Chapter 50 - Black Clouds Over the City

Tianbao Fuyao Lu

"Ten thousand hoofbeats were like the beat of a battle drum, striking the earth in a rhythmic pattern."

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“Li Jinglong doesn’t want you going out,” Qin Xuan said from her position outside the hall, where she was shelling a basket of edamame.

Hongjun furrowed his brow. “How is that possible? Where did they go? Where’s Zhao Zilong?”

Hongjun grabbed the carp yao, wrapping it up while it was still sopping wet. The carp yao was greatly startled at that, and it asked, “Where are we going now?”

Hongjun came to the backyard, mounted his horse, and looked around at his surroundings in a daze.

Qin Xuan slung her bow over her shoulder, having changed into a fur-lined coat, and she came out, saying, “Head towards the south, to the foot of the Qilian Mountains, Mt. Wushan village! Today a lot of people went there, even the great general!”


Qin Xuan said, “Every time, my dad rushes forward recklessly without taking heed of his own life. I’ll go with you.”

Hongjun then took Qin Xuan along. She led the way, and the two rushed towards Liangzhou City. Outside the city, in the depths of the night, they had just gotten the news, and Zhang Hao was taking headcount. Qin Xuan said angrily, “You guys are only leaving the city now?!”

Hongjun hurried to shush Qin Xuan. Right now, they couldn’t afford to stir up any trouble, but since Qin Xuan was more worried about her father’s safety, she had forgotten about another trouble. As soon as Zhang Hao saw Hongjun on the horse, he was immediately stunned.

“That’s him!” Zhang Hao shouted. “Capture him! Quick! Someone, go notify the old general!”

Quite a few of the soldiers had also recognized Hongjun, and they all moved to close the city gates. Seeing that the situation was not good, Hongjun hurried to shout, “Hold on tight! I’m charging through!”

Qin Xuan hugged Hongjun tightly, and Hongjun wrapped the reins around his left hand. In his right, his throwing daggers became one, and it sliced towards the city gates! The city gates were immediately split in two, and they let out a huge boom as they collapsed.

“Chase them!” Geshu Han roared, infuriated. He was wearing a full set of armor, and he led a large group of troops behind him as he shouted, “You dare to destroy my city gates?! Where’s Li Jinglong?! Capture them all and drag them into the dungeons!”

With that, another crime was added to Hongjun’s ledger. Usually, he didn’t want to cause trouble; he was afraid of causing more frustration for Li Jinglong. As of today though, since his own immediate superior had caused such a large mess, who would be afraid of these people!

“You can’t catch up!” Hongjun turned his head back and called. “All of you go back ba! General, your age is already so advanced!”

Geshu Han: “...”

Hongjun had never been afraid of the heavens or the earth. Upon hearing these words, all the blood rushed to Geshu Han’s head, and he roared, “Chase them! Don't stop until you capture them!”

That horse that Hongjun was riding was indeed a noble steed. Though it bore the burden of two people, that was no more than the weight of a single heavily armored rider as far as it was concerned. It tossed its hooves, and like the wind, it dashed off to the south, leaving not even a trace.

At the same time, Li Jinglong and Qin Liang had just passed through a small village called Guoyuan, with almost two hundred troops following behind them. Noon had just arrived, but the village was already filled with citizens seeking refuge, and it was still sixty-some li to Mt. Wu.

Li Jinglong hurried to clamber off his horse and question them. “What’s the current situation in Mt. Wu Village?”

The two villages in Mt. Wu and Mt. An had been pillaged last night, in exactly the same way as the four cities in Saiwai.

The citizens all cried and sobbed; they had all escaped from those two villages. Upon hearing those words, Li Jinglong thanked the heavens and the earth - he would be able to preserve his own head.

“What did the people who attacked your village look like?” Li Jinglong asked anxiously.

An oaf shouted loudly, “How would I know! It was dark with no lights! We couldn’t see anything!”

Li Jinglong: “...”

“That…” Qin Liang said awkwardly. “Zhangshi, how about let’s let the past injustices visited upon us sit for a bit, and go look at Mt. Wu first?”

Li Jinglong almost coughed up blood in anger from that oaf’s words. Suddenly, a murder of crows sped by overhead, letting out frighteningly hoarse caws.

With a few steps, Li Jinglong leapt up onto the rooftops, staring towards the south.

