Chapter 18.1 - Fantasy World

Dinghai Fusheng Records

Translator(s): Zryuu

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Chen Xing was spun around so much that he felt both confused and disoriented. His entire body was in great pain, as if he had been run over by a giant wheel when he passed through the mirror. He just tightly grasped onto whatever he could unwittingly. He could hear Xiang Shu shouting next to his ears, but he could no longer discern what he was saying. Another loud boom rang out; Xiang Shu held him in his arms, and it seems like he had knocked down an entire wall with his side and back. Another “boom”, the second wall crumbled; another boom, the third wall fell.

Finally, Xiang Shu used his body was a meat shield as they were firmly flung onto one side of a wall, thereby stopping both their momentum and trajectory. With Chen Xing in his arms, they slid to the ground together.

Although Xiang Shu was a skilled martial artist unrivalled in the world, getting knocked four times in succession at such a high speed and destroying three walls still caused blood to stream down the corners of his mouth. It took him a long time to struggle to get up.

Chen Xing got up and couldn’t stop gasping for breath.

Chen Xing, “Your chest is so hard, I almost……fell apart from all the knocking about. Xiang Shu? Are you okay? Xiang Shu!”

Xiang Shu lay on the ground in the shape of a “” word. He gasped several times, and his lips looked dark red because of all the blood.


Chen Xing looked around him and realised that they were in a garden. The two of them were embracing each other; Xiang Shu had used his back to serve as a shield. From a large residence far away, they had easily passed through several walls as though the walls were dry weeds and rotten wood before finally knocking into the wall in the garden, then they had fallen down.

“Where is this?” Chen Xing wondered.

Xiang Shu shook his head as hard as he could and tried his best to sober up. He took a deep breath, then began to frown.

Chen Xing quickly went forward, examining him as someone who had studied medicine before. He immediately knew that Xiang Shu had broken at least one rib and quickly said, “Sit down.”

Xiang Shu sat on a step outside the large residence. Chen Xing untied his black robe for him, baring his upper body. He touched the rib that Xiang Shu had fractured and set it for him.

Throughout the entire process, Xiang Shu didn’t utter a sound. His arms trembled slightly as he looked up at the ash-grey sky,

It was a cloudy day, and no one was in sight. A strange atmosphere pervaded the air.

“Resentment is so strong here.” Chen Xing felt like the flow of air around him was both bleak and terrifying, as if this place had experienced innumerable wars that resulted in large-scale massacres on the battlefield.

“Your body has recovered quite a lot.” After Chen Xing reconnected the rib, he entered a huge residence without even questioning anything. He pulled down a gauzy curtain, tore it to use as a bandage, and tied it around Xiang Shu’s chest and abdomen.

Compared to the first time they met when Xiang Shu was so skinny he didn’t seem human, his muscles were much more distinct now as they had been restored, and his abdominal muscles were as beautiful as a washboard. He had lean pectoral muscles, broad shoulders and back, and the contours of his body were extremely well-proportioned.

After the dressing, Xiang Shu recovered very quickly. He put on his martial robe with a severe and cold countenance, but his gaze still seemed a little hazy.

“Is there anybody here?” Chen Xing got up and looked around.

This place was too quiet, abnormally quiet.

Xiang Shu slowly got up, looked down, and saw the scabbard that had been sucked into the mirror with him on the ground.

Chen Xing walked into the residence. He passed through the wall that the two of them had broken through, and when he arrived at the second screen, he saw another screen beside it. A scene of an emperor’s carriage setting out on a journey was painted on that screen. Chen Xing looked at it for a while, scrutinising the seal below it with a face full of doubt.


He continued walking in, and Xiang Shu slowly followed along.

Chen Xing came to the front of a mirror. Judging by the decorations that they had knocked down and the direction of the bricks that had flown out along the way, this bronze mirror should be the place where everything began.

Chen Xing reached out to touch the bronze mirror with his hand, but was stopped. He used his finger to knock on it; a crisp metallic sound rang out from the bronze mirror.

The two of them kept silent. The atmosphere of this place was so strange.


“It’s too quiet.” Xiang Shu said.

No birds were crying, no bugs were calling, and they couldn’t hear any noises made by humans either. The only sound that could be heard was some slight “rustling” when wind passed through the foliage.

“Look at the people on the screen,” Chen Xing motioned for Xiang Shu to look, “They’re all holding the carriage with their left hands.

Xiang Shu stopped moving and stood in front of the screen for awhile too. Chen Xing turned out from the front door of this residence, saw a staircase, and climbed up to the second floor. An overcast sky could be seen outside the window. After going up another floor, he arrived at the top floor of the building. Looking out, he suddenly realised that he was actually in the midst of palaces!

The magnificent palaces stood in great numbers, and their loftiness would not be outdone by Fu Jian’s Weiyang Palace. Beyond the palace were crisscrossing streets and lanes, and under the dark sky, they seemed to be swarmed with people.

Xiang Shu and Chen Xing stood in front of the balustrade and looked out.

“This is the world in the mirror,” Xiang Shu murmured as he observed the buildings, as well as the words on the balustrade, “Everything is reversed. That mirror had sucked us in here.”


Apparently, the top of the building was a place where one could enjoy the cool air. There was a circular fan there, as well as some clothes. Chen Xing suddenly turned around and picked up the clothes, then measured it against his body.

Loose robe with huge sleeves, quju shenyi

“Clothes of the Han Dynasty.” A strange speculation suddenly arose in Chen Xing’s heart. He walked down the stairs quickly and passed through the garden. A slight drizzle was currently falling with a pitter patter. Chen Xing stretched a hand out and caught a few raindrops — a faint, black vapour emitted from them. He turned into another palace, and the various palace lamps, pottery, blankets, tables, and other decorations confirmed his guess.

