Chapter 117 - Leaving Home

Dinghai Fusheng Records

“At the end of the cycles of reincarnation, we will, in the end, reunite.”

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That night, the wind that passed through the grasslands once again began to blow outside the tent.

“Are we heading out tomorrow?” Chen Xing asked Xiang Shu from where he was curled up in the blankets.

“What do you think?” Wearing his inner robe, Xiang Shu laid down on the bed, facing Chen Xing. The two of them looked at each other.

When Chen Xing returned to the royal tent, he was a little nervous. Would something happen tonight? Even though he really liked Xiang Shu, he had never thought about what they would be like after their hearts were one.

Tonight, the light in the royal tent made him think of a Han custom -- the wedding night.

Xiang Shu won’t do anything to me in a little while right… on the way back, Chen Xing had been constantly thinking about this, what if he did something? Then Chen Xing could only take it, but between two men, how were they supposed to do that? Heavens! This was already something outside of Chen Xing’s scope of knowledge. In the books he had read before, the contents that involved the Great Exorcist and the Protector Martial God didn’t detail what they did on a daily basis either!

Xiang Shu, however, acted very natural, just like he had every day. He took off his clothes and laid down on his side of the bed. He then turned his head and glanced at Chen Xing, as if he had suddenly thought of the same thing. With that glance, Chen Xing’s face was the first to redden.

He, he, he… if we sleep together like this, will something happen? Chen Xing’s entire brain was now filled with “what would happen”, and he dimly felt a little bit of anticipation, but was also very nervous. But when he thought about it closely, didn’t they usually sleep like this? Ever since he had known Xiang Shu, they would sleep in one room every now and then, and most of the time, they even had to share the same bed. At that time, Chen Xing had never felt that there was anything to be nervous about.

After Xiang Shu had kissed him under the tree, as soon as the two of them were alone together, Chen Xing’s brain would grow agitated with the feeling of being kissed. It was really too beautiful! He constantly wanted to kiss Xiang Shu, but he was afraid of having Xiang Shu think he was too frivolous.

When the light went out, Xiang Shu asked, “You want to stay in Chi Le Chuan for a few more days?”

“I…” Chen Xing said, a little hesitant. “That’s up to you, or should we leave? There’s a lot of things left to do. I’m not in a rush to do them, but I just want to…”

With that, Xiang Shu reached out his hand, wrapping it around Chen Xing’s palm under the blanket, tugging Chen Xing gently towards him. Chen Xing’s heart immediately began to beat wildly, and he got a little closer, saying, “... Since we have a lead, why not set out as soon as we can…”

“Come over a little,” Xiang Shu said. “Finally there’s no one else around.”

Chen Xing’s heart was overrun with joy, and he got a little closer. Xiang Shu moved his arm higher and let Chen Xing pillow his head on it, and at that, Chen Xing’s breathing immediately quickened. Right after, Xiang Shu turned towards him, pulling him into an embrace against him.

Chen Xing: “!!!”

This action immediately caused Chen Xing to feel a sense of vertigo, and he felt that this was a little unreal. In an instant, Xiang Shu’s body heat, the smell of his skin right under that thin inner robe, caused his entire being to feel at a loss for what to do.

“... So-so-so… so, should… we first go out to-to sea, to find that, what’s he called, that person?” Chen Xing’s entire being was a little dumbstruck.

Xiang Shu frowned. “At a time like this, can you talk about something else?”

Chen Xing: “Ah, o-okay… Do you still remember that-that-the money that your dad gave you…”

Xiang Shu didn’t want to hear Chen Xing talk any longer, so he hugged him tight, lowered his head, and pressed their lips together. First it was handholding, then it was pulling him into his embrace, and at the end it was this kiss; all of this together finally collapsed the guard of Chen Xing’s reason. This kiss was even more warm and blazing than the one in the snow, and it held an even more indescribably touching feel, as if a wild animal had cornered its prey and had managed to aggressively take control of its entire being.

Wu.” Chen Xing was so nervous that he was trembling, and he didn’t even know where to put his hands. In the end, while still trembling, he wrapped them around Xiang Shu’s shoulders.


After kissing for who knew how long, Chen Xing was almost unable to breathe. Xiang Shu finally let go of him, lowering his head to look into his eyes.

“I wish to exchange vows with you in the qinglu,” Xiang Shu said quietly.

Chen Xing’s face was bright red from the kissing. He originally thought that Xiang Shu would have been appeased a little, only to find that this fellow was even more beside himself.

