Chapter 94 - Entering the Palace

Dinghai Fusheng Records

“Please, have mercy, don’t bully them, these guards were also raised lovingly by their parents.”

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Someone took a cold open-air bath in the second month, and the next day, his wish was granted: he caught a cold.

On the journey, Chen Xing felt dizzy and fatigued, so Xiang Shu could only share a horse with him the entire way. The three of them slowed their speed, and Chen Xing slept and woke intermittently as he was slumped against Xiang Shu’s back. It was several days before he began to recover, and even then, he was beset with crippling exhaustion. Before they entered the city, the drought fiend king Sima Wei had been temporarily hidden in an open space near Ahfang Palace. Chen Xing let him move about on his own, but he had to be extra careful about interacting with the townsfolk, and if Chen Xing needed anything, he would send someone with a message.

When they arrived in Chang’an, Chen Xing couldn’t stop sneezing, and he rubbed his nose vigorously. They had come back again, and he, Feng Qianjun, and Xiang Shu sat in front of the market, each of them eating a huge bowl of noodles.

Feng Qianjun: “Then… I’ll be going. I’m heading first to the Songbai Residence to stay there as I slowly gather more information. After we finish eating, we’ll… split up and act separately?”

Chen Xing had just recovered from his cold, and his attention still wandered a little, but he managed to nod his head. According to his private discussion with Feng Qianjun, after they entered the city, Feng Qianjun would immediately go back and make sure that his elder brother was still alive, before figuring out a way to obtain the Yin Yang Mirror. Chen Xing didn’t want to tag along, so as to prevent Feng Qianyi from even forming an inkling of understanding. If any unforeseen events happened, things would become difficult to control. Everything could wait until after they obtained the artifact.

Seeing that Xiang Shu’s expression was as usual, Feng Qianjun thought, this guy’s the Great Chanyu, so there’s no need to worry about him anyways. With that, he used water as a substitute for tea and said, “Come, after we finish this cup we’ll temporarily take our leave of each other. After you two find a place to stay, send me a letter. Xiang… this dog, I’ll leave it to you?”

“You go ba,” Chen Xing replied dully. The dog would be a little safer with himself.

Xiang Shu was currently staring into the tea, deep in thought. Feng Qianjun reminded Chen Xing to check the color of the sky , saying, “It’s getting late.”

Chen Xing knew what Feng Qianjun was reminding him of. Last time, when he came to Chang’an, he was in good health. This time, after catching a slight cold, no matter how much they rushed along on their journey, they also still had to arrange for Sima Wei’s hiding spot and wasted quite a bit of time there. When they entered the city, it was already almost twilight; compared to last time, they had come a whole half-day later.

The markets of Chang’an were bustling, but because it was close to the time the markets closed, the tailors’ shops and the bathhouses had all closed. Chen Xing stood on the street and scratched his head, before looking at Xiang Shu. As before, Xiang Shu didn’t make a single sound; wherever Chen Xing went, he followed.

“Where should we live?” Chen Xing asked. “We need to find a place to stay.”

Xiang Shu: “Do you know anyone in Chang’an?”

Chen Xing remembered Yuwen Xin, but he didn’t want to go find him at all. He sighed and said, “When I was small, I had a childhood friend who now lives in Chang’an, but I don’t wish to see him.”

From Chen Xing’s words, Xiang Shu heard his dejection, and he could vaguely guess that something had happened between them.

“Everyone changes,” Xiang Shu replied mildly. “Such is the way of the world.”

Chen Xing suddenly had a thought. That day, the reason why Xiang Shu hadn’t revealed his identity as the Great Chanyu until much later: was it because he had also felt that after Fu Jian had become the emperor, he had changed from how he had been before? Then… perhaps in the beginning, Xiang Shu didn’t want to enter the royal palace. Afterwards, because they had no place to stay, he had no choice but to go find Fu Jian, which had brought a multitude of other problems with it.

“How much money do we have left?” Chen Xing asked. “Is it enough to stay at an inn?”

Xiang Shu pinched their last ingot of gold between his index and middle fingers, waving it at Chen Xing. In Mai City, Chen Xing hadn’t earned any silver by acting as a travelling doctor, and on the journey, he had depended solely on Feng Qianjun and Xiang Shu to earn money. It was different from last time they had come to Chang’an - this time, they didn’t even have the money to spend on taking a bath and washing their clothes.