“Weiyang Palace!” Chen Xing immediately turned around and shouted, “Xiang Shu! Where are you?”

Xiang Shu said, “How do we get back?”

Chen Xing said, “No! Follow me! Hurry! We’ve arrived at the Chang’an City of the Han Dynasty!”


In the present Chang’an, within the dark room under Songbai residence.

Feng Qianyi took off his mask, put it aside and moved forward in his wheelchair. He took out the mirror with the black vapour curling around it from the cabinet. The black vapour that was curling around the treasure mirror began wrapping around his body, as if it had already become one with him.

Feng Qianyi touched the mirror while reciting some words, and the scene of Chang’an’s Weiyang Palace began to emerge within the mirror.

“Woof!” Before anyone could register it, a mongrel rushed over from the side and bit that mirror, then rushed out.

Feng Qianyi, "!!!"

Feng Qianyi actually forgot that there was still a dog here! He immediately shouted, "Get back here! Get back right now!"

The dog ran so fast that had vanished within the blink of an eye with the mirror in its mouth. Feng Qianyi could only exert his utmost to push his wheelchair forward to give chase. However, even though he was trying his best, the speed of a wheelchair was limited after all. He had just reached the second level when the dog had already run to the first level with the mirror. When he reached the first level, gasping arduously for breath, the dog and mirror had already disappeared.

Feng Qianyi steered the wheelchair out and cried anxiously, “Where’s the dog! Guards! Help me find that dog! What’s the dog called again……” As he spoke, he finally remembered what Feng Qianjun called it after bringing the dog home. He said angrily, “Quick! Find that dog called Xiang Shu!!”

The dog was wagging its tail all the way as it squeezed out of the dog hole in Songbai residence’s garden and had long since vanished without a trace.

Feng Qianyi, "………………"


Chang’an City in the Han Dynasty.

“Where are we going?” Xiang Shu said, “Explain it clearly! We have to find a way to get out of here first!”

“Go to the Headquarters first!” Chen Xing answered, “We’ll definitely be able to find the answer in the Exorcism Department! This is the Chang’an City of the past, so the Exorcism Department must still exist!”

Based on the arrangements and seals along the way, this Chang’an should be during Emperor Ai’s reign. But after silence fell on all magic, all magic weapons in the world have lost their effectiveness. No matter how godly the treasure mirror was, it should not be able to activate, so how on earth did the mirror suck them in here? Feng Qianyi that damn guy, he had known about this long ago!

Chen Xing began looking for a way out of the palace. After leaving Weiyang Palace, they didn’t see a single person along the way. No, in fact, they didn’t encounter any living things. Even birds and butterflies no longer existed.

Xiang Shu frowned, “You said before that all magic weapons are useless now! Then what’s that mirror?”

Chen Xing, “That’s how it’s supposed to be, I don’t know why……” Suddenly, Chen Xing’s voice came to an abrupt stop.

Hold on……Chen Xing suddenly recalled the black vapour that winded around the mirror……that is to say……

"Someone used resentment to activate the mirror’s magic.” Chen Xing said, “This isn’t the past, this is the world within the mirror. Three hundred years ago, when this mirror still had mana, it was capable of stone rubbing the present world! That’s right! This magic weapon has the power to reproduce the present world without any human beings or living creatures in it!”

Although Chen Xing didn’t understand the operating principles behind magical weapons, based on what he was seeing before him, he could roughly infer why he would arrive in Chang’an City of the Han Dynasty after passing through the mirror. Three hundred years ago, this mirror had an abundant amount of mana, so it allowed exorcists to shuttle back and forth between their present world and the world within the mirror. But after silence fell on all magic, the mirror lost its magical powers.

After that, someone managed to get their hands on it and used the resentment of the human world to refine the magic weapon again. So now, this magic weapon was driven by resentment and currently held the power of darkness…… However, the mirror world that it had stone rubbed still remained, and it was of Chang’an City on the day silence had fallen on all magic!


“This is great!” Chen Xing exclaimed, “This is really great……” As he spoke, he ran out of the palace gate with Xiang Shu and suddenly felt as if they had passed through an invisible wall.

“What is this?” Xiang Shu felt it as well and asked doubtfully.

But before he could turn back, Chen Xing touched Xiang Shu’s arm and motioned for him to look. The two of them suddenly fell silent.

Wu,” Xiang Shu said, “That’s good, we’ve finally found where those guys came from.”

Throughout the entire street, a dense pack of human heads were moving together in a hoard, dressed in tattered clothes and emanating a horrifying stench — they were all living corpses. All the streets, alleys, and houses of Chang’an City were almost filled to the brim with living corpses.

When they heard the noise, all the living corpses turned around one after another, their turbid eyes wide open as they looked at Xiang Shu and Chen Xing.

Chen Xing’s back was stuck onto the wall outside the palace. He shifted slowly as he said, "Yo, there are so many drought fiends! Where did all these drought fiends come from? This is truly incredible......"

Xiang Shu only held a scabbard in his hand, yet he wasn’t afraid in the slightest as he stood in front of Chen Xing to shield him.

“Protector,” Chen Xing immediately said, “We agreed on this, so it’s up to you now.”

So Xiang Shu had to cover Chen Xing to let him escape as soon as possible. However, just as the two of them moved, all of the living corpses that packed the streets rushed over instantaneously! Chen Xing shouted, “Why would there be so many here……”

Xiang Shu roared, "Run!"

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