Chapter 53.1 - Feast

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Xiang Shu answered, “10 million liang of gold.”

“10 million liang?!” Chen Xing and Feng Qianjun simultaneously cried.

“Yes... Precisely so.” Wen Zhe’s voice also trembled a little. “The bills have been verified without any discrepancies. So far the money has been saved for exactly 30 years, with the profit being five percent per year, and with compounding interest 30 times over...”

The manager standing at the side immediately took out an abacus and began to move the beads with a “pi li pa la” sound. Just after clacking around twice, Chen Xing and Feng Qianjun glanced at each other.

“43 million, two thousand and two hundred liang.”

Chen Xing, Feng Qianjun, and Wen Zhe said at the same time. Immediately after, Feng Qianjun almost fainted.

Wen Zhe finally realized what had just happened and tried to take a deep breath. She glanced at Xiang Shu, then around at their surroundings; her eyes were erratic, and it was obvious that she couldn’t sit still anymore.

Xiang Shu spoke, “If you guys are really going to repudiate this claim, then I can’t actually do anything to any of you either.”

“You must be joking.” Wen Zhe suddenly seemed to be insulted, her face growing red, “There are no errors with the bills, and this is something that truly happened in the past; you’ve pressed your fingerprint, so the bank has to give you money. It is only right, how can we deny somebody?”

Chen Xing wasn’t feeling well; clearly he hadn’t used the Heart Lamp, but he was still having difficulty breathing. This was the first time in his life this had happened.

Xiang Shu’s words were only to pressure Wen Zhe. Once he received a firm answer, he said, “Then just take it all out.”

Wen Zhe finally collapsed. “Shulü daren! 43 million gold, converting it would be 400 million liang of silver. 400 million! Do you know how heavy 400 million liang of silver is?! Let’s not mention how there isn’t that much silver deposited in the bank, even if we withdraw that much out for you, can you carry it away?”

“You don’t have to worry about that!” Feng Qianjun finally calmed his breathing, preserving his small life. “Xifeng has plenty of helpers, we can have it directly delivered just across the street.”

Wen Zhe: “.......”

Xiang Shu: “Did I say that we’ll keep it at your house?”

Feng Qianjun instantly replied, “Brother Xiang... um... Dage! Shulü Dage! Ge! You... It's too inconvenient for you to carry 250,000 catties from south to north. Xifeng Bank will serve you wholeheartedly; you can make a deposit or withdraw it whenever you wish, and you can withdraw money as long as we see your face.”

Xiang Shu said, “If you were robbed by Fu Jian again, then what would happen to my money?”

Chen Xing had already started some mental calculations. How would Xiang Shu use this matter to threaten and get back at him later? That expression looked as if he had seen a ghost, extremely exciting.

“Exactly, let’s still keep it at our place,” Wen Zhe immediately spoke up. “Why do you suddenly want to withdraw so much money? Shulü daren... Gege! Can you tell us why...”

“Don’t call out randomly since you guys have already offended me,” Xiang Shu replied. “Maicheng Bank. I won't keep my money in Dongzhe again.”

Wen Zhe was dumbfounded. Xiang Shu stood up again, saying, “Are you giving it or not? If you’re not giving it, then I’ll just take it as you guys repudiating me.”

Wen Zhe could only nod and say, “But right now in Jiankang Bank, there truly isn’t that many liang of silver. Even if we include all the copper coins, it’s still not enough. Please wait for a few more days, Shulü daren, we need to transfer money from the other banks.”

Xiang Shu coldly asked, “Wait for how long?”

Wen Zhen took a deep breath, thought for a while, then answered, “We still need three months.”

Xiang Shu replied, “That isn’t what you said back then.”

Feng Qianjun spoke, “How much do you have in the main bank right now? Just take out however much you have now, that way it’s easier for me to have people slowly move it over.”

Wen Zhe was already really angry, but hadn’t been able to vent it by talking. One could see that she was holding on entirely through sheer willpower. She looked towards the managers, all of them with their legs shaking, and she angrily yelled, “Go! Check the warehouse! You bunch of useless things!”

After another half a shichen, Dongzhe Bank’s underground warehouses were all checked out; they squeezed out 40 million liang of silver, 40 million copper coins, and two million liang of gold. A string of coins was worth a liang of silver, and 10 liang of silver was worth one liang of gold. The people from Xifeng Bank waited at the door, taking up two long streets, and guarded the silver across the street.

Xiang Shu had taken away 100 million liang of silver, and there were only 332 million and 2000 liang left. Wen Zhe’s face grew ashen, looking as if there was nothing left to look forward to in life.

“Take 3000 liang and send it to the Xie household,” Xiang Shu said coldly.

“Alright! Ge!” Feng Qianjun immediately replied, “Xiaodi will immediately go take care of it!”

Thus Feng Qianjun jogged away to instruct the people to count the silver.

Xiang Shu motioned for Chen Xing to look; Xifeng Bank’s people were all out in force, moving box after box of money out of Dongzhe Bank, all with shining white silver.

Chen Xing: “......”

Xiang Shu made another “please” gesture. The meaning was, “do you want to open it and take a look?”.

Chen Xing: “.......”

After Feng Qianjun finished busying about, he jogged back, saying with a sincere tone, “The two of you must come to my humble abode for dinner, it has already been prepared. Come on, quickly come.”

As he was saying this Feng Qianjun dragged Chen Xing away. If he took Chen Xing away, then Xiang Shu would definitely come.

“Brother Chen, you must help me secure Xiang Shu,” Feng Qianjun said in a hushed voice. “Whether or not my bank can continue on now all depends on you.”