The clamor of the market slowly died down, and Xiang Shu seemed to be mulling something over. Chen Xing suddenly recalled something, and he said, “I… have something that I want to confirm.”

With that, they came to Baihu Street that spanned the entirety of the city, from east to west. Chen Xing stood by the side of the road and was silent for a moment, a hint of anticipation in his eyes, standing there calmly. Not long after, a squadron of people came from the east -- four horses led the way, and royal guards rode on them. Behind them followed a carriage inlaid with jade.

Chen Xing only wanted to confirm with his own eyes that Tuoba Yan was still living.

As expected, he was still alive!

Though on this journey, he and Feng Qianjun had already guessed that it was so, the moment he saw that scene with his own two eyes, his heart still felt stuffed full of emotions. Chen Xing wanted to give him a shout, but he remembered the result from last time, when he had met Tuoba Yan face to face in Yuwen Xin’s house. In the end, he had even involved Tuoba Yan, causing his family to lose their lives and Tuoba Yan to die under Fu Jian’s emperor’s sword. This time, he really didn’t want to pull him in again.

Though he wanted to see if the person in the horse carriage was him, his heart had settled already with this single glance. He didn’t want Tuoba Yan to fall in love with him again; he had had enough of him last time when Tuoba Yan had chased him all the way to Chi Le Chuan to confess to him.

Chen Xing’s heart was very conflicted, and he hesitated for a long time. Xiang Shu glanced at him and seemed to sense it, and his forehead furrowed deeply.

The horse carriage was not too far from them. Chen Xing couldn’t resist constantly craning his neck and peering out at it, but the soldiers opening up a path said, “Move aside! Move aside!”

Xiang Shu: “…”

The guard then lifted his whip to menacingly shoo Chen Xing away. Chen Xing hurriedly backed away, smiling as he said, “Alright, I’ve seen what I needed to, let’s go ba.”

Xiang Shu had originally thought to let it go, but he couldn’t swallow that down. He didn’t even turn his head back as he flung his arm out, and a glittering gold ingot flew out. It sped through the air, instantly giving that guard a black eye, who let out a pained cry and fell off his horse!

Chen Xing was greatly startled by this, and he hurried to grab Xiang Shu’s hand, shouting, “What are you doing! Let’s go quickly!”

That strike sent everything into chaos. The guards all rushed up at once, drawing their bows and nocking arrows to them, encircling the two of them right in the center. But Xiang Shu was as steady as a mountain, and he didn’t even move one bit, standing in front of Chen Xing, coldly watching the assembled people.

“Don’t attack!” Chen Xing said, tugging at Xiang Shu. “Let’s… just go ba.”

Xiang Shu glanced at Chen Xing, who hurried to explain, “Please, have mercy, don’t bully them, these guards were also raised lovingly by their parents.”

Everyone: “................”

Their opponents numbered more than twenty, and Xiang Shu was a single person, but with how Chen Xing put it, it was like he was slapping the guards in the face, and they immediately flew into a great rage. When Xiang Shu heard these words however, he felt very pleased, and he wrapped one arm around Chen Xing’s ribs, his hand on his back, and with the next step he was going to pick him up by the waist, cross the width of the street, shake off the guards, flip over a wall, and leave.

But an impatient voice sounded from within the horse carriage, “What is it now?”

The curtain of the carriage lifted, and a foot clad in a black martial boot trod upon the step of the carriage. The owner didn’t get out, however, and a hand wearing an old ring lifted the curtain aside, revealing the upper half of Tuoba Yan clad in a golden-red martial robe, looking handsome under the twilight.

Chen Xing: “!!!”

Chen Xing and Tuoba Yan’s gazes met for a moment. Tuoba Yan doubtfully appraised the two of them as the guards hurried forth to report.

“Tuoba Yan,” Chen Xing said, smiling.

Tuoba Yan asked quizzically, “Do I know you?”

Chen Xing hurried to wave his hand, saying, “No, you don’t.”

Chen Xing was covered in the dust of the road, and he was still wearing that outfit that he had changed into in Mai City. On their long trek to Chang’an, he hadn’t had a chance to wash it at all, and even his face was streaked with dirt. Then there was Xiang Shu, who wore a hunter’s outfit and carried a bow on his back and a sword at his waist, similarly dirty beyond belief. They looked like two brothers who had come to the capital to make a living.

Tuoba Yan looked at them suspiciously, feeling absolutely no interest towards Chen Xing. After listening to what his own family’s guards had to say, he nodded and let the curtain down.

