Chapter 36.1 - Gray Wolf

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Xiang Shu released the horses and walked through the snow.

Chen Xing followed behind Xiang Shu, looking up apprehensively, yet he didn’t see the child who had been leading the wolves. Subsequently, Xiang Shu took off his gloves and stood behind Chen Xing, using both his index fingers to block Chen Xing’s ears.

Chen Xing, “???”

Xiang Shu took a deep breath, then let out a deep wolf howl. After that, it built up into a prolonged roar, one sounding after the other. At first, there was only an intense resonance, but later on it brimmed with strength and vigor, and it actually seemed to rend the heavens and earth -- with just the vibrations of the thunderous roars, it managed to shake the mountains! Chen Xing couldn’t stand the vibrations and felt horribly dizzy, while the wolf pack began to stir and retreat.

Chen Xing shouted, “You’ll cause an avalanche!”

Right after he spoke, the snow on top of the mountains collapsed and fell into the crack between the mountains. The wolf pack began scuttling away in all directions. The moment the avalanche started, Xiang Shu stopped his roar, and what came next was an earthshaking avalanche. It filled the gap in the mountains, piled up, and halfway up the mountain, a new path appeared because of the snow that had rolled and plummeted down.

The wolves had all escaped long ago. Only then did Xiang Shu take off the huge sword behind him as if nothing had happened and say in a low voice, “Let’s go.”

Half of the accumulated snow on Carosha had been shaken off by the vibrations, revealing a winding stone road within the mountains. Chen Xing didn’t know how to comment on this ability of Xiang Shu’s at all. He said, “With that sort of ability, would you still need to fight a war? Just cause an avalanche, and everything will be over.”

Xiang Shu wore his gloves and casually replied, “Most of the mountains don’t have much snow accumulated on them. For example, I can’t do it at the Yin mountains.”

Chen Xing thought, you actually answered me seriously? Aren’t you a bit too arrogant?? The two of them went around the huge lake and arrived at the foot of the mountain. There were no steps they could climb up the mountain with, only the bare rocks that the wild wolves had used to jump off of and ancient wooden tenons nailed into the cliff for the Xiongnu in the past to ascend the mountain with.

Xiang Shu made a “please” gesture towards Chen Xing.

Chen Xing, “...”

If Chen Xing climbed up like this, he would die, so he could only say obediently, “I’ll have to trouble you.”

Xiang Shu glanced at him with a mocking gaze. Chen Xing naturally knew that right after the two of them had fought on the way here, having to now swallow his anger and ask for his help was too humiliating. He was about to speak when Xiang Shu casually wrapped one arm around him and picked him up in a bridal carry style. With one leap, he landed lightly on the nearest rock before leaping off again.

Chen Xing instantly felt like he was treading on clouds as he flew with Xiang Shu.

“Such a Han,” Xiang Shu mocked.

“Aren’t you half Han yourself!?!” Chen Xing retorted angrily, but on second thought, he added, “Why do you always look like you bear bitter feelings of resentment against the Hans? Your mother was clearly a Han too!”

Xiang Shu, “If it wasn’t because you Hans drove her into a corner with your ruthlessness and bullied a lone woman, why would she have had to escape to Chi Le Chuan?”

Chen Xing, “If that hadn’t happened, would there be a you? Don’t deny the benefits you gained...”

Xiang Shu didn’t reply to him, and a short moment later, the two of them were almost halfway up the mountain. Suddenly, Xiang Shu placed Chen Xing on a rock. Chen Xing quickly said, “Don’t joke around! Hey!”

That rock was a bare piece that jutted out halfway up the mountain, not close to either the sky or ground. Chen Xing could tell straight away that Xiang Shu was trying to mess with him. He hurriedly hugged the rock tight and said, “I was wrong! Take me up!”

Yet Xiang Shu had disappeared from the mountainside within the blink of an eye. He whistled and said, “I’ll go take a look at the situation first.”

Chen Xing said, “Get me up there first!”

Chen Xing didn’t dare move and could only stand on the rock that was about three inches square in size. When he looked down, there was a valley ten zhang high below him, and when he looked up, all he saw was a bare precipice.

