Chapter 45.1 - Crack In The Sky

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"Wake up! Che Luofeng! The you right now has already become a monster!"

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The rotten monsters surrounding them hissed and the sound converged into an ear-piercing stream of noise. Within an instant, they lunged at the two people. A resentment tsunami that carried animal bones instantly engulfed Xiang Shu and Chen Xing as if it was crushing Mount Tai.

"Chen Xing! Chen Xing!"

A voice rang out; Xiao Shan had come!

"Xiao Shan! Take him away!" While Xiang Shu resisted the enemy's attack, he shouted at the top of his lungs.

"I can't leave!" Chen Xing shouted in a hurry. "You'll die without the Heart Lamp!"

Chen Xing forcibly urged the Heart Lamp within that darkness. Mana vibrated constantly as it rushed left and right madly within his body, causing his already damaged heart to once again twinge with acute pain. However, Xiang Shu was relying solely on the protection of this light -- the heavy sword he wielded relied on it to shine brightly and resist the waves of attacks from the living animal corpses time and again. If Chen Xing withdrew his mana right now, Xiang Shu would be swallowed by resentment in an instant!

"You knew everything!" Che Luofeng roared madly. "Throughout all these years, you knew everything!"

With vengeance in his heart, Che Luofeng flung his first whip. An indistinct shadow that brushed by emerged within the dark resentment. It was a scene of Xiang Shu standing in the tent in front of Chen Xing as he gave Che Luofeng a slap.

Within the twinkling of an eye, a blinding light burst out of Xiang Shu's hands, blocking Che Luofeng's whip. An autumn scenery under Chi Le Chuan appeared -- they were sitting by a stream, and together with Zhou Zhen, the three of them sat fishing side by side.

"Yes," Xiang Shu said. "I knew everything. You only chose Zhou Zhen because you couldn't get what you wanted from me."

Che Luofeng was suddenly taken aback. Xiang Shu brandished his sword horizontally to parry and pushed Che Luofeng out!

Xiang Shu, "But so what? You're not satisfied to just be my Anda? Che Luofeng, I said this before: no matter who I am with in this life, I will always regard you as my family."

Che Luofeng cried out like he had gone mad, "Shulü Kong! You're a liar!"

Countless farewells in an instant: Che Luofeng saw by the lake the scene of Xiang Shu's back as he urged a horse to leave that emerged within the resentment.

Xiang Shu shouted angrily as well, "Wake up! Che Luofeng! The you right now has already become a monster!"

The heavy sword burst with an intense light that dispelled the thick fog. Memories flooded Che Luofeng's mind with a bang: on the plains illuminated by the brilliant sunlight, Xiang Shu was riding a horse as he looked back at Che Luofeng. He was smiling while whistling at him, and this scene made Che Luofeng unable to swing his whip again for a moment.

"Zhou Zhen should have been the one you entrusted yourself to," Xiang Shu said. "I told you that long ago."

"He's already dead..." Che Luofeng gritted his teeth as he choked out his words. "And you didn't even let me avenge him!"

Xiang Shu roared angrily, "It's already over! All that hatred, you nodded back then too to admit that it was all over!"

Che Luofeng shouted madly within the resentment. "You didn't let me avenge him, and you weren't even willing to… on his behalf… Shulü Kong! You liar! I'll kill you myself!"

Chen Xing urged the Heart Lamp a few times, but the resentment was truly too strong. It kept countering the Heart Lamp. He just wanted to get a little closer and dragged that iron chain with all his might.

Xiao Shan rushed over and kept striking the iron chain with his claws, but it didn't even budge an inch. Soon after, an enormous object shot over from the resentment cloud. Chen Xing immediately hugged Xiao Shan; the two of them rolled on the spot to avoid the tail that violently swept over!

It was the living corpse of a giant black snake, currently shooting over towards them from the surging black fog to kill them.

