Chapter 68 - The Key

Seizing Dreams

“My belief comes from the introspection of my innermost self.”

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“Despite the objections of my elder sister, I sponsored Lin Xun.” Liang Jinmin said. “At that time, I firmly believed that he was my soulmate for life. I felt a brilliant sunlight illuminate my soul every day I spent with him, and even now when I recall it, it really was wonderful. Yu Hao, you said that I don’t understand, and I truly don’t. Or you could say that from the bottom of my heart, I had never been willing to admit my cowardice. And it was this cowardice that caused me to sink into an endless cycle of the ‘tragedy of life’……”

The living room became quiet. Yu Hao didn’t want to cry, yet he couldn’t help but shed tears. He could empathise with how much Liang Jinmin had loved Lin Xun at that time, yet when he thought of the Liang Jinmin of today, he felt an incomparable sadness.

Chen Yekai’s eyes had also reddened, and the faint sound of him drawing a breath could be heard.

Zhou Sheng looked at Yu Hao. Liang Jinmin drew out a tissue and handed it to Yu Hao. She smiled, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“No.” Yu Hao quickly said, “I’m sorry, Liang Laoshi. It was too presumptuous of me to have said that.”

Liang Jinmin said, “Come, have some chocolate.” And as she spoke, she took out some premium chocolates from the coffee table and gave it to them.

“Lin Xun and I supported each other. We left our homes and went to San Francisco to study; just like what a marriage vow says — for better or worse, in sickness and in health, whether young and beautiful or old and wrinkly, we always supported and depended on each other in hard times.” Liang Jinmin said, “Later on, my elder sister died of lung cancer four years later. And the prelude to the start of many trivial conflicts in our marriage began.”

Yu Hao listened to Liang Jinmin recall every small detail of the bloody reality and conflicts between her and Lin Xun — all of which had taken on the form of the knives, axes, blades, saws, and hammers on the huge metallic monster’s robotic arms in her dreamscape. The image of Lin Xun and her father gradually overlapped and became difficult to differentiate.

“A girl who had witnessed so much domestic violence in her childhood had also fallen into an endless cycle of tragedy when she grew up.” Liang Jinmin sighed, “Is that a kind of habit? Or yearning? It’s really humiliating for me to analyse myself, but tonight, I’m willing to bare my soul in its entirety under the illumination of your sunlight and moonlight, and accept judgement.”

Zhou Sheng adjusted his posture on the sofa and laughed, “Sunlight?”

Liang Jinmin nodded, “I’m a pessimist. Nietzsche mentioned in《The Birth of Tragedy》that endless cycles of tragedy actually provide a kind of aesthetic attitude towards life, so that we can obtain the final liberation. Ryuusei once said frankly that in my subconscious, because of the psychological shadows that originated from my own family history, there was a sort of imperceptible self-pity within that made it difficult for me to escape this cycle of events.”

“Secondly, I think, my tolerance of Lin Xun originated from a feeling of guilt and indebtedness that I felt after witnessing my elder sister killing my father that night. Accepting my husband’s repeated acts of violence and enduring them had turned into my atonement.”

Chen Yekai said, “If I was the one to put you on trial, I would have only one sentence, ‘they all deserve to die’.”

Liang Jinmin looked at Zhou Sheng, but Zhou Sheng didn’t express any opinions and just said, “Go on.”

Liang Jinmin said, “I grew up in that kind of environment and was accustomed to it. My mother told me that all couples, everywhere in the world, will quarrel and may even resort to violence. And at one time, I also unquestioningly believed that to be true. After adolescence, I once told myself that I would never get married……”

“Just like me.” Zhou Sheng answered, “I’m afraid that I’ll be like my dad and won’t be able to restrain myself one day.”

“You won’t.” Yu Hao said to Zhou Sheng. 

Liang Jinmin laughed, “But love is beyond anyone’s control. On numerous occasions I’ve convinced myself to muster the courage and usher in a new life, and I even finally took that step. But I didn’t expect that with that one step, I had stepped straight into an abyss……”

Yu Hao, “……”

“When Lin Xun knelt down to beg for my forgiveness after the first time he hit me, I was still convincing myself that it was a normal occurrence in marriage, though I knew it couldn’t be.” Liang Jinmin lit up her third cigarette, “I always thought that all couples everywhere in this world were like my parents. I couldn’t imagine what having a happy and blissful family would be like. Afterwards, it was Nicky and Takin’s love which made me realise that a person could be so understanding of their own lover, making it possible for them to grow old together with absolute devotion to each other.”

