” Qin Xuan said anxiously. She had sent a letter to the general’s estate earlier, and finally Li Jinglong had come in response.

“It’s exactly the same,” Hongjun murmured.

“What’s exactly the same?” Qin Xuan asked.

Hongjun looked at Qin Liang’s wounds from yesterday. The external injuries had been dressed with a coagulant salve. He was basically out of danger, but his face was ashen, his condition completely identical to Mo Rigen’s.

Qin Xuan and Madam Qin bombarded him with questions, but Hongjun’s mind was filled with worry, so he only spoke a few sentences to comfort them. After that, he told them he was going to get some medicine, and left the Qin estate to head to the apothecary in the middle of the city. Liangzhou City was an important stop along the Silk Road, so their medicinal supplies were plentiful. They even had the seeds of the Lihun Flowers that grew in the Western Regions, as well as snow lotuses and similarly costly medicinal supplies. But as Hongjun stood there in front of the medicinal drawers, he didn’t know what medicine he should make.

Right now, he only hated how he had learned too little before. Why hadn’t he properly learned the ways of medicine from Chong Ming? If, on the off-chance, something were to happen to Mo Rigen… Hongjun’s face drew into a lost expression. His thoughts had already sped to how he was going to get to Shiwei to notify Mo Rigen’s family, so that they could go take a look at him - but it was at this time that Li Jinglong patted Hongjun’s back and said, “Don’t be afraid, you do your best. Leave everything else to me.”

At that, Hongjun nodded and got the ingredients for medicine that would ward off the chill and quicken the blood, before coming out of the apothecary. However, Li Jinglong gestured for him to wait a little, and they sat down at a restaurant outside the alley and ordered some food.

This restaurant was called “Fish and Lamb Small Bites”, and it was famous for its lamb meat dumplings. In this climate, the chef spooned out a large ladleful of herbal soup made from fish bones and medicinal herbs that warded off the chill, and the dumplings were filled with ground lamb and thinly shredded carrots and daikon. The skin was firm and springy, and the juice of the filling was light and mildly sweet when it first entered the mouth. The fragrance of the lamb meat hit the nose, and the soup could also ward off the cold; this was truly a dish of the gods in this mortal realm.

But no matter what, Hongjun couldn’t manage to eat much, matters weighing too heavily on his mind. Lu Xu took two bites and suddenly began to cry, constantly wiping his tears.

As soon as Lu Xu started crying, it also struck a chord within Hongjun. When he was small, as soon as he cried, he would be met with Chong Ming’s angry scolding. The more he cried, the more he was scolded, so he always held it back. When he thought of Mo Rigen’s situation, where he wanted to ask for help but didn’t know where help could be found, he felt incredibly anxious. He reached a hand out to comfort Lu Xu, but he himself was also affected; he was also on the verge of tears.

Li Jinglong: “...”

“I said, Mo Rigen will get better,” Li Jinglong said. “Do you two trust me? Hongjun, of the things that I’ve promised you, has there ever been a single one that I haven’t been able to accomplish?”

With this reminder, Hongjun’s confidence instantly returned as he thought, that did seem to be the case. Of all the things that Li Jinglong had promised him, he had accomplished every single one. Hongjun had never lost faith in him.

“I believe in you,” Hongjun said. “But he doesn’t.”

Li Jinglong then, together with Hongjun, stroked Lu Xu’s head, telling him to keep eating. It wasn’t until a while later that Lu Xu finally calmed.

“Is it good?” Li Jinglong asked.

When Hongjun ate the tasty food, his spirits did rise a little. With that, he grew even more conflicted: he was worried about Mo Rigen, but he also didn’t dare to reveal his apprehensions, or Li Jinglong would think that he didn’t believe in him and get angry.

“Think of it like how we investigated those cases before,” Li Jinglong said. He had already finished eating, and he leaned on the wall of the second floor of the restaurant, watching the street of people bustling about outside. “Your care is causing you to lose sight of your goal; you must keep calm. Only then can you find a hint of a chance from within the multitudinous layers of riddles.”

With those words, Hongjun seemed to finally understand. Li Jinglong then said, “Eat faster. If you don’t finish, then how will you have the energy to investigate this case?”

Lu Xu also understood, and he and Hongjun both finished the dumplings in their bowls. When they went out onto the street, Li Jinglong added, “There’s no rush to head back and get medicine, let’s first take a stroll around the market.”

Hongjun followed Li Jinglong, only to see him go to the market to buy a pair of children’s snow boots lined with sheepskin.