There were more citizens with their families in tow who described the appearance of the Wolf God last night to Qin Liang and his group, how it had saved their entire families, and so on and so forth. Quite a few villagers had set up a temporary altar in the village to worship the compassionate Wolf God of the mountains that had saved the beings of the world. Qin Liang wasn’t listening closely, and he called upwards, “Li-zhangshi, are we leaving just like this?!”

A cold wind began to blow, and Li Jinglong leapt off the rooftop, shouting, “Retreat! All of you, retreat! Citizens, go hide in the cellars!”

Qin Liang said, “What?”

Li Jinglong replied, “My nose is still clogged. You guys sniff around, isn’t there an odor on the wind?”

At this moment, the south wind began to blow, and there was indeed a whiff of corpse odor in the air. Qin Liang’s expression immediately changed, and he said darkly, “Li-zhangshi, are they heading this way?”

Li Jinglong immediately had the soldiers begin to set down defenses. He had spent a long time training in the Longwu Army, and he knew a variety of defensive measures like the back of his hand. However, the soldiers that Qin Liang led were militia from Liangzhou City, and the trained guards were under Geshu Han’s command. These militia members were usually only in charge of mediating disputes and doing some heavy lifting, but they were not capable of marching forth and fighting battles.

“Prepare some braziers!” Li Jinglong shouted. “Search through every household and bring all of the oil here!”

The militia members stared at each other. Qin Liang said firmly, “All of you, listen to Li-zhangshi, quick!”

With that, all of the citizens and soldiers in Guoyuan Village began to move. Li Jinglong asked, “When will the supporting troops arrive?”

Qin Liang responded, “Zhang Hao only began to take headcount in the early morning, so I’m afraid it’ll be two or three more shichen yet. Li-zhangshi, are you sure that they’ll head this way?”

Another group of crows cawed as they flew overhead.

Li Jinglong originally wanted to say “very certain”; after all, for murders of crows to fly overhead meant that a large troop had disturbed the birds hibernating in the woods, but thinking about his unlucky fate, how every time, whatever he said something, that something wouldn’t happen, he decided it would be better not to pass judgement so quickly.

“Perhaps…” Li Jinglong said hesitantly. “It’s hard to say.”

Qin Liang was shocked. “It’s hard to say?!”

The surrounding soldiers all bore expressions of “you’re kidding me?”, and they all put down their bows, thinking, you’re not sure, and you still want us to stand guard here?

The cold wind was piercing, and there wasn’t even a single brick wall in Guoyuan. There was only a wooden stockade made up of many logs bound together, which was only used to prevent the entry of wolf packs. Several boxes were piled up in the stockade, which sufficed as city towers, and outside were two great wooden doors operated by wooden wheels.

Li Jinglong asked, “Should we send the citizens back to the Liangzhou government office?”

Qin Liang said earnestly, “Li-zhangshi, of the people here, only you have fought with the corpse ghosts before. Today, it was also you who…”

Qin Liang observed Li Jinglong, the meaning in his words evident. Li Jinglong understood what the other half of that sentence that he hadn’t spoken was; in reality, when they had received the emergency report at the fifth geng, Li Jinglong had come to a decision on the spot and requested Qin Liang to immediately send his troops forth to Mt. Wu.

Not caring about violating orders, Qin Liang had deployed his troops on his own authority, solely based on Li Jinglong’s word. Naturally, Li Jinglong understood that he couldn’t let Qin Liang shoulder the blame for this; he would need to make a decision.

He hesitated for a moment, and finally said, “Leave half of the troops to guard the city, and have the other half take the citizens and retreat, retreat towards Liangzhou City! Quick!”

Qin Liang: “Then, everyone, follow General Li’s orders today.”

Li Jinglong nodded, and with swift steps, strode on up high, casting his gaze over the distant plains. The soldiers behind him began to organize the citizens into an orderly retreat.

A whole half a shichen later, Li Jinglong was sunk into a state of tremendous horror, as if he had already entered a whole new world with his bad luck. If this village was completely untouched by anything, he would have no choice but to be easy prey, to be caught like a turtle in a jar by Geshu Han currently rushing this way. Plus, he would be cursed to death by the citizens of the region.

It shouldn’t come to that… Li Jinglong took a deep breath and comforted himself. I have the Heart Lamp, so I’m definitely someone that the heavens have entrusted a heavy duty to. I won’t have my head chopped off by Geshu Han just like this… but the Heart Lamp wasn’t mine in the first place. If I think of it like that, then that does seem to be stretching things a little.

