Chapter 3 - Peach Blossom (3)

Twin Jades of Jiangdong

"How can I blame you for this? Life and death are ruled by fate. Bofu, if it weren’t for you, I fear I wouldn’t make it through this."

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Zhou Yu propped Sun Ce up against himself, helping Sun Ce as he limped along the mountain path to exit the stockade village.

As the two of them walked out the encampment, Sun Ce was panting heavily in pain. Zhou Yu quickened his step and said, "Quick, the ferryman knows who we are. I’m afraid that once our identities are uncovered they will chase us down."

"Ow ow ow……" Sun Ce inhaled in pain from his injured back and asked, "What did you say to that bastard?"

Zhou Yu’s heart couldn’t help but ache at the sight of Sun Ce’s heavy whip wounds. However, they couldn’t stay here for long, so he had no choice but to bend down and carry Sun Ce on his back and stagger down the mountain.

They finally managed to figure out how to escape. Laying on Zhou Yu’s back, Sun Ce spoke up, “Hey.”

“What?” Zhou Yu said. “I really hope Hua Xiong does not do anything to my father. Even sending him back to Luoyang as a prisoner is ok.”

Sun Ce then said, “I already sent a message to my father the day I arrived at Shu County. Don’t worry, it will be a lot easier now that we know more about the situation.”

“Didn’t you say that you came here alone?” Zhou Yu asked, “How did you manage to send him a message?”

Sun Ce leaned against Zhou Yu and let out a “hehe”. Zhou Yu really didn’t know what to do with this guy. How could he laugh even in this situation……However, after wasting so much time, the sun had already fallen low in the sky. Sun Ce’s breathing was getting heavier and heavier. He clearly didn’t have the strength to stay awake anymore and fell asleep on Zhou Yu’s back.

Zhou Yu’s heart burned with anxiety. He wanted to leave Mt. Gu and go to Shu County to report the news, but Sun Ce was very heavy, and he also had to carry Sun Ce’s 20 jin dragon-engraved iron staff.. Their weight made Zhou Yu feel utterly exhausted. When dusk arrived, Sun Ce’s body temperature had soared rapidly, yet there was no medicine to treat his fever. Zhou Yu could only lay him down in a ravine with a mountain stream coursing through it and check his back injury.

Sun Ce breathed evenly, his face slightly flushed. Zhou Yu put him down and used clean water to wash his wounds. He then went to look for healing herbs nearby, chewing them up then applying the herbs on Sun Ce’s back. 

Suddenly, a piercing bird cry rang through the ravine. A completely snow white falcon spread its wings and flew towards them. Zhou Yu couldn’t help but startle in alarm. This type of bird had never been seen around Lake Chao before. Could it be that Hua Xiong had already discovered their real identity and sent a scouting eagle to look for them?

The white falcon circled a few times before slowly descending and flew to Sun Ce’s side. Zhou Yu immediately understood and ran over quickly. Upon seeing Zhou Yu, the falcon wanted to peck at him, but Sun Ce groggily woke up and said, “Fei Yu, stop it!”

Zhou Yu asked, “So you used this bird to deliver the message?”

Sun Ce smiled at Zhou Yu and said, “Its name is Fei Yu. This is the messenger bird I have raised ever since I was little. Originally, I planned to bring it along to let you have a look, but when I arrived at Lake Chao, I found that something was not right so I sent it away to deliver a message to my father……"

Zhou Yu kneeled behind Sun Ce, his mouth chewing up the herbs. The herbs were bitter and astringent, making his whole mouth go numb. Zhou Yu then spread the chewed-up herbs onto Sun Ce’s back. Sun Ce removed the cloth strip from the white falcon’s claws and handed it to Zhou Yu. There was only one line written on the cloth: wait by the west bank of Lake Chao, reinforcements will arrive within a few days.

Zhou Yu sighed with relief. Even though he didn’t know where Hua Xiong was detaining his father, everything would be easier as long as military reinforcements arrived.

Sun Ce knitted his eyebrows in pain and asked, “What medicine did you apply on me that hurts so much?”