Hongjun asked, “What is this for?”

Li Jinglong responded, “In a little while, you’ll know.”

After that, Li Jinglong also bought a thick sheepskin bag lined with fur. He borrowed a pair of scissors and cut a few holes in the bag, before looping a rope around the mouth of the bag, pulling it tight. He frowned. “There’s no way to deal with feet. You go find me two small arm warmers.”

Hongjun: “...”

“Also buy a few thick ropes,” Li Jinglong ordered. “Some sturdier ones.”

After getting the items, the three of them then went to the military barracks in the middle of the city. The guards that had collapsed here were even greater in number, and they filled no less than forty barracks. All of them were in the same condition as Mo Rigen and Qin Liang.

Hongjun was entirely at a loss, but when he looked at Li Jinglong, he found that Li Jinglong was wholly unsurprised, as if he had long since expected this.

The military doctor had seen patient after patient for most of the day, all his patients saying that they were feverish after being wounded, but he couldn’t explain anything about their conditions either. The soldiers were so cold that they were shivering, and their bodies were icy.

“Have them try out this medicine.” Hongjun handed the prescription to the military doctor. The doctor had prescribed something similar to what Hongjun handed him, and so he adjusted a few of the items before going to find someone to get him the necessary herbs.

“How many people are sick?” Li Jinglong asked.

A lieutenant was unwilling to answer that, clearly afraid of affecting the morale of the soldiers. Li Jinglong unfolded his hand, revealing a wooden tally from the general’s estate, which he had gotten from who knows where.

“Thirteen thousand, three hundred and seventy-five people,” that lieutenant said. “And there are still people falling ill one after the other.”

Li Jinglong: “...”

Yesterday, Geshu Han had brought twenty thousand troops out of the city, which was also to say that all of the soldiers that had been wounded yesterday had now fallen ill. Liangzhou was said to have fifty thousand armored cavalry and thirty thousand foot soldiers, so the total number of soldiers in the city was eighty thousand - still enough for another battle.

Li Jinglong then got back on the horse. This time, Hongjun didn’t question anymore as he followed him to the city watchtowers.


The icy wind was bitterly cold, and the ten thousand corpse ghost army was surrounding the city. In this snowy land, they looked like statues; their bodies were already coated with white snow, and they looked like they were one with the snowy ground.

“What do you think they’re doing?” Li Jinglong asked.

“They seem like they’re waiting,” Hongjun answered, frowning.

“What are they waiting for?” Li Jinglong turned his head, observing Hongjun.

Hongjun: “...”

Suddenly, Hongjun understood Li Jinglong’s train of thought. This ten-thousand-strong corpse ghost army had surrounded the city for an entire night, so why weren’t they attacking? Were they waiting for supporting troops? That shouldn’t be the case, so what were they waiting for? Were they waiting for the soldiers inside to die of illness on their own?

“Do you think that it was poison that Mo Rigen, Qin Liang, and the over ten thousand soldiers, were affected with, or is it a plague that is spread by the corpse ghosts?” Li Jinglong asked Hongjun. “This is very important, Hongjun.”

Hongjun immediately sank into hesitation, his brow furrowed for a good long while. Li Jinglong added, “Your instinct.”

“Poison.” With that, Hongjun answered without even thinking about it.

Li Jinglong said, “I also think it’s poison. A kind of poison that can turn living people into dead ones, then into corpse ghosts that fell in battle. You wait here, I’ll go catch a few and bring them back to test our theory.”

“No, no, no,” Hongjun said. “You must not go!”

Li Jinglong responded, “I’m not affected by this plague.”

“But you’ll be trampled to death!” Hongjun said. “It’s a ten-thousand-man strong army!”

Li Jinglong said, “You’ll be in charge of backing me up.”

“No way!” Hongjun said. “I’ll go with you.”

Li Jinglong grabbed Hongjun’s collar. “You must stay safe!”

Hongjun pulled up the sleeve of his shirt, letting him look at the back of his hand. Li Jinglong immediately froze.

There was a wound on the back of his hand from yesterday that had already healed.

Li Jinglong furrowed his brows. “Perhaps it’s because you didn’t have many injuries.”

Hongjun glanced at Lu Xu, before saying quietly, “This plague only affects humans. I’m a yao, so it’s not the same.”

“Mo Rigen…” Li Jinglong was aware that Lu Xu was at their side, so he merely used his eyes to communicate the rest. Hongjun answered, “He isn’t; at the core of it, he has a mortal’s body.”

