Chapter 18.2 - Fantasy World

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But it was to no avail, as there were really too many living corpses. A sea of corpses had immediately surged forth and submerged the two of them in an instant. Chen Xing quickly covered his head and hid behind Xiang Shu. He then felt like the space in front of him had been vacated; Xiang Shu had spun around, performing a flying kick as he sent all of the surrounding living corpses that were trying to crush them flying away in an instant!

Following which, their vision went black again — the hoard of living corpses behind them had rushed forth; then it was empty once more. Xiang Shu had pushed back the second wave of living corpses once again. He dragged Chen Xing and began to escape. Chen Xing was staring agape; it was only then did he realise that Xiang Shu’s brilliant feats against the Jin army was true. Now that he was displaying the extent of his prowess, his figure was like a whirlwind that kicked away every wave of living corpses that advanced towards them, such that the corpses had no way of getting near them.

“Hit their heads!” Chen Xing shouted, “Hit their heads!”

“I can’t!” Xiang Shu roared angrily, “I can’t free my hands! Are there any in front?”

“The entire street is filled with them!” Chen Xing shouted, “There are still a lot ah!”

Xiang Shu, "......"

Xiang Shu threw the scabbard to Chen Xing and began pummeling the living corpses with both his fists and legs. Unexpectedly, he managed to clear a path while still unarmed. Chen Xing hugged the scabbard and followed behind as he trembled with fear. He carefully counted all of the living corpses for Xiang Shu in detail; all he could see were living corpses swirling in the air. Xiang Shu dragged some along like they were sandbags to use as weapons that he swept across the streets, smashing all of the other living corpses in the way.

“399! 400!” Chen Xing shouted, “You’ve hit 400!”

Xiang Shu, "This won’t do! There are too many!"

Chen Xing, “Can you climb onto the wall? And run along the wall?”

Xiang Shu, “Can’t get away! It’s too crowded! There’s no way to rush up the wall!”

Xiang Shu wanted to display his skills in leaping onto roofs and vaulting over walls, but the venue was too small — right after clearing a small patch of space, it would be quickly filled with living corpses once again.  He forcibly dragged Chen Xing and wanted to run onto the wall, but Chen Xing shouted, “It’ll dislocate! Don’t yank it like that! My arm will dislocate!!”

 Xiang Shu, “.....”

“This won’t work!” Xiang Shu said, “Retreat!”

Chen Xing, “I’ll think of something! I……can only emit light though! Ah?! Emit light! Emitting light will work!”

Chen Xing immediately lit up his Heart Lamp, and within an instant, the hoard of living corpses in front of him wailed in anguish as they dispersed in defeat.

Xiang Shu kept gasping for breath. His ribs hadn’t healed yet and were now throbbing sharply. He surveyed the surroundings, then looked at Chen Xing.

Chen Xing, “Aiya! This is great!”

 Xiang Shu, “.....”

Chen Xing had his back stuck to the wall of the house at the side of the street. A glaring light was bursting out from his hand, and wherever it touched, living corpses that acted like they were carps crossing a river would instantly form a crescent-shaped encirclement as they fled in a hurry. The living corpses avoided any area the white light illuminated, just like what had happened in Mt. Longzhong.

Ha!” Chen Xing was feeling elated when he almost got punched by Xiang Shu. He quickly ducked to avoid him and wailed, “Don’t hit me?!”

As soon as Chen Xing avoided the hit, the white light from his Heart Lamp disappeared, and the living corpse hoard roared in a frenzy before closing in on them again! Xiang Shu only wanted to threaten him a little and hadn’t intended to actually hit him. He immediately shouted, “Emit light! Hurry!” Then he grabbed Chen Xing’s wrist and forcibly dragged him out to face the living corpses.

“My hand’s gonna break!” Chen Xing shouted, “Don’t be so rough!”

The light was restored, and the living corpses began fleeing again.

Chen Xing, “Do you feel like killing me now?”

 Xiang Shu, “.....”

The two of them observed their surroundings. Xiang Shu said, “Let’s go ah!” So he half-carried Chen Xing as he dragged him forward. As he walked, he suddenly turned around again, and Chen Xing got a fright. “What are you doing?!”

“Your back!” Xiang Shu said impatiently.

