Chapter 98 - Two Sabres

Dinghai Fusheng Records

"What sin have the common people committed?"

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“They already know!” Once Feng Qianjun was freed, he ran out of the palace, asking, “Where’s my magical artifact?”

“There’s no time to get it.” Xiang Shu walked out of the palace and looked up at the sky. Wang Ziye had lost his body and was now shuttling about in the sky, a blazing trail of black flames behind him.

Chen Xing stumbled out, only to see hundreds of thousands of drought fiends outside the palace - just like the scene he had once seen.

“Who exactly are you?!” Wang Ziye’s voice thundered under the sky. “Exorcist? Were you the one that restored all magic? And where is the Dinghai Pearl?!”

Chen Xing looked up at the sky, but didn’t answer.

Wang Ziye started laughing weirdly. “That’s alright-- very soon we will know-- come, let me see how strong you are--”

“I’m tired of hearing that laughter of yours,” Chen Xing cut in coldly, then threw the Yin Yang Mirror to Xiang Shu.

“Take care of that!”

Xiang Shu put the Yin Yang Mirror away and said in a deep voice, “We go out now?”

“No.” Chen Xing retracted both his hands. “Follow me!”

Then, he pushed his hands out, releasing a bright flash of light. Wang Ziye, who was still in the sky, cried out in agony, the resentment around him dispersed by the light.

“Heart Lamp!” Wang Ziye roared.

Chen Xing took the chance to rush out of the palace. Xiang Shu shouted, “Where to?!”

“Finding your weapon!”

Drought fiends filled their sight. Chen Xing raised his hand, and a ray of light shot out, making the drought fiend herd scatter everywhere in terror and clearing out a path. The three of them dashed through until they arrived at the ruins of the former Exorcist Department of the Great Han Dynasty. Resentment was swirling around it, and the floor was filled with black runes. The former Exorcist Department of the Great Han Dynasty had been razed to the ground long ago.

Chen Xing slowed down as he took in the sight before him.

Xiang Shu looked back at the sky. In the time it had taken for them to get here, a drought fiend king covered in black armour had led a drought fiend army to surround the valley in a watertight encirclement.

Resentment billowed and flowed to the ground, revealing Shi Hai’s figure formed with dancing black flames.

“Were you looking for this?” Shi Hai’s hoarse voice asked slowly.

He raised his hand, and the black flames from his palm parted to reveal a barbed pike with sharp ends. Blood-red Devil God runes appeared on the pike one by one.

Shi Hai raised his hand, and the spear instantly transformed into five demonic weapons - hook, halberd, thorn, chakram, and a whip. They danced around one another in the sky, then suddenly shot towards the three of them!

Before Chen Xing could think through it, he had already lit up a Heart Lamp barrier, its bright light receding. After the black spear smashed into it, a bloody ray of light broke out and pierced through the magic of the Heart Lamp, shooting straight at Chen Xing’s chest!

“Watch out!”

Xiang Shu suddenly pushed the Yin Yang Mirror forward to block it.

Late at night in Chang’an City, the little dog was wagging its tail with the Yin Yang Mirror in its mouth, watching this scene from a distance at the Songbai Residence backdoor. Half of the Songbai Residence had been destroyed, and the whole of Chang’an woke up overnight.

The dog hesitated a little. It looked left and right, not knowing if it should return to the palace or Songbai Residence.

At that moment, the figures of a young man and a middle-aged man walked up behind the little dog.

That dog suddenly felt a little scared. It wagged its tail, taking a few steps back.

“Yin Yang Mirror?”

The young man picked up the Yin Yang Mirror, but soon after, a few cracks appeared on the mirror. The middle-aged man felt his soul leave his body. He shouted, “Throw it! Throw it far away!”

Young man: “???”

When the Yin Yang Mirror was struck by the spear, it shattered into pieces with a bang. The world collapsed in an instant.

“You guys got off easy this time,” Shi Hai said in a cold voice.

Feng Qianjun yelled, “No way! It broke just like that?!”

Then, the scenery started breaking up. Chen Xing shouted, “Budong Rushan…”

Before he could finish, he was spat out of the Yang side of the Yin Yang Mirror again!

