Chapter 61.1 - Gigantic Jiao

Dinghai Fusheng Records

Translator(s): Elestrea
Editor(s): juurensha, namio

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Translator's Comment:

On 5th July, Tianbao Fuyao Lu (a sequel to Dinghai, set around 300-400 years after it) Donghua will be released on bilibili! It’s now officially known as Legend of Exorcism. What’s more, they actually hired Zhou Shen to do the opening and it’s A M A Z I N G! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH okay I’m quite a fan of his voice and this is truly unexpected and I just… ecstatic I guess

You can watch the newest PV here and the OP here. The full version of the OP is also available on YouTube here!

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