Chapter 60.2 - The Bottom of the Well

Dinghai Fusheng Records

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The center of the river was split by a single sandbank. In the middle of the sandbank was a huge array that shone with light as it drew mana from the butterflies in that vast sea, and in the midst of it appeared a giant snake with a single broken horn growing from its head.

Resentment permeated the room, flooding their senses.

“What is that?” Feng Qianjun gestured, letting Chen Xing look.

Chen Xing quietly and swiftly said, “I understand now, they’re using hunpo to replace the spiritual Qi of the Heavens and the Earth to power the array. Then they used the sea of Lihun Flowers to trap these hunpo so that they can’t leave…”

“I’m not asking about that! Look!” Feng Qianjun said in a hushed voice.

Chen Xing and Xiao Shan stuck their heads out, only to see two people standing on the edge of the array. One of them was a woman wearing a set of elaborate clothing, and on the side of her face was the same mask that they had previously seen. The other one, who was facing sideways from their view, was a scribe who held a folded fan in his hand.

Xiang Shu’s back was to the stone pillar as he panted, seemingly in great agony.

“Xiang Shu?” Chen Xing quietly asked.

The closer they got to where they were now, the more pain Xiang Shu felt. Chen Xing looked again at the bell the woman was holding, and it was indeed the Luohun Bell! He said quietly towards Feng Qianjun, “That is a jiao, where did they manage to find one? After the Silence of All Magic, very few snakes have managed to cultivate to become jiao …”

“Shh.” Feng Qianjun gestured to him to be more quiet.

“Even in this palm-sized city,” the woman ridiculed, “you can lose people while pursuing them?”

As soon as the woman opened her mouth, Chen Xing and Feng Qianjun felt immediate shock. Chen Xing mouthed the words “Wen Zhe?”, and Feng Qianjun nodded his head.

That scribe’s voice was hoarse, and his body was wreathed in black fire as he responded, “Feng Qianjun has his people attacking my eyes and ears all over the place, so it’s too hard to figure out where they went. We can only wait until after dark for the drought fiend kings to split up and search the area.”

“Where are the drought fiend kings?” Wen Zhe asked. “When they appeared they were full of murderous intent, and they looked very imposing, but within the blink of an eye they’ve squirreled themselves away again?”

That scribe explained, “Jiangnan is not under my control. If they appear too many times, sooner or later they will alert our enemies, so I had them temporarily hide in a family’s woodshed.”

“You let these three subordinates hide in a common woodshed?” Wen Zhe replied in disbelief. “Why exactly do you want Chen Xing and Shulü Kong? In my opinion, after returning to Jiankang, you should have lured those people in and ended them all in one fell swoop. It would make things much easier, and then if you needed them later, you could turn them into drought fiends. What difference would there be then?”

The scribe shook open the fan and waved it once, and the resentment, as if it was something tangible, diffused away. He weakly protested, “You don’t see the full picture. My lord needs a suitable vessel in order to revive successfully. Originally I picked out the candidate body as the wielder of the Heart Lamp, Chen Xing…”

Wen Zhe smiled scornfully.

The scribe slowly continued, “After an artifact is refined by resentment, it will reveal a markedly different appearance. This is a fact you know as well. My lord’s new body naturally must rely on the strongest artifact in the world. The Heart Lamp is an artifact that can dominate a person’s heart; after getting it and being able to refine it, turning it into the Dark Lamp instead, the body would become my lord’s new vessel. Then, he would have the power to dominate the wishes of all the common people in the world. At that time, would anyone be able to fight back against this kind of power?”

Wen Zhe said, “It’s a pity then, that despite your many machinations, your plans still fell through.”

The scribe said, “Only because I already have a better candidate who can fully replace the Heart Lamp. I can’t stay here and gossip, I need to quickly return.”

“Wait!” Wen Zhe said. “What is the meaning of you handing this pile of rubbish off to me?”