In the short span of an hour, Chen Xing and Xiang Shu had moved from the present world to the mirror world, then back from the mirror world to the present world. Their heads were spinning from all the switching. Xiang Shu had bumped into something again too, but he shielded Chen Xing once more as they bounced around. They smashed straight into the second floor of Beishi, shattering the room divider. The common people near Songbai Residence, who had been watching the commotion, heard the loud noise and explosion. They turned around once again and ran towards the source of the uproar.

Right at the next moment, a mass of resentment shot up into the sky. The Yin Yang Mirror broke - this time, the explosion radius was far greater than the one in Yique. Within an instant, two houses had been razed to the ground!

Fortunately, the people nearby had heard the unusual sounds coming from Songbai Residence and had all gotten up to see what was going on. Otherwise, the explosion would have killed a lot of people.

Black flames were flying around, bringing out hundreds of thousands of drought fiends. Drought fiends rained down from the sky, and they smashed into the ground one after another, filling up Zhuque Street. 

It was dawn, and the first glimmer of light could be seen. The common people instantly cried out in alarm as they all fled in a hurry.

“Chen Xing!” Xiang Shu shouted. “Xing’er!”

Chen Xing’s head was spinning from all the bashing about, but when he heard the words “Xing’er", he sobered up straight away. “Ah? You still remember… remember my nickname?”

Xiang Shu was stunned as well, but he continued, “There’s no time! Come over here!”

He grabbed Chen Xing’s hand and brought him to the front of the building.

Chen Xing: “…………”

All of the drought fiends in Chang’an had been released from the Yin Yang Mirror!

Chen Xing: “The Yin Yang Mirror broke! Everything  not originally from the mirror would have been released… crap, what do we do?”

The drought fiend herd started running amok and hunting the people of Chang’an. There were drought fiends everywhere. Black flames surrounded Wang Ziye as he flew towards the royal palace, a terrifying sneer appearing on his face.

“This is Heaven’s will--” Wang Ziye said slowly. “Well then, I guess it’ll happen today then!”

Chang’an descended into chaos. At dawn, countless people were already beginning to escape for their lives. Xiang Shu rushed down the building. Chen Xing said, “Return to the palace!”

Xiang Shu: “We can’t! There’s too many! We have to get out of here!”

Every time Chen Xing released a powerful burst of bright light, it would successfully disperse a large group of drought fiends. However, the Heart Lamp couldn’t completely destroy this herd of living corpses . At most it could drive them away, but they would gather again not long after. Moreover, Chen Xing was gasping a little… it seemed that even with the spiritual qi restored to the world, he would still feel tired, so he had to curb himself a little.

Xiang Shu picked up a sword that the patrolling guards had dropped. “Mana!”

Chen Xing lit up the Heart Lamp a little, then soon after, the sword Xiang Shu was holding started glowing. Like a tiger charging into a flock of sheep, he slashed his way through. All of a sudden, he stopped - he sensed danger. Looking up, he saw several dark shadows headed towards Chen Xing to attack him!

“Look out!” Xiang Shu immediately retreated. But right then, another figure jumped down from above, brandishing two steel claws. Electricity surged through the claws as they swung through the air.

Lightning burst with a loud bang, forming a chain of light that struck the drought fiend that was charging towards Chen Xing. Its momentum didn’t stop however, and instead spread along the long street!

“Xiao Shan? Xiao Shan… Xiao Shan!” Chen Xing yelled.

“Chen Xing!” Xiao Shan shouted back and lunged at Chen Xing, then hung tightly onto him. After grabbing Chen Xing, he shouted at Xiang Shu, “Gege!”

Xiang Shu: “?”

“Xiao Shan!!!” Chen Xing was shaking from the excitement as he yelled.

He and Xiao Shan were practically bawling into each other’s arms.

A moment later, they parted. Chen Xing saw Xiang Shu staring at them from the side with a weird expression on his face, so he quickly whispered to Xiao Shan, “Don’t say anything first… why did you come?”