“I’ve made a very grave mistake,” Li Jinglong said to Qin Liang.

Qin Liang was frightened by Li Jinglong, and he broke out into another cold sweat. He asked, “Li-zhangshi, what does that mean?”

Li Jinglong answered, “Hongjun isn’t here… in a bit, if on the off-chance that the corpse ghost army hasn’t arrived yet and old General Geshu Han arrives first, I can only flee.”

“Please don’t!” Qin Liang was greatly taken aback.

The Heart Lamp that Li Jinglong had could only defeat monsters; he couldn’t defeat mortals. What was the point of pointing the Heart Lamp at humans and shining it on them? It would only be able to make them move their eyes back and forth a little… Thousands of troops were rushing towards them, and no matter how good his abilities were, he would still befall the fate of being trampled to death. If he had known earlier, he would have hardened his heart and woken Hongjun. At least then, if they escaped, there would be the Pentacolor Sacred Light to shield them, which would spare his life.

“Then you can only pray that the corpse ghost army comes,” Qin Liang responded.


At twilight, the earth below trembled gently, and Li Jinglong jolted before hurriedly rushing up high.

“They’re here!” Li Jinglong roared angrily. They had finally come!

That large army was like a series of black tidemarks, gathering from all directions, becoming a black tide that rushed ceaselessly north.

Li Jinglong: “...”

Qin Liang’s voice trembled. “How many are there?”

“Ten… ten thousand.” Li Jinglong squared them up and estimated their numbers. “It can only be more, not less.”

“How many people do we have?” Qin Liang then asked.

“A hundred,” Li Jinglong responded.

Everyone: “...”

The ten-thousand-strong corpse ghost army rushed towards them like the tide, mercilessly crushing the woods on the southern side of the village as if a locust swarm was passing through. Ten thousand hoofbeats were like the beat of a battle drum, striking the earth in a rhythmic pattern. The earth shook, and Li Jinglong couldn’t help stepping back and observing his surroundings. All the guards were already shaking uncontrollably, and even Qin Liang began to grow afraid.

“What should we do now?”

Decisively, Li Jinglong pulled out an arrow and placed it on the bow, before drawing it and taking aim at that ten-thousand-strong corpse ghost army that was approaching non-stop. The black masses of armored riders rumbled along, drawing ever closer to Guoyuan Village.

“Listen to my call. As soon as the arrows are released, everyone light the fires.” Li Jinglong said solemnly. “After you push the oil vats down, retreat immediately!”

The soldiers already wanted to shrink back, and they trembled incessantly as they held the torches. With a quick circulation of his qi, the arrow in Li Jinglong’s hand exploded with bright light. He knew that if this arrow wasn’t able to boost morale, then what little was left would instantly be dispelled under the onslaught of that large army, so he drew upon all of the power of the Heart Lamp. In that instant, the white light spewed outwards, covering the heavens and earth, becoming a tangible aurora on the wind.

“Wow, he’s glowing,” the soldiers murmured.

At the same time, Li Jinglong felt a writhing pain in his heart. But in the next second, the seal on his chest let out a weng and began to glow, delivering the power of the kun god, which helped to protect his heart meridian.

“What’s that?!” Qin Liang suddenly asked.

Li Jinglong’s entire body glowed with a bright light, and behind him appeared a dim outline of a deity statue. The light flowed into his eyes as he gazed into the distance, and in that instant, everything became impossibly clear -- a huge wolf, with a youth riding on its back, raced through the snow, leading the ten thousand strong corpse ghost army towards the city!

Before him, the sky was dark, and the Grey Wolf became one with the grey darkness of the snow. The youth was also wearing white, so it was incredibly difficult to make them out.

Without a second thought, Li Jinglong aimed his arrow at that huge wolf in the front, but he didn’t expect that huge wolf to let out an infuriated roar. “One of your own -- don’t shoot --!”

Li Jinglong was greatly shocked, and he pulled back the arrow and the light at the same time, asking in a low voice, “Mo Rigen?”

The ten-thousand-strong corpse ghost armored riders rushed to about a hundred paces outside of the village before their speed began to slow, and they spread out into a square formation. With a few steps, the Grey Wolf leapt into the air, flying into the village, upon which the soldiers all let out shouts of surprise. 

“Zhangshi?!” the Grey Wolf asked, shocked. “How come it’s you? Run, quickly! The strange monsters are going to attack the city!”