The scribe’s hoarse voice responded, “Follow the old plan.”

“Follow what old plan?!” Wen Zhe said. “I don’t want to keep waiting! When will Fu Jian finally come?”

The scribe said, “When the Qin troops head south for battle, naturally I will inform you. The three drought kings will temporarily stay here for you to command…”

Wen Zhe said, “What use do I have for these stupid trash drought kings that hide for three days in the woodshed and can only come out at night to find someone?”

The scribe replied, “I also don’t want to, but right now my mana is not strong enough to hold out for long. I must first return to resolve our number one issue, or they will sooner or later find out that I’m using necromancy… I’m leaving now. Wen Zhe, do not take any rash actions. Remember, that was how Feng Qianyi fell just short of his goal…”

As he was speaking, the scribe raised the folding fan in his hand, and the resentment rose towards the sky, turning into a black firestorm. It wrapped around him before burrowing into the Earth Vein below, disappearing without a trace.

At the very last second, Feng Qianjun risked being seen by the enemy to stick his head out and catch a glimpse of him from far away.

But in that moment, the scribe’s face was already shadowed by the black energy as he turned into evil fire and flew away along the Earth Vein. Chen Xing followed suit by sticking his own head out, but Feng Qianjun shook his head, even as the hand that was pressing on the handle of his blade was shaking. Chen Xing pressed down on that wrist, shaking his head. He knew that Feng Qianjun was emotionally distraught because he was just separated by a step from the man who was manipulating his brother from the shadows.

But now was definitely not a suitable time to rush forward and start a fight. Chen Xing pointed at the artifact and mouthed: Luohun Bell.

He needed to first retrieve this artifact.

“We’re currently thinking of ideas. Xiang Shu? Hang in there.”

Chen Xing inspected Xiang Shu. He was still visibly in a lot of pain; his forehead was covered with sweat, and his eyes were closed as he panted uncontrollably, as if he had a high fever.

“I’ll go draw the enemy away,” Feng Qianjun quietly said. “Xiao Shan, you’re in charge of stealing the artifact.”

“Don’t step on the Lihun Flowers!” Chen Xing said. “Let me remind you once more that this is a very important point!”

Feng Qianjun nodded before dodging behind another pillar. Chen Xing quietly said to Xiao Shan, “In a bit when Feng-dage makes his move, you go up there to steal the artifact…”

“I understood!” Xiao Shan said in a small voice. “You don’t need to repeat it again!”

Chen Xing put his hands together, quietly asking Iuppiter to watch over them...

At this time Wen Zhe held the Luohun Bell in one hand, which gradually lowered to one side as she walked slowly into the array. Sorrow flooded that face as she reached out a hand to stroke the huge jiao. Half of its body had already turned into a rotting corpse.

Feng Qianjun stood behind the pillar. With a sword in each hand, he drew a circle, arching his body and jumping out with a shua sound!

“Go!” Chen Xing quietly said.

Xiao Shan put on his claws, and with an arch of his body, also rushed out with a 'xiu' sound.

Closely following behind, Chen Xing was dragged out by the rope that he had fastened around his own waist!

“Wait!” Chen Xing loudly cried, “I forgot to untie the rope!”

Wen Zhe whipped around to look, only to see Feng Qianjun rushing in front of her, the light scattering off his blade. Xiao Shan also pulled up on the rope that was trailing on the ground, causing Chen Xing to slide towards them, and with his claw, Xiao Shan reached for her right wrist!

Wen Zhe never guessed that three exorcists would rush into this base camp at once. In a split second her face lost all its color, and closely following she let loose a loud shout, angrily saying, “Feng Qianjun! You villain!” Immediately after, she flipped over in the air, dodging the light of Feng Qianjun’s attack, retaliating by throwing out a soft whip that wrapped around Feng Qianjun’s wrist, pulling him into the array. With her right hand she shook the Luohun Bell, and with a clear 'dang' she parried the claw attack from Xiao Shan’s Cangqiong Yilie!