Xiao Shan: “I was taking a bath in Barkol Lake…”

Suddenly, a chain of explosions could be heard again. Blazing flames merged into a fire dragon that roared as it rushed through the long street heading east, and a violent gust of wind whooshed into the sky.

“Little Shidi! I’m here-! Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“Ha, ha, ha!”

“Ha, ha!”


They heard someone laughing as the air around them stirred, making their loose robes, sleeves, and belt flutter. That person appeared like an elegant sage as he recited wind spells that manipulated the air around him. His sleeves fluttered as he rode over on the wind.

“Xie-shixiong?” Chen Xing was taken aback. When did Xie An learn this many magic arts?!

Xie An stood high up on a wooden archway in the north of Chang’an city. With a casual wave of his hand, he sent out several Five Earth Talisman that transformed into heavy rocks that rolled over the drought fiend herd in the street. With both his hands forming seals, he spoke loudly,

“Magic has been restored, and Shixiong wrote a poem specially for this…”

Xiao Shan and Chen Xing roared at the same time, “Just fight!”

“Stop reciting poetry!” Chen Xing felt like he was going mad.

“Okay! Since magic has been restored, Shixiong will honour his promise! I’ve come to aid you in exterminating demons!” Xie An’s sleeves were puffed up with wind as he flew around in the sky, shooting fire bombs that were exploding everywhere.

Xiang Shu: “...”

Chen Xing held his forehead with one hand. Xiang Shu glanced at Xie An, then at Xiao Shan, confusion evident in his gaze.

Deep in the palace, military orders were being delivered like a flowing stream. The strange incidents in Chang’an were originally thought to have been a rebellion plotted by someone, but the situation started becoming more and more complicated as the reports rolled in. Tuoba Yan had already led troops out to suppress that herd of monsters, and Fu Jian was awoken in the middle of the night, looking dazed as he stood in the palace. He was still in disbelief at the sudden turn of events.

Princess Qinghe ran over quickly and said in a trembling voice, “Your Majesty… you have to leave this place. Leave the palace with me to take refuge.”

Fu Jian roared in anger, “What on earth is happening?! Which family dared to rebel?!”

Several shadows appeared from the ground. Princess Qinghe’s eyes widened. She turned around to stand in front of Fu Jian, dagger in hand as she stared blankly at the scene in front of her.

Black flames Shi Hai walked over slowly, saying in a deep voice, “Your Majesty, if this hadn't happened, our plan was to do this a few years later. Now that magic is restored, please forgive me for not waiting that long. Otherwise, after the exorcists of the world recover their mana, I’m afraid the undue delay may bring trouble…” 

“Wang Ziye?” Fu Jian’s eyes widened, staring at the black flames in front of him in disbelief.

The shadows all around them transformed into a drought fiend army and gathered around.

Yet Fu Jian was extremely calm, worthy of his monarch title. He only asked in astonishment, “What kind of yaoguai are you?”

Shi Hai continued, “I should probably change to another body to talk to Your Majesty. You should be more accustomed to that one.”

Then, the black flames encircled one of the servants who cried out in anguish as Shi Hai possessed his body. His face started melting as it transformed to reveal Wang Ziye’s appearance once again.

Wang Ziye said casually, “Later, I‘d like to make a deal with Your Majesty. I still have to set up a defensive array right now so I’ll be busy for awhile.”

With that, the demonic spear appeared in Wang Ziye’s hand. Black light burst forth that spread towards the entire royal palace.

In the fallen Songbai Residence, Feng Qianyi’s hair was dishevelled and his family’s Huanshou Sabre that had been recast into two was placed in front of his knees. He shook his wheelchair and slowly moved up Mt. Song  through the mountain road behind Songbai Residence.

The city was ablaze with flames. The imperial guards had been startled awake long ago and were now trying to use fire to herd the drought fiends before getting rid of them all at once. Resentment was rising from the royal palace, revealing a black barrier around it.

When he saw this scene, Feng Qianyi let out a wild laugh.

“You finally got your just desserts,” Feng Qianyi murmured.

Feng Qianjun was dressed in a set of martial robes as he walked through the mountain road and up the mountains. He stared at his older brother, looking as if he couldn’t bear to watch.