In the blink of an eye, the corpse ghost army outside the city raised their spears at the same time, all of them letting out a shout in unison. The thousands of troops started their charge towards Guoyuan Village!

Li Jinglong roared, “There’s no time to explain!”
He could only once again draw his bow, and in that moment the light spread out to blanket the sky and the earth. As that shot flew out, bringing its strong light with it into the battle formation, everywhere it passed was as though the blazing sun had melted the snow, instantly ripping open a gap through the charging ranks.

Qin Liang shouted, “Retreat!”

The guards all tossed their torches into the pots of oil, before kicking them down. The waterfalls of fire poured down in torrents. The corpse ghost army had already arrived at the gates, so they were immediately engulfed in flames!

The wooden city walls collapsed like paper that had been glued together. The Grey Wolf, with Lu Xu in tow, leapt up onto the rooftops, and with a bellow, its body grew larger. Lu Xu was almost thrown off, and he tightened his hold on the Grey Wolf’s fur as it rushed into the battle formation, stomping everywhere, knocking over the corpse ghost cavalry.

With the collapse of the walls, the human guards scattered in every direction. Within the chaos, Qin Liang shouted loudly, “Form ranks! Retreat!”

Li Jinglong kept backing up, nocking arrow after arrow to his bow. The arrows flew through the sky like meteors, and the corpse ghosts that were hit tumbled off their horses. However, there were simply too many corpse ghosts, and they still rushed up, wave after wave. When they came close, Li Jinglong had no more spare time to draw arrows, so he could only pull out the Sword of Wisdom. With a loud shout, his wrist spun in a circle, and the Sword of Wisdom glowed with a bright light as he rushed towards the horde of corpse ghosts, slicing and slaughtering as he went!

“Zhangshi! Use the Heart Lamp!” the Grey Wolf roared.

“I’m currently using it!” Li Jinglong roared in response. He had no time to go over the events that had transpired with Mo Rigen, and he could only continue, “Catch a live one for me!”

The Grey Wolf called out,”These are all dead!”

“I know!” With a sweep of his sword, Li Jinglong rushed towards the corpse ghosts right in front of him. At this time, the thousands of troops were charging wildly at them, and he had no time to pause for breath. Li Jinglong could only borrow the protection of the Grey Wolf as he and Lu Xu fought to the left and right with the corpse ghosts. The village guards had long since fled far away.

“You just catch a live one --!” Li Jinglong roared. “After you catch a live one, then we’ll leave!”

The Grey Wolf swatted away the corpse ghosts with a paw, shouting loudly, “They’re all dead people! How am I supposed to catch a live one?!”

Li Jinglong: “...”

Lu Xu, shovel in hand, rushed towards Li Jinglong’s neck, and with a decisive thrust, the shovel’s head shot right past Li Jinglong’s neck, sending the nearby corpse ghost’s head flying. Li Jinglong thought, so fast!

“Who’s this?!” Li Jinglong called.

The Grey Wolf: “Where’s Hongjun?!”

“At home sleeping!” Li Jinglong shouted back. With a sweep of his sword, he cleared away the corpse ghost riders rushing towards the Grey Wolf.

One human and one wolf kept asking each other their own questions. The corpse ghosts numbers grew as they watched, and the Grey Wolf could no longer hold up, its entire body riddled with wounds. Lu Xu shouted, “Hey!”

The Grey Wolf replied, “We’re going now!”

The Grey Wolf was bleeding copiously, but it was exuding an aura of savage, wild bloodlust. It suddenly turned its head and let out a wild roar, which caused Li Jinglong’s eardrums to tremble with faint pain. With a headlong rush, it sent multiple corpse ghosts and horses flying.

“Catch one! Catch one! Catch!” Li Jinglong egged him on.

“Which one?!” the Grey Wolf shouted back, grabbing one its claw, not even glancing as it tossed the corpse ghost towards Li Jinglong behind him. The corpse plus the armor was a good two hundred jin, and it almost flattened him to the ground. The Grey Wolf roared, “Is that one alright?”

“It’s not moving anymore!” Li Jinglong called. “Catch a more lively one!”

The scene was a chaotic mess, and the Grey Wolf nabbed another corpse ghost. That corpse ghost was struggling non-stop, and it bit down on the Grey Wolf’s claw. The Grey Wolf let out an angered cry of pain at that, before tearing it into two. The top half still crawled towards it.

