Chapter 61.1 - Gigantic Jiao

Dinghai Fusheng Records

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Chen Xing: "Wait, how come there’s a dragon? Who are you? You’re the Dongzhe Bank’s proprietress… why are you here?"

Wen Zhe: "Right! I’m the boss of Dongzhe Bank… No ah! This dragon, Fujun, Fujun!"

Feng Qianjun: "What Fujun? Don’t shout ah!"


Wen Zhe walked to the azure jiao and facing it, she murmured, "I remembered… Shi Hai-daren asked me to run this place, use the Luohun Bell to collect people’s earth huns, refine Fujun’s corpse, wait for Fu Jian to cross over the Yangtze River, release Fujun after that, and kill the Emperor by working together with him. Not long ago, a group of exorcists suddenly came… Exorcists! It’s you guys!"

Chen Xing was stunned. "Right! I'm an exorcist! Feng-dage! We're here to get rid of the yao! Get her!"


At once, Wen Zhe shouted and activated the Luohun Bell. Feng Qianjun also remembered, and he readied Senluo Wanxiang. As he was about to rush forwards, with a rumble, the sea of flowers erupted once again; there were the Lihun Pollens as far as the eye could see.

Chen Xing: "Achoo!"

Feng Qianjun: "Ha… hatchi!"


Wen Zhe: "Chi!"

Xiao Shan: "Choo!"


Everyone: "????"

Wen Zhe was baffled. She looked at the Luohun Bell in her hand and thought out loud, "What was I going to do with this thing?"

Chen Xing: "Yi? Where is this?"

Xiao Shan: "?"

Feng Qianjun: "Wen Zhe? Why are you here? Come here! There is a monster behind you!"

Panicking, Wen Zhe immediately said, "This is my Fujun! In order to kill an evil jiao, Fujun’s whole body was corroded by the serpent’s venom, and it made him look like this! Don't kill him!"


Chen Xing: "Oh? Why? Wait, we’re here to get rid of the yao? Why do I remember going down a well..."

"Where's Shi Hai-daren?" Wen Zhe's eyes were full of fear. "Daren! Where are you?"

Feng Qianjun shouted in anger, "Shi Hai! You killed my big brother! I’m gonna take your life!"

In an instant, all of them remembered. Wen Zhe changed her attitude and shouted, "Go die!"


Feng Qianjun readied the Senluo Sabre again. As Senluo Wanxiang was unleashed, the sea of Lihun Flowers shone in all directions, and the third wave of pollen flew out.


Chen Xing: “Achoo!”

Feng Qianjun: “Hachoo!”

Wen Zhe: “Achi!”

Xiao Shan: “Chi!”


Everyone: "……"

Chen Xing: “???”

Chen Xing only felt his head spinning. He looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. The next moment, Xiang Shu rushed out from behind the stone pillar with much struggle and shouted, “Listen to me! Don’t breathe! Watch out for the pollen! Get the magical instrument in her hand! Feng Qianjun, put your sabre away!”

After shouting this, Xiang Shu lost all his strength. With great effort, he knelt on one knee at the edge of the magical array, using the broadsword as his support. Feng Qianjun heard what he said; he put the Senluo Sabre away and went ahead bare-handed. Chen Xing said, “What’s this for?”

Feng Qianjun: "I don't know, I just listened to him!"

Wen Zhe said in a fury, "You guys are thieves! Why do you want to seize my magical artifact?! Magical artifact, the Luohun Bell… Right! I…”

Xiao Shan howled, rushed forwards, then raised his claw. Too late to dodge, Wen Zhe’s wrist was struck by that claw. The Luohun Bell flew out; Chen Xing neatly used a grappling hook to fish out the Luohun Bell, pulling it into his hand and firmly grasping it.

Feng Qianjun pounced and held Wen Zhe down, holding his dagger against her neck. Wen Zhe kept struggling and angrily shouted, "Let me go!"

Chen Xing: "Now what? We come here to snatch this magical artifact? Ah, isn't this the Luohun Bell? I remembered! Yes, yes, yes! Hand it over!"

Xiang Shu: "Quick! Purify the magical artifact! Why are you just standing there?!"


Chen Xing took a few steps back. Holding the Luohun Bell, he began to purify this magical artifact with the Heart Lamp’s power. In an instant, the Heart Lamp shone brilliantly along the meridians in his hands, and swiftly, it was injected into the Luohun Bell.

"It’s good you weren't affected by the Lihun Flower..." Chen Xing smiled and said towards Xiang Shu.


"Do it!" Feng Qianjun and Xiang Shu shouted at the same time.

Chen Xing mobilized his mana, and the resentment inside the Luohun Bell burst out all of the sudden. With a loud rumble, the bell turned bright with radiance.

"Gather!" Chen Xing stepped back, his right hand shaking the bell. Dong! The luminous butterflies that filled the whole place, reminiscent of a cluster of stars, continuously flew and sped into the Luohun Bell!

"What’s next?" said Chen Xing. "Go up to the surface and release the butterflies… Xiang Shu! Xiang Shu!"

Xiang Shu dropped to the ground and fell unconscious.