Chen Yekai laughed bitterly and shook his head.

“Anything else?” An idea slowly began to surface in Yu Hao’s mind, but he couldn’t quite grasp it. He was waiting, waiting for the moment it finally became clear.

“If there’s anything else, then I think it should be love ba.” Liang Jinmin closed her eyes, “That day, when I was talking to Nicky about the future, I decided to make up for my mistakes and devote the rest of my life to my work. But not long after I got home, the incident as you know it occurred……”

Chen Yekai said, “I remember you said at that time that you would make preparations.”

“Yes.” Liang Jinmin answered as she rubbed between her eyebrows with her ring finger, “But a lot of things that happened during those three days seems disjointed now, and I can’t really recall much.”

Zhou Sheng’s expression suddenly turned stern, yet he didn’t interject and instead glanced at Yu Hao. At this time, Yu Hao chose to remain silent.

After a seemingly endless silence, Liang Jinmin continued, “Yu Hao said today that I didn’t understand. And yes. Perhaps, in the depths of my heart, I still have lingering foolish love and expectations of him, that’s holding me back and sealing off a portion of my memories……”

“You’re subconsciously hindering yourself.” Yu Hao picked up the frame and scrutinised the picture of Liang Jinmin and Lin Xun, “You don’t want him imprisoned, even though he tried to murder you, right?”

“I think so.” Liang Jinmin opened her eyes and said.

Chen Yekai said, “Yu Hao, it’s no use blaming Liang Laoshi. We can’t control our subconscious……”

Liang Jinmin said, “It’s okay. That’s the reason I wanted to talk to you guys too. Over all these years, I may have never really understood myself.”

Zhou Sheng said, “So after you woke up in the hospital that day, you’ve been trying to recall what happened?”

Liang Jinmin nodded, “Yes. The doctor believes that the gaps in my memory are a result of my long-term coma. I have been thinking about it all day. Nicky and Officer Huang Ting suggested that I could wait, but only I know the real reason is that I have deliberately forgotten those memories.”

The living room fell into a long silence. The lit cigarette in Liang Jinmin’s hand had been burnt till its end.

“To finish off, let’s make some slight adjustments to Nietzsche’s argument to conclude today’s lesson ba.” Chen Yekai said, “Under the light of the Sun God, everything shows a beautiful appearance. It changes the essence of tragedy, eliminating the pain and deranged aspects, and reflects an exceptionally beautiful light — that is our understanding of ourselves.”

Zhou Sheng finished his wine and set the glass down. He was still thinking as he looked at Yu Hao again.

Yu Hao said, “What else did you talk about the day you two met at the cafe?”

Liang Jinmin was immersed in her thoughts and didn’t respond.

“At that time, I thought the evidence you had might not be strong enough. I remember Liang Laoshi said,” Chen Yekai said, “‘Then I’ll go back and continue collecting evidence until it's enough to send him to prison.’”

Liang Jinmin said, “I believe that was what I said at that time, but my recollection of it is poor.”

Chen Yekai said, “This is just my inference. Huang Ting’s analysis of this was, if Liang Laoshi’s last thoughts before losing consciousness were about the location of the concealed evidence, then the moment she lost consciousness could have caused that memory to……”

“Break.” Zhou Sheng continued.

Liang Jinmin nodded, “When I was going over what had happened and recording my testimony, I could recall that Lin Xun had said something to me before he knocked me unconscious, but I can’t remember what it was.”

Her eyeliner was smudged because of her tears. She put down her empty wine glass and walked to the bathroom.

When Yu Hao heard her last sentence, a myriad of impressions flashed through his mind and suddenly connected —— speculating from the scenes he witnessed in her dreamscape, how Liang Jinmin struggled as she fought against the metallic monster, and within her consciousness, the metallic monster had seized something that could protect her, an indestructible item……

He looked down at the photo within the frame. Within an instant, Lin Xun’s face and that metallic monster overlapped! That “evidence”, he had seen it in the subconscious!

It was a wooden Maya sculpture! At that time, Yu Hao thought it seemed really strange. Why would it be the only glowing object within the entire subconscious!