“This half will do!” Li Jinglong shouted, putting his sword away. “Let’s go!”

The Grey Wolf hurriedly used a discarded mantle lying on the ground to hold down that half of the corpse ghost, before lowering itself, letting Li Jinglong and Lu Xu grab its sides, as its front right paw grabbed that bundle that held half a corpse ghost. Its other three claws raced rapidly as it escaped the formation. Behind them, Guoyuan Village had already become nothing more than a merrily blazing ruin, and the corpse ghosts were struggling in the flames, their entire bodies burning with fire as they fled in all directions.

But those corpse ghosts were clearly not willing to just let Li Jinglong go so easily. They were currently forming ranks outside of Guoyuan Village. Just as the three of them had drawn some distance away, the entire army charged earth-shakingly towards them once again, racing after the Grey Wolf in pursuit!

Li Jinglong shouted, “Run! Don’t look back!”

The Grey Wolf immediately turned its head back, and it said angrily, “Weren’t they supposed to stop chasing us after we left the city?!”

“Who told you that?!”

“They’re always like that!”

Lu Xu: “I don’t know.”

The corpse ghost army split into two parts, moving into a pincer formation to trap the Grey Wolf in their midst. The Grey Wolf roared, “We can’t keep heading north! We’ll bring them to Liangzhou City then!”

Li Jinglong was just about to have the Grey Wolf turn when he suddenly heard the thunder of hooves as loud as an avalanche, and a group of almost twenty thousand guards rushed down from the north.

“There’s more?!” the Grey Wolf boomed.

“Wait…” Li Jinglong grabbed the long hair on the Grey Wolf’s side. As their ride sped along bumpily underneath them, he managed to see Hongjun at the head of the army, currently on horseback, rushing towards them


“Zhangshi --” Hongjun spurred his horse faster, the distance between him and the Grey Wolf decreasing non-stop as he shouted, “There are enemies behind me! They’ve come to capture you, watch out… Mo Rigen?! Is that you?!”

Li Jinglong: “...”

Behind them was the group of ten thousand corpse ghosts, and in front was the twenty thousand Liangzhou cavalry that Geshu Han was leading. At that sight, Li Jinglong almost choked on his next breath, and he almost fainted.

“Head west!” Li Jinglong called furiously.

The Grey Wolf and the warhorse that Hongjun was riding met up, taking a sharp turn and speeding towards the west. With a flying leap, Li Jinglong jumped towards the warhorse.

But just at that time, Hongjun also leapt towards the Grey Wolf, landing on it.

The two of them exchanged places, and Li Jinglong was almost thrown off the horse before he managed to get a seat in the saddle, while Hongjun clambered onto the Grey Wolf’s back.

Hongjun: “What happened? Huh? And who are you?”

Li Jinglong: “...”

Behind Li Jinglong, Qin Xuan demanded in reply, “Where’s my dad?!”

Li Jinglong was filled with rage, and he immediately shouted, “Hongjun!”

Hongjun peeked behind the Grey Wolf, and just as he was about to shout, “I’ll hop back right now”, Geshu Han’s troops began to slow. But the corpse ghost army smashed into them in an earth-shaking collision!

At that moment, Geshu Han’s cavalry was at a loss for what to do under the onslaught of that charge, and instantly, the troop was routed. Hongjun immediately shouted, “Mo Rigen! Stop! I need to go back to save them!”

The battlefield was chaotic, and it was only now that Li Jinglong understood - the corpse ghost troops had no interest in them. The reason they had charged north was because Geshu Han had come.

Battle cries echoed in the distance as Hongjun clambered off, saying to the Grey Wolf, “You’re injured, your entire body is covered with blood, don’t come over!”

Right then, another rider fled towards them, only to be shot through the heart by the corpse ghosts’ arrow, and he tumbled off his horse. Hongjun clambered onto that horse and hurriedly rushed towards the battlefield. Li Jinglong shouted, “Are you crazy?”

Hongjun’s heart beat wildly. He had brought these people along, but now, they had become trapped in this large-scale circular meat grinder. His conscience wouldn’t be able to rest easy if he just left. He could only hold his glaive in his right hand, the Pentacolor Sacred Light forming a shield in his left, as he rushed into the battle.

“Dad --!” Qin Xuan shouted, rushing into the battle group.

“Wait what are you doing…” Li Jinglong was riding on the saddle behind her, and Qin Xuan, in charge of the reins, shouted, “Jia!”