Xiao Shan let out a mad shout. Just as he was about to rush forward to fight as if his life were on the line, Chen Xing abruptly seized his collar with his chained hand and dragged Xiao Shan behind him. Then, a blinding light burst from his heart; it circulated from his Heavenly Pool acupoint to Heavenly Spring, then past Marsh at the Crook and Inner Palace, gathered in his palm, converged within his Middle Rushing acupoint, then he pointed at the darkness.

With a whoosh, the intense light suddenly seemed to take on concrete form and pierced through the darkness like a sharp sword! The snake corpse cried out in pain, rolling about as it tried to dodge. That light had converged into a beam, and without losing its momentum, passed through layers of thick fog and illuminated Sima Yue, who was high above. Sima Yue immediately flew back to avoid it.

Suddenly, Xiao Shan saw the item that Sima Yue was holding in his hand and was stunned.

Chen Xing was taken aback as well; he remembered what Lu Ying had said when they were in Carosha. That antler staff might be the horns that had been cut off from the deer god's head!

Chen Xing shouted without regard for anything else, "Xiao Shan!"

But he was too late. Xiao Shan struggled so hard he tore the martial robe that covered half his body, and the soft rip of the cloth could be heard, then he rushed high up.

On the other side of the battlefield, Xiao Shan leapt up high, eyes filled with humiliation. He had seen Lu Ying's horns in the hands of his enemy reduced to being used like a toy. His eyes turned bloodshot, and he roared loudly.

Sima Yue cleanly swung out the staff. It struck Xiao Shan's waist, brutally smacking him down to the ground.

Blood was streaming down the corners of Xiao Shan's mouth from the impact, yet he crawled up again in an instant to attempt another lunge.

Sima Yue brandished the staff horizontally in front of him and used it to hit Xiao Shan on his forehead, beating him down again from a place about one zhang high.

Xiao Shan lunged again. Sima Yue drew out a dagger.

"Xiao Shan--!" The moment Chen Xing saw Sima Yue take out the dagger, he felt all the blood in his body surge upwards.

Xiang Shu saw that their lives were in imminent peril, so he could only give up on Che Luofeng to go save them.

After losing the power of the Heart Lamp, his movements were bogged down within the resentment. With every breath he took, the resentment seemed to carry with it a piercing chill that collided madly within his body. An intense guilt enveloped him.

But Che Luofeng didn't allow Xiang Shu to get away; he had already lunged over. However, right at that moment, a mad shout rang out again within the resentment -- another living corpse rushed over from the back and hugged Che Luofeng in a vice-like grip. With two hands clasping it, Che Luofeng's head was actually twisted off!

"Youduo!" Xiang Shu shouted.

Che Luofeng cried out in a frenzy. He entwined his bone whip around Youduo's body and brutally wrung him with it within the darkness, then ripped it away harshly. Youdou's body was torn into shreds, but his head was still biting onto Che Luofeng's shoulder, and he bit down so hard that Che Luofeng's shoulder blade was torn apart.

Xiang Shu found his chance; he swung his blade with a horizontal strike and sent Che Luofeng flying with this hit!

Xiang Shu finally rushed over to Chen Xing and pushed him away. Just when he was about to take on Sima Yue, Che Luofeng had already dealt with Youduo and emerged within the black fog. With one hand facing Xiang Shu, he twisted it at a slight angle.

In a flash, the animal carcasses that surrounded them all turned into white bones. Their rotten flesh drifted amidst the resentment, and their bones sunk into the ground, then they began connecting one after another, turning into countless bony thorns that flew out from the ground.

"Be careful!" Chen Xing shouted.

Xiang Shu was in mid air and had nowhere to jump off, so he could only block forcefully with his heavy sword. Bony thorns that could blot out the sky flew out of the ground and firmly locked him within.

Xiao Shan fell from high above and into the thicket of bony thorns akin to a blade mountain; his shoulders, arms and thighs were all pierced by the bony thorns in an instant!

Chen Xing, "..."

