Chapter 90.1 - Setting Out

Dinghai Fusheng Records

"AHH! I AM HIT! Hahahahahaha an arrow hit me!"

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The moment he saw Feng Qianjun, Chen Xing nearly jumped over the moon. He repeated over and over, "How are you here?"

"Where's Xiang-xiongdi?" Feng Qianjun didn't have time to answer and instead strode inside the room first. Chen Xing answered, "He's under the bed! Go look for horses first! We need to leave Xiangyang as soon as possible!" 

"Right," Feng Qianjun said. "Look for a cart, right now he's in no condition to move..."

Feng Qianjun leaned down and greeted Xiang Shu under the bed before turning around and going to the courtyard with Chen Xing.

Xiang Shu: "???"


Chen Xing followed behind Feng Qianjun and ran out of the governor manor. Feng Qianjun asked, "What the fuck is going on? I was just bathing in the river! Who's going to explain to me why a moment ago we were still capturing Shi Hai in the Yin Yang Mirror's version of Chang'an City, and a moment later, I was suddenly taking a bath outside Mai City from three years before?"

Chen Xing spoke, "The last memory you have is..."

Chen Xing suddenly remembered on the day they set up an ambush inside the Yin Yang Mirror, Feng Qianjun and Xiao Shan were simultaneously controlled by Chiyou, and there was no news afterward; apparently, he didn't know what happened in the next three months. Maybe he also died? But then, the Dinghai Pearl was activated, and the time got reversed. At this time, Feng Qianjun was on his way to Mai City, and as a result, they would meet a day after.

"It was midnight in the third night period," Feng Qianjun said. "I was confused as hell and broke into a house to ask about the current time. Then, I suddenly thought, weren't you supposed to be in Xiangyang right now? And then I came here as fast as possible..."

Obviously, Feng Qianjun had been faster in figuring out the situation and had immediately made a decision that was wise beyond compare —— to find Chen Xing first. 

"So you also remember what happened in the future," Chen Xing stated. "I remember too! It's strange, why do Zhu Xu and the rest not have any memory of that time? What about Xiao Shan? Is he still in Carosha at this time? He should be safe for the time being... I didn't know him until this winter... Xie-shixiong is in Jiankang. Wait, wait, Xiao Shan is in Carosha, so Lu Ying is still alive then?!"

As he had no time to ponder about many things before, when this point came to mind, Chen Xing immediately exploded; there was too much information, and he became a little overwhelmed.

Feng Qianjun said, "My big brother should still be alive. I don't know about Wang Ziye, did you kill him afterward? Wait, wait, the most important thing to do now is to escape and find a place to slowly discuss this later!"

Chen Xing yelled, "Someone's here!"


A group of Qin troops rushed towards Feng Qianjun. Chen Xing was about to tell Feng Qianjun to close his eyes, intending to use the Heart Lamp to dazzle them, when Feng Qianjun drew his sabre out and casually waved it toward the street.

In an instant, trees on the entire main street fell, and both the Qin's soldiers and horses were overthrown, knocked all over the ground at once.

Chen Xing: "!!!"

Feng Qianjun said, "What surprises me even more is how Senluo Sabre isn't the same as before."

"With the Revival of All Magic..." Chen Xing trailed off. "Find horses first, we've wasted too much time."

"OK, OK!" Feng Qianjun said. "I'll look for you later to mull it all over together..."

The two men ran toward the Qin army that had been knocked down by Feng Qianjun, but the soldiers were so scared, they hurriedly mounted their horses and ran away.

"Don't run ah!" Chen Xing shouted. "Leave the horses behind!" 

Feng Qianjun had almost tripped over the tree he had knocked down himself and wasn't able to catch up with the warhorses. He was at his wits' end and could only look at Chen Xing. 


"Why is my luck so bad today?" Chen Xing returned to the courtyard, and the two appeared again in Xiang Shu's field of vision. This time, there was no choice but to carry Xiang Shu in his arms as they fled the city on foot. Fortunately, Feng Qianjun was here.

The two turned their heads and looked at Xiang Shu under the bed.

Xiang Shu's eyes were full of confusion, but since he couldn't open his mouth to speak, he just stared at them.

Feng Qianjun: "It's dawn. How long until he can move?"

Chen Xing: "Don't even think about it, he’s still got several more shichen ne."

Feng Qianjun said, "This won't be easy ah. If I'm carrying him, I'm afraid I won't be able to look after you. Where's your Iuppiter? Hurry up and ask for two horses."

"Iu... Iuppiter?" Chen Xing asked. "Iuppiter! IUPPITER!"

The previously murky memory gradually became clear, and Chen Xing stood there like a fool. "Iuppiter is gone! I see! It's because he's gone! My luck is back to normal!"

"Gone where?" Feng Qianjun was surprised. "This joke isn't funny, are you serious?"

Xiang Shu: "???"

Chen Xing: "It's really gone ma?" Saying so, he lowered his head and looked at his own two hands while murmuring, "I don't need to die? I can keep on living?!"