“My family’s lord said he’ll let it go!” the guard said crudely. “He doesn’t want to waste any time on you guys! Quickly fuck off!”

Chen Xing: “...”

And with that, the horse carriage passed in front of them, leaving.

Chen Xing thought, alright ba, this can also be seen as… a twist of fate.

Xiang Shu stood at Chen Xing’s side, quietly watching him. Originally, Chen Xing didn’t want to see Tuoba Yan that much, but coincidentally had still run into him, and yet the result was completely unexpected.

“Seeing that he’s living pretty well, I feel reassured,” Chen Xing said, still reminiscing as he stood there. “I’m really pretty happy, happy for him…” And saying this, he smiled towards Xiang Shu. “Where’d you throw the gold to? Let me go search for it…”

However, Xiang Shu turned to leave. Chen Xing hurried to catch up, asking, “Wait! Where are you going?”

“To find Jian Tou,” Xiang Shu said matter-of-factly to the soldiers guarding the back door of Weiyang Palace.

“It’s you again?” that guard murmured. “Strange, why did I say ‘again’?”

Immediately, the guards started a commotion as they rushed forward, ready to attack. Chen Xing chased him to the back entrance, reaching out a hand to tug at Xiang Shu’s sleeve, but Xiang Shu, with his sword and sheath moving in tandem, knocked two guards to the ground, before reaching back and grabbing Chen Xing’s wrist, dragging him into the palace.

After the time of a stick of incense, Weiyang Palace was once again in an uproar. Xiang Shu dragged Chen Xing along, while Chen Xing hugged the dog, his face writ in an expression of horror as he thought, why is this happening again?!

But this time their route seemed to be different; there were less guards in Xiang Shu’s way, and when they finally arrived at Weiyang Palace, Xiang Shu had the longsword in one hand and Chen Xing in the other. Chen Xing shouted, “Wait! This isn’t the same as what we agreed on!”

Xiang Shu lifted his foot, and he kicked open the main doors to Dengming Hall in Weiyang Palace, where a group of guards had surrounded Fu Jian protectively.

“Shulü Kong?!” Fu Jian mumbled. He was currently discussing matters of state with the literary and martial officials, but as soon as he saw Xiang Shu, he was shocked into stopping.

Chen Xing pressed a hand to his forehead. Xiang Shu felt that something seemed to be off, but he couldn’t pinpoint what it was. Fu Jian also felt a little doubtful; why did this scene seem to be familiar?

The gathered civil and martial officials all exclaimed, surprised, “Great Chanyu?!”

Chen Xing thought, since things are the way they are, I might as well play along. With that, he looked in Xiang Shu’s direction and said, his voice filled with awe, “Xiang Shu, what did they call you? The Great Chanyu?”

One ke later, Princess Qinghe had servants bring in food as she personally poured out wine for Xiang Shu. Fu Jian laughed loudly as he reminisced on the past with him. With nothing else to do, Chen Xing had to listen to all of it once again, and he fed the dog a lamb bone. That little dog was currently gnawing at the bone, but as soon as it saw Princess Qinghe, it too seemed to feel that it had known her before, and it couldn’t help barking wildly.

“Yo,” Qinghe said, smiling. “So fierce? What is it called?”

Chen Xing: “Em…”

“It’s called Chen Xing,” Xiang Shu answered politely.

Chen Xing: “...”

Chen Xing sucked in a deep breathing as he thought, forget it. Fu Jian then said, “Who is this little xiongdi? We haven’t been introduced yet.”

“I’m also called Chen Xing,” Chen Xing took the initiative and replied.

Xiang Shu hadn’t thought that Chen Xing would actually be this obedient, and he spat out the wine that he just drank.

Another loud bout of laughter came from Fu Jian, before he said, “Shulü Kong, where exactly did you go? For more than a year now, I sent people everywhere to search for you.”

Chen Xing thought, and yet I didn’t see you go searching for him. You’re just trying to win this cheap victory with your words. Xiang Shu was right. You’re the emperor now, and if you really wanted to find someone, how could you not find them? Suddenly, he dimly sensed another side to this… Fu Jian’s attitude towards Xiang Shu’s disappearance, actually… had he actually been happy about it? After all, if the Great Chanyu of Chi Le Chuan disappeared for a long time, sooner or later they would have to re-elect a leader. If the person holding the title changed, that meant that Fu Jian could start trouble to regain his purple scroll.