“I help secure Xiang Shu?” Chen Xing asked. “When does he ever listen to what I say? Did you not see how he used his words to pressure me back then? Who knows what he’ll coerce me to do!”

Chen Xing only felt that Xiang Shu would definitely think of a method to get back at him. He followed Feng Qianjun for a while then peered behind them. Xiang Shu shouted, “Hey!”

“I know!” Chen Xing said in a depressed tone. “What do you want me to do? Say it.”

Feng Qianjun invited the two to Xifeng Bank, which was laid out very similarly to the Chang An’s Songbai Residence. At the front door was a berth, and in the back was an area covering several acres. There was even a martial arts hall for the bank’s armed escorts, Jianghu guests, and other such people to use.

“Haven’t thought of it yet.” Xiang Shu’s words were a bit teasing as he answered, “These days you better be a little more well-behaved, or I can’t promise I won’t suddenly come up with some strange ideas.”

“Suddenly come up with strange ideas?” Chen Xing questioned. “I actually want you to enlighten me, what can you do to me? Make me jump into a river and commit suicide?”

Xiang Shu: “Now that’s not necessary; making you run three rounds around Jiankang is okay.”

Chen Xing: “You think I can’t run?”

Xiang Shu: “How about carrying Feng Qianjun on your back while running? I see that your brotherhood runs very deep, you’re very supportive of each other. Or maybe carrying a bunch of money on yourself...”

Chen Xing gritted his teeth and said politely to Xiang Shu, “Then Protector daren, please think through it slowly.”

Close to dusk, Feng Qianjun received 100 million silver. Suddenly relieved of his crisis, he didn’t go to Xie An to collect his debt. He knew he wouldn’t get it anyway. With Xiang Shu’s life-saving money, it was enough for him to last for a long time.

What exactly was 100 million silver? The food that Fu Jian harvested in Guanzhong District in one year didn’t even amount to 80 million liang of silver. What’s more was that Dongzhe’s money had been transferred to Xifeng, critically injuring his opponent right then and there. The result of this was even better than directly smashing the other’s shop.

Therefore Feng Qianjun ordered wine and food with only a few words, all made with the most expensive local ingredients, being more extravagant than even the Xie family. He opened a 20 year-old yellow wine, placed a few jars together, poured it into small cups, and toasted Xiang Shu and Chen Xing.

Xiang Shu always had an indifferent expression. After drinking, he lifted the glass and glanced at the bottom of it. The meaning was, “you Han people only have this little bit of wine, it’s not even enough to gargle on”. Feng Qianjun immediately understood. He hurriedly smiled and explained, “Brother Xiang, this wine doesn’t taste strong when drunk, but it can’t be drunk like outside the Great Wall. A 20 year-old yellow wine’s after-effect is really too strong. This was saved by my brother back then for whenever I got married... Hey! Chen Xing! Slow down!”

Chen Xing had already drunk three cups and was giggling, “I think this wine is pretty average, hahahaha-”

Feng Qianjun hurriedly instructed his people to serve the dishes, only to see a young girl with a delicate and beautiful appearance in men’s clothing. Looking at her appearance, she seemed to be no older than 16. She said, smiling, “Nice to meet you Brother Xiang, Brother Chen.”

Chen Xing didn’t dare reply too hastily. He suddenly realized that this girl looked a little similar to Princess Qinghe! Thus he turned to Feng Qianjun, and Feng Qianjun gave a strained smile and introduced her, “This is Gu... Gu...”

“Gu what?” Xiang Shu questioned, then couldn’t protect himself from being poked by Chen Xing. It was too baffling.

Chen Xing signalled to Xiang Shu with his eyes; because when a Han girl was yet to be married, who would have the habit of casually asking for her name? The girl in the boudoir, who had come to meet her fiance’s friends in a hurry, overstepped the bounds of protocol and took the lead of the conversation. She said with a laugh, “I’m the Gu family’s young master! I have been looking forward to meeting you!”

The beautiful girl dressed as a man spoke with a smile, “I am Gu Qing. I often hear Qianjun speak of you two, so much that I also wanted to meet you.”

Chen Xing answered with a laugh, “It should be necessary for us to visit you when we’re free instead.”

Gu Qing was born precisely in one of the Jiangdong Sunwu period’s “Zhu Zhang Lu Gu” four big families. Even though the dynasty had changed, the names of the local gentry were still very influential. Only after hearing her finish pouring the wine did she continue to say, “Whenever the two of you come, just send a letter, and we can arrange a meeting.”

Feng Qianjun again introduced her to the two of them, “Gu-xiandi and Xie An’s niece, Xie Daoyun, were schoolmates. We met when I returned to Jiankang before the new year, we’re all brothers here.”

Xiang Shu expression was filled with doubt; the two people could clearly see that Xiang Shu didn’t understand the matter at all and was especially unable to comprehend why even though she was clearly a girl, Feng Qianjun called her “xiandi” with his eyes open as if he was blind. The dining hall was immediately filled with awkwardness. Chen Xing supported his forehead with one hand and gave a look at Feng Qianjun. Feng Qianjun knew that his fiancée was not very used to conversing with strangers either, so he let Gu Qing go back to rest first.

Translator's Comment:

Namio: Wow, Xiang Shu is getting called gege by everyone but the light of his life. Rough.

Ice: OMG XIANG SHU IS TRYING SO HARD HAHAHAHA I feel like in his heart he just kept on thinking “Chen Xing call me gege”.

Juurensha: XS: *keeps glaring at CX*
CX: …what are you mad at me for now?
XS internally: CALL ME GEGE
XS out loud: Nothing, you big dummy!
XS internally: Why can I not get my Han wife?

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