Zhou Yu replied, “Quick. There's no time to talk, let’s go.” 

After finishing his sentence, Zhou Yu draped Sun Ce’s arm over his own shoulder and stumbled away from the ravine, fleeing to the northwest part of Lake Chao. 

The sky slowly darkened as dusk approached. On the west bank of Lake Chao, a group of riders raced over. At their head was an old man in his 60s, who shouted “Sun Ce! What trouble have you caused again this time!” 

“General Sun!”

How did you get beaten up like that?!” 

Sun Ce replied, “Don’t worry about it! First, let’s gather up the troops and go into the mountain! General Huang! The situation was too dire so I didn’t have time to properly report it. I have troubled everyone. I apologize!

Sun Ce cupped his hand and gave a formal bow in apology. The old man then angrily said, “You have caused your dad to have a hard time finding you!” 

A falcon cry rang out. The white falcon took off from the ground and proceeded to circle around the valley to scout the area. A subordinate brought Sun Ce his armor. While putting on his armor, Sun Ce quickly introduced Zhou Yu to the old man, who turned out to be the troop’s division commander and Sun Jian’s subordinate. After receiving Sun Ce’s letter, he had quickly commanded a troop of 400 men to go to Lake Chao and rescue him.

“Oh.” Huang Gai sized up Zhou Yu with his eyes, and said lowly, “Your father is Zhou Yi?”

“That’s indeed my father, old General…” 

Sun Ce immediately came to Zhou Yu’s side and whispered into his ears, “Please don’t call him ‘old General,’ he hates it when people call him old.”

Zhou Yu didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. However, the words had already left his mouth, there was no use to cry over spilled milk . As expected, Huang Gai let out an angry “humph!” and said, “What are you two rascals mumbling about?! Do you really think I can’t hear you?!”

Sun Ce hurried to smile consolingly and make the proper bows of greeting, before leading the general into the mountain. The sky was filled with bright stars, while the moon secretly concealed itself. Zhou Yu looked at the troop of 400 soldiers that Huang Gai brought and silently compared the strength of both sides. The other side also had a strong general, and Zhou Yu was afraid that once they started fighting, the two sides would be too focused on the conflict and forget about the hostages, which would be difficult later for negotiations.

Huang Gai cleared his throat and said, “Forget it. Zhou Yu, your father has been a government official for many years, and he is a very upstanding man. I will not bother a junior like you. The men that came with me are not from Shu County, so they are not familiar with the mountain roads of this place. So, I would like to ask if you know the way around here?

“I do,” Zhou Yu immediately replied, “General Huang Gai, the opposing side also has a great general. His name is Hua Xiong, and he’s under Dong Zhuo. It would be better to wait until late night and have the troops launch an ambush.”

“Are you looking down on Huang-mou?”Huang Gai angrily said, “As if I’d give any ounce of respect to such a brat like Hua Xiong!!”

Sun Ce quickly said, “General Huang, the opposing side also has hostages in their hands. Why don’t we listen to Gongjin’s plan?” 

Zhou Yu’s heart was full of apprehension. After all, this was his first time interacting with a military man, and Zhou Yu couldn’t figure out Huang Gai’s temperament. Huang Gai, who evidently held him in contempt, smiled coldly and said, “As I see it, why do we even need to wait until late night? Sun Ce, you and I will take the lead and storm straight into there.”

The implied meaning behind Huang Gai’s words was that Hua Xiong’s hundred some men were clearly not their rivals.

“General Huang,” Zhou Yu mused for a moment before he finally spoke,“You’ve misunderstood me, that was not my intention. For you to come from afar, with the intent of helping me rescue my father, is already a great kindness that I will forever be grateful for. If only there’s an effective way to minimize the casualties amongst our brothers as much as possible, then my humble self will dare to entrust this matter to the General. Otherwise, how can Yu’s heart be at ease if other officers needed to rush to the rescue?“ 

Sun Ce’s face changed slightly as he looked at Huang Gai, unsure of what to say this time around. However, surprisingly, Huang Gai’s expression relaxed and replied, “Good point. One should value the lives of their officers and soldiers. Then, let’s follow your plan. Whatever arrangement you have, just tell me.”

