Chapter 66.2 - Autumn Deity

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Chen Xing quietly gazed at them, at the people of the Divine Land, who were brimming with happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy —— and he was also no different from those "people."

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When the two of them crossed the bridge, Chen Xing said, "Want to fly a kite?"

"I'll accompany you if you want to fly it," Xiang Shu said without thinking.

Chen Xing felt dull again. "Forget it."

Xiang Shu looked around for a kite after they had crossed the bridge, but Chen Xing stopped him from buying it. To the north bank of the Huai River, was another, bigger market. This market was unlike the one outside Wuyi Lane, where they sold necessities for aristocratic families; rather, it was designed for common people. Xiang Shu stopped and looked at the residences along the street by the river; it was full of wine shops and storefronts.

"Wait, isn't that the street that Dongzhe Bank gave to you?" Chen Xing remembered.

"En," Xiang Shu said. "It's all mine now."

At this moment, Chen Xing discovered that Xiang Shu had already become a big moneybag of Jiankang. He said, "What do you want to do?"

"Nothing," Xiang Shu said. "I originally came here today just to look at the reopening of businesses after the repairs; the rest can be put off until later."

"Later?" Chen Xing said with a smile. "You want to live here?"

Xiang Shu looked at Chen Xing and said nothing. Chen Xing had wanted to say "Who said Jiangnan was boring a moment ago?" but on second thought, Xiang Shu was also half-Han, and ever since they had visited Kuaiji, they had found out about his family's origins. Jiangnan was his hometown as well, so why couldn't he live here?

Chen Xing: "Will you invite me to your house?"

Xiang Shu said, "If you are willing."

When the two people walked through the long street, they suddenly saw many peddlers on the roadside lifting their bamboo poles; hung on the poles were those matching shells of unknown origins that Chen Xing had seen before!

"Ah, it's this thing!" Chen Xing said, "How much? Why is everyone wearing them?"

The peddler said with a positive look, "Two strings? You can give it to a girl or your lover.."

Chen Xing: "..."

No wonder! Everyone said it was a gift!

Chen Xing had already held one string in his hand; he couldn't just return it. However, if he did buy it, who would he give it to? Besides, he didn't have any money with him.

The peddler said again, "This is called moonshell, and it can only be found at the seashore on the night of the full moon. Sir customers are both from the North? On the Deities' Days, we buy and send them to our beloved; it's a matching pair…"

"Oh, okay." Chen Xing thought for a moment. Holding that red string, he subconsciously glanced at Xiang Shu.

Xiang Shu shrugged and gave the peddler a few pieces of silver. The peddler wanted to give the change, but Xiang Shu said, "Keep the change, I'll take two strings."

Chen Xing's heart was beating crazily all of a sudden. He held one of the bracelets, which happened to be part of a pair with the one Xiang Shu had. When the peddler received the money, he said in high spirits, "Many thanks, sirs. May your relationship last forever."

Is he going to give it to me? Chen Xing could only think that happiness came too fast and too sudden, and his mind burst with dizziness. However, he only saw that Xiang Shu, who was walking ahead of him, glanced back at him.

Xiang Shu: "?"

Chen Xing looked at the red bracelet in his hand; he was momentarily at a loss before following behind Xiang Shu.

Xiang Shu put away that red string and stuffed it into the chest of his robe. Chen Xing was slightly baffled, holding that red string as they went back to the bridge, but from the beginning until the end, Xiang Shu never gave that shell bracelet to him. After a while, Chen Xing also put away that bracelet.

"Not wearing it?" Xiang Shu said.

"Forget it," Chen Xing said with a smile.

The two were standing on the bridge as they watched the river water flow when Chen Xing said, "Xiang Shu, who do you want to give it to?"

Xiang Shu didn't answer. Chen Xing said, "Keep it for now, ba. Later, you can give it to the person you like."

Xiang Shu absent-mindedly made an 'en' sound. The maple leaves on the river flowed along the stream. Chen Xing said, "What sort of person do you want to be with in the future?"

Xiang Shu raised his head, watching the color of the sky, but didn't answer. He said, "It's getting dark, let's go back?"

Chen Xing knew that Xiang Shu wouldn't talk if he didn't want to discuss something. If he kept pursuing this subject, it would only make things unpleasant. He then said, "Wait, what's on that side?"

The color of the sky slowly turned dark. More and more people flocked to the river, and there were many water lanterns floating on the surface of the water. Chen Xing said, "I'm going to take a look at what they're doing, after that, I'll go back."

Xiang Shu followed Chen Xing off the bridge. After nightfall, the market gradually closed down. All the people of Jiankang came to both banks of the Huai River, and there were many stalls reopening by each side, selling paper lanterns. Chen Xing asked around and then knew that after the Disaster of Yongjia, on the night of Autumn Deity, there was an unwritten tradition of placing a water lantern on the Huai River to mourn one's relatives.

"I'll also buy one ba," Chen Xing said, "because so many have died because of me."

Xiang Shu said, "Then you have to buy every water lantern at every stall."

Chen Xing sighed. "Yes."

Xiang Shu had meant to mock Chen Xing; he didn't expect him not to catch it. He couldn't help but say, "Even until now, you still blame yourself?"

Chen Xing smiled. "I get it, but I can't let it go ah."

