Chapter 43.2 - Wild Ambition

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Chen Xing suddenly understood. When Zhou Zhen reappeared in front of Che Luofeng, he must've made him drink the wine mixed with the potion containing the Devil God's blood. At that time, Che Luofeng was impulsive; it was very likely he regretted it not long after drinking it!

But he already had no chance of turning back —— as a result, he fell deeper and deeper until the current events.

For a moment, Chen Xing didn't know whether to save him or not. Che Luofeng slaughtered the whole Akele clan and was guilty of terrible crimes. But if not because of Zhou Zhen's coercion, it surely wouldn't have ended up this way. Thinking for a long while, Chen Xing eventually gave up. In any event, let's just do it ba. Save his life first; dying like this is letting him off too easily. Che Luofeng is Xiang Shu's Anda, so he has to be punished by him. At least take him back to Chi Le Chuan and make him apologize before killing him.

"This will protect your heart… if you still have one,” Chen Xing said softly. He then ignited the Heart Lamp and pressed it on Che Luofeng's chest!

All of a sudden, Sima Wei abruptly turned his head and looked at Chen Xing and Che Luofeng.

Chen Xing closed his eyes, and his whole body was shrouded in blinding light. Pressing Che Luofeng's chest, it was just like that day in Carosha when he woke Xiang Shu up. Resentment has already wrapped around Che Luofeng's whole body, but Chen Xing's hands were forcibly injecting the Heart Lamp's power into Che Luofeng's heart!

At that very moment, Che Luofeng shouted painfully. The power of Heart Lamp within his body fiercely struggled against the Devil God's blood, frantically fighting for control over his life and death. The Devil God's blood was dragging him into the dark abyss called death, while the Heart Lamp was like a sharp blade that tightly held onto both his yin and yang souls. Che Luofeng's life was constantly being pulled by these two forces, and his soul was almost torn to pieces!

"Let me die ba!” Che Luofeng screamed.

Chen Xing suddenly let go and withdrew the Heart Lamp's power. Sima Wei immediately strode towards Chen Xing, grabbing him by the collar and dragging him away from Che Luofeng.

Che Luofeng kept rolling for a moment before stopping. He then lay on one side, motionless.

Dead? Chen Xing thought, Or will there be any changes later? He couldn't take his eyes off Che Luofeng, but then, Sima Wei suddenly spoke.

"You interfered with the process of transforming him into a drought fiend,” Sima Wei's voice wasn't as hoarse as Sima Yue’s, and it was somewhat like a living person. "You sealed the last bit of his humanity in his heart.”

Chen Xing: "!!!”

Chen Xing suddenly raised his head and looked at Sima Wei. However, Sima Wei just tied the chain to the stone pillar and told him not to move around.

Chen Xing: "Sima Wei, do you remember what happened when you were still alive?”

Sima Wei made a small movement as if wanting to take off his helmet, but Che Luofeng began to twitch, and Sima Wei suddenly stopped.

They looked at Che Luofeng who slowly got up from the ground. His eyes were cloudy and expressionless as he stared at Chen Xing.

"Shulü Kong… Shulü Kong…" Che Luofeng murmured.

From the foot of the mountain, the sounds of people fighting and horses neighing were getting nearer. From behind him, an iron claw lightly scratched Chen Xing. Chen Xing almost turned his head, but managed to restrain his shock and retreated slowly.

Wearing his dragon claws, Xiao Shan quietly climbed up the Yin Mountains' peak. Chen Xing retreated to the pillar and looked at Che Luofeng.

Che Luofeng closely examined Chen Xing and muttered: "I want to… kill you. Shulü Kong is mine… nobody… can take him away…"

Che Luofeng's state of mind appeared to be disordered. Chen Xing didn't know whether this was because he had used the Heart Lamp just now, but Che Luofeng right now seemed to be very persistent. He clutched a dagger and was ready to attack and kill Chen Xing at any time.

Sima Wei drew out his longsword and stood in front of Chen Xing.

At the same time, the fighting's sound at the foot of the mountain was getting even closer, as if there was another army in the Yin Mountains' gorge. Chen Xing just didn't know which side it came from, whether it was their side or the enemy's. He kept moving back until the edge of the platform, then flicked his finger.

In an instant, from behind him, Xiao Shan became a phantom and woosh, he flicked across. Sima Wei immediately turned around, aware of the enemy's approach; he abandoned Che Luofeng and rushed forward with his sword!

However, when Xiao Shan's iron claws hit the chain, a ‘ding' resounded, but the iron chain didn't break!

Damn, this chain isn't ordinary! Xiao Shan quickly waved his claws again to break the chain, but it still didn't budge in the slightest! Sima Wei's sword was already in front of the two men, Chen Xing immediately pushed Xiao Shan away and shouted, "Run! You can't cut it!"