“Exchanging vows in a qinglu… is that the same as marriage?” Chen Xing asked nervously. At the same time, he felt, after that session of tongue-entangling, the two of them had both awkwardly had reactions. Chen Xing’s face burned. He wanted to move a little away so that he could calm down, but Xiang Shu didn’t allow him to do that. With a little strength, one of his hands wrapped around Chen Xing’s waist, pulling him closer to himself without allowing for any protest.

En,” Xiang Shu said quietly, his eyes filled with warmth. “Living in the qinglu, if it’s for too long, will take up too much of our time. You… are you embarrassed?” He then added, finding this a little amusing. “What are you embarrassed for? Don’t you like me?”

“Yes… yes.”

Chen Xing felt that Xiang Shu was pressed up firmly against him, because after all, neither of them could control it, and their bodies could not lie. But what he was feeling in this moment was completely devoid of awkwardness or any other feeling, aside from an unperturbed calm, as if his body was being completely honest.

Panting lightly, Chen Xing nodded.

Xiang Shu moved a little, and with this movement, they rubbed up against each other through the thin cloth of their pants. Chen Xing immediately was a little overcome, and with an “ay”, he began to cry out.

Xiang Shu couldn’t help his breathing growing more rapid as well. He hugged Chen Xing even more firmly in his arms, lowering his head to kiss his face.

Chen Xing’s entire brain was filled with “I’m done for, what are we doing next?” He hugged Xiang Shu tightly and en-ed, before asking, “Exchanging vows in the qinglu, isn’t that just… getting married? Getting married, sure, sure.”

Xiang Shu explained, “We’ll build a qinglu on the vast plains at the foot of the Yin Mountains, and after exchanging vows, we must stay in the qinglu for a hundred days.”

“Ah?” Chen Xing asked. “One-one hundred days?”

Xiang Shu nodded, and the two of them separated a little. Chen Xing looked into Xiang Shu’s eyes, and he asked, “What would we be doing, living there for so long?”

“What do you think?” Xiang Shu had completely given up on making Chen Xing understand, and he moved a little again. Chen Xing felt a strong sense of pleasure, and that desire in his heart that was hard to vocalize was about to break through and come pouring out. He understood Xiang Shu’s meaning.

“A hundred days?” Chen Xing asked. “A whole three months? Do we have to stay in the qinglu every day?”

Wu.” Xiang Shu, however, seemed to be greatly enjoying this feeling of having soft jade in his embrace, and he only wished to keep kissing Chen Xing. His body pressed a little closer, but they had to talk, so he could only talk in between kisses, in little snatches.

The rules of Chi Le Chuan were, after the qinglu was built and the two of them were married, then all of the guests would leave, and at the foot of the sacred mountain, there would only be a single small tent. For a whole hundred days after marriage, the lovers would entangle with each other in the tent. Some food and water would be left outside by family or brothers.

Often, after a man and a woman married, after the three months were over, they could consider choosing a name for their child. But the Hu people didn’t really have any strict rules. Men could exchange vows in a qinglu as well, but they also had to follow the tradition. Whether or not you could give birth, you’d have to stay in the qinglu for a whole three months. With that, when the husband and wife or husband and husband left the qinglu, their love for each other for the rest of their lives would be even deeper.

“Then… how do we do that?” Chen Xing asked. He felt that the Xiang Shu of tonight was a little foreign to him, but this also brought a dim sense of familiarity, as if it had happened before in a dream… Huh? In a dream? I haven’t lost my memories, how could that be in a dream?

Suddenly, Chen Xing remembered on one of the days that he had been unconscious… the feeling that glowing dragon had given him in the sea of his dreamscape.


“You haven’t seen horses breeding?” Xiang Shu found this very odd. How come Chen Xing didn’t even know about this?

“But we’re both men,” Chen Xing said. “This… this… um.”

His original nervousness had all disappeared, and Chen Xing moved forward, kissing the side of Xiang Shu’s face. Xiang Shu originally wanted to jab at him with a few sentences about how he clearly was willing to in his heart, but was so indirect about it. But this kiss of his own accord immediately caused Xiang Shu’s desire to rise; it had already gotten this far, and he no longer wished to hold himself back, so he pressed Chen Xing down and kissed him back.

“Stick it wherever,” Xiang Shu said. “There’ll always be a spot.”

Chen Xing: “!!!”

Chen XIng was about to say, I’m not a horse, why are you… but then, Xiang Shu caught his lips in another kiss. Tonight, he had been kissed by Xiang Shu quite a few times, and he was completely overcome with emotion. He really does like me a lot, and at that, Chen Xing was so pleased that his face bloomed. Oh well, do whatever you want ba.