Zhou Yu pondered for a short time, then drew a map of Hua Xiong’s army camp on the ground with a tree branch. He pointed out where to assault, where to ambush, where to surround the camp, where to rescue hostages, and where to block the path to prevent the enemy from escaping. 

They could either not do it, or do it to the very end. If Hua Xiong managed to escape, then the information would inevitably leak. Zhou Yu was only afraid that Dong Zhuo would not let this slide, so he made a meticulous plan. Now they only needed to wait until late night for the troops to launch an attack.

That night, the dark clouds obscured the bright stars. Several groups of men traveled along the path on one side of the canyon and discreetly proceeded up to the high ground.

The white falcon flew in circles and let out a vicious cry. Sun Ce reined in his horse to a halt on the mountain slope and looked into the distance at the valley far away. On the other side, a feathered arrow shot out with a whoosh, and the sentry soldier that Hua Xiong assigned to keep watch toppled over without a sound. A group of patrolling soldiers was ambushed from all sides by assassins armed with daggers and crossbows, and they all fell to the ground.

Inside the camp, Hua Xiong drank until he was a dead drunk, passing out on the side of the table.

In the dark, Zhou Yu stood in the mountain forest with a bronze sword in hand. The brightness of the torch reflected on the sword’s blade, shining the light onto the opposite hillside. Sun Ce waved his hand in signal, and the archers raised up their arrows in unison. Grasping a torch in his hand, Sun Ce swept across them with flying speed, igniting the arrowheads.

Fweet—” Sun Ce blew the bamboo whistle; in a flash, fire arrows came flying down from the mountain peaks on both sides like shooting stars, falling toward the camp in the middle of the canyon!

It had been three whole days since it last rained. Inside the camp, all of the houses were made of wood, and at this point, they were dried out to the point of being easily set alight. As they burned merrily, someone immediately shouted, “Fire—”

“Attack—” Huang Gai roared out.

As if heavenly warriors were descending from above, the Changsha army boldly rushed into the camp! The entire canyon was in chaos, and Sun Ce rode his horse westward. However, on the northern side, there was a carriage racing away from the camp.

Sensing the situation was not looking too good, Zhou Yu quickly grasped his longsword and ran across the range of hills rapidly. He let out a long whistle, and the white falcon appeared, leading the way for him as it flew toward the barrack’s northside!

The raging flames burned fiercely, burying many still-asleep soldiers in its ocean of fire. As Huang Gai organized the troops to launch a charge multiple times, Hua Xiong’s troops had barely managed to grab their weapons before their defense fell apart from the other side’s attack.

Hua Xiong let out a roar among the blazing flames, “Tell me who you are—”

Immediately, Sun Ce rushed in from the side and advanced on Hua Xiong, using both his body and horse to slam into Hua Xiong. Hua Xiong’s hangover had yet to dissipate, so he was immediately knocked down onto the ground, stumbling about as he tried to find a weapon. From all around, foot soldiers rushed up. They paid no more heed to the battle around them as they pushed Hua Xiong back onto his horse, leading him in a reckless charge as they escaped out of the valley.

The battle started out quickly and also ended quickly. However, the fire had spread to both sides of the mountain top, and thick black smoke billowed, catching the attention of many fishermen by Lake Chao.

Holding his sword, Zhou Yu ran wildly and saw a group of soldiers quickly running away. He angrily roared. “Where are you fleeing—”

The group’s head was the ferryman from that day. As soon as the ferryman saw Zhou Yu chasing him, he hurriedly ordered his soldiers into a defensive formation, and both sides were embroiled in a pitched battle. Sun Ce rushed over with his troops, which thoroughly crippled the opposing side’s fighting spirit, and the hundreds of attacking soldiers left their enemies’ dead corpses all over the place.

“Where is my father?” Zhou Yu growled out, “Hand him over!”