Xiang Shu could only buy all of the lanterns from the stall, borrowed a lighter to light a candle, then ignite the lanterns for Chen Xing on the shore, which Chen Xing put down one by one: the coachman and the people of Chang'an, the Akele King and Consort, the Xiongnus who had died at Che Luofeng's hands, the Hus of Chi Le Chuan… Wu Qi and Zheng Lun of Kuaiji.

"Do you want to light one for Che Luofeng?" Chen Xing asked.

Xiang Shu: "Light one for your family first."

Thus, Chen Xing took it and bent down, putting the final lantern on the water surface. When he looked up, he suddenly saw Feng Qianjun and Gu Qing standing not far away, also bending down to put down the lantern.

Xiang Shu whistled towards the distance. They discovered that Xiao Shan was also there too, sitting on the boat, with Xie Daoyun and another man rowing the boat under the bridge. Xiao Shan knelt on the bow and also put down a lantern, which they assumed was for Lu Ying.

"They're over there." Chen Xing motioned for Xiang Shu to look.

Xiang Shu made an 'en' sound, and behind Chen Xing, he placed the last lantern, the one in his hands, down into the river.

Chen Xing caught a sight of someone else on the other side of the bank waving at them. At first, he didn't recognize that person, however, when the man put the lantern close to his face, the light illuminated it —— that was Bi Hun! Bi Hun was unexpectedly in Jiankang too.

Then, Chen Xing also waved his hand at him, then said to Xiang Shu, "Remember him?"

"I remember," Xiang Shu faintly said. "The military officer that guards Kuaiji, his lover is dead."

Chen Xing earnestly said, "Xiang Shu, you always feel that I live as if I don't have a sense of self, and also keep telling me not to use the Heart Lamp for fear that I will die. I also often say a lot of things, but I have no choice, I can only accept what heaven has arranged for me, and maybe I still sometimes feel unreconciled with this ba. But ah, you see, at this moment…"

Bi Hun placed down the water lantern. Chen Xing couldn't help raising his hands, and in them, the Heart Lamp emitted a brilliant light. For a moment, everyone by both sides of the river all looked at him.

Chen Xing quietly gazed at them, at the people of the Divine Land, who were brimming with happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy —— and he was also no different from those "people."

He slowly raised his right hand and placed it in front of him, and using one hand, he performed a magic trick for everyone, which was actually that "lamp trick" he had learned from a young age. It was igniting the lamp to shine gloriously across the four plains, dispelling the darkness and illuminating all places, and meant to show that in this dark night, he would never stop giving them the strength to support their belief.

His hair swayed in the night wind, both of his eyes were closed, and his face was illuminated by the lustrous radiance.

"I really think," Chen Xing smiled as he said, "regardless of why and how much I have to pay, seeing them, I am still very willing to do it."

Xiao Shan, Feng Qianjun, Gu Qing, Xie Daoyun, Bi Hun… and so on, as well as the people on both sides of the river, as if they understood what Chen Xing meant, thousands of people gazed towards the glittering Heart Lamp. One after another, they followed Chen Xing and made that "magic trick" gesture of igniting the lamp.

Xiang Shu was silent for a moment, but then, alongside the rest, he turned around and faced Chen Xing. His right hand was "igniting" the lamp, and reflected in his eyes, was Chen Xing bathed in that shining, pure light.

The sound of horseshoes sounded; Xie An rode his horse, crossed the bridge of the Huai River, and went down to the riverbank.

Chen Xing and Xiang Shu left the riverside, and Bi Hun came over. When he was about to converse with them, Xie An stopped his horse by the side and said, "I finally found you. I have news, but I don't know whether it's good or bad news. I want to let you know, Little Shidi."

Chen Xing was slightly puzzled, but Xie An said, "I just got news saying that three days ago, Murong Chong and Wang Ziye had a clash in Chang'an, and Wang Ziye is dead."

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mary fontenelle
mary fontenelle
2 months ago

The bad news is will Wang Ziye turn into a walking dead, making him worst than before

Letterando Olivetti
Letterando Olivetti(@letterando_olivetti)
2 months ago

Deadass cried right there at the end.

3 months ago

If you’ve never had a crush before with anyone, I can see how your heart would be confused. Do I say something? Will that make it better or worse? I can see why people depended on match makers to begin the process.

Airi Shiragawa
Airi Shiragawa(@shiragawaairi)
6 months ago

At this moment, all I know is only pain and sadness, the melancholy vibes in this festival with xing-er and xiang-ge together is just so thick …….

Also, what a huge bomb the author dropped in the end, now if wang ziye died, who will command the resurrection plan of chiyou

4 months ago
Reply to  Airi Shiragawa

I feel like murong chong sister will lead 🤔😣the one that died in the hands of XS . Didn’t they took her body to give her devil blood. Then probably murong chen will listen to his sister. 😭 So many complications for CX and XS

11 months ago

This whole chapter is just me and sadness sitting together.

1 year ago

The hurt I feel for xing-er but I know things happened for a reason — xing-er best boi. (Xiang shu I’m watching you — or I’m stealing him)

1 year ago

Idk why but the relationship between xiao zhan and xie daoyun seems too… suspicious or maybe it’s just me making weird assumptions

11 months ago
Reply to  Scarlet

For me it’s like Xie Daoyun became Xiao Shan’s bigger sister