Yu Hao couldn’t help but widen his eyes and tremble slightly as this thought occurred to him.

“What did you think of?” Zhou Sheng was the first to notice Yu Hao’s change in demeanour.

Chen Yekai frowned and looked at Yu Hao. Yu Hao asked, “Has there ever been a decorative wood carving in this house?”

“What?” Zhou Sheng hadn't expected Yu Hao to suddenly ask that.

“Liang Laoshi!” Yu Hao immediately got to his feet, “Do you remember a wood carving? About this big, dark brown, Mayan style……”

Zhou Sheng and Chen Yekai immediately got up and followed Yu Hao. Chen Yekai said, “I remember now! That was the artefact Ryuusei and I brought back four years ago as a gift for Liang Laoshi……”

Liang Jinmin came out of the bathroom with a towel in hand. She suddenly started to tremble involuntarily as she heard those words.

“Liang Laoshi?” Up until now, Yu Hao still did not understand the significance of the wood carving. But the moment Zhou Sheng saw Liang Jinmin’s expression, he knew that Yu Hao had finally found a vital clue.

“Think about it slowly, take your time……” Zhou Sheng said, “Liang Laoshi! Don’t!”

“Liang Laoshi!”

“Liang Laoshi!”

Liang Jinmin’s eyes were wide, and her face had turned ghastly pale.

“I remember now. In the end, he said that, to collect……what evidence? You can’t hide……hide your plans……from me……” Liang Jinmin said in a trembling voice, then fainted as if she had just suffered a blow to her mental state. Chen Yekai and Yu Hao jumped up in fright. They quickly supported her, and the situation had become chaotic for a moment. Chen Yekai said, “Take her in, quickly……”

Chen Yekai carried her into the bedroom. Zhou Sheng said, “What’s that wood carving? Kaikai! Do you remember what it looks like?”

“Wait……” Chen Yekai placed Liang Jinmin properly on the bed, and everyone became nervous. 

Yu Hao said, “It’s not in the living room, I already looked over that place just now!”

“It should be in the living room.” Chen Yekai said, “It was still here the last time I came. What does it represent? Yu Hao, why do you know about it?”

“Don’t ask anymore!” Zhou Sheng said, “Find it first! There must be a surveillance camera in it!”

Zhou Sheng’s words had pierced through Yu Hao’s thoughts. Yu Hao said, “There’s a surveillance camera in its eyes! Yes! There must be!”

“It……” Chen Yekai said, “Should be right there!”

Chen Yekai pointed to the TV. There was a row of decorations on the TV cabinet, “When I was helping them move, I specifically took it out and placed it here……”

There was a sound from inside, as if something had fallen. The three of them immediately turned and rushed into the bedroom. Yu Hao thought that they would find the statue, but the noise had been from Liang Jinmin falling onto the floor after struggling to get off the bed. Chen Yekai quickly supported her up. Zhou Sheng said, “She’s mentally unstable right now; Kaikai watch over her.”

Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao returned to the living room. Yu Hao ran his fingers through his hair, he was at his wits’ end. “Where could she have put it?”

“Wait.” Zhou Sheng said, “Don’t get anxious, calm down and analyse.”

Yu Hao stayed silent for a long time before saying, “Why did Liang Laoshi suddenly faint?”

“Because you mentioned the evidence.” Zhou Sheng said in a low voice, “The existence of the ‘evidence’ had caused Lin Xun to beat her into unconsciousness, and in her mental world, she responded reflexively. When she recalled it, she spontaneously remembered the heavy blow that had landed her in a coma.”

Yu Hao understood and frowned, “Logically speaking, after the accident, Huang Ting had sealed off the scene of the crime and didn’t allow Lin Xun to return, so it should still be around.”

Zhou Sheng said, “He must’ve taken it away, that’s the only possibility.”

Yu Hao, “!!!”

Zhou Sheng, “Before Lin Xun knocked Liang Jinmin unconscious, he had roughly guessed the existence of this ‘evidence’. So he manipulated her by placing a psychological suggestion on her when he delivered the final blow, then searched the whole house before destroying the evidence.”

Yu Hao, “……”

Yu Hao was reluctant to accept that explanation, but it was the only possibility. He sat down helplessly.

“Would Lin Xun keep it?” Yu Hao said.