The luminous butterflies had all flown away. The Dragon Binding Array lost its source of mana, turned dim, and with a "buzz", disappeared completely.


"You… you're a drought fiend?!" Feng Qianjun looked at Wen Zhe's complexion up close, only to see that her eyes gradually turned muddy. He finally realized why this boss always wore a fragrance for no specific reason! She was trying to hide her body’s stench!


"Hehe… Hahaha..." Wen Zhe was held by Feng Qianjun, and her facial features were ferocious. A strange laughter was heard all of the sudden, and soon afterwards, the array lost its effect, and that rotten, gigantic jiao opened its eyes and raised its head towards Feng Qianjun and Wen Zhe.

"Feng-dage! Watch your back!" shouted Chen Xing.

The jiao dragon woke up and suddenly marched! Slithering with black resentment in its wake, it swept towards Feng Qianjun. Xiao Shan and Chen Xing rushed forwards together, only to see that jiao dragon’s tail swatted violently on the cave wall and made a loud noise. Feng Qianjun was hit and swatted out!

Xiao Shan leapt mid-air, spun his body, and swung Cangqiong Yilie! However, the jiao dragon soared, sweeping over the pillar supporting the cave at lightning speed, lifted up its claw, and struck against Cangqiong Yilie’s shockwaves. The dragon’s claw broke, filthy blood bursting from it. Yet, the jiao dragon’s enormous body easily overcame the shock; it moved past the stone pillar and swung its tail to the side, swatting Xiao Shan back to the ground!

The shockwaves from Cangqiong Yilie hadn’t disappeared yet. It had cut the stone pillar in two, causing the cave to constantly shake and rocks to fall.

Xiao Shan shouted as he fell on top of the rubble. He got up with much difficulty, wanting to fight again, but Chen Xing pounced from the side and pulled him away.

Feng Qianjun said, "The cave’s going to collapse! Let's go!"

"Don’t ever think of leaving..." Wen Zhe madly shouted in a shrill voice, "This place will become your tomb!"

Chen Xing, Xiao Shan, and Feng Qianjun rushed towards Xiang Shu’s side.

"Xiang Shu! Xiang Shu!" Chen Xing called, full of anxiety.

Xiang Shu’s eyes were tightly shut. Feng Qianjun could only draw his sabre and shouted, "No choice, let’s do this again! Chen Xing! Can this big guy swallow the Lihun Pollen?


Chen Xing: "I don't know! It's coming! Xiang Shu! Can you move? Get up ah!"

Chen Xing activated the Heart Lamp and pressed it on Xiang Shu’s chest.

The jiao dragon soared and moved around in the air. The escaped Wen Zhe was already on the dragon’s head, and at this moment, she was pulling at the jiao dragon’s horn, getting him to make a dive towards the four people! The dragon dove with a tremendous force of thousands of jun, and as the jiao dragon opened its mouth, green poisonous mist spewed out from inside. It was ready to swallow down the four people——

Xiang Shu, who was leaning on the ground, opened his eyes. A sword swept across, and with a "clang", the blade turned into a light chakram, making a buzzing sound as it met the jiao dragon’s attack! Under the impact of the tremendous force, resentment burst out. For a split second, on the spot where one man and one dragon clashed, there seemed to be an apparition of the light dragon on Xiang Shu’s side, shouting at the azure dragon in a loud voice.

Chen Xing only felt his eardrums ringing hard, making him nearly puke out blood. Xiang Shu, however, had already dragged up his long sword in a natural manner, casually pressing one foot on the ground to get up. Leaning into one shoulder, he turned the sword in his hand into a sparkling long rope and let it loose with a motion, shouting, "Get lost!"

The rope filled the entire place and at once, it wound around the azure dragon. Wen Zhe’s complexion changed, and she yelled, "What is this?! Shulü Kong!"

Xiang Shu had bound the azure dragon with the Acala Blade that had shifted form into a long rope, but it kept struggling and bumping into the cave’s ceiling!

"The cave’s going to collapse!" shouted Feng Qianjun.

Boulders fell down; Xiao Shan shouted as he waved Cangqiong Yilie and chopped down the one that was falling onto them to pieces. Chen Xing said, "To the surface! Don't fight here!"

Wen Zhe stopped talking and urged the azure dragon to move. The dragon dragged the Acala Blade’s light rope with it as it rammed into one side of the cave wall; the trees and buildings on the surface all collapsed alongside it. Immediately afterwards, a cry of the dragon was heard as it soared into the sky.

Translator's Comment:

On 5th July, Tianbao Fuyao Lu (a sequel to Dinghai, set around 300-400 years after it) Donghua will be released on bilibili! It’s now officially known as Legend of Exorcism. What’s more, they actually hired Zhou Shen to do the opening and it’s A M A Z I N G! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH okay I’m quite a fan of his voice and this is truly unexpected and I just… ecstatic I guess

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1 month ago

It was a comedy of errors! At times this story is so painful & angst ridden, if the author didn’t add fun parts, I’d die :((

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Kerorin 27
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I love Zhou Sen voice tooooo~~ thank you for the translation dear chicken gege team

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from tianbao to dinghai, that lihun pollen sneakingly bring more chaos to the scene..lol