At the moment the bell sounded, all of the glowing butterflies flapped their wings at once. As if they had received a summons, they began to move!

Wen Zhe stuck the landing, standing firmly while holding the Luohun Bell. Looking in the direction of the three people with eyes filled with horror, she asked, “How did you all get in here?”

“I heard it all!” Chen Xing angrily said. “The discussion between you and Shi Hai, I heard it all very clearly! Quickly… Xiao Shan! First untie the rope!”

Chen Xing followed the rope up to Xiao Shan, quickly walking to his side and undoing the knot.

Wen Zhe’s gaze was wandering and uncertain as she said, “Since it’s like this, then you all cannot leave! I want to see what would happen. The Heart Lamp is unafraid of the Luohun Bell, but your comrades aren’t…”

“Don’t let her cast magic!” Chen Xing shouted. “Attack!”

In the next second, Xiao Shan and Feng Qianjun rushed up at the same time, flanking Wen Zhe on both the left and right. Wen Zhe was halfway through casting the spell, but seeing that if she didn’t dodge she would be killed on the spot by the two attacks, she could only flip again, dodging the blades and the claws. Feng Qianjun couldn’t afford to give her time to cast magic, so he sent a successive series of attacks that way, and Xiao Shan also rushed over, his body in the air, whipping towards her with a backhand.

Wen Zhe was being attacked from both sides, and she couldn’t deal with Xiao Shan because of his insanely fast speed. In the beginning even Xiang Shu couldn’t grab him, so how could Wen Zhe even keep up?

“Two on one! Do you still have any honor?” Wen Zhe raged.

Chen Xing was on the outskirts of the battle. He was afraid of getting closer, so he could only direct their movements from afar, and now he shouted, “Don’t talk about the rules of engagement with her!”

Wen Zhe blocked again, and the bell tinkled for a second time. At that moment, Feng Qianjun and Xiao Shan both received a huge shock to their hunpo, and their eyes grew hazy and unfocused. Wen Zhe took this opportunity to flip onto the head of that azure jiao, gathering resentment around the Luohun Bell in a vortex of black energy that began to swirl about.

Chen Xing thought to himself that things were going terribly; with just another wave of her wrist, Feng Qianjun and Xiao Shan’s hunpo would be taken… He could only risk his life by rushing into the array, throwing the rope with the hook at Wen Zhe --

Wen Zhe easily evaded it, chuckling coldly, “Just with your amateur level of martial skills, you think you can…”

At that moment, Feng Qianjun recovered. Chen Xing quickly made his choice, shouting, “Take the resentment from her!”

Feng Qianjun clasped his two hands together as the two blades flowed together in a new rotating form. With a single flick of his claw, Xiao Shan managed to pull over the mass of resentment wrapped around the Luohun Bell. In that instant, the resentment powering that array burst open, with one third going to each of the three artifacts. After Feng Qianjun absorbed the energy, he readied Senluo Wanxiang, but just as he was about to rush up, Chen Xing realized a severe problem.

Senluo Wanxiang’s effect was to let plants...

Closely following, all of the Lihun Flowers in the vicinity were affected by Senluo Wanxiang, and they opened their petals, releasing the pollen.

Chen Xing: “No no no, run quickly… achoo!”

Feng Qianjun: “Achoo!”

Wen Zhe: “Achoo!”

Xiao Shan: “Qiu!

The resentment dissipated as it was sucked into the three artifacts, and the array fell into a state of calm. Wen Zhe, Feng Qianjun, Xiao Shan, and Chen Xing all watched each other.

Chen Xing: “Huh? Where is this?”

Feng Qianjun put down his blades. “What am I doing?”

Xiao Shan: “?”

Wen Zhe said suspiciously, “Who are you all?”

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moon: Xiao Shan melon, Xiao Shan arrow, he’s very precious! And next time, welcome to a comedy of errors the likes of which you’ve never seen before!

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