“Impossible.” Zhou Sheng said, “He must have destroyed it completely. Wait, if it was a surveillance video that had recorded his acts of domestic violence, could he have viewed it on his computer before destroying it?”

Yu Hao said, “He must have deleted it after he watched it, he wouldn’t keep it.”

Zhou Sheng, “Even if he had deleted it, the data on the hard drive can be restored, even if he didn’t use his own computer to watch it……wait, would she have a cloud backup?!”

At that moment, the sound of a car’s engine could be heard outside. The two of them were instantly on guard. Zhou Sheng drew the living room curtains and looked out; a car was parked outside the door. Yu Hao asked, “Who is it? Just passing by?”

“No.” Zhou Sheng frowned, “Cars won’t drive past here. Lin Xun must have come back.”

“It can’t be ba! Isn’t that too much of a coincidence?” Yu Hao said.

Today was the day Lin Xun was released from custody. Yu Hao instantly recalled the day when Shi Liang suddenly returned home without warning and immediately felt a bit scared.

“It’s okay, I’m here. What’s there to be afraid of?” Zhou Sheng said calmly, “Keep drinking from his wine collection and let’s have a chat with him.”

Yu Hao, “……”

The car outside the house drove away. Zhou Sheng went straight up to the wine cabinet and poured more whisky for himself when someone rang the doorbell.

“Jinmin.” Lin Xun called out, “I know you’re home. Open the door, I want to talk to you.”

Chen Yekai walked out quickly from the room. The three of them looked at one another. Chen Yekai said, “Liang Laoshi’s better now.”

Zhou Sheng motioned for him to go back, and to allow him to handle the situation from here. Chen Yekai nodded. Yu Hao sat down on the sofa, Zhou Sheng went to open the door with a glass of wine in hand. The moment the door was opened, Lin Xun’s face was an extremely spectacular sight.

Yo, Professor Lin.” Zhou Sheng raised his glass at him, “I wish you good health!” 

Lin Xun immediately regained his composure and said in a low voice, “It’s you, Zhou Sheng.”

Zhou Sheng let Lin Xun in, then closed and locked the door.

Lin Xun only needed to see the wine glasses and ashtray on the coffee table to guess what had happened. He shouted, “Jinmin!”

No reply. Lin Xun wanted to go in, but Zhou Sheng said, “Don’t be in such a rush to go in, let’s have a chat bei. I haven’t apologised to you yet.”

Yu Hao asked, “Professor Lin, what drink do you want?”

“I won’t trouble you guys.” Lin Xun said coldly, “Looks like Liang Laoshi’s Academic Salon had just ended, and you’ve learnt quite a bit too. Do you want a continuation? I brought water, what do you want to talk about?”

“Let’s talk about how you panicked and dashed like a madman for thirty miles that day.” Zhou Sheng looked slightly drunk as he smiled, “When the next college sports meet is held, Lin Laoshi must sign up for the Teacher’s Team ah, you ran so damn fast!”

“It’s a human’s natural instinct to protect themselves in times of crisis, that’s very normal.” Lin Xun didn’t betray the slightest hint of guilt as he calmly responded.

Yu Hao said, “Is that still the case even after we’re certain that we’ve committed a crime, and are trying to evade the legal consequences of our actions?”

“I admit to breaking the law.” Lin Xun said in earnest, “I couldn’t withstand the temptation of money. Now, Laoshi has repented, After you enter the workforce, you must bear this in mind and not follow my path.”

This wasn’t Yu Hao’s first time having a conversation with Lin Xun face-to-face. Previously, he had been on the verge of choking from his anger at Lin Xun, and it wasn’t any better this time. They were so close to finding the evidence, yet they had missed their opportunity.

“You’re very poor ba, Yu Hao.” Lin Xun said, “I’ve seen your file. It’s already hard on you to be poor, but your sexual orientation isn’t normal either. Isn’t that a very painful thing?”

Yu Hao took a deep breath. He knew that Lin Xun was trying to provoke him, but Zhou Sheng glanced at Yu Hao and said to Lin Xun, “So minorities are abnormal? Then what about me? What’s my evaluation?”

“You’re from a pretty good family.” Lin Xun smiled mockingly, “It’s once said, ‘children of the poor walk about in the streets with their dishevelled hair and dirty faces; children of the rich walk around their homes, barbaric and pampered. After they grow up, they all walk around society deliriously, just like their fathers, or even worse off’. In this regard, Lu Xun described it quite accurately.” 