"I go save him!” Xiao Shan climbed up the stone pillar and shouted to Chen Xing, "I go save him! Wait!"

Chen Xing immediately understood that Xiao Shan meant "I've come to save you, don't worry.” In front of him, Sima Wei promptly moved away his sword and flew to the pillar. Xiao Shan leaped away like a wolf and moved over to another pillar. He bared his teeth and growled at Sima Wei.

"Leave me first!” Chen Xing shouted, "Get Xiang Shu up here! Quick!"

Sima Wei transformed into a black whirlwind. Xiao Shan had to backflip on the stone pillar and fly off the platform. Sima Wei chased after him and also flew off.

As soon as Sima Wei, who was protecting Chen Xing, was drawn away, Che Luofeng was out of control once again. He clutched his dagger and walked slowly towards Chen Xing, his eyes unfocused.

"Kill you, kill you.”

Chen Xing thought: Why hasn't Xiang Shu come yet?! With all his might, he used the iron chain to hit the pillar and shouted, "Xiang Shu! Xiang Shu! I'm here!" In a moment of desperation, he activated the Heart Lamp.

Xiang Shu actually wasn't that far, but he was moving very slowly. Chen Xing sensed him! He was on a canyon less than a hundred steps from here.

Che Luofeng was getting nearer to Chen Xing, Chen Xing yelled, "Shulü Kong! If you don't come, I will be hacked to death by your Anda!"

There was a roar coming from the canyon: "Shut up!”

When Che Luofeng heard Xiang Shu's voice reverberating in the canyon, he instantly went mad and pounced on Chen Xing uncontrollably, shouting: "I'll kill you first!”

Chen Xing blocked using the iron chain, making a ‘ding' sound as he parried Che Luofeng's dagger. After retreating once again, he was already at the edge of the cliff. When he was hit by Che Luofeng, he immediately stepped into the air and shouted as he fell straight off the cliff.


Xiang Shu had already fought his way through the heart of the canyon. When he looked up, he saw Chen Xing's body fall from the summit of more than 20 zhang.

In an instant, Xiang Shu reeled as if he had received a heavy blow, but Chen Xing stopped in mid-air after only falling for a moment.

"HANDS HURT SO MUCH AAAAAA!” Chen Xing shouted hard. The iron chains made him dangle and swung left and right on the cliff!

"Hold on!” Xiang Shu was so angry that he shouted, "I'm coming!”

Chen Xing turned his head and was about to shout "Help me!” when he suddenly froze.

Zhou Zhen commanded the Rouran army of thousands of people and horses as they continuously encircled and sieged the canyon. Sima Yue stood on the top of mountain rock, watching the battle with a pitch-black magical artifact in his hand. The canyon was already covered with dead bodies, and the snow was all tainted with black blood.

Yet, there was only one Xiang Shu fighting madly in the canyon.

That's right, one person.

Chen Xing: "………………………………………………………”

Xiang Shu was fully-armored and armed with a broadsword. He charged all over the place on foot, and wherever he went, he swept away the enemy. There were tens of thousands of enemies, but none could get close to him.

"Xiang Shu, you crazy ma?” Chen Xing immediately changed what he wanted to say and quickly rambled, "Xiang Shu, go away! You quickly leave ah——! You crazy ma?! Why are you alone?!"

Xiang Shu, with blood all over his head and face, took off his helmet and threw it to the ground. He looked up at Chen Xing, who was swinging on the cliff, and shouted, "Take care of your head!”

Half of Che Luofeng’s body appeared on the cliff. He began to shoot arrows, and one managed to graze Chen Xing's face. Chen Xing had to swing around to avoid them. Xiao Shan had escaped Sima Wei's pursuit a long time ago. He rushed to the summit and waved his claws towards Che Luofeng head-on.

Che Luofeng was immediately scratched in the chest and fell backwards.

With a loud cry, Xiao Shan positioned his iron claws on the base of the stone pillar and used them to pry it up. Chen Xing grabbed the chain and climbed up. In a hurry, he vaguely realized that Xiang Shu unexpectedly only rushed in with Xiao Shan to rescue himself. Where are the people of Chi Le Chuan?! Where is everybody? Don't tell me something happened to them again ba?!

"Xiang Shu!” Chen Xing turned his head as he climbed and shouted down the cliff, "Don't worry! I can protect myself! You can't beat them all, just run! Don't show-off!"

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One knight in (not) shining armor has come to save day!

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3 months ago

the translator note omg lol. im ded, imagine CX swinging around to avoid arrows all the while XS is fighting alone against thousands

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sima wei is actually Touba Yan isn’t he

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You have to admit Xiang Shu is pretty impressive.
Also CLF, its all very sad, i hope we can cut him loose now.
Thank you for Translating!

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The number of times I face-slapped myself while reading this chapter is uncountable. ??‍♀️?