It wasn’t until now that Chen Xing understood, but had Xiang Shu known about this since a long time ago? Was it only that he didn’t bring it up, even at the end? Most of the time, did he just not choose to say anything?

“One year ago, Guwang…” Xiang Shu was just about to speak when Chen Xing reached out a hand and pressed down lightly on Xiang Shu’s thigh with his index and middle fingers.

“...felt very stifled in the north,” Xiang Shu’s cover up was executed very naturally as he replied. “Guwang wanted to take a trip to Jiangnang, but unwittingly fell prey to an ambush set up by the Han people in the Central Plains, which caused Guwang to fall into enemy hands.”

“Oh…” Fu Jian replied, as if he was deep in thought. “Did you head down to Jiangnan to find your destiny? Or did you go to find your mother’s family?”

Xiang Shu furrowed his brows, as if Fu Jian had said something that he shouldn’t have. Fu Jian knew that Xiang Shu had a Han person as a mother, so the part that he didn’t want him to say would naturally be that he went to go find his mother’s family.

Fu Jian was clearly a little curious, and he glanced a few times at Chen Xing, before asking, “How did you two get to know each other? Young friend, where do you hail from?”

Chen Xing thought, if I were to mention my background, then that would definitely frighten you all to death.

“My dad’s called Chen Zhe,” Chen Xing said, smiling. “We used to live in Jinyang before, but in the great battle of Jinyang, my parents both passed away.”

Fu Jian was instantly startled, and he murmured, “You’re Chen Zhe’s descendant?”

Xiang Shu: ?”

Fu Jian furrowed his brow. “Do you still have any living relatives?”

“I do.” Chen Xing took a look at Xiang Shu, and he began to smile.

Xiang Shu’s face was filled with puzzlement, and he asked Chen Xing, “Who’s your dad?”

Chen Xing replied, still smiling, “An ordinary scholar.”

Fu Jian explained to Xiang Shu, “Of Zhen’s multitude of civil and martial officials, half of them were Chen-xiansheng’s students back in the day. The other half of his students are in Jiankang.”

Xiang Shu: “...”

Chen Xing thought for a moment, before deciding not to tell Fu Jian that Wang Meng was his shixiong, to prevent Wang Ziye from gaining any understanding of his school’s teachings. Right after, Fu Jian continued, “In these years, where did you go? Back then when Jinyang City fell, Chen-xiansheng’s family perished along with it, which was Zhen’s greatest regret in his entire life.”

“Oh, is that so?” Chen Xing didn’t know much about what happened back then, and he said, “When the city fell, a friend of my father’s brought me out. Afterwards, he only said that my entire family died in the chaos of battle.”

Fu Jian sighed. “A pity, truly a great pity.”

“It’s not a pity,” Chen Xing smiled. “For a scholar to die for his country is to fulfill a wish that he sought, so how can it be called a pity?”

Back then, the Han person Ran Min had created the country of Great Wei in the north. Chen Zhe nurtured students for Ran Min, and those who came out to take on roles as officials were all unrivalled scholars. If he wanted to live, as long as he was an official for Fu Jian, then naturally his entire family would be protected well and he would be paid generously as a great official. But with Ran Min’s death, after Chen Zhe’s family handed their beloved son over to Baili Lun, they used their deaths to repay their country. It really caused Fu Jian to be filled with a sense of defeat that had accompanied him all these years.

The gaze with which Xiang Shu looked at Chen Xing became extremely complex.

With that, Fu Jian nodded. Finally, Chen Xing couldn’t resist asking the question that had been lingering in his heart for three whole years. “I heard that my dad’s student back in the day, Yuwen Xin, is also an official in the court?”

Fu Jian thought for a moment, before saying, “Yuwen Xin… yes. In the beginning, Zhen sent him to persuade your father… to persuade him to return. Originally Zhen believed that due to the teacher-student relationship between Yuwen Xin and your dad, Chen-xiansheng would open up to him a little… If Zhen had known earlier, he would have let Jinglue…”

From this simple exchange, Xiang Shu seemed to sense something, and he glanced at Chen Xing.

But Chen Xing merely smiled a little sorrowfully; he had guessed the general gist of things. To say that Yuwen Xin had caused his parents’ deaths was not wholly accurate. The words that Feng Qianyi had spoken back then were to goad him, so it was probably half true and half false ba.

The three of them were silent for a moment, before Fu Jian said, “Little Chen-xiansheng, you must come to Zhen’s court here to be an official.”