Feng Qianyi slowly said, “Do you want to kill me? It’s useless, it’s useless no matter what you do. Lord Shi Hai has already activated his setup. The Lord will soon be reborn. By then, all of the Hu in the Divine Land will pay for their debt in blood…”

Feng Qianjun raised his hand. The spiritual qi of the world began gathering between the two of them, and the two Huanshou Sabres flew towards Feng Qianjun.

Feng Qianyi was sitting on his wheelchair, but he suddenly turned around, his eyes filled with hatred and anger. He raised his hand as well and resentment billowed out - it entangled one of the Huanshou Sabres, and it flew towards Feng Qianyi.

Senluo Wanxiang separated in the air with the two brothers wielding one each.

Feng Qianjun said, “I failed to stop you once, and in the many nights after your death, I was always thinking that if we could return to the moment where it all began, I… Dage!”

Feng Qianyi was holding the sabre. Resentment shot out from the sabre and shrouded his entire body within the black qi flames.

“Cut your nonsense,” Feng Qianyi replied in a low voice. “Since you’ve decided to be an exorcist, then fight!”

“Must we do it this way?” Feng Qianjun crouched and pressed down on his sabre.

Feng Qianyi sat on his wheelchair, staring at Feng Qianjun from afar.

Both of them attacked at the same time!

A loud bang rang out in an instant. The qi surrounding Feng Qianyi and Feng Qianjun exploded; Feng Qianyi was releasing black qi while Feng Qianjun used the Senluo sabre to stir up the spiritual qi of the world. The two major forces of life and death collided at the peak of Mt. Song. Within a ten-mile radius of their clash, green leaves were violently stirred up, and vines lifted from the ground to attack Feng Qianyi. However, with one swing of Feng Qianyi’s sabre, the tornado of leaves that had been filled with life turned black, withered, and fell.

Verdant lushness and withering decay instantly formed a clear demarcation line. Half of Mt. Song was withered, while the other half flourished; the Yin side was like a black mountain with barely any sign of life, while the Yang side was engulfed in the lush greens of midsummer. The two sides pitted against each other on equal ground.

“Great Chanyu!”

At dawn, Tuoba Yan led his troops across the city and met up with Xiang Shu outside Zhuque Gate. Chen Xing, Xie An, and Xiao Shan were all on horses as they witnessed everything.

There were quite a lot of Hu of different tribes from Chang’an City gathered around Xiang Shu. Right after this unforeseen event had occurred, Xiang Shu had already begun to rescue people. When he passed through the streets, all of the Hu would start gathering towards him.

“The royal palace has been taken,” Tuoba Yan reported. “There’s some black vapour outside it, we can’t get in! His Majesty and Princess Qinghe are still inside!”

Xiang Shu said in a low voice, “Are the officials safe?”

Tuoba Yan nodded. “The Murong family’s cavalry are trying to find a way to get into the palace!”

Xiang Shu asked again, “What about the people of Chang’an?”

Tuoba Yan: “They’ve all been evacuated!”

Fu Jian was being held in the palace, so at the moment there was no one to give orders. Fortunately, Xiang Shu happened to be in Chang’an right now, so everyone could only come forward to consult the leader-in-name of all the Hu. It was also lucky Wang Ziye’s first target after releasing the drought fiends had been the palace, and that he had mobilized a sizable army of drought fiends to surround it, so he couldn’t care about harming the civilians.

Xiang Shu laid down an order, “Tell all of the officials and soldiers in the city to retreat to Ahfang Palace.”

Tuoba Yan: “What about His Majesty?”

Xiang Shu replied, “Guwang will be in charge of rescuing him. Chen Xing, that madman is your Shixiong?”

Chen Xing, “Ye-... I guess so… I’d better go look for Feng-dage first.”

Chen Xing had a strong hunch that Feng Qianjun was most likely settling things with Feng Qianyi right now.

Xie An was floating about, being carried by the air currents before he flew down from a high archway. He said to Xiang Shu, “Martial God! I’ve come to lend you guys a hand!”