It was as if the white light emitted by the Heart Lamp was the natural enemy of the living corpses. Wherever the light touched, the living corpses would avoid it and flee, but once he turned around, the living corpses behind him began flocking toward them again.

“Are we performing a Sogdian Whirl?” Xiang Shu was carrying Chen Xing and they would turn around once in awhile before turning right back again, as if they were dancing the Sogdian Whirl.

Xiang Shu, “Shut up.”

Chen Xing was being half-carried by Xiang Shu as they faced the front, then faced the back, then turned around again back and forth. “Do you feel like hitting me again?”

Xiang Shu, “Yes.”


“Is there anybody here?” A man’s voice rang out in the distance, “Damn it, what kind of place is this?!”

The two of them looked up at the same time and heard Feng Qianjun’s cries for help.


Present Chang’an, night had already befallen Weiyang Palace.

“Where is he?”

For the first time in his life, Fu Jian encountered someone who would miss an appointment with him after agreeing to have dinner together. The only person in this world who would dare miss an appointment with him was the stubborn and perverse Great Chanyu.

“Did you tell him?” Fu Jian asked Princess Qinghe.

Princess Qinghe looked baffled, “Tell him what? I asked him to come over to the palace with Chen Xing at night to have dinner with Your Majesty, just as Your Majesty ordered.”

Tuoba Yan had also arranged to meet up with Chen Xing today, but he had never showed up no longer how long he waited for. He stood at the side, wanting to speak but hesitating to do so.

“Go look for him,” Fu Jian was beginning to grow a little alert. “See if he left the city.”

On the night they first met, Fu Jian had not yet begun hinting to Xiang Shu about matters before he was subjected to a lot of cynicism and mockery, which made both sides wary of each other. Up until recently, he had often heard the secret reports in the palace—— the old fogeys and youngsters of each tribe swaggered over openly to visit the Great Chanyu, in hopes that Xiang Shu would enact justice for the Hu people.

If it was an ordinary day, Fu Jian would have merely laughed it off. However, his subordinates had come forth to report this to him one after another. Coupled with how the Great Chanyu had gone to Mt. Song, the gathering place of the Han people, to meet the Feng family who were suspected of plotting a rebellion late at night, he couldn’t help but overthink it.

“Around late noon,” Princess Qinghe saw that she couldn’t hide it anymore, and in any case, if Fu Jian really wanted to investigate something, no intelligence in Chang’an City would be able to escape him, so she decided that she might as well say, “Great Chanyu and Chen Xing had left with Feng Qianyi’s brother, Feng Qianjun.”

Fu Jian was stunned, but snapped out of his reverie very quickly. He sent Tuoba Yan away to take people to look for them and exhorted, “Get your men to scout out some information. Shulü Kong’s Han name is Xiang Shu. Don’t say you’re looking for the Great Chanyu, just in case it ends up causing some unexpected trouble.”

But Fu Jian wasn’t afraid that Xiang Shu was conspiring with the Feng family, he just wanted to see what on earth Xiang Shu was up to. The army in the city was in the hands of his trusted aides; the Great Qin had unified the north for a long time, so a rebellion wouldn’t stir up too much of a storm, and it was even less likely for Tuoba Yan to betray him.

Tuoba Yan knew that Chen Xing was on good terms with the Feng family, but he was afraid of exposing some kind of inside information. He just wanted to find Chen Xing as soon as possible and persuade him to rein in his horse at the edge of the precipice, so he left the palace immediately and dispatched people to search for them in the middle of the night.


In the mirror world, day and night could not yet be differentiated.

When Feng Qianjun was thrown out of the mirror, he landed so harshly that blood gushed down his head. After he barely managed to stop the bleeding, he was besieged by a large group of living corpses. He had seen them once in Mt. Longzhong, so he wasn’t very surprised and merely turned tail and ran. After he jumped onto the roof of a large residence, he had crouched forward to observe. The living corpses below had already gathered into a flock that looked up at him, yet they couldn’t climb up.

Feng Qianjun tried to take the roof tiles off several times and throw them towards the ground like they were little meteors, and they smashed the heads of a few living corpses. However, he was heavily outnumbered and ended up running out of roof tiles before long; if he continued taking any more off, he would end up falling down, so he had to stop and cry for help.

Following which, he saw Xiang Shu and Chen Xing hurrying over. Chen Xing was so tired from spinning around that he could only walk horizontally across a wall with his back up against it.