Chen Xing suddenly burst into loud laughter, thinking that Fu Jian was very amusing. Xiang Shu’s words were once again stopped, and in the end, he didn’t want to speak at all, choosing instead to take a sip of the wine.

Fu Jian was startled at that. Seeing that there were some things that Chen Xing could not conveniently voice, Xiang Shu finally said coldly, “Jian Tou, his dad chose death over surrender and used his death to repay his country. How could he come to be your official?”

There was anger in Fu Jian’s gaze. Chen Xing explained while smiling, “The Great Chanyu has spoken too harshly. It’s only because after my family died, Shifu told me time and again that he wouldn’t let me learn the way of state affairs, and he would only let me be a doctor. I haven’t read even the slightest bit of the foundational works, so I’d only cause you more problems. That’s why I apologize; I have the heart but not the ability.”

But Fu Jian didn’t let that stop him, and he said with a smile, “Even if you’re just an official in name, that’s also good.” Back then, when Chen Zhe had died, the shockwaves that rippled across the entire country were too much. Many scholars felt guilty about him “dying a martyr's death”. If Chen Zhe’s son were to come forth, then on some level, it would greatly lessen the sting of this thorn.

“Are you able to understand human speech?!” Xiang Shu also grew enraged.

Chen Xing hurried to indicate for Xiang Shu not to get angry. Tugging his hand, he said to Fu Jian, “My dad had his reasons, and the many great officials of the court must also have their own ambitions. Some hold their homeland dear in their hearts, and some are willing to treat Your Majesty as a wise ruler, and are willing to make the Divine Land flourish and prosper, stopping all wars and battles. It’s just that what they chose was different, so why does Your Majesty allow matters from the past to weigh so heavily upon you?”

Upon hearing these words, Fu Jian’s expression finally grew a little better. He realized that as the ruler of a country, he had indeed gone too far just now. Doggedly continuing on even after Chen Xing had politely refused him went against the demeanor that he held as a ruler, and it was exactly because of this that he had been scolded by Xiang Shu. He could only say, “Zhen salutes little Chen-xiansheng with a cup.”

“You didn’t even tell me,” Xiang Shu said, his brow furrowed.

“Didn’t you also keep it from me that you were the Great Chanyu?” Chen Xing asked, amused. “Now we’re even, so let me also salute the Great Chanyu with a cup.”

Xiang Shu: “...”

“After this, what do you have planned?” Fu Jian asked Xiang Shu. “Since you’ve come, stay here ba.”

Xiang Shu thought about that, before glancing at Chen Xing, saying, “We have yet to discuss this in detail.”

When Fu Jian heard that “we”, he didn’t say anymore, instead just nodding. After Xiang Shu finished drinking the wine, he said, “Jian Tou, go take care of your own matters ba, we’ll bid you farewell for now.”

The third month brought with it spring, and on this spring night, a gentle breeze blew through Weiyang Palace. Chen Xing had drunk some wine, and, still a little tipsy, he went with Xiang Shu to the bathing chambers in the palace. His shoulders and back were red from soaking in that hot water as Chen Xing sneaked a glance at Xiang Shu to his side.

“Great Chanyu.” A servant knelt by the side of the pool.

Chen Xing said, “No need to wait on us any further.”

“You may take your leave,” Xiang Shu said indifferently.

With that, the servant finally left.

“The Four Seas and the prairies are all the Great Chanyu’s land, and all of the people under the sky are the Great Chanyu’s people,” Chen Xing said to himself. “The Master of Saiwai, the number one warrior, Shulü Kong.”

Xiang Shu’s words once again stopped.

“Being the Great Chanyu looks to be a grand position, but in reality it’s probably very hard.” Chen Xing couldn’t help but sigh as he thought of Xiang Shu from before. “You have to protect so many of your people, and you don’t have any choice on the matter.”

Xiang Shu froze, startled, before looking at Chen Xing thoughtfully. Chen Xing felt a little abashed from his stare, but a red blush rose on Xiang Shu’s face and he stiffly turned his head away. A moment later, he turned back to look at him strangely, so Chen Xing had Xiang Shu turn around as he wiped Xiang Shu’s back with a towel.

“You always know what I’m thinking about,” Xiang Shu said. “I’ll do it myself ba, you’ve just recovered from a great illness, and you’re an exorcist, you’re not a servant. Plus, half the court’s Han people were your dad’s students, so Guwang doesn’t dare to let you be his servant.”

“What’s this now?” Chen Xing chuckled. “When we first met, I didn’t know who you were, and you didn’t know who I was. Is there any difference between now and then?”

