Chapter 25.2 - Counterattack

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"To be born, to grow old, to get sick, and to die are all the most bitter affairs of the world."

Translator(s): Zryuu

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Present world Chang’an, in Weiyang Palace.

Feng Qianyi seemed to be waiting for something?

Doubts involuntarily arose in Chen Xing. After all, the black armoured general did not lead the army in besieging Ahfang Palace, so it was most likely guarding Feng Qianyi by his side, while the vanguard troops that were dispatched were just the lowest-levelled ordinary living corpses.

An eerie wind blew by. Chen Xing suddenly had a strong sense of insecurity. This was his first time really being apart from Xiang Shu along his journey since reuniting with him. When the two of them were separated by a mirror, it was as if the Heart Lamp had lost its powers as a magic weapon.


Chen Xing took a deep breath, close his eyes, opened them again, and walked towards Hanguang Palace.

He saw the hundreds of shadow warriors that were standing on guard outside the palace. When he arrived outside, all of the warriors drew their swords at the same time.

“Is there a need to be that nervous? Chen Xing raised his voice, “Feng Qianyi, I have a few questions for you.”


After he spoke, Chen Xing extended a hand, and the light of the Heart Lamp burst out from his palm. That light was incomparably resplendent and instantly illuminated the area outside Hanguang Palace. The shadow warriors weren’t like low-level living corpses and would not scatter in fear because of this white light, but they were still slightly apprehensive as they retreated a bit.

“I’ve given you a chance,” Feng Qianyi said coldly, “Chen Xing, you are truly the pinnacle of foolishness! Even right now, you still have the naive delusion of attempting to challenge me with that Heart Lamp of yours that has no mana at all?!”

Chen Xing walked onto the steps and entered the palace. Shadow warriors with brandished swords stood on all sides and tightly encircled him; as long as Feng Qianyi issued an order, they would be able to hack him into pieces in an instant.


“I’ll give you a chance now too,” Chen Xing said, “Turn back ba, Feng Qianyi. Let go of your obsession, you can still pull back before it’s too late.”

Feng Qianyi burst out into raucous laughter in an instant. “Do you even understand what it means by pulling back before it’s too late?”

He lowered his head and looked down on Chen Xing from above, then enunciated each word carefully,

“Although Princess Qinghe is a Xianbei, she became destitute and homeless when she was 14 years old. Her entire family had to move to Chang’an, and together with her younger brother who wasn’t even 13 years old then, turned into Fu Jian’s toy. They were imprisoned deep in the palace, where they couldn’t even see the light of day, and were forced to suffer through utmost humiliation! If they had said one wrong word or did one wrong thing, their entire clan would have died without a burial place. That’s called obsessions?”

“When your wife gets killed by the Qin State’s army in a war, when two of your children get stabbed to death, and when both your legs get crushed by carriage wheels such that you turn into a cripple who can only live in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, you had better, by all means, remember what you said today. Then you can act that generously at the expense of others and persuade yourself to pull back before it’s too late! To turn around and repent!”

Chen Xing said lightly, “You’ve forgotten that you’re not the only one who lost your home and family.”

Feng Qianyi was stunned in an instant. Chen Xing smiled and continued, “You’re even the one who told me the inside story regarding my family’s death. Otherwise, I would never have known who was the one who hung my parents for the rest of my life.”

Feng Qianyi had actually forgotten all about that. He roared angrily, “You degenerate descendant of the Chen family! You’ve never considered taking revenge for your country and family, so you’re both disloyal and unfilial -- how could you have the face to come denounce me?!”

“Wake up! Feng Qianyi!” Chen Xing suddenly shouted with a resounding voice, “How does your method of revenge make you any different from Fu Jian?! How many tragedies have you caused?! You inflicted your own suffering on thousands of families in Chang’an City. You’re even worse than Fu Jian!”

Feng Qianyi laughed maniacally and slowly said, “Do you think this is the end? To be born, to grow old, to get sick, and to die are all the most bitter affairs of the world. Death, will never be the end……when my Lord descends upon the world, all of the dead will once again live in the human world in another way……”

Chen Xing’s heart jolted -- those were the words he was waiting for! He finally got it out of him!

“Who is it?” Chen Xing narrowed his eyes.

Feng Qianyi raised one hand and slowly pointed to the black armoured general in front of him who was guarding the emperor’s throne. He mocked, “Do you still not understand? But then again, you’re the only exorcist in this world now. With your insignificant, meagre strength, how would you be able to stop the coming of my Lord?”

