Chapter 36.2 - Gray Wolf

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Chen Xing only understood a little ancient Xiongnu language. With his broken ancient Xiongnu, he asked a few questions with words that didn’t truly convey his meaning. The child didn’t answer him and revealed a doubtful expression, looking like he was thinking about something. Chen Xing couldn’t be any more familiar with that expression -- Xiang Shu often wore it as well. It was an expression that signalled that they were wary, yet also keen on trusting the other party -- an expression of hesitation.

“Shall I sing you a song?” Chen Xing emulated the Chi Le Chuan people and sang, “Chi Le Chuan, under the Yin mountains...”

The child’s expression relaxed a little, and the pack of wolves gradually retreated as well. They could clearly sense that Chen Xing wasn’t hostile.

Once he was done singing, Chen Xing had second thoughts and suddenly thought that there was something strange about this. Just now, the asshole who pursued Xiang Shu was a drought friend, but this child was clearly not with them.

“Did you see the crows?” Chen Xing copied a crow’s cry and flapped his arms a few times, saying, “Ah! Ah!”

The child suddenly laughed, yet Chen Xing couldn’t laugh. He pointed to another direction and said, “My Protector ran after the crows.”

The child put on a stern expression as well. Chen Xing held his forehead with one hand, what should he do now?! He’s dying here!

Soon after, that child went back and took out a dragon claw that he put on his left hand.

Chen Xing remembered that the Cangqiong Yilie came in a set of two claws, so why did it turn into one now?

“May I take a look?” Chen Xing asked.

The child watched Chen Xing vigilantly as Chen Xing reached out, then lifted his hand to claw at him. Chen Xing quickly withdrew his hand. The child motioned for him to get out of the way, then he used his claws to start drawing on the snow.

Chen Xing, “?”

With his hands on his knees, Chen Xing looked down at the zigzag lines drawn by the child.

“No, no,” Chen Xing said, “I was talking about crows, what the hell are you drawing? A map?”

Chen Xing turned around and picked up a branch. He drew a few birds, then drew a small person holding a sword in front, and another person chasing from behind, then he drew a few mountains below.

The child roared angrily, then wiped away Chen Xing’s drawings. He reached out with his claws in a bid to claw at him, and Chen Xing would be sliced apart if he was just touched by it, so Chen Xing could only cower and quickly say, “Okay, okay, you draw, I won’t fight you.”

The child drew for a long while and seemed to forget some things as he even scratched his head for a long time in between. At last, he barely managed to finish his drawing that he showed to Chen Xing.

“Ah! You drew really well!” Chen Xing’s thoughts weren’t on accompanying this child to draw at all. He was extremely anxious about the situation on Xiang Shu’s side. The child beckoned again to motion for him to go over, so Chen Xing went closer. The child then put the dragon claw that flashed with a cold glint on his neck.

“Please excuse this humble one for not understanding it ah!” Chen Xing wailed in anguish, “Why are you like this?! Isn’t it enough for me to say that you drew really well?”

“Wait...” Chen Xing suddenly saw something and said, “These are words!”

This was the Great Seal script! Chen Xing was flabbergasted. This damn brat can actually write in the Great Seal script?!

“Xiao...Shan?” Chen Xing said, “Where’s that?”

When the child heard those two words, his eyes lit up in an instant and he nodded at Chen Xing.

“It’s your name?” Chen Xing asked, “You’re called Xiao Shan?”

The child pointed at himself and nodded.

Chen Xing, “Worthy little brother, that truly is a nice name. Now you can let me go ba.”

Xiao Shan lifted his claws and gave the wolf pack directions, seeming very much like an alpha wolf. His expression turned stern, and the wolf pack gathered over, and they instead left Chen Xing at one side. He heard Xiao Shan suppress some grunts in his throat, and after that, he arched his neck again and cried out with an “aowu--”.

“Where is he?!” Chen Xing asked, “Where did you take King Akele to? Return him to me!”

The wolf pack leapt in all directions and all jumped away through the top of the cliff. Xiao Shan lunged up the cliff, turned around and went down the passage, and with all four limbs on the ground, he ran with them as well.

“Where are they going?” Chen Xing was utterly baffled and could only run after them. As Xiao Shan ran, he looked back and realised that Chen Xing wasn’t there, then went back to drag him over a little impatiently.

“My arm’s gonna dislocate ahhhhh!”

Xiao Shan ran very quickly, and he was small too. Chen Xing bowed over as he was dragged along, and his arm was about to break. After running for awhile while trying to catch his breath, he quickly said, “I’m not running anymore, you guys play by yourselves ba...”

So Xiao Shan had to whistle, and suddenly, the giant wolf turned around again and bit Chen Xing. With just a few leaps, it had jumped up the cliff. Chen Xing’s head faced backward, and no matter what he asked, the other party wouldn’t answer, so he could only let it do what it wanted.

After running for awhile, all of the wolves stopped. At dusk, the sky was dark; they had stopped on a mountain ridge, and in front of them was a gap between two mountains. They had come from one crack in Carosha to another.

Chen Xing, “Let me down...”