Right at this moment, from outside the courtyard, arrows rained down in all directions. The Qin troops loudly shouted and made a clamor; they had obviously brought in reinforcements. However, they dared not charge inside the governor manor and just randomly shot arrows into the interior, which got nailed outside of the door and made a ruckus. Feng Qianjun yelled, "Be careful of random arrows! The Qin army's arrowheads are all coated with strong anesthetic!"

Chen Xing was caught off guard; he got shot in the thigh by a stray arrow and immediately screamed in pain.

Xiang Shu: "!!!"

Feng Qianjun shouted, "Go hide inside! I'll take care of this!"

Chen Xing: "AHH! I AM HIT! Hahahahahaha an arrow hit me!"

Feng Qianjun was about to explode. "Are you crazy ah! Quickly wrap it up!”

When Chen Xing was hobbling away, he tripped over the threshold and fell, causing him to despair over his life's destiny that had unexpectedly decided to wonderfully resolve itself at this moment.

"I am hit by an arrow!" Chen Xing turned his head and laughed at Xiang Shu. "I'm... Iuppiter is gone... This... ar- arrow...." 

But then Chen Xing's smile gradually solidified on his face.

"This arrow.... is poisonous." Chen Xing toppled over at a crooked angle and fell to the ground.

Feng Qianjun went on a rampage; only a series of shouts could be heard from the outside. Once he had taken care of all those Qin troops, he returned to the room, only to see Chen Xing lying motionless with a smile frozen on his face.

Feng Qianjun rushed to shake him. "Tianchi!!"

Xiang Shu: "…………………………………………"


Another shichen passed.

Feng Qianjun, riding a horse with a drugged Chen Xing who still couldn't move an inch tied behind him, escaped Xiangyang together with Xiang Shu, wrapped in a quilt as he lay horizontally on another horse. At sunrise, flames rose from the governor manor. After Murong Chui and the rest had entered the manor and set up a base, Zhu Xu, who had received Chen Xing's warning, immediately started his plan and set the governor manor ablaze. Together with the few remaining soldiers, he then charged in with all they had. However, they still were no match for them. Defeated and captured, they surrendered to the Qin.


In the fourth year of the Taiyuan Period, on the second day of the second lunar month, Xiangyang fell.

Two horses rushed out of the city, breaking through the black smoke as they headed southward, far and beyond. From the conflagration of war that covered the city, a golden-red bird flew out, spreading its wings and flying south to chase after Chen Xing.



The horizon was densely covered with layers of clouds, dark thunder surging on. At the beginning of spring, the sky was gloomy, and the rain was dripping about —— it was already early in the morning, yet the whole city was still dark.

This was a very, very, very ordinary spring morning. Stores both streets and alleys started to open up their businesses, and officials began to enter the palace for a morning court; the entire ground was damp, and at the start of the spring season, plants and vegetation sprouted anew. Among the people, this day was also known as the "Raising Dragon Head" and was said to be the period when the dragon of the north awakened.

Everything seemed to be not in the least different. However, in the middle of the night, Wang Ziye suddenly noticed that the situation had changed.

He rushed to the stargazing platform by the fourth night period. However, dark clouds were covering the sky, and there was nothing to see, except some light drizzle. Once the royal astrologer heard the news that Wang Ziye was coming, he could only get up and accompany him with drowsy eyes. Braving the rain on the platform, he asked, "Wang-daren?"

His face full of bewilderment, Wang Ziye was standing on the platform as he stretched out his hand to feel the dripping rain. He murmured to himself, "Both the heaven and earth... What day is it today?"

"Raising Dragon Head," the royal astrologer replied. "The earth qi has awakened."

"All magic has returned to life," Wang Ziye said. "How is that possible? What exactly happened?"

In just a single night, the spiritual qi of heaven and earth, which had disappeared for no less than 300 years, came back without any warning —— exactly like how it had once disappeared silently without leaving any trace, wordless to the point that there was nobody who was able to pinpoint the exact time it had happened.

Should be around the zi period... Wang Ziye began to recall the moment he started to realize that something was amiss, and it was indeed the zi period of the second day of the second lunar month. What happened then? Where did it begin? There has been no definite change.

The Dinghai Pearl was shattered?! Impossible! No matter where a surge of spiritual qi occurs, it's bound to leave a trace! Where exactly did Xiang Yuyan hide it?

Wang Ziye immediately turned around and went down the platform, returning to his carriage.

"Daren, are you going to the court?" the coachman asked.

Wang Ziye ordered, "Songbai Residence. Go now."


At noon in front of the house by the creek in an abandoned village in Jingzhou.

A golden-red bird flew in and perched on the parasol tree by the side of the house.

The anesthetic effect on Chen Xing was over; he simply wrapped up his thigh before personally fetching water to wash Xiang Shu's face. Feng Qianjun, who had been tossed all over the place throughout the night, was so, so tired. He plundered some rice grain left behind by fleeing refugees from the village and began to cook.

"What a beautiful, fine jade ah." Chen Xing looked at Xiang Shu, and the more he saw it, the more he liked it.