After he spoke, the black armoured general slowly took his helmet off and revealed his handsome face.


The atmosphere was dead quiet. Chen Xing, who should’ve cooperated and shout in surprise, “it’s you?!”, now calmly said, “I’m sorry, I really can’t recognise who your lord is.”

Feng Qianyi turned indignant and shouted, “He’s not my Lord! I just wanted to let you see! Do you know who he is? He’s the king of the Central Plains! Nearly a hundred years ago, he was the Prince of Zhao in the Jin Dynasty -- Sima Lun!”

Chen Xing, “……”

Chen Xing instantly recalled -- the prince of the previous dynasty who was revived in Mt. Longzhong was the Prince of Chu, Sima Wei!

“How many more have you guys revived?” Chen Xing’s expression darkened as he asked.

Feng Qianyi said slowly, “Ever since I obtained the Yin Yang Mirror, I have always been waiting for this moment of rebirth. You won’t have the chance to witness it anymore after today; in the days to come, the eight princes will be revived one by one……”

A chill instantly ran down Chen Xing’s spine. He took half a step back and heard Feng Qianyi continue, “After unifying the Divine Land, even if the Exorcism Department were to revive, they would have no way of stopping it, let alone just you?! Take him down! Chen Tianchi, I’m doing this for your own good. When you obtain this eternal life, you’ll understand its benefits……”

After he spoke, Sima Lun’s corpse had already strode toward Chen Xing. Chen Xing kept one hand behind his back; he knew that he would not be able to get anything else out from him anymore, so he spurred the Yin Yang Mirror, and the resentment that twined around the mirror began to stir. Within an instant, a bright light burst forth from several bronze mirrors within the hall.

Xiang Shu, Feng Qianjun, and Tuoba Yan rushed out at the same time!

Feng Qianyi had long ago known that Chen Xing coming forward alone was merely a bluff, so he had dispatched warriors in advance to surround the periphery of the palace until not even a drop of water could trickle out. But he had never expected that Chen Xing would actually use the world in the Yin Yang Mirror as a passage to trip him up!

Within an instant, Feng Qianjun had taken on Feng Qianyi directly. Xiang Shu brandished his sword to take Sima Lun down, while Chen Xing immediately withdrew and hid behind the screen. Tuoba Yan spun around in mid air, swung his halberd out, and forced back the shadow warriors that had rushed into the hall, then stood guard in front of Chen Xing.

Chaos immediately descended upon the hall. There was a limit to how many warriors Hanguang Palace could accommodate. Xiang Shu captured a decisive opportunity and with a “clang”, he struck Sima Lun and sent him flying in an instant! Within the blink of an eye, the two of them had already exchanged several blows. Sima Lun wielded a pitch black long sword, and under Xiang Shu’s sword, he was actually being steadily pushed back!

Feng Qianjun had already rushed in front of Feng Qianyi. He reached out to clutch at his older brother and harshly threw him down from the throne!

Upon seeing this, Chen Xing said, “Protect me!”

Although Tuoba Yan was not as strong as Xiang Shu, he was still a brave military general who could ward off a thousand by himself. He stood guard in front of Chen Xing, and once again pushed back the tide of shadow warriors that flooded in to rescue Feng Qianyi.

Chen Xing temporarily shelved the matter of Feng Qianyi aside. He put in all his might to spur the Heart Lamp, gathered his hands together, and twisted his hands in casting gestures. The white light of the Heart Lamp grew brighter and brighter, and in the end, the light in Hanguang Palace was so glaring that no one could even look straight at it!

With Chen Xing’s radiant light flooded the hall, all of the shadow warriors were immediately filled with dread. The nine runes on Xiang Shu’s huge sword started to light up one by one.

In the midst of the glaring light, Feng Qianjun pressed his elder brother down. Feng Qianyi struggled vigorously under the throne and showed a strange smile.

“Qianjun, you ah……” Feng Qianyi spoke with much difficulty.

Feng Qianjun roared angrily, “Why did you kill Qinghe?!”


“She’s……not dead……as long as you listen to me……” Feng Qianyi slowly said, “Pick up……your sabre ba. I promise you, as long as you listen to me, that wish of yours……”

Feng Qianjun, “……”

Within a split second, Feng Qianyi opened his mouth and gently spit out a mouthful of black fog, which sprayed onto his younger brother’s face.

Amidst the light, Xiang Shu exerted all the power he had accumulated throughout his life to its utmost -- retract, strike, and roar!