With his face smeared with blood, and whole-body covered in mud, the ferryman coldly smiled and said, “It’s too late, Young Master Zhou…”

“I found it! I have found the Zhou family’s horse carriage!” A subordinate of Sun Ce hurriedly reported. Not bothering with interrogating the ferryman any longer, Zhou Yu quickly followed after the military messenger.

At the crack of dawn, inside the northern canyon of Mt. Gu, there was a carriage covered in bloodstains parked under a tree. The daylight was hazy, and thick fogs covered the whole valley. Zhou Yu rushed into the mist and caught sight of his father with an arrow in his chest on the verge of his last breath.

Zhou Yi was almost in his fifties, his hair and beard were streaked with grey; he couldn’t stop coughing, and blood flowed out from his mouth.

“Young General,” the military messenger informed, “Lord Zhou was imprisoned under the basement of one of the wooden houses inside the camp. Just now when the camp was captured, the enemies brought him to this place, wanting to leave the mountain. When we caught up to them, an enemy soldier shot Lord Zhou with an arrow…”

Zhou Yu knelt in front of his father, stiffly staring at his aging features.

Sun Ce waved his hand, indicating the messenger to stop talking.

The sun had just risen and was filling the mountain valley with its golden light.

“Yu-er...Yu-er…” Zhou Yi replied. “I...heard your voice, last night...outside the prison cell, I called out for you, you...didn’t hear me.”

“Father—” Zhou Yu let out a pained cry, as if his heart was torn into pieces.

“Don’t cry... don’t cry.” Zhou Yi coughed hard a few times, his mouth and nose were full of blood. The arrow had pierced deeply into Zhou Yi’s lungs, and Sun Ce did not dare to pull the arrow out for him, fearing that pulling it out would result in him dying immediately.

We human live in this world...Who does not die?” Zhou Yi replied, clearly exhausted. “Fortunately, you’re here now...father no longer needs to return to Luoyang and aid their wrongdoing any further, so become a fierce person...and handle future affairs like a tiger…”

“Take care of your mother.” Zhou Yi continued, “Cough...Cough...Young man, you…You are…

“Uncle Zhou.” Sun Ce replied, “I’m Sun Ce, son of Sun Jian…”

“Big…You have gotten so big…” Zhou Yi let out a pleased smile. “Good child…”

He grasped Sun Ce’s hand, and placed his hand on top of the back of Zhou Yu’s own hand before peacefully closing his two eyes.

Zhou Yu let out an agonizing cry. He lifted his head and caught sight of a cloudless blue sky as tears fell from his eyes uncontrollably.

The day after.

Zhou Yu brought his father back to Shu County. He prepared the coffin for viewing, sent out funeral invitations, informed friends and family, held a vigil, set up the mourning hall, and consoled his weeping mother and grandmother.

Wearing mourning clothes, Zhou Yu felt numb as he placed a white silk ribbon onto his father’s coffin. All of the Zhou’s distant relatives,neighbors and paternal cousins all came to the main hall to offer their condolences. Even the Shu County magistrate personally came as well. Each and every person comforted Zhou Yu, telling him not to grieve too much and that he must restrain his sorrow and accept the changed circumstances.

Zhou Yu could only nod and personally poured tea and wine for friends and relatives.

That day when Hua Xiong took advantage of the chaos and escaped, Huang Gai led the troops to chase after him, leaving behind Sun Ce who escorted Zhou Yu back home. When a group of female relatives cut out a piece of white fabric for Zhou Yu to wear for mourning, Sun Ce said from the side, “Please save me a piece as well, my family and the Zhou family are long time friends.”

The group of women looked at Sun Ce, his complexion was full of tiredness yet still looking very handsome. The women discussed among themselves in low voices, once again glancing at Zhou Yu sitting in the mourning hall with a blank expression. One of Zhou Yu’s younger female cousins put a piece of white fabric on Sun Ce’s arms.

Sun Ce helped Zhou Yu send off their guests, his hand holding the mourning staff; he sat down and let out a sigh.

“What are you sighing for?” Zhou Yu finally opened his mouth and asked. 

“I’m sorry.” Sun Ce said, “I’m a useless person.”