“Come down!” Xiang Shu shouted.

After Chen Xing drove away the living corpses below, Feng Qianjun jumped down and another group of living corpses instantly crowded around them again. Feng Qianjun shouted, “Good job! I’m here!”

Feng Qianjun fought his way out hard as he wanted to link up with Chen Xing, while Chen Xing and Xiang Shu sped up as they darted towards Feng Qianjun. Wherever the light went, living corpses were driven away like herds of sheep until they were trampling all over one another as they flocked away. Feng Qianjun suddenly realised a serious problem. He shouted, “Wait wait wait……don’t face me——”

Before he could finish talking, Feng Qianjun had already been knocked down by the thousands of living corpses that were escaping along the street. Following which, a grandiose group of living corpses ran across the street, crushing Feng Qianjun as they stepped all over him.

Feng Qianjun, "......"

Chen Xing finally arrived and pulled him up from the ground.

“That mirror......” Feng Qianjun pointed at where he came from. Just as he was about to motion for them to look, Xiang Shu raised his hand to indicate that he need not speak further, and for Feng Qianjun to follow him and Chen Xing.

Chen Xing’s head was spinning from turning around so much. He was being overly suspicious now and even had to guard against living corpses that could suddenly rush out from roadside alleys, so he was thoroughly spent. Feng Qianjun said, “Can your other hand emit light?”

Chen Xing, “Ah, yes! Both my hands can.”

So Chen Xing, with both his left and right hands emitting the Heart Lamp’s light, turned sideways to walk horizontally with one hand in front and the other at the back.

Feng Qianjun, “Isn’t this much better? Can your entire body emit light?”

“That’s too tiring.” Chen Xing said.

Feng Qianjun suggested, “The Great Chanyu and I can carry you.”

Chen Xing rejected his proposal, “My mana will be exhausted very quickly. Even using a very feeble kind of magic can be tiring.”

So Feng Qianjun could only drop it. The three of them passed through half of Chang’an City just like that. Chen Xing mentioned his speculations, and Feng Qianjun said, “How are we going to get out of here?”

Chen Xing, “Look for clues in the Exorcism Department ba. Since we can come in, there must be a way out.”


Feng Qianjun said, “Why is this place filled with such eerie winds? I can practically feel a chill behind my back.”

Chen Xing said, “Someone used that mirror to absorb a large amount of resentment.”


Just as they were talking, Mt. Song in the northwest side of the city suddenly appeared. In the valley at the foot of the mountain stood an ancient mansion that has been resting there for a long time.

“It must be that place for sure!” Chen Xing said.

Yet Xiang Shu and Chen Xing suddenly moved forward from both sides and stood in front of Chen Xing.

At the foot of the mountain, several shadows swarmed over and swirled around the end of the long streets and the entrance of Mt. Song. The shadows on the grounds were gathering constantly and kept growing in number.

Feng Qianjun murmured, “And what kind of sorcery is this?”

Chen Xing suddenly recalled that night — the shadow assassin that had hunted down him and Xiang Shu!

Xiang Shu said in a deep voice, “They’re not easy to deal with, be careful.”


The shadows kept spewing out fog, which then curled up to form a whirlwind. Close to twenty shadows stood up from within the whirlwinds; their human shapes gradually becoming clearer and clearer to reveal soldiers clad in black iron armour.

Right in the middle of the entrance at the foot of the mountain, the largest shadow stood up; a general, dressed from head to toe in a suit of iron armour that the cavalry in the Jin Dynasty wore, appeared while riding a skeletal warhorse.

Chen Xing, “The assassin from last night!”

“You’re certain?” Xiang Shu asked.

“There’s no mistake about that!” Chen Xing said, “I recognise its helmet!”


Xiang Shu, “I’ll stall them. The two of you rush in, I’ll meet up with the both of you later. Feng Qianjun, you’re responsible for escorting him in safely.”

Feng Qianjun, “No no no……Tianchi you can emit some light to……”

Xiang Shu, “Go!”

Chen Xing, “Wait!”

But Xiang Shu didn’t wait for a response before bending over and rushing forward like a cheetah.

“What you’re wielding is a scabbard ah!!” Chen Xing and Feng Qianjun practically cried out in a frenzy at the same time, “Great Chanyu! Come back!!!”

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