Finally, Li Jinglong could only admit defeat. “Then you must…”

Hongjun looked at Li Jinglong, a smile in his eyes. Li Jinglong no longer nagged, saying, “Let’s go.”

The two saddled their horses and mounted them, but Lu Xu raced after them, shouting, “Me! Me!”

“You go back, quickly!” Hongjun said to Lu Xu.

Hastily, Lu Xu tugged his robe down for Hongjun to look, and Hongjun and Li Jinglong both froze at that. There was a wound over Lu Xu’s collarbone as well, which had long since healed over.

“You’re also alright?” Hongjun asked, eyeing him in surprise.

Lu Xu grabbed a metal shovel from the side of the city gates, slung it over his back, and moved to follow. Li Jinglong figured that they wouldn’t be able to explain in time, so he shouted, “Someone, come grab him!”

The guards swarmed up, but at that, Lu Xu grew angry. With a shua, he sped through the cracks between the soldiers, and Hongjun only saw a blur before Lu Xu had already disappeared.

“How is he so fast?” This was the first time that Hongjun had seen him display his skills.

Right after, Lu Xu blocked the path of the two horses, shouting, “Me!”

Li Jinglong said angrily, “No way!”

“I’ll protect him,” Hongjun said to Li Jinglong. He could more or less understand why Lu Xu wanted to save Mo Rigen. Li Jinglong’s forehead was still furrowed, but Hongjun continued, “If you were to fall ill, I would be equally anxious.”

When Li Jinglong heard these words, he threw up his hands. “You’re really my superior instead, let’s go, let’s go!”

With that, Hongjun slung the prepared cables on his back, and the three of them spurred their horses into a gallop, ceaselessly approaching the great formation of the corpse ghosts that fell in battle. Outside of the city, the landscape was as soundless as ever.

Li Jinglong said quietly, “I’ll go lure one over. When you see an opening, use the Pentacolor Sacred Light to trap it.”

Hongjun, however, asked, “Zhangshi, you think… are you sure that you’ll be able to lure over ‘one’?”

The three of them reined their horses to a stop, watching the formation that wasn’t moving at all, even when they were a distance of about ten zhang away. Li Jinglong asked, “How about I shoot an arrow first to test?”

Li Jinglong took aim at one of them. Hongjun had never practiced how to fight on horseback, and he could only think about how he would probably be more practiced if he got off and fought on solid ground.

Li Jinglong took aim and put his bow down, took aim and put his bow down again, and after repeating this several times, he finally steeled his resolve and loosed an arrow.

In that instant, Hongjun’s heart leapt into his throat.

There was a distant clang. The foremost corpse ghost in the formation had its head shot off, its helmet falling off as well.

But the large army didn’t move at all.

Hongjun: “...”

“Once more.” Li Jinglong shot another arrow, taking another head off, but there was still no movement.

Hongjun: “???”

Hongjun suddenly realized that with that neat, orderly line, if he were to use his throwing knives on it and send one slice across… horizontally, wouldn’t that be very useful?!

Li Jinglong saw the glaive appear in Hongjun’s hand, and he said, “That won’t be good ba.”

Hongjun replied, “If they haven’t yet received orders and are all waiting in their ranks, then if I slice a few more times, won’t they all be done for? Military order is as solid as the mountains, isn’t that right?”

Li Jinglong hesitated for a second, but he didn’t stop Hongjun, instead saying, “You slice once first.”

This atmosphere was really too odd. Hongjun gathered his strength in his wrists, and the glaive that the Immortal-Slaying Throwing Knives turned into immediately began to glow with light, turning almost completely transparent.

Li Jinglong: “How many times can you cut?”

“At most four.” It wasn’t an issue with the artifacts, but rather that Hongjun’s mana and cultivation couldn’t keep up. This one slash was already extremely powerful, seemingly able to destroy the heavens and the earth, capable of even slicing through a few mountains.

“One each to the north, south, east, and west,” Li Jinglong said, already changing his plan. “Go!”

With a loud shout, Hongjun turned his wrist, and the tip of the glaive drew an arc in the air. His hands moved apart as he sent a slice flying horizontally in front of him.

Immediately, that blade qi exploded outwards. This was the first time that Li Jinglong had clearly seen Hongjun send out a slash with that blade, and that blade qi sent up a heavy wave of snow as it whistled towards the corpse ghosts that died in battle. With a shua, it sank into the first row of soldiers, and right after, the formation of almost two thousand immediately disintegrated.