“Bastard!” Chen Xing hugged the rock and shouted, “Bastard!!”

Xiang Shu turned around the cliff and suddenly took half a step back, the foot of his heel scraping off a bit of snow that fell and landed on Chen Xing’s head. Chen Xing looked up, and just when he was about to shout, he suddenly saw Xiang Shu extending one hand out from the edge of the cliff, his index finger shaking gently.

Chen Xing immediately understood -- Xiang Shu was telling him not to speak.

There’s an enemy up there?! Chen Xing had a vague conjecture: since the passage halfway up the mountain was narrow, perhaps Xiang Shu was indeed afraid that if they really encountered a wolf, he would squeeze Chen Xing down during the fight and cause him to get hurt.

Xiang Shu slowly turned around the narrow path, went around a piece of rock that jutted out, and saw a living corpse clad in heavy pitch black armour and a scimitar in hand. The living corpse’s outer armour was covered with frost, and it stood face to face with Xiang Shu.

A black shadow general -- that armour looked just like the one worn by Sima Lun that they had bumped into in Chang’an City!

In the next moment, both of them moved at the same time! Xiang Shu withdrew to dodge, leaping into a somersault. The black shadow general unsheathed his sabre and swung it down on his head! Within an instant, countless crows flew out of the mountains, letting out hoarse cries as all of them rushed towards Xiang Shu, who was on the narrow passage halfway up the mountain!

Xiang Shu paused, then shouted angrily as if he had lost all reason, “Get lost!”

Chen Xing didn’t dare make a sound. He looked up, only to see that a black cloud had already formed on the mountainside that seemed to blot out the sky -- it was formed entirely from crows. They began to attack Xiang Shu like crazy. Chen Xing took a deep breath, lighting up the Heart Lamp in his hand, only to hear Xiang Shu shout loudly. The heavy sword in his hand burst with a bright light, and he swung it to force the birds back.

“Don’t use the Heart Lamp!” Xiang Shu was afraid that Chen Xing would attract the crows. He immediately swung his heavy sword, then went up the cliff again in a flash and roared, “Wait for me right where you are!” Then he flew away from the mountainside as he leapt to even higher ground!

That black shadow general bent down a little. Black vapour burst out from his body, gathering to form a hook that he threw up the cliff. It was only then that Chen Xing managed to get a clear view of the enemy’s appearance.

In just a short moment, Xiang Shu had already disappeared into the other side of the cliff, while the black shadow general and a huge group of crows were like ominous clouds that chased right after him!

Chen Xing wanted to climb up, but he wasn’t as skilled as Xiang Shu at all and almost fell down the cliff. It was fortunate that Xiang Shu hadn’t carried him up to the cliff’s narrow passageway, otherwise when they had met face-to-face with the enemies, they would’ve definitely been ambushed, and Xiang Shu couldn’t have gone all out while carrying Chen Xing. He could only hope that he... right at that moment, Chen Xing suddenly felt a sense of danger.

A wolf howled. Wolf claws suddenly struck at him from behind. Chen Xing turned around; he didn’t know when but a huge pack of wolves had already gathered on the rock by the cliff!


“I’m warning you guys,” Chen Xing said, “I know martial arts too.”

Three wolves pounced at him and instantly lifted him down from the rock. Chen Xing let out a blood-curdling scream.

Xiang Shu, who was crossing the mountain range, suddenly turned around, shock evident in his eyes. He slowed down, but the black shadow general had already rushed over!

Chen Xing felt the world spinning around him as he was dragged down from halfway up the mountain. His body kept falling, yet his nape was bitten by a wolf in midair before he was flung away! After which, the wolves knocked him around in mid air, one after another, and when they finally got to the canyon, the biggest wolf bit his waist and instantly held him in its mouth. However, it didn’t hurt Chen Xing and instead rushed deep into the canyon with Chen Xing in its mouth.

Chen Xing, “This is so gross! Why do you have so much saliva!”