Xiao Shan struggled to raise his claws. When he looked down at his body, his gaze turned blank.

Sima Yue's voice rang out slowly, "I'll be taking the Exorcist away. Che Luofeng, I'll leave the rest to you. The debt that Zhou Zhen owns our Lord must be repaid in full by you. Remember to send the rest of the Chi Le Chuan corpses to Huanmo Palace..."

Xiao Shan, "AHHHHHHHHH--"

Xiao Shan let out a guttural roar as he approached his demise.

He kept struggling on the bony thorns, his blood trickling down endlessly.

In the next moment, the resentment in the surroundings suddenly turned even more intense. It congregated into a whirlpool and swept fiercely towards Xiao Shan.

Chen Xing had already lost his mind. He roared, "CHE LUOFENG!"

Che Luofeng walked towards Xiang Shu, who was bound by a cluster of bony thorns. He took down the bow on his back, nocked a bone arrow on it, and aimed it at Xiang Shu, who was in the cage.

"Anda..." Che Luofeng murmured.

Xiang Shu stared at Che Luofeng in a daze. But right at the last moment, Che Luofeng's gaze seemed to clear up a little. His hand pulling the taut bow trembled a little, but he could never release the arrow. A teardrop actually rolled down from his eyes.

Chen Xing finally lost it. Immense strength burst forth from nowhere, and he swung the crushed stone pillar that weighed more than 60 jin connected to his chains, making it fly through the air.

"ROURAN DOG!" Chen Xing roared with utter indignation. "THE ONE WHO SHOULD DIE IS YOU!"

This was an extremely rare moment of desperation in which Chen Xing was dominated by rage. Che Luofeng could finally witness this moment; what he got in return in addition to that mad roar was a giant stone that brutally smashed into the back of his head.

Xiang Shu, "……………………"

Che Luofeng didn't expect Chen Xing to actually mount a sneak attack on him. After all, he was too far away, and his fighting capabilities were so weak that it was negligible. And it was even less likely for him to expect Chen Xing to actually use the heavy stone as a weapon. His "Cyclone Counterattack" was so powerful it could shatter the skies; it smashed Che Luofeng from five steps away with a muffled thud. Che Luofeng's head cracked apart from the impact, and his head sank into his shoulders!

The white bone cage collapsed in an instant. Xiang Shu wielded his sword in hand and shouted, "Quick!"

Resentment first turned even thicker, then it all disappeared with a "whoosh". Before Chen Xing could understand what had happened, he quickly activated the Heart Lamp, only to see the heavy sword in Xiang Shu's hand shine with a blinding light as it was placed against Che Luofeng's chest.

"Anda." Xiang Shu choked, "Sleep ba. After you sleep...it'll be okay..."

Immediately after, Xiang Shu cried out bitterly. With his sword against the staggering Che Luofeng, he dove down fast, and pierced through Che Luofeng's abdomen. His body was cut along the wound that Chen Xing had sutured for him, and the blade tore through his lower back accompanied by the white light of the Heart Lamp.

Che Luofeng's body was like a kite with its string cut -- he flew straight out with the pungent stench of rotten blood.

Chen Xing suddenly felt as if his heart was being twisted. With the Heart Lamp's power, his and Xiang Shu's souls seemed to be connected at this moment. He felt an enormous sorrow since the dawn of time attack him, making him shed uncontrollable tears.

"Xiang Shu..." Chen Xing choked.

Che Luofeng kept twitching as he laid on the ground. He reached out to the sky with one hand. On his head that had sunken into his shoulders, his lips moved as if he wanted to say something, yet he couldn't speak.

Xiang Shu slowly turned around, and, along with Chen Xing, looked at Xiao Shan lying on the ground. The boy was struggling to rise up.

"Xiao Shan?" Chen Xing dragged his chains and the stone pillar as he arduously walked over. Yet Xiao Shan slowly got up with the two steel claws in his hands. The endless stream of resentment that had still been curling in the sky were all sucked into the claws!

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