“Do you want to sleep?” Xiang Shu was almost unable to control himself, and as long as Chen Xing replied, “I can’t sleep,” he was going to take off his clothes. Xiang Shu was already so hard that he was like a rod of metal, and when the Tiele people were aroused, they were like wild beasts. Xiang Shu was already using all his might to control himself. After all, Chen Xing was a Han person, and he was afraid that if he was too direct, that would frighten him.

“Alright,” Chen Xing said. “You must have been very tired today ba.”

Xiang Shu’s mind was filled with that day, one of a few times when they had been on a boat. Chen Xing’s pale, smooth skin in his embrace, the light fragrance coming off his body, the feeling of hugging him, those were the most vivid descriptions of the “land of the tender”. But today, too many things had happened, and perhaps Chen Xing was also very tired. So Xiang Shu could only stop his restless shuffling, and he replied, “I am a bit.”

“Can I… touch you?” Chen Xing asked. “You can hug me while we sleep.”

Wasn’t this superfluous? With that, Xiang Shu took off his robe and grabbed Chen Xing’s hand, pressing it against his pants. He raised an eyebrow, meaning, pants? Chen Xing’s entire face turned bright red, and he hurriedly said, “No need.”

Then, Chen Xing put his hand on Xiang Shu’s shoulder, a little embarrassed. Xiang Shu continued, “I’m yours now.”

When he heard these words, Chen Xing’s heart was filled with emotion, and he said, “I am also yours.”

“If you’re tired, then sleep,” Xiang Shu said quietly. “There will be time in the future. In every coming day, I will not leave you.”

Chen Xing breathed in deeply. The two of them were still pressed against each other through their pants, and neither had the slightest inclination of calming down.

“I want to talk with you a little.” Today was the day in Chen Xing’s life that he would be hard-pressed to forget.

Xiang Shu used the back of his finger to swipe slightly along Chen Xing’s nose, and he moved one hand to his waist, while the other wrapped around his shoulders.

“When did you like me?” Chen Xing didn’t quite understand, and his eyes held mirth in them.

Xiang Shu clearly didn't want to respond to this question. This didn’t match his personality at all, and he wanted to turn around and lie flat, but Chen Xing didn’t let go.

“When I found that you wouldn’t be able to leave me,” Xiang Shu said after thinking for a bit.

Chen Xing said, “Nonsense. Clearly it was you who first liked me.”

Xiang Shu: “It was you.”

Chen Xing: “It was you.”

The two of them: “...”

Chen Xing wanted to push Xiang Shu away, but Xiang Shu didn’t let go. His boiling hot skin pressed against Chen Xing, robed in thin clothing, and after thinking for a long time, the two of them were sunk in a long period of silence. At first, Chen Xing was waiting for his response, but as he waited, just as Xiang Shu was about to speak, Chen Xing’s breaths evened out. Against his own will, he fell asleep.

Xiang Shu was a little dumbfounded. But he then hugged Chen Xing tight, letting him coil without reserve around him, half slumped on top of him. He adjusted his breathing and slowly calmed, closing his eyes and falling asleep.


In the early morning of the next day, Chen Xing yawned as he woke; this was the most comfortable sleep he had had in the past few days. Xiang Shu was already awake, and he was waiting outside the screen. Their things had also been packed, and the golden pearl that signified the Great Chanyu on the royal tent had already been taken down and given away.

When they left the royal tent, Xiang Shu turned back to take a look.

Chen Xing knew that this time, Xiang Shu would be truly leaving behind his native land. But Xiang Shu didn’t display any lingering regret. Perhaps, he had felt it before in his heart, but for Chen Xing, he had no complaints, calmly accepting his choice.

“Go.” Xiang Shu only said a single word.

In this world, there was a person who was willing to turn his back on his native land and wander the ends of the earth with him.

When Chen Xing thought to this point, he felt very pained inside. Why was it that last time, when they had come to Chi Le Chuan, he hadn’t understood what the action of Xiang Shu leaving his hometown meant?

“We’ll still come back,” Chen Xing said earnestly to Xiang Shu. “I like this place, I like Chi Le Chuan.”

Xiang Shu responded casually, “What kind of flattery is this? You clearly only want to go back to Jiangnan and go read books in your purple wisteria garden.”

Chen Xing replied, “No, I like it now. Because Chi Le Chuan witnessed us getting together.”

Xiang Shu reined his horse to a stop, turning back to look at Chen Xing, who spurred his horse to follow.

“Then we’ll still come back in the future?” Xiang Shu asked.

“We will,” Chen Xing said. “We definitely will come back.”