Zhou Yu let out an exhaustive smile and said, “How can I blame you for this?Life and death are ruled by fate. Bofu, if it weren’t for you, I fear I wouldn’t make it through this. “

“What are you saying?” Sun Ce said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. “My mother often says, there are no hurdles that cannot be overcome; only blessings that cannot be enjoyed. the future is long, you have to take good care of yourself.

The spring rain once again began to drizzle down.

The two people sat side by side under the eaves, watching the rainfall so hard that the individual droplets seemed to merge together into long, thin threads from the sky to the earth. When they hit the ground, they flew back up (from the ground) to the sky as if they were reborn in every splash of water that blossomed. They turned the entire world into a patch of grey, disappearing just like this, seeping into the mountains and rivers, regardless of whether it was day or night.

“Is your mother feeling a bit better now?” Sun Ce suddenly asked. 

“She can eat some porridge now.” Zhou Yu answered, “I will check up on her.” 

Sun Ce reminded Zhou Yu, so the two went inside to see Zhou Yu’s mother. Zhou Yu’s mother was arranging the relics that her husband left behind, bringing the maidservants with her to move the collection of books that had accumulated dust for days up to the attic.

“Mother.” Zhou Yu called, coming in. 

Madame Zhou nodded her head and looked at Zhou Yu and then at Sun Ce. Despite the feeling of great grief hitting her inside, she still forced out a smile and said, “Ce'er, we are so lucky to have you during this time.”

“I did what I was supposed to do,” Sun Ce replied, “My father is still in Jiangdu and is unable to come on such short notice. However, he has sent out people to deliver a letter today.”

Sun Ce felt around for the letter and handed it to Zhou Yu’s mother. Madame Zhou smiled and opened the letter to read it. The emotions contained within the letter were clear, and they expressed Sun Jian’s heartfelt concerns and genuine condolences to the deceased.

Zhou Yu’s mother asked a few questions about the Sun’s family matters and then proceeded to ask about Sun Ce’s mother's health. She instructed Zhou Yu to set out a brush and grind ink to write a response letter to Sun Jian. Whenever Madame Zhou asked Sun Ce a question, he would respectfully reply to her question. While by the window, Zhou Yu with a brush in his hand, brought his pen to the paper and wrote down his mother’s words in reply to the Sun family.

The banana leaves were washed by the rain, leaving behind an exuberant green. Night fell, yet the rain remained constant. Sun Ce took off his shirt, leaving his upper arms bare, and sat with his back to Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu mixed the medicinal powder in a small dish and applied the paste onto Sun Ce’s back. 

The two did not speak for a very long time, and this memory had been carved deeply into Zhou Yu’s existence. It was because Sun Ce did not say anything that Zhou Yu was able to survive this period of endless despair in his life. He didn’t want to do anything and didn’t want to answer any questions. It was as if he didn't know how to open his mouth and reply to anything that was asked of him. It was Sun Ce who spoke on his behalf.

At night, they went to sleep on the same bed.Zhou Yu lay down. However, because of the wound on his back, Sun Ce could only lie on his stomach. Neither of them spoke a word. Sun Ce slept very quietly, and this sleep of his lasted until daybreak. Whenever Zhou Yu woke up, he noticed Sun Ce always got up earlier than him and had already busied himself in the mourning hall.

For the first six days, it was customary for one to keep an overnight vigil for the deceased. However, by this afternoon, several uncles and brothers from the Zhou family had already come over to visit and have lunch. Zhou Yu was pouring out water with a pitcher when one paternal uncle sat down and said, “Yu-er, We came here this time to ask you about the silk farm and how you are planning to sort out matters at the shop.

Upon hearing this, Sun Ce realized that this was about the Zhou Family’s affairs and discreetly sat aside, no longer speaking anymore. Zhou Yu took a sip of water before replying, “Uncles, you all have come just in time. My mother has also mentioned this yesterday, so could you all please explain your thoughts for me?”