Zhou Sheng sat on the single-person sofa that Liang Jinmin had sat on just now. He lit a cigarette and said, “Do Lin Laoshi’s Academic Salons always discuss that kind of topic?”

“Yes.” Lin Xun said, “I’m a realistic person, different from your Liang Laoshi. She likes Romanticism, tragedy, the classical school of thought, and she likes brainwashing your Chen Laoshi too. He’s so indoctrinated that he doesn’t even remember who he was anymore.”

Zhou Sheng was thinking about how to confront Lin Xun when Yu Hao suddenly said, “You’re not the first, Lin Laoshi.”

“Oh?” Lin Xun said, “First what?”

“The first to say that you’re someone who worships realism.” Yu Hao said, “They have always taught me many great life principles. For example, how our society adheres to the law of the jungle: if you don’t harm others, they will come to harm you; if you don’t take the money in front of you, then you’re an idiot, and you’ll regret it sooner or later; life is meaningless in the first place, since everyone dies anyway……”

“Correct that a bit.” Lin Xun said, “That last point of view is called ‘nihilism’, and it has nothing to do with realism. You need to read more. Once you’ve read enough, you’ll begin to question the world and form your own outlook on life. Do you know, Yu Hao? People study to choose what to believe in. You will come into contact with this marvelous world, which is filled with many theories. Along with your experiences in life, your ideas will be vanquished one by one. You’ll believe in one thing when you’re 20, believe in another when you’re 30, and then another when you’re 40. You’ll keep doubting yourself, denying yourself, and then ‘realizing’ new rules by which to live your life. There is no absolute right or wrong, only choices that will allow you to live more freely. And you’ll only have room for choice if you have power.” 

Yu Hao said, “I’m not as knowledgeable as you, who’s very well read. My belief comes from the introspection of my innermost self. I think that perhaps, you have never examined yourself. You have power and wisdom, but you used them to do evil, and perhaps no one can punish you, so you can go unpunished as you go on with your life. But your conscious world has already fallen into ruins. A dense mass of dark clouds cover its sky, the sun will never rise, and no life will ever grow in its wasteland. You’ll never be able to experience all the beautiful things in this world again!”

Zhou Sheng, “……”

Zhou Sheng thought that he would be the one engaging in a fierce confrontation with Lin Xun; he never would’ve expected that Yu Hao would be so much more agitated than him. This was the first time he saw Yu Hao argue with others with such a lengthy speech, and on the contrary, Zhou Sheng was the one who couldn’t even say a word now.

He never thought that Yu Hao would have so much to say in his heart! At this moment, the screen of the phone on the coffee table lit up. Three messages that Chen Yekai sent him from the bedroom popped up.

“I don’t need to introspect.” Lin Xun sneered, “I live a very good life. I’m living a better life than any of you, and I’m much more successful than you guys. This is the life that my belief has brought me. I don’t need a student to lecture me. All of you, even Nicky and Ryuusei included, are just children who’re living in a puddle of mud. You’re not qualified to judge me, no, you can say whatever you want, and it won’t influence me at all. I don’t care, I don’t care!” 

“This is the inequality that makes you helpless. When you leave your college and enter society, you’ll realise that there’s a lot of unfairness in this world. That’s the ‘reality’ I’m talking about. In the end, it’ll be just as I predicted today. Understand that this world is realistic and materialistic. In the future, you two will definitely remember what I said tonight. Right now, a winner is sharing his thoughts with the losers, and also some of my experiences as someone who had gone through something similar.” 

“You’re like a blind man.” Yu Hao murmured, “Ever since the day you began doing evil, you’ve lost the most precious thing that the Creator had bestowed upon us — that’s the price you have to pay for all of this!”

Lin Xun mocked, “Maybe ba. We can’t convince each other, but the conclusion is obvious. All of you have already lost.”

“Not necessarily?” Zhou Sheng suddenly answered.

At this moment, Zhou Sheng made a move that surprised Yu Hao. He placed his wine glass down, moved over to the long sofa and sat beside Yu Hao, then took out the TV remote control from the coffee table.

Yu Hao’s brows furrowed slightly. He turned his head to look at Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng turned his head sideways and returned Yu Hao’s glance. He raised an eyebrow and revealed his usual, signature smirk that looked downright mischievous.