Xiang Shu's eyebrows furrowed ever slightly; there was already a little expression on his face that was currently staring at Chen Xing. After Chen Xing peeked at Feng Qianjun and saw that he didn't pay attention to him, he had a thought to lower his head to kiss Xiang Shu, though he became totally embarrassed, and his face flushed red at once.

"How much longer is the medicine in effect?" Feng Qianjun asked. "This food definitely won't be enough. Just make do for now ba, and once we reach Mai City, let's make a transaction that will bankrupt Dongzhe together."

Chen Xing staggered a little, at once standing up to change the water for Xiang Shu while saying, "Wait until Xiang Shu has recovered and has eaten something. We must clearly sort out the situation first; there are so many things we don't have a single clue of."

Feng Qianjun spoke, "No, when I came over, I especially took note of one thing, that the Dongzhe Bank in Xiangyang City was still open."

Chen Xing replied, "Yes, just..."

Feng Qianjun interjected, "This is the most, most, most important key point."

Chen Xing: "?"

Chen Xing, who had continued to wipe Xiang Shu's face after he had finished washing the towel, turned his head toward Feng Qianjun in doubt.

Feng Qianjun: "Based on the fact that the Dongzhe Bank still exists now, we can deduce all matters to come. Dongzhe is around also, so that is to say, that proves that Wen Che is still in this world." 

Chen Xing: "True! Else it'd make no sense!"


Although Chen Xing had been numbed by poison along the way, he had been thinking all along, Is Shi Hai still alive or not? Where is Chiyou? Had the Dinghai Pearl indeed caused every single person to return to three years before? If that's the case, then those people who died in these three years, are all here!

"Wen Che is here," Feng Qianjun added, "which means that everybody else is also here."

"Qing'er is still here!" Chen Xing laughed and got up.

Feng Qianjun's eyes suddenly turned slightly moist and nodding his head, he said, "Tuoba Yan too."

Chen Xing: "!!!"

Tuoba Yan is not dead!

"Lu Ying as well..." Chen Xing said in a low voice, "and King Akele, they're all here..."

But then, Chen Xing remembered that Che Luofeng was also here, and all of a sudden, he couldn't be happy anymore and threw a hateful look at Xiang Shu.

Xiang Shu: "??????????"

Chen Xing drew back his finger and flicked Xiang Shu on the forehead, leaving behind a shallow red mark. Feng Qianjun added, "Qinghe is still here too."

Chen Xing knew then that Feng Qianjun was in big trouble this time.

Feng Qianjun raised his eyebrows once more. "So Shi Hai is most likely also here."

"True." Chen Xing nodded and got up once again to clean the towel; he was already so hungry and had no more strength left. "The congee is not yet ready ma? Eat first before talking again ba, there is really so much to do......"


Suddenly, a puppy sniffed the smell of congee and ran over. It wildly wagged its tails at Chen Xing while barking out "woof, woof, woof!". 

It was as if there was a sudden thunderbolt striking Chen Xing's head.

"Feng-dage?" Chen Xing mumbled.

Feng Qianjun looked at it and immediately yelled, "AH! IT'S XIANG SHU!"

At the base of the wall, Xiang Shu, wrapped in a quilt and basked in the sun, showed a strange expression. 

Xiang Shu: "..........................................."

"Xiang Shu——!" Chen Xing wildly shouted. "Xiang Shu! You are here too!! My god——!!!"

In order to protect Chen Xing, that puppy ultimately got stabbed to death by the corrupted Princess Qinghe. Now, as soon as Chen Xing saw it, even the poems and books he had learned all his life were incapable to express his excitement right now, so he just went and pounced on it on the spot!

"Xiang Shu! Don't run! Recognize me?" Feng Qianjun hurriedly put down the ladle he used to cook congee and ran over.

Startled by Chen Xing's enthusiasm, the puppy turned around and ran away. Chen Xing's thigh got shot by an arrow and was injured, so he could only limp and hobble slowly as he ran around. For a moment, Feng Qianjun forgot that the real!Xiang Shu was watching from the side, and in his eyes, there was only this puppy. Chen Xing busily commanded, "Quickly capture it! Don't let it run away!"

Feng Qianjun also quickly went to chase after it. "It thinks you're playing with it ne! You stop running first!"

Chen Xing: "I can't control myself aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Xiang Shu! Come here! I miss you so much la!"


And so, the two men scampered around in front of Xiang Shu, chasing and intercepting that dog all over the place. The puppy also ran around and played with the limping Chen Xing for a moment before finally running to the congee pot and was picked up by Chen Xing.

Chen Xing embraced that dog, both crying and laughing as he kissed it like his life depended on it.

He and that dog were practically bawling into each other's arms.

Feng Qianjun was smiling as he looked at Chen Xing on the side when suddenly, his eyes went dark, and he fell down.

Chen Xing: "!!!"

Chen Xing was just about to turn his head when his eyes went dark as well. He was struck in the nape by Xiang Shu's palm and fell down.

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