Chapter 87 - Transaction

Dinghai Fusheng Records

"Gu is a god of this world, and gods never go back on their words."

Translator(s): Elestrea
Editor(s): juurensha, namio

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Translator's Comment:

SOOOOOO WHO WAS ABLE TO GUESS THIS REVELATION? I… the first time I read this I definitely didn’t see this coming T_T

88 will be… fun…… I promise ?

In case anyone needs a refresher: Ten Thousand Spirits Array is activated by gathering resentment in seven locations throughout the Divine Land (also the reason why Wang Ziye and co. made big commotions on specific places), and each location corresponds to one star of the Northern Dipper (same as Ursa Major). Basically what they’re trying to do is cloning the Northern Dipper asterism on earth, substituting the ‘star’ with ‘resentment,’ with each acting as a representation of a po (as mentioned before, there are 7 po in every human) to revive Chiyou.

One more, I think I forgot to explain why we changed our translation regarding Xiang Shu’s weapon name. We first used our usual naming style (pinyin-ed) for Xiang Shu’s weapon name, 不动如山 (Immovable As Mountain), that is, Budong Ru Shan. But later on, we noticed that the ‘Immovable’ there refers to the god who owned the weapon, Acala. Since we translate 不动明王 as Acala, we decided to keep the reference and named it Acala Blade. I hope it clears the confusion.

Also once I’m free I’ll do a read-through from the beginning to make all the terms consistent, but then again it’s probably going to take forever………………

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