Chen Xing forcefully pushed a few times. The giant wolf was about to open its mouth when Chen Xing saw a bottomless abyss below its feet. More than ten thousand wolves had stopped on top of a natural stone bridge that was less than six feet wide. Chen Xing’s soul scattered in an instant, and he quickly said, “Forget it, we should continue like this ba.”

The wolves were all very quiet, only the sound of Xiao Shan’s Cangqiong Yilie scratching against the ground could be heard. Chen Xing whispered, “Worthy little brother, could you not make that sort of noise.”

Xiao Shan glanced at Chen Xing. Chen Xing was being held in the wolf’s mouth with his face facing backwards so he couldn’t clearly see what was in front. He asked, “What happened? Are you guys lining up to cross the bridge?”

Xiao Shan twisted his head, signalling for him to turn around and look. Chen Xing struggled to turn his body in the wolf’s mouth, and after turning at a slight angle, he suddenly beheld an extremely strange scene--

-- under the stone bridge was a narrow valley filled with withered trees. Both sides of the cliffs were almost covered in crows’ nests; fog pervaded its interior and was almost soaring into the sky. Within the valley, it seemed like a gigantic forest, and strong resentment was being released from deep within the forest!

Two figures appeared in the valley -- it was Xiang Shu, who was staggering as he carried an unconscious King Akele on his shoulder!

“Xiang Shu!” Chen Xing immediately said, “Go down and help!”

Xiao Shan nodded. He swung his claws, and the wolf pack leapt down from the stone bridge one after another.

Chen Xing forcefully held back a shout with all he had as he fell with the giant wolf. He was on the verge of falling apart. Immediately after, the wolf pack gathered outside the narrow valley. The crows inside the valley were instantly alert and started cawing madly. While flapping their wings vigorously they flew over from all sides and converged towards the entrance!

Chen Xing was put down and he shouted, “Xiang Shu!”

Xiang Shu seemed to have been injured. He wobbled out from within the valley, then suddenly stopped with some hesitation, as if he couldn’t recognise Chen Xing. There was a clear air of resentment entwined around him.

“Xiang Shu?” Chen Xing gradually came to a halt. He suddenly realised that the fog was getting thicker and thicker, and it had already submerged the entire valley.

“Wielder of the Heart Lamp,” a voice said in the fog, “You have finally...come here... unfortunately, it’s too late...”

“Who?” Chen Xing was instantly on guard. “Who’s that!”

Xiang Shu put down King Akele, his voice trembling a little as he said, “Go... go! Hurry and go! Leave this place...”

The crows danced around the two of them, accompanied by their hoarse cries. Xiang Shu actually seemed to dread this group of crows a lot. His eyes held a tinge of blood red. The wolf pack had dispersed within the fog and began fighting with the crows!

“Xiang Shu!” Not only did Chen Xing not back away, but he instead rushed forward. But just when he was less than 20 steps away from Xiang Shu, a sabre swung obliquely down from the side. Xiang Shu instinctively raised his sword to parry that move, yet the black armoured general appeared once again in the fog, accompanied by the crows cawing wildly!

“Crows... crows...” Xiang Shu’s voice trembled, and his whole body was shaking.

Chen Xing blocked in front of Xiang Shu. He raised his hand and shone the Heart Lamp at the fog. The black armoured general didn’t manage to hit with that one strike of his and vanished back into the fog. Chen Xing turned around and shouted, “Xiang Shu! You..” Before he could finish his sentence, his neck was suddenly clutched by Xiang Shu!

“I told you... not to follow along...” Wth a dangerous aura, Xiang Shu’s eyes looked just like when Feng Qianjun was possessed -- they had turned blood red. Xiang Shu roared angrily, “Why are you always making one-sided decisions by yourself!”

“You’ve...been possessed...” Chen Xing breathed in the ice cold fog and his head spun. The resentment here seemed different from the one in the mirror world’s Chang’an. The turbid white fog seemed to permeate one’s yin and yang souls as it got breathed in! Xiang Shu must be awakened at once!

Amidst the cold fog, the scene of a sea of fire when his family was destroyed instantly surfaced in Chen Xing’s mind... he resolutely lit up his Heart Lamp to guard his heart and blocked the invasion of the cold fog, then he lifted his hand and white light burst forth as he shouted, “Ex...pel!”

Xiang Shu was blinded by that dazzling white light; the shock he felt was far greater than that of Feng Qianjun’s, perhaps because of the predestined connection between an exorcist and their martial god. He instantly loosened his grip. Chen Xing  saw a chance and pressed one hand against Xiang Shu’s forehead!

Xiang Shu released both hands, his eyes opened wide. Chen Xing’s shining figure was reflected in his eyes. He crumbled and fell to his knees. Chen Xing increased the strength of his Heart Lamp, pressing it against his forehead and pushing him onto the ground. A flash exploded within Chen Xing’s mind, and within the connection of that white light, he suddenly broke into Xiang Shu’s boundless sea of thoughts!

“Heart Lamp...” That voice uttered from deep within the fog.

The fog curled over again. The black armoured general was clearly waiting for this moment. He swung his sabre down, but Xiao Shan rushed out from the side and raised his claws to block the general’s strike!

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