Chen Xing immediately shot him a look. Xie An was a little puzzled and asked, “Little Shidi, what’s the matter?”

Xiang Shu had always felt like something was a little strange. When this adult-child pair showed up, he felt like he used to know them for some reason, but Chen Xing said to him, “It’s fine. Evacuate the civilians first, I’ll go look for Feng Dage with Xie-shixiong.”

So Xiang Shu didn’t say anything else and led his troops to the city.

Aiyo, my old back…”

Just now, Xie An didn’t take note of his posture when he landed and sprained himself a little. As he followed behind Chen Xing, he wanted them to bawl into each other’s arms a few times, yet Chen Xing and Xiao Shan were all running at top speed, so he could only shout, “Slow down ah! Shidi!”

Chen Xing led Xie An and Xiao Shan to find a horse, mount up, then spurred the horse to rush to Songbai Residence as fast as possible. He asked, “How did you two…”

Xiao Shan said, “I remember everything! I remember!”

Chen Xing asked, “How’s Lu Ying?”

Xiao Shan: “I’ve told him everything, everything! He let me come here immediately! Don’t worry about him! There’s mana now! He can cultivate with the spiritual qi! So he can hold on for now!”

Xie An said, “When it happened, I was taking a bath when my mind suddenly cleared up. After thinking about it over and over again, it didn’t seem like a dream, so I couldn’t even care about asking His Majesty for forgiveness before rushing over to Chang’an. Fortunately, I bumped into little brother Xiao Shan here when I entered the city…”

Xiao Shan asked in bewilderment, “I was taking a bath too? Why is that?”

Chen Xing: “It has nothing to do with taking a bath, it just so happens everyone was taking a bath… never mind, I’ll explain to you guys later. We have to get Feng-dage back first.”

Chen Xing dismounted. Half of Songbai Residence had already collapsed, and when he entered the garden, the phoenix was perched on a Wutong tree branch, asking, “Do you need help?”

All three of them yelled at the same time. Xiao Shan: “A bird?”

“A phoenix.” Chen Xing replied, “We don’t need your help for now, but we might need it soon… just follow us first ba.”

Xie An studied the phoenix, but Chong Ming said, “Looks like you’ve encountered something even more troublesome.”

Xie An asked Chen Xing, “What trouble?”

Chen Xing took a deep breath and stopped. “Budong Rushan has fallen into Shi Hai’s hands.”

That was quite serious, and only Xiang Shu hasn’t realised the gravity of this. Now that Budong Rushan had been refined into a demonic weapon, could they still get rid of Chiyou?

Xie An: “I’ve been very disrespectful indeed! So you are the Yao King mentioned in our historical records? When I was young, I once searched for the traces of the dragon and phoenix everywhere, yet they’re actually here! Xie-mou had some doubts before this that have finally been cleared up with seeing you here…”

“Let’s go!” Chen Xing cried out bitterly. He ran back to tug at Xie An’s sleeves, saying anxiously, “What kind of time is this? Yet, you’re still trying to talk about having a friend come from afar. Can we fly up?”

“No,” Xie An said. “Wind spells can only be maintained for a very short time. If the magic disappears, it’s easy to sprain your feet when you fall, so to be safe, we should still hike up…”

Chen Xing: “...”

“Feng Qianjun!” Xiao Shan shouted.

Feng Qianjun and Feng Qianyi were both going all out. Feng Qianyi had just learnt how to use the Senluo sabre, but he was in his home ground, Chang’an, abundant with resentment. Resentment started swirling along the ground from all sides of Chang’an and surrounded Mt. Song like ocean waves, then continued moving up the mountainside and into Feng Qianyi’s body.

Meanwhile, Feng Qianjun was gathering a constant stream of spiritual qi from the heavens. Spiritual qi poured down from the sky like a waterfall at the right time. Mt. Song was like a lone isle in the pitch dark sea. Both sides were tied - and for the moment, no one had the upper hand.

“How has even Feng Qianyi learnt how to use the Senluo sabre?” Chen Xing cried out in disbelief, then he suddenly realised - Wang Ziye must have obtained the manual for Senluo Wanxiang from the Yin Yang Mirror and passed it to Feng Qianyi!