The Zhou family owned a silk store and also had a mulberry field covering 100 mu , which has helped provide silk for the family and covered their expenses every year. When Zhou Yi had not yet become a Xiaolian official, the Zhou family’s business was extremely profitable, accounting for a total of 30% of the silk revenue in Shu County. After the old Zhou patriarch died, several brothers moved out, and Zhou Yi’s branch of the family had received a piece of fertile land on the east bank of Lake Chao. The Zhou family had a mix of good and bad individuals; after many years had passed, there were members whose business became prosperous and there were also members who only knew how to loaf around and squander their share of the family fortune. By the time Zhou Yu was born, there were many Zhou family relatives with poor livelihoods.

It just so happened that that year was when Zhou Yi was promoted to a Xiaolian government official and had to go to Luoyang to take up his post as a minor official. Zhou Yu was still too young, and there was no one else in the family that could take care of the property while Zhou Yi was away. Zhou Yi then decided to entrust the family’s mulberry field and silk store to a few cousins for them to look after on his behalf. Now that Zhou Yi has passed, Madame Zhou believed that these lands should be taken back for Zhou Yu to manage.

Zhou Yu was just about to say that he would be more mindful of the mulberry field and the silk store in the future. But then, unexpectedly, as if his uncles had already come to an agreement with each other, one of them handed Zhou Yu the ledger book and said, “Yu-er, look at this. This is the account of recent years.”

“Oh.” Zhou Yu replied, flipping over the pages of the ledger. 

An uncle added, “During the past few years, the production of silk in Shu County has not been favorable, and it keeps getting worse year after year. Nowadays, the world is in chaos again. In the previous year, we were still able to sell silk to Liangzhou by going west through the Silk Road. However, it was all because of your father’s effort in clearing up the issues that we were able to go through the mountain pass. Now there’s no one in the imperial court, I’m afraid that it’s not as easy to take care of now. We old men have discussed this and would like to hear your opinion.”

“What do you mean?” Zhou Yu asked, raising his eyebrows in confusion. 

“From what I see, the business is not doing well currently.” Another uncle said, “Why not close the silk store first. And as for those mulberry fields, us uncles will help you find a household to sell to and change it into silvers, which will also be good for you when you go to the capital to become a government official. What do you think?”

“Absolutely not!” Zhou Yu said, “I still haven't made up my mind about going to the capital yet. What do we need to sell the silk store for?” 

“Not to keep it from you but,” that paternal uncle replied, “when your father asked us to help take care of the business these past few years, the business hasn't been doing well compared to previous ones. As of now, there have been too many merchants not paying for their goods. There are also some that failed to pay once the end of the year came around and some that took the goods only for them to be robbed along their journey by the Yellow Turban Bandies. It was just a few days ago your sixth uncle brought the shipment to the capital and was also robbed. He even lost a significant amount of money on transportation expenses. These uncles of yours have all paid money in advance for you, yet your household often comes to collect money from the shop…”

Zhou Yu immediately understood. These people saw that his father had just died and the Zhou family had fallen from grace, so they all came running to scheme after the mulberry field that was left behind by his father, wanting to coax Zhou Yu into selling it in order to get some money out of it.

“How much is the debt?” Zhou Yu firmly cut off the conversation, “Bring the debt certificate here. Everything must be caculcated to the fullest, then we will pay it back slowly.”

They looked at each other, not at all expecting how straightforward Zhou Yu was. One uncle then said, “I’m also quite old, and my brain can’t understand this business...”

“Then please go back and enjoy yourself.” Zhou Yu got up and politely bowed to the ground to his uncle in courtesy.

Another younger uncle said, “Yu-er, it’s not that I’m blaming you, but the mulberry fields have been left vacant, and there’s no place to sell the merchandise now. Just look at the ledger and see. When your father was still running the store, us uncles put down a lot of silver in advance, and when your father was still alive, we had agreed that for the silk shop and the mulberry fields, one share would go to each of us. Back then, it was because of this that we agreed to help your dad out with running the business. The business is not just yours alone. Expenses like hiring a shopkeeper and inviting sales clerks for document-keeping were also money that we uncles signed for…”

“These are troubled times.” An uncle patiently said, “Silvers can only count as money when it’s in your hands right? If the Yellow Turban bandits ravage this place as well, you also understand, that if they set it all on fire, then it would…”

“Heh.” Sun Ce coldly smiled, “I can see it now. You all have come here to bully an orphan and widow to steal their lands right?!”