Li Jinglong let out a loud shout. Before he could even pull out his sword, he had already been brought by Qin Xuan into the battle.

Hongjun pushed open the Pentacolor Sacred Light, and the corpse soldiers were immediately shoved into flying backwards, but within this chaotic battle, he didn’t dare to swing his glaive around, because he was afraid that he might hurt their own.

“Old… general!” Hongjun saw that Geshu Han was covered in blood, and his helmet had fallen off at some point. He hurried to support him in rising up. Geshu Han was enraged beyond belief, and he roared, “What matter of monstrosity!”
He then pushed Hongjun aside, took the glaive from him, and slashed wildly at the corpse ghosts!

“Hey! Give me back my blade!” Hongjun called. “Don’t take my artifact!”

All around them, countless corpse ghosts rushed up, but in the next moment, a white light flooded towards them, blanketing the sky and earth, accompanied by Li Jinglong’s angered cry! The corpse ghosts surrounding them immediately disappeared, and with that, Li Jinglong rushed to Hongjun and Geshu Han’s side. With a few slashes of his sword, wherever the light traveled, all of the corpse ghosts dissipated wholly.

Qin Xuan had already picked up her father. Qin Liang’s head was covered in blood, and he had been shot in the arm by an arrow. Li Jinglong roared, “Quick, retreat! The old general has been rescued! You all aren’t prepared, you won’t defeat them!”

The cavalry were originally terrified, but to save their commander, they were willing to sacrifice themselves. Now that Geshu Han had been saved, who still cared to battle? Of course they were planning to retreat.

But just at this moment, from far behind the corpse ghost army, a yaoguai’s deep roar rang out.

It issued forth from the destroyed ruins of Guoyuan Village. That deep sound echoed over the entirety of the desolate plains, and the corpse ghosts actually no longer gave chase to the human army as they retreated like the tide.

When the signal sounded, the Grey Wolf immediately raised its head. Li Jinglong instantly turned his head to look into the distance. The white snow obscured his vision, but the corpse ghosts had all retreated to the horizon, as if they were reorganizing their troops, preparing for a new round of battle.

The nearly twenty thousand people of the large Western Liang cavalry, without waiting for Geshu Han’s orders, all turned around and fled, their tails between their legs.

The Grey Wolf had half a corpse caught in its claw as it brought Lu Xu along, following the warhorse as it exchanged news of the situation with Li Jinglong. In that icy land, its speed gradually slowed.

“In a short two days,” the Grey Wolf said, its voice hoarse. “They destroyed three whole villages, but luckily the Heart Lamp was effective…”

The Grey Wolf’s breathing gradually grew heavier. In front, Li Jinglong reined his horse to a stop, turning to wait as he said, “Now, we already know that the corpse ghost army is ten thousand strong, and they have a leader…”

“Mo Rigen?” Hongjun sensed that something was wrong.

The Grey Wolf’s body shrank, glowing with a faint light. Lu Xu hopped off its back, only to see the Grey Wolf recover human form, transforming into Mo Rigen, who planted himself face-first into the snow in a dead faint.

Lu Xu let out a piteous cry, only to see that Mo Rigen’s entire body was slowly seeping blood, which soaked into the snowy ground surrounding him.

Two shichen later, Li Jinglong, half-carrying Mo Rigen, rushed into Geshu Han’s general’s manor. The carp yao carried a satchel of medicine, and Hongjun was frantically digging through the bag to find medicine that would first stop the bleeding.

The servant women were holding wetted cloths, and they were wiping away the bloodstains on Geshu Han’s head covered in white hair. Still in shock, he stared at Li Jinglong, breathing heavily. The guards came and went through the estate as troop reports flooded in.

“Li Jinglong, explain to me clearly, what exactly is going on here?!” Geshu Han said. “I won’t cut off your head, and also you, Kong Hongjun, you saved this old man’s life, and for that I will definitely repay you.”

Li Jinglong indicated that Hongjun was going to take Mo Rigen to have his wounds treated, and a stretcher carried Mo Rigen into the estate’s backyard. Lu Xu peered around at his surroundings before following.

“This is a long story…” Li Jinglong’s hands were covered with blood, and though he had the Heart Lamp protection his body in theory, he had also gotten quite a few injuries. At this moment, he was extremely tired, and he collapsed onto the chair.

Zhang Hao and Qin Liang both bore external wounds of varying severity as they watched Li Jinglong.

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