But in the next instant, outside the city, all of the corpse ghosts that fell in battle began to move!

The ten-thousand-strong corpse army began to charge towards the center!

Li Jinglong roared, “Retreat, quickly!”

Hongjun responded, “Let me add…”

“Don’t add anymore!” Li Jinglong shouted. “Go quickly! Protect Lu Xu!”

In an instant, that army rushed towards them like the tide. Hongjun realized that he was still carrying Lu Xu, and he immediately turned around and sped away. A square formation speedily formed, and Li Jinglong, his Sword of Wisdom in hand, hacked away left and right. The Heart Lamp was even stronger than the Immortal-Slaying Throwing Knives. As soon as the corpse ghost army met with a slice of the sword qi, they were instantly bowled over by it.

Lu Xu shouted, “Catch! Catch!”

He pulled off the rope lasso on Hongjun’s back and hopped off the horse. At that, Hongjun was so frightened that his soul flew away, and he shouted, “Lu Xu! Don’t run around wildly!”

But what he saw was Lu Xu, the rope in his left, his shovel in his right, arms out to his sides as he began to run on the snowy ground. His speed was like a falcon skimming over the snow, and he was so fast that even the horses couldn’t keep up. Li Jinglong had no more time to contemplate the matter, and he shouted, “Lasso one!”

“A live one!” Lu Xu shouted. “Half!”

Hongjun: “???”

“Not half!” Li Jinglong hadn’t expected that his and Mo Rigen’s exchange that day had actually been remembered by Lu Xu, and he roared, “One! A whole one!”

With that, Lu Xu sped along the ground as Li Jinglong and Hongjun flew across the ground on their steeds. The almost ten-thousand-strong corpse ghost army followed behind them, spreading out in a thundering pursuit. There was a hubbub on the city gates, and everyone watched this scene, all of them cheering the three on.

“Hongjun, the Pentacolor Sacred Light!” Li Jinglong shouted loudly as he spurred his horse onwards in a mad rush. Hongjun was still on his horse, and with a turn of his body, he released the Pentacolor Sacred Light. With a huge boom, he sent the front line of their pursuers flying high into the air.

“Lasso!” Li Jinglong shouted.

In the midst of his sprint, Lu Xu turned and sent the lasso flying at the pursuers, managing to grab one. That corpse ghost that fell in battle waved its limbs around wildly as it was dragged on the snowy ground, bouncing along.

“Send another along!” Hongjun said.

Li Jinglong hurried to shout, “No need, no need!”

Hongjun made another move, and Lu Xu managed to lasso another one. Right after, the three of them turned the corner on the earthen mound and captured a third. Hongjun, dragging three thick ropes, the other ends of which were wrapped around three corpses that had died in battle, dragged them along on the snowy ground.

“You two have managed to get addicted to catching them?!” Li Jinglong shouted. “It’s enough! Let’s go!

Hongjun shouted, “Lu Xu, climb on quick!”

With a few steps Lu Xu leapt up, and with a step on those ropes, he flew into the air and landed behind Hongjun, landing firmly in the saddle. The three of them dragged their prizes along as if they were dragging a sleigh. Li Jinglong couldn’t stop turning his head back after they forded a frozen river, only to see the thousands of steel-clad riders in relentless pursuit of them.

“Crap.” Hongjun’s horse was dragging three captives along, and its speed had already started to slow. “They won’t keep chasing us like this all the way ba!”

Li Jinglong shouted, “Turn around, slash towards the frozen river!”

Hongjun subconsciously turned and slashed in that direction. The qi of his blade sank into the frozen river, instantly shattering the ice on its surface. Their pursuers, one after another, fell into the water, sinking to the bottom even as they struggled endlessly, carried by the river’s currents downstream.

The two of them reined their horses to a stop as they watched, only to see the tens of thousands of riders rush ceaselessly into the river. It was as if they had absolutely no way to discern their surroundings, rushing blindly into the icy river and filling it up, and not knowing to circle around it.

The corners of Li Jinglong’s mouth twitched as he watched this scene in front of him. From afar came a low roar.

“It’s that voice again.”

The corpse ghosts that fell in battle suddenly stopped in an orderly manner, before they all retreated, leaving the river behind. The three that had been captured also stood up shakily, shuffling towards the direction where the sound had come from, dragging their chains behind them. With a tug, Hongjun caused the prisoners to fall, and he and Li Jinglong circled around to the Western Gate to re-enter Liangzhou City.

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