“What are you talking about?!” That uncle with the worst personality said angrily, his face flushed red with anger. “We have kept watch of the store for so many years, putting all of our hard work into it. Not to mention, it was from his father’s own mouth that promised us this when he was alive. Who do you think you are?!”

Sun Ce got angry as well and coldly said, “Are you all even human? Do you think I don’t know what kind of ulterior motives you all are harboring? Some days ago when I went out to do some shopping, I saw many people come and go to the Zhou family’s silk store. Since when has the shop been in debt? What did Lord Zhou say? Words are not evidence, you must get a written contract for this to be valid! Do you think you can just rely on your own mouth to extort people? I’m sorry to let you down, but friends of the Zhou family are not dead yet. Gongjin does not agree. Why don’t you try selling the land and see?

Several uncles became furious. Zhou Yu pondered for a moment then said, “Keep the ledger here with me ... I will check the accounts of the past few years and see if the deficit is big. If it is then... “

“Go inform the government official.” Sun Ce said, not bothering to be polite with them anymore, “Find the county magistrate and find out how much of the silk store’s business has been done under the table, and how much has been counted as a loss…”,

Zhou Yu replied, “Ok Ok…”

“You little bastard…” the uncle roared, rolling up his sleeves, “You’ve cursed us out enough! If I don’t teach you a little lesson, then you wouldn’t stop treating…”

After returning home, Zhou Yu did not mention Sun Ce’s identity, so everyone merely thought that Sun Ce was simply a pampered young master from a wealthy family. Now, the uncle had been humiliated by Sun Ce’s words, and upon seeing a junior be so disrespectful in front of him, he was about to go up and give him a proper beating. He hadn’t expected that Sun Ce would attack when he said he would, and he stuck his left foot out, hooking that bench towards him.

Zhou Yu said, “Stop it!” 

The younger uncle seized Sun Ce, planning to hit him, but Sun Ce had already kicked the bench into the air. No matter what, he would be offending them either way, so he might as well beat them up first before continuing. At this, Zhou Yu felt that he had no way to deal with Sun Ce, and despite the fire of anger in himself, he went up to stop him. But, he accidentally caught Sun Ce’s bench, and with a push of his palm, the bench whooshed over and struck the waist of the younger uncle, sending him flying out of the hall.

Several people let out loud curses, but when Sun Ce waved that bench around, no one dared to step forward. All of them could only spout curses as they backed up, running off in the end.

Zhou Yu held the ledger book, flung it out with his hand, and then said, “Who knows how much you defrauded, yet you dare to divide the field? Keep these stolen goods well you thieves, and look out for the county magistrate to reward you all eighty big flogs!”

After everyone had left, Zhou Yu and Sun Ce looked at each other in dismay, and then burst out laughing. Zhou Yu laughed until his tears came out before supporting himself against a column, slowly sitting down. A short moment later, Zhou Yu began to sob incessantly, overcome with grief.

Sun Ce sat beside him, putting one hand over Zhou Yu’s shoulder. After a few moments, Zhou Yu gradually stopped crying, his two eyes red as he let out a bitter laugh. 

That night, the families of those uncles stopped by, each of them with their hands on their hips, pointing at Zhou Yu and Sun Ce and scolding them. Zhou Yu pretended he didn’t hear them. However, Sun Ce sloppily sat in the mourning hall hugging his knees, toying with them with a sentence or two. Everyone bickered for ages before Zhou Yu finally roared, “Will this ever end?! If you want to break off family relations then do it, don’t come to my house ever again in the future!”

Zhou Yu’s roar was like thunder from a clear sky, frightening them to death, as this was the first time they had seen him angry, so they quickly retreated one by one.

Zhou Yu coldly said, “All of you get out!”

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