Chapter 30.1 - Autumn Close

Dinghai Fusheng Records

"I’m praising your beauty! You Hu people really are unromantic!"

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Chapter revised by Elestrea on 15/10/2021.

Translator(s): Elestrea
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Translator's Comment:

OK, I’ve been in this pit for so very long and see no exit at all… so when Zryuu tempted me to help around, guess who fell right into the trap. Anywaaaaaaaay, hello everyone! Let me assure you that Dinghai is a MASTERPIECE and you will NOT regret reading it! I’m always open to some fangirling too, so just ping me on Discord or Twitter and I’ll scream with you happily.

Also, we are working on translating and subbing Tianbao Audio Drama Season 1 and some of the AD baits snippets should be out within a week. Tianbao is Dinghai’s sequel which is set around 400 years after Dinghai, you can see it here.

15/10/2021: More than 2 years later and I finally edited this since I just realized there were so many awkward phrasings. I had just begun translating at that time, so most likely I was still juggling to find the balance between keeping and getting the flow right, more so because I really had no previous experience other than writing… reports… (since I will only be editing the subsequent chapters whenever I have the time… please forgive me in advance, new readers T_T)

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