“BREAK——!” Chen Xing and Xiang Shu shouted at the same time.

The heavy sword drew out a fan-shaped light arc and swung out with a momentum that could shatter the heavens. Sima Lun raised his sword to block, but under the glaring light of the Heart Lamp, his sword broke!

Unfortunately, right at the moment the heavy sword struck Sima Lun’s breastplate, Chen Xing felt a tight grip around his neck, and he couldn’t breathe -- vines had constricted around his neck and now dragged him to the front of a pillar in the hall!

In the next moment, the heavy sword collided with Sima Lun’s black breastplate, but because it lost the power of Chen Xing’s Heart Lamp, all it could do was send Sima Lun flying. Sima Lun flipped in mid air, then bounced back towards Xiang Shu. His fist made contact with Xiang Shu’s chest, which also sent him flying!

Tuoba Yan was stunned and knocked Chen Xing away. Another vine curled over from a beam and tied him firmly to the pillar!

Xiang Shu was struck right in the area where Chen Xing had helped him connect his fractured rib bones a few days ago; Xiang Shu immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, and his vision went black. Chen Xing lunged towards Xiang Shu and was just about to drag him away when within that brief moment, thorny vines broke out from underneath the ground in the hall and bound the three of them very tightly.

Feng Qianjun was bathed in fire with the Senluo sabre brandished in front of him. He stood guard in front of Feng Qianyi with bloodshot eyes.

Feng Qianyi was calm and unruffled as he climbed up onto the emperor’s throne and sat down again. He slowly said, “Great Exorcist, if this were before silence had fallen on all magic, we could still have a proper fight. It’s a pity that the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth is now lost. If you intend to rely solely on that spark in your hand, you should just be resigned to your unfortunate fate ba……”

Chen Xing and Xiang Shu were tied together on a pillar. Xiang Shu exerted his utmost to struggle against the vines, but neither of them could break free. Most of Chen Xing’s body was tied onto Xiang Shu’s; the more it sunk in, the deeper it got. The vine kept tightening, and even soft cracking noises could be heard from the pillar.

Chen Xing, “……”

Xiang Shu was still resisting arduously, and no one knew where the huge sword he was wielding had gone to. Chen Xing’s whole body was pressed against his front. Xiang Shu turned his arm around to protect Chen Xing. The vines were moving slowly and began to strangle them even tighter.

Chen Xing, “What should……we do……”

Xiang Shu, “Think of a way to……wake him up……”

Xiang Shu let out a breath first, then sucked in with all his might as he tried to break the vines apart, but the vines only grew harder. Chen Xing felt like his body was about to burst from the strangling and said in intermittent gasps, “Feng……Dage, wake up!”

Feng Qianjun remained unmoved, his eyes still thoroughly bloodshot.

Tuoba Yan’s neck was being strangled. His eyes were wide open as he gripped the vines and kept trying to pull them away.


Feng Qianyi said slowly, “That’s all for today, everyone.”

“What about……your luck?!” Xiang Shu grit his teeth and barely held on. At this moment, the thorny vines were covered with barbs and had broken through their upper outer garments, piercing into Xiang Shu’s back and arms. Once the barbs drew back, he was immediately dripping with blood.

Following which, the vines brushed past Chen Xing’s shoulder, and dark red blood gushed out.

“You’re actually……actually, at this kind of timing……” Chen Xing was about to go mad. He didn’t know where he drew the strength from to chide angrily, “You’re actually hard! You’re actually hard at this kind of timing! Tell me how you managed to get hard!!”

Xiang Shu, “……”

It was as if the feeling of blood intertwined with their warm bodies had awakened an innate bloodthirsty tendency in Xiang Shu, which immediately made his blood boil, and his entire body inevitably react.

“Shut up!” Xiang Shu was making his final preparations before breaking free, but once he tried to breathe in a little, the old wound around his ribs would throb sharply.


Translator's Comment:

Zryuu: Next chapter will be the finale for volume 1!!!

Fanart of the last scene hahahahahahahha:

“What should……we do……”

“Where’s your……luck”

“You’re actually……”

“You’re actually hard! You’re actually hard at this kind of timing!”

“Tell me how you managed to get hard!!”

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Caro: Many thanks to Cat who never ceases to awe and amaze me everytime anew. Without her boundless efforts and never ending determination I would have never been able to locate the source of this chapter’s fanart. You are such a blessing to me!

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