The closer they approached the mountain, the stronger those mutually exclusive life and death forces got. They stirred up a violent storm that swept away all of the stones and broken branches on Mt. Song, then dragged it back to the mountain peak with strong winds. Xie An threw out a talisman, but it was blown away by the violent winds. He threw another one, but it got blown away again.

Chen Xing held onto a tree, shouting, “This place is going to get destroyed!”

Xiao Shan hooked onto the mountain wall with his dragon claw, grabbed Chen Xing, and shouted, “What do we do!”

An ancient magical artifact had been split into two, and it actually led to such a horrible situation when they were being used to their maximum potential. Chen Xing couldn’t help but admit that to a certain extent, the Silence of All Magic had been necessary…

Xie An shouted, “Can we isolate the spiritual qi?! This place is about to explode!”

The three of them were close to the peak. Broken trees and branches were flying everywhere. Chen Xing glanced at the billowing resentment gathered in the city, made up his mind, and yelled, “Xiao Shan! Shield me!”

Then Chen Xing loosened his grip and let the wind take him up into the air. He raised his right hand, and a light flashed.

The Heart Lamp burst brightly, and the tidal waves of resentment in the surrounding receded in response.

Xiao Shan let out a loud shout. He released a spell with Cangqiong Yilie, and fierce thunderbolt strikes smashed all of the rocks hurling towards the three of them into pieces.

Chen Xing urged the Heart Lamp, and it burst once again. Another loud blare sounded, and the resentment sea surrounding Mt. Song cleared in an instant, revealing a small open space.

Xie An: “This is our chance!”

At that moment, at the top of the mountain, the resentment that Feng Qianyi had been relying on for his spells was isolated outside from the barrier created by the Heart Lamp, and his movements stopped in an instant. Feng Qianjun turned back. He kept the Senluo sabre and shouted, “Stop this ba!” Then, he released a force akin to thunder, and his figure vanished as he shot towards his elder brother!

Feng Qianyi brandished his sabre horizontally across his knees and immediately raised hand to cast a spell. Countless black vines rose from the ground, but Feng Qianjun cut through the dried up wood with his sabre, and on the broken trees that were emitting the qi of death, green light burst from the neat cuts.

He hit Feng Qianyi’s wrist, and the Senluo sabre he was holding was struck flying into the air. Feng Qianjun seized it and held both sabres at the same time. Feng Qianyi was facing the sky as he rolled over, falling out of his wheelchair and ending up struggling on the floor.

Within an instant, all spells were lifted, and the peak of Mt. Song regained its tranquility.

Feng Qianyi let out a bitter laugh as he slowly crawled on the ground.

“You’ve won,” Feng Qianyi said.

“Dage.” Feng Qianjun couldn’t stop gasping as he extended a hand towards Feng Qianyi.

Feng QIanyi; “But I’ve seen what I wanted… let… my Lord…”

Feng Qianyi roared loudly, his body bursting with the last vestiges of resentment, and he flew to the sky just like before. “The world is unjust, so I’ll die for justice--”

Xie An’s voice suddenly rang out, “Feng Qianyi! Stop right there!”

Xie An had been hovering in the sky waiting for this exact moment. He flung out a talisman and gave Feng Qianyi a taste of “Crushing Mt. Tai”. Feng Qianyi immediately let out a cry of anguish as he was struck back to the ground.

“Expel!” Chen Xing quickly ran up to the top of the mountain and raised his hands. When Feng Qianyi fell towards Chen Xing, the light of the Heart Lamp burst forth and washed away all of the resentment from Feng Qianyi’s body!

“Dage!” Feng Qianjun quickly held his older brother who had fallen down.

Resentment rose into the air. Blood was dripping from the corners of Feng Qianyi’s mouth; before his body could move, he was attacked by the Heart Lamp that had the power to curb resentment, so he couldn’t stop puking blood. Chen Xing immediately went forward to Feng Qianjun’s side and slid to the floor, pressing his hand against Feng Qianyi’s heart.

