Chapter 62.1 - Exhaustion

Dinghai Fusheng Records

"Then let's perish together!"

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"This is really… really too much for me to take in," Chen Xing said as he finally collected himself. "They were originally on our side?! Xiang Shu! Xiang Shu!"

Xiang Shu got up on the city wall, chasing the azure jiao around the outer periphery of the city as it struggled while flying through the air, spewing black, rotting blood onto the earth below. The sky gradually grew brighter, and a thin sliver of dawn appeared on the horizon, stretching towards the city.


"What?!" Xiang Shu lifted his longsword, circling to the top of the turret as he shouted distantly, "Don't use the Heart Lamp anymore! It's too harmful for you!"

"That's Xin Yuanping!" Chen Xing shouted. "The azure jiao is Xin Yuanping!"

"Who's Xin Yuanping?" Feng Qianjun was approaching the jiao when he heard Chen Xing's cry, and he lifted his head to shout back in response.


"He's an exorcist!" Chen Xing stood on the platform on the third floor of the official's manor as he called out to the people down below.

Xiang Shu yelled, "How do we get rid of it? Do you have any ideas?"

Chen Xing: "Ah! I don't have any! I was just telling you its origins!"


"Then what's the point?!" Xiang Shu asked, fed up. Just as he was about to catch up with it, he was interrupted by Chen Xing, so he could only turn once again and continue chasing it as he ran along the wall.

That azure jiao seemed to sense that Xiang Shu would not be an easy opponent, so it kept avoiding their main fighter. Chen Xing observed attentively, and he noticed that the jiao dragon that Xin Yuanping had turned into could not control its own movements very well as it thrashed about in pain. Wen Zhe rode on its head with one hand, which was seeping resentment, firmly pressed down on that azure jiao's head, directing its flight path through the city.

The Jin troops came and arrayed themselves on the city wall, each of them setting up a strong crossbow that aimed directly for that dancing azure jiao in midair. Bi Hun, the military official, climbed up to a high spot with drumsticks in his hand, his eyes closely tracking the path the azure jiao took. Closely after, Xiang Shu let out a whistle.

Bi Hun gathered his energy, and he swung one drumstick towards the large drum on the top of the wall, which reverberated with an earth-shaking "dong" sound.

The Jin troops let loose what looked like tens of thousands of arrows at once. Those arrows, each of them having a trailing chain on its end, flew towards the midair azure jiao!

Chen Xing immediately turned all his attention to the scene, lighting up his Heart Lamp. When Xiang Shu felt the power of the Heart Lamp, he shouted, "Don't use it!"

Chen Xing: "Hurry! I can still keep it up for a little while longer!"

Xiang Shu gritted his teeth and flicked the longsword in his hand, turning it into a huge bow. With a flash of light, a glowing meteor of an arrow flew towards the head of the jiao. Upon seeing it, Wen Zhe's expression changed, and the azure jiao flipped over in midair to avoid a vital blow to its reverse scales. But that arrow passed through the carcass of the jiao in an instant, flying into the sky beyond.

There was a wild, hoarse roar, and the rotting blood in the azure jiao's body exploded into a poisonous mist in the sky. Soon after, Feng Qianjun jumped onto a rooftop inside the city, sweeping his blade out horizontally. Xiao Shan leapt a few times, jumping onto the flat of the sword, and Feng Qianjun shouted angrily, "Go!"

Xiao Shan turned into a swift shadow, flying up towards the jiao's head, flipping right over Wen Zhe's head with a claw strike from Cangqiong Yilie. In an instant, a broken jiao horn appeared in Wen Zhe's hand, and it stabbed towards Xiao Shan as she angrily shouted, "Even if I die, I must…"

But just in that moment, the index and middle fingers on Xiang Shu's left and right hands came together, pulling backwards in the 'Returning Wind Landing Geese' move, and the light arrow flying away into the distance turned around, returning with a "shua", instantly breaking Wen Zhe's arm off with the force of the impact!

Wen Zhe let out an anguished cry as Xiao Shan's claw mercilessly dug into her shoulder, tugging her off the azure jiao, and she plummeted towards the earth below. The azure jiao broke free of its bonds of resentment, and with a long cry, it fiercely smashed the homes below it to pieces before flying away, vanishing into the distance.

Chen Xing put away his Heart Lamp, only to feel a rush of pain in his chest like he couldn't breathe properly. Damn, he thought; he had used up all of the mana in the Heart Lamp when he was purifying the Luohun Bell earlier.