Chen Xing was drenched in saliva from being held in the wolf’s mouth, and Chen Xing’s face was all moist from it as well. He kept struggling and freed one hand from the wolf’s mouth to harshly slap the wolf in its face. However, the giant wolf was truly too big and was completely indifferent to his efforts. Within an instant, ten thousand wolves rushed into the canyon together, and their dash lasted for nearly a quarter of an hour. When they arrived outside a cave, they flung Chen Xing away and onto the ground.

Hu, hu...” Chen Xing wiped his face and crawled up from the snow, gasping constantly for breath.

And where was this?

Chen Xing found himself in a dim valley. Instead of calling it a valley, it might be better to call it a cave instead. At the bottom of an open air space surrounded by steep cliffs was a cave; rocks were scattered around it in a mass that stacked atop one another, and black wolves crouched low everywhere.

The mouth of the cave was covered with a piece of tiger skin. Under the light of day, a small, fox-like figure slowly walked out from within. Although it was small, it seemed like an extremely dangerous beast. The pack of wolves all bowed to it one after another.

Chen Xing kept moving back, thinking, you guys just like to bully scholars, right? Wait ‘till Xiang Shu frees himself, then just wait and see if he’ll beat you bunch of beasts to death.

Under the light, Chen Xing suddenly saw the appearance of the small animal clearly -- it was human!

“Why is it you?!” Chen Xing shouted.

Wuoah--” The child let out an angry roar, then lunged from the ground and wrapped both legs around Chen Xing’s waist and pushed him down onto the snow outside the cave. Chen Xing shouted, “Damn brat! What do you want?!”

That child no longer had the dragon claws in his hands, and both his hands were downright dirty. After pushing Chen Xing down, he grabbed two handfuls of snow and slapped him back and forth, smudging the pile of snow all over Chen Xing’s face before stuffing his mouth with snow as well.

Chen Xing, “Cough cough, let me go, wu... I said...”

“Enough!” Chen Xing was being held down on the ground and couldn’t fight back at all while being bullied by a child. He finally exploded.

That child was clearly taking revenge for the time when Chen Xing had hit him from the tree, and after his revenge was over, he jumped up again and squatted on a rock with both his legs slightly ajar. With a wolf cap on his head, he looked down at Chen Xing from above.

Chen Xing struggled to get up, battered and exhausted as he patted off the snow on his body.

“Ask your family’s grown-up to come out and talk!” Chen Xing demanded angrily, “Where’s Akeles? Where did you take him?”

That child’s face was filled with doubt as he stared at Chen Xing. Chen Xing studied this child and finally saw his appearance and figure clearly. The child was both dark and skinny, and seemed to be about eight or nine years old. Even though it was winter, his chest was exposed, and he didn’t seem to fear the cold in the slightest. His legs were wrapped in beast skin while he wore a steel blue wolf cap on his head; that wolf skin was one whole piece and also acted as a cloak. Between his crotch, there was only a beast skin with decorative patterns wrapped around his waist, and he now had his legs open wide without any decency...

“Aren’t you ashamed?!” Chen Xing said, “Don’t you have pants at home? Could you wear some pants first?”

The child clearly didn’t understand him. With just one slight movement, the pack of wolves turned around and crouched down behind him, staring threateningly at Chen Xing.

Chen Xing surveyed his surroundings and thought, I’ve truly had enough, who on earth is this child? Was he raised by wolves? He had once heard that in the mountains, some human babies would be occasionally picked up by wild wolves, and they would look just like this after being raised by them.

“Can you speak the Xianbei language?” Chen Xing thought that it was normal for this damn brat to not understand the Han language, so he tried speaking in Xianbei. When he saw that the other party didn’t respond, he switched to the Xiongnu language. The child was still studying him and never stopped his considering look, as if he was wondering if this guy would taste better roasted or raw.

Chen Xing switched to the stiff, ancient Xiongnu language that he had learnt on the way here and asked again, “Where’s the adult in your family? Who are you?”

Some hesitation could be seen in the child’s gaze, and Chen Xing immediately knew that he had understood. He took a step forward, yet the child let out a threatening roar, and the pack of wolves were instantly nervous again.

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