Devil God’s blood… Feng Qianyi was the first to drink the Devil God’s blood, and that drop of blood had already firmly occupied his heart. It had gradually integrated with the meridians in his body, transforming his frail physique.

Feng Qianjun glanced at Chen Xing with a pleading look.

“His resistance is too strong!” Chen Xing said. “I...I’ll try my best, hold him down! He’s about to turn into a demon!”

Feng Qianyi’s eyes widened. Xie An slowly walked over, saying in a low voice, “Qianyi!”

“Xie Anshi?!” Feng Qianyi murmured.

“Talk to him!” Chen Xing recalled that right before Che Luofeng, he was also gradually losing consciousness like this, so they have to keep him sober.

Xie An said slowly, “Feng Qianyi, do you still remember what you said to me when you first left for Luoyang?”

Feng Qianyi: “...”

Xie An continued in a low voice, “Although His Majesty ordered you to deal with things as you pleased, he never allowed you to kill the innocent so wantonly. Do you still remember the time of the Han Dynasty, when your Feng family’s ancestor, Feng Yi, followed the venerable ruler and saved the country by expelling the enemies? Now, although you and Fu Jian are enemies who cannot live under the same sky, take a look at it from another perspective - what sin have the common people committed?”

Xie An turned sideways, waving his sleeves. Beyond Mt. Song, the entire Chang’an City had turned into a purgatory. Hundreds of thousands of drought fiends were wreaking havoc in the city, and the eight gates of Chang’an were filled with civilians running for their lives.

Feng Qianyi’s eyes widened at once.

“How is what you’re doing different from what the Hu did?” Xie An frowned as he stared at Feng Qianyi, then continued murmuring, “Has hatred turned you into the people that disgust you the most? Is your next step to aid Wang Ziye to become the emperor, then travel south to massacre your people? His Majesty has laid a decree! If you refuse to mend your ways! He will abolish your status as a Han citizen! And you’ll be banished from Great Jin! You won’t need to carry out any of my Great Jin’s missions anymore!”

Feng Qianyi: “!!!”

Xie An’s voice rang out like the evening drum that rattled Feng Qianyi’s heart a little, if only because out of everyone who was present, only Xie An could represent their countless clansmen in the South. “Restore Great Jin” had always been the sturdiest resolution Feng Qianyi could rely on, so everything Xie An said today struck all of Feng Qianyi’s sore points. Now, he felt as if the carpet had been pulled from under his feet. Once abandoned by his country, his life’s impetus would turn into nothing, filling him with an empty void.

Chen Xing immediately seized this fleeting opportunity. He focused all of his concentration into mustering all of the Heart Lamp’s energy to inject it into Feng Qianyi’s heart meridian.

A bright light flashed in his sea of consciousness. Along with the loud blare, the flames of the Heart Lamp diffused, revealing smoke signals that filled the sky and the bloody highway of Luoyang.

Chen Xing glanced around in a daze; it happened again! The last time this happened was in Xiang Shu’s memories. When the Heart Lamp was dispelling the obsessions, it brought his consciousness to the vast prairie beyond Chi Le Chuan.

This time, was it Feng Qianyi’s memory?

“I hate… I hate…” A hoarse voice cried out in pain.

Chen Xing was stunned by the scene before him. It was the young Feng Qianyi. He lay by the side of the highway, both his legs broken. The open wound from his cut knee was dripping with a constant stream of blood that converged into a pool below his bond, his two broken legs abandoned at one side.

Feng Qianyi, with his hair in a dishevelled mess, slowly dragged himself forward, leaving a trail of blood behind him. His whole body was trembling, and his gaze was filled with the will to duel to the death. Both sides of the highway were littered with the corpses of servants and children.

And at the bottom of the highway, at the other end of the paddy field, a girl’s blood-curdling screech could be heard, accompanied by the raucous laughter of the Qin army.

Chen Xing instantly felt, from the deepest depths of Feng Qianyi’s heart, the most unimaginable pain and despair. The link with the Heart Lamp allowed him to feel all of the grief that the people of the world were experiencing.

“I’ll kill all of you-!” Feng Qianyi roared frantically. “I won’t let you off even if I turn into a ghost!”