"Don't use it anymore!" Xiang Shu shouted upwards.


Xiang Shu, Feng Qianjun, and Xiao Shan landed on the main street of the city.

Wen Zhe fell down heavily. While struggling to rise, the top half of that long red brocade robe ripped open, revealing a pale, flat chest.

Feng Qianjun: "Male… a male?! You're a man?!"

Feng Qianjun didn't expect it at all; the decades-long proprietress of the Dongzhe Bank was actually a man disguised as a woman!

Wen Zhe's arm was broken off, but there was no blood coming from the stump. He laughed coldly as he slowly stood up, sneering, "If it wasn't like this, then why, in so many decades, would I not let anyone get close enough to see my body?"

Xiang Shu responded angrily, "Enough! I don't care who you are! Exactly how many people have you killed?!"

"The common people of the Divine Land had their lives saved by us!" Wen Zhe suddenly raised his voice and loudly shouted, "And how did the idiotic commoners reward us?! They didn't! Liu Heng, that ungrateful bastard, after he learned that Xin Yuanping was poisoned by the jiao, he had him sunk to the bottom of the river! I want revenge! I want to --!"

Before he could finish his sentence, Wen Zhe's remaining arm turned into a grotesque bony claw as he leapt - "shua" - towards Xiang Shu, wildly shouting, "Get my revenge on these ungrateful bastards!"

Feng Qianjun and Xiao Shan were not able to block Wen Zhe in time, and Wen Zhe landed in front of Xiang Shu. But Xiang Shu's speed was faster than Wen Zhe's, and with a swing of his sword, he broke Wen Zhe's ribs. Like a kite on a broken string, Wen Zhe's body flew towards the wall of a house, smashing into it and sending bricks and tiles flying in all directions.

With a cold laugh, Wen Zhe climbed out of the rubble.

"I also used to be… the Protector Martial God of a Great Exorcist." Wen Zhe's entire body rapidly recovered, and even the arm that had been broken off by that light arrow gradually grew out again. He said slowly, "With the Silence of All Magic, you are ultimately limited by the constraints of your flesh and blood, but Shi Hai has given me the power of the Devil God…"

Xiang Shu didn't wait for Wen Zhe to finish as he sliced across again, saying, "Why don't you attack with it then?!"

Xiang Shu didn't have the help of the Heart Lamp, but with only the sword itself, he managed to smash both Wen Zhe and the houses behind him into pieces! Wen Zhe wildly shouted as both his hands turned into bony claws that rushed towards Xiang Shu. But in his rage, Xiang Shu was like a hurricane, and his ferocity gained him an absolute advantage. He was so overpowering that he easily suppressed Wen Zhe's skills while they fought.

Wen Zhe was a Protector Martial God from hundreds of years ago, yet in front of Xiang Shu he had no ability to return those blows. He angrily yelled, "Why are you…"

Wen Zhe was finally starting to feel fear, and he disengaged to escape, but just at this moment Feng Qianjun and Xiao Shan flanked him left and right, completely encircling Wen Zhe. Finally, he couldn't bear it anymore and let loose the resentment in his body as he turned and shouted in anger, "Then let's perish together!"

With those words, Wen Zhe flipped through the air, body covered with pitch black resentment, and he leapt towards Xiang Shu! But as they exchanged a glance, Xiang Shu pulled out his sword, and Wen Zhe's head was pulverized by Xiang Shu's hit as his body smashed through multiple walls.

"We can't keep going like this!" Feng Qianjun said. "This fellow can't be killed! We need Chen Xing to help!"

Xiang Shu looked towards the platform, where Chen Xing was watching the entire fight. He leaned his entire body on the railings, shakily stretching out a hand, and used the last of his energy to light up the Heart Lamp.

"Don't worry about me!" Chen Xing cried. "Purify him!"

The sword exploded with a bright light. Xiang Shu's brows furrowed deeply. With a pained, thunderous roar, Wen Zhe pulled himself up again and lifted his hand, his eyes filled with confusion as he turned towards this spectacle.


"You guys... won't have... a good ending either," Wen Zhe muttered. "Sooner or later, there will be a day where you discover that all you are extinguishing your life for is merely… a joke."

"Go away!" Xiang Shu said coldly.

The sword fell, and the area exploded with dazzling white light. With a howl, Wen Zhe turned into ash under that blazing light.

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WZ’s not a female protector but I do love a strong man confident enough to crossdress. I can imagine him teasing his exorcist in the past. Speaking of, wonder what’ll happen to him in his jiao form now that he fled.