Soon after, Zhou Sheng pressed a button on the remote control. The TV lit up with a blue screen. At the bottom of the screen, an Apple TV Option popped up, then the screen mirroring option was selected. Videos were scrolled through, one was selected, and then the screen was unlocked, set to horizontal display, and the video started to play.

Chen Yekai was operating his phone in the bedroom!

Yu Hao stared at the TV screen in a daze. Lin Xun immediately began to tremble violently; his eyes were wide open, and his face had turned pale.

It was a video that was seven minutes and twenty-five seconds long: it started from the quarrel Liang Jinmin had with Linxun in the living room. Lin Xun held a suit in one hand and walked past the sofa. Liang Jinmin pulled Lin Xun’s suit, then Lin Xun suddenly turned around and pushed Liang Jinmin onto the floor. Liang Jinmin trembled as she stood up. Lin Xun threw his suit jacket down, loosened his cufflinks, and dragged her over. One slap.

This was the first time Yu Hao had seen a surveillance video of domestic violence, so he couldn’t help but clench his fists. Zhou Sheng held Yu Hao’s hand with his palm covering the back of Yu Hao’s hand.

Liang Jinmin kept trying to dodge. Lin Xun grabbed her hair and dragged her back, then punched her temple. When Liang Jinmin turned sideways, she deliberately fled to the TV. Yu Hao caught a glimpse of her pained and bawling face. She fled to the door, but Lin Xun stopped her, then grabbed her head and slammed it against the wall. When Liang Jinmin swerved around and broke away from his grip, Lin Xun clutched her neck with one hand, then rammed her into the wall two more times.

Liang Jinmin slid down the wall as she fell with dishevelled hair, her head drooping down. Lin Xun grabbed her hair, knelt down on one knee and whispered something into her ear. Then he held her head and ruthlessly slammed it again. Liang Jinmin went limp and fell to the floor, losing consciousness.

The entire scene lasted just three minutes.

Lin Xun kicked Liang Jinmin again before returning to the sofa to sit down. He cast a sideways glance at her, then poured a glass of wine for himself. He bowed down slightly, seeming as if he was thinking about something. He got up and carried Liang Jinmin down the stairs at the corner, heading down to the underground garage. Two minutes later, he returned. He looked around as if he was wondering if there was anything unusual.

At the seventh minute, Lin Xun got up. He had figured out that Liang Jinmin’s action of fleeing towards the TV was somewhat peculiar. He began inspecting all of the decorations on it from left to right, but he was only halfway through his inspection when he discovered the surveillance camera. He reached out and took it off; the surveillance camera tilted to one side and swayed past Liang Jinmin who was lying at the corner. Not long after, the screen went black, and the surveillance video ended.

Lin Xun seemed petrified as he sunk into the sofa and didn’t get up for a very long time. Zhou Sheng turned up the brightness of the floor lamp. Yu Hao saw Lin Xun’s expression — it looked as if it belonged to a dead person.

A noise travelled over from the bedroom. Chen Yekai opened the door.

“Liang Laoshi remembered.” Chen Yekai said to them, “After she went back that day, she installed a camera in the wood carving and uploaded it to an independent cloud account at the same time, it’s just that it didn’t come to mind until now. I’ve already notified Huang Ting, they’ll be here in a minute.”

“Looks like after all the twists and turns we went through, things have finally taken a turn for the better.” Zhou Sheng sighed, “Well……you may really have to go to jail this time, Lin Laoshi? Let’s have a short interview, how are you feeling right now?”

Lin Xun didn’t say anything. Zhou Sheng looked at Lin Xun and said earnestly, “Lin Laoshi, you’re very ‘realistic’, so you think that this world is what you understand it to be. But don’t forget, we live in this world too, and we’re also a part of this ‘reality’.

Yu Hao, “!!!”

Someone outside rang the doorbell. Zhou Sheng got up to open the door, and Huang Ting brought in his colleagues.

“Go back ba.” Zhou Sheng said to Yu Hao. The two of them got up, went to the door, and Zhou Sheng shouted, “Goodbye, Liang Laoshi!”

“Goodbye.” Liang Jinmin’s calm voice travelled over from the bedroom.

Liang Jinmin never came out of the bedroom and didn’t take another look at Lin Xun.

“Good bye, Lin Laoshi.” Yu Hao said to Lin Xun.

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