Chen Xing gasped for a moment before rushing over, then kneeled beside Feng Qianyi and hugged him.

“Feng-lang… Feng-lang!” That girl shouted crazily, “Take care of… our children-! I’m-leaving-!”

In the paddy field, the girl’s screams ended with the last shout before death, and the world fell silent again.

Feng Qianyi: “I’ll never… ever… let you guys off…”

Chen Xing whispered, “Qianyi, it’s not time yet...it’s not time for you to leave yet, and it’s not the end either.”

Feng Qianyi suddenly opened his eyes, and at that moment, a purplish black monster rose from within the paddy field.

Chen Xing murmured, “I promise you, one day, the ending you await will come - it may be revenge, or departure…”

Fresh blood gathered and turned into a roaring monster. Yet, a bright light burst forth from around Chen Xing’s body that kept the Devil God’s blood monster from approaching them,  protecting Feng Qianyi.

“He won’t leave with you…” that monster roared in a hoarse voice. “Wielder of the Heart Lamp, you’ve finally come-”

“War God,” Chen Xing said in a low voice.

In the present world, at the top of Mt. Song, a storm was surging. Chen Xing’s eyes were shut tight as he kneeled in front of Feng Qianjun, who held his brother in his arms. His body was emitting a soft glow, and the resentment from Feng Qianyi’s body had mostly dissipated. Only that bit of Devil Blood near his heart was disintegrating and breaking apart under the intense flames of the Heart Lamp Chen Xing was releasing.

Xie An turned around, only to see that the drought fiends throughout the city seemed to have sensed something. They started gathering towards Mt. Song.

“How much longer?” Xiao Shan asked. “There are a lot of monsters down below!”

Xiao Shan and Xie An assumed an offensive stance. Within the sea of drought fiends, three drought fiend kings were dressed in black armour, preparing to attack Mt. Song.

Xie An: “Let’s go down to hold them back for a while!”

Feng Qianjun anxiously said, “Hold on for a little longer!”

Three figures suddenly appeared at the top of the mountain and lunged towards Feng Qianjun and Chen Xing from behind! Feng Qianjun let out a loud shout, but another black figure swept over from the side. The long sword in its hand spun, and with a clang, it parried the attacker’s weapon!

“Sima Wei!” Feng Qianjun shouted.

Sima Wei shielded Chen Xing and Feng Qianjun as he looked up at the drought fiend kings. The drought fiend kings slowly separated, each of them standing at a different position, prepared to surround and kill everyone at the peak of the mountain.

In the next moment, several arrows flew over, and the three drought fiend king’s helmets fell to the ground. The iron arrows had embedded themselves in the drought fiend king’s eyes, and blood was leaking out as they fell down the mountain one by one.

Xiang Shu kept his bow. He looked down at Chen Xing and Feng Qianyi, then shouted in the Tiele language, “Guard this place!”

Under the mountain, the Hu cavalry charged in, and with Xie An and Xiao Shan’s help, they formed a defensive perimeter.

In Feng Qianyi’s memory:

That drop of purplish black blood kept attacking, wanting to seize Feng Qianyi back from Chen Xing.

“You may take your revenge,” Chen Xing held Feng Qianyi in his arms as he whispered. “Or you may not. But you must remember, revenge isn’t for the ones who have passed, but for the ones who are still alive…”

He raised a hand at that Devil blood, murmuring, “Now, expel!”

The Heart Lamp exploded, turning into a tide of light that attacked the Devil blood. The Devil blood disintegrated in the blazing flames of the Heart Lamp. The monster roared as it dispersed into ashes and smoke.

Present world.

Chen Xing held Feng Qianyi and remained still.

Suddenly, a halo burst forth from both of them and swept outwards. That bright light instantly swept away the resentment of the world and dispersed the troop of drought fiends under the mountain.

Chen Xing opened his eyes, gasping for breath. His head was spinning, and Feng Qianyi, whose eyes had been wide open, fainted on the spot.

“Withdraw!” When Xiang Shu saw Chen Xing open his eyes, he shouted, “Regroup at Ahfang palace!”

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