Chen Xing recalled before, when he had been in a coma, Xiang Shu had definitely held him every day to feed him, wipe his body, turn him over, and wash his face for him. At that, he couldn’t help the sense of warmth that blossomed in his heart.

Xiang Shu was silent. He then said, “Have you gone back to see your home?”

“No,” Chen Xing replied. “After Shifu died, I came down the mountain to find you… to investigate this matter.”

When Xiang Shu heard those words, he felt they were a little strange, but he didn’t ask any questions that he had in mind.

Chen Xing then said, “It’s fine, there’s still many days ahead of us.”

The years stretch long in front of us, and we can be together for a long time, but as for what you think of that, I don’t know… Chen Xing thought. He suddenly thought through another point: whether Xiang Shu would like him the same way he had before was no longer important. As long as Xiang Shu could live happily, what would it matter whether or not he responded to him in kind?

That night, Fu Jian had the two of them stay in another bedchamber which was completely different from the one last time.

There was only a single large bed in the room.

Chen Xing: “...”

Xiang Shu also didn’t say anything as he undid his belt and took off his robes. He sat down on the side of the bed and glanced at Chen Xing, before glancing back to the bed and raising an eyebrow. Chen Xing immediately understood what he meant: should we request a change in rooms? Can you sleep like this?

Chen Xing nodded in response. The communication between the two of them was that of tacit understanding, as if they didn’t even need to speak to understand the other’s meaning. Even Xiang Shu felt this was a little unexpected.

“I’ll sleep on the inside.” Chen Xing clambered to the side of the bed against the wall as he said, “The palace is really nice. It’s very comfortable, much better than sleeping on the road.”

This was the most comfortable bed that Chen Xing had ever slept on. Xiang Shu didn’t say anything either, instead choosing to lie down. There was only a single cotton blanket covering the two of them, and Xiang Shu tugged it a little bit towards himself, but Chen Xing said, “What are you doing?”

“It’s not covering me.” Xiang Shu furrowed his brow.

Chen Xing could only scoot over a little towards him, but the blanket was only so large, so the two of them could only move a little closer to the center. Chen Xing’s heart thumped loudly, though this wasn’t the first time that he and Xiang Shu had slept together. That day on the boat, they had even hugged while both of them were fully naked, but that time he had really been too sleepy.

Neither of them made a sound. Chen Xing, with his eyes closed and his back to Xiang Shu, couldn’t fall asleep for a while.

As Xiang Shu laid there for a while, his breathing suddenly grew rapid, and with a jerk, he woke up.

Chen Xing originally had his back to him, but upon hearing Xiang Shu’s breaths growing harsh, he turned his head around to shoot him a look.

“Is it too hot?” Chen Xing asked.

“No,” Xiang Shu said, turning his head and giving Chen Xing a strange look. “Just now, I don’t know why, but as I was half-asleep, I had a dream, but it also felt like I hadn’t fallen asleep…”

Chen Xing: “Oh, what’d you dream of?”

Xiang Shu’s entire face suddenly flushed red, and he waved his head, turning over so his back was to Chen Xing as he said, “Sleep ba.”

Chen Xing: “???”

After a long while, Xiang Shu couldn’t resist sitting up again, his breaths scorching hot. He glanced at Chen Xing, before climbing off the bed.

“Ah?” Chen Xing was still sleepy-eyed as he too rose. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t sleep,” Xiang Shu said. “I’m getting up and sitting for a while.”

Chen Xing was very tired, and he didn’t want to pay any more attention to him. Xiang Shu was wearing a pair of black pants. When he lowered his head, he saw a pair of thin leather shoes set by the bedside. He suddenly felt that many things seemed to have happened before, but he didn’t know where, and he couldn’t recall them at all.

Xiang Shu walked out, bathed in the moonlight as he sat down outside of the hall. His mind was filled with all sorts of things; some were very close, like Chen Xing’s bare skin and the warmth of his body as Xiang Shu pulled him into his embrace. In the waves and the wind, the large boat swayed gently, and in the instant that that motion pushed them towards each other, countless emotions flashed through his head -- but when exactly had all these things happened?!

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Yuki SA
Yuki SA
8 months ago

Ty for the chapter! I find it interesting on how much llupiter had effect Chen Xing in his previous life compared to this life where he doesn’t have it anymore.

Jacqueline Delacruz
Jacqueline Delacruz
8 months ago

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