Chapter 31 - First Snow

Dinghai Fusheng Records

“Shut up! Che Luofeng! He saved your life!”

Translator(s): Elestrea
Editor(s): juurensha

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Translator's Comment:

So happy there are a lot of readers drawing/writing Dinghai stuffs these days!

Lycieratia and Asami from Discord drew some cute sketches of ShuXing!

namio from Twitter also drew a fanart of them based on the physical book’s design.

There’s also a Dinghai Gaming AU fanfic by namio that you can check here! The characters have yet to appear but don’t worry, the only thing you need to know is that THEY ARE A PERFECT COUPLE! It’s spoiler-free too so feel free to check it out!

A post-cannon fic of ShuXing written by Yukinia from AO3:

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), namio and Caro.



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