The area in front of Chi Le Chuan was filled with residents who wanted to see the Great Chanyu, Shulü Kong, off, but what was the most surprising to Chen Xing was that the sixty thousand Rouran people were there in full uniform. Che Luofeng was dressed in a martial robe, and he wore a feather crown, his robes fluttering in the wind

“Anda!” Che Luofeng said. “We’re also leaving!”

Chen Xing found this very odd, but Xiang Shu seemed to have long since known. He replied, “The mountains stretch high above and the rivers stretch far ahead, we will meet again one day!”

On this day, the Rouran people were heading west, leaving Chi Le Chuan for the western side of the Yin Mountains to find a new land for their tribe to settle in. Che Luofeng then distantly made a gesture of drawing a bow and nocking an arrow towards Chen Xing and shouted, “Han person! I’m handing my anda over to you! Take good care of him! We’ll meet again in the future!”

Chen Xing shouted back, “We’ll meet again someday, Che Luofeng!”


Lu Ying, Xiao Shan, Tuoba Yan, Sima Wei, and the rest were each astride a warhorse, waiting for Chen Xing and Xiang Shu on the plains. King Akeles and his royal consort had come to see them off, and the royal consort was holding Nadoro, while King Akeles was holding Chen Xing’s dog.

Chen Xing rubbed the dog’s head, before saying to the royal consort, “You must take good care of it. It saved my life.”

The royal consort smiled. “Alright, I understand, I will not mistreat it.”

That dog whimpered a few times, trying to scrabble towards Chen Xing, struggling non-stop in the royal consort’s arms. Chen Xing, however, used his finger to poke its forehead, saying, “You’re not allowed to run wild. Wait for us at Lake Barkol.”

Xiang Shu asked, “What exactly is its name?”

Chen Xing smiled. “It’s called Xiang Shu.”

Xiang Shu: “...”

Leaving it behind in Chi Le Chuan was also a decision that Chen Xing had come to after a lot of thought. After all, they still had many places to go on this journey. If it remained in Saibei, it would have an endless amount of meat to eat, and it would be able to run freely across the vast plains. To this little dog, this was the best home.

Shi Mokun personally led his men out of Chi Le Chuan. That scene was very majestic, and they went all the way to the road that led out of the plains, where they stopped in their steps.

Jia!” In the end, Xiang Shu didn’t turn back at all as he led the group away from Chi Le Chuan. On the low slopes to the two sides, wolf packs showed themselves, and they, along with a bei standing high up on a slope, all let out howls as they sent off Lu Ying and Xiao Shan.

Chi Le Chuan, under the Yin Mountains. The sky resembled an arched hut, covering the whole plain.


“Just up to here ba,” Lu Ying said. “And now, I still have a few words that I’d like to say to you all.”

Xiang Shu replied, “I also have words I want to say.”

After passing through the southern end of the Yin Mountains, the dying maples were as red as blood. The ground was blanketed with a layer of white frost, but the creek bubbled. The group came to a temporary halt outside the maple grove, and Chen Xing thought for a bit, before gesturing for Lu Ying to speak first. Lu Ying, however, made a “please” gesture, letting Xiang Shu go first.

Xiang Shu pulled out a box from his saddlebags, and he glanced at Chen Xing, who nodded. Xiang Shu then handed the box to Tuoba Yan.

“Tuoba Yan, we’ll have to trouble you to take a trip down to Jiangnan.” Xiang Shu knew that Tuoba Yan was originally planning to go find Xie An anyways, so he opened the box, gesturing for him to look at the four rings that King Akeles had given Chen Xing. Xie An would probably be able to use this set of rings to a greater amount of their potential. After all, there was still a rotten jiao in the south, as well as Wen Che, who had once been an exorcist. Since they could not return for a while, they were afraid that Wang Ziye would once again set off his arrangements, and Xie An would find it hard to counter.

Tuoba Yan glanced at Lu Ying, thought deeply for a moment, then took the box and said, “Alright.”

For Tuoba Yan to have so easily agreed to Xiang Shu’s request was something that Chen Xing was a little taken aback by. After that, Xiang Shu continued, “Sima Wei, you head back as well to assist Xie An. If anything changes, act as you see fit.”

Sima Wei nodded, spurring his horse and turning away. Tuoba Yan continued, “Lu Ying.”

Chen Xing and Xiang Shu took their leave, and Xiang Shu said to Xiao Shan, “Xiao Shan, come here.”

Xiao Shan was not very willing, but he still obediently followed what Xiang Shu said, riding his horse to their side to let Tuoba Yan and Lu Ying have time to themselves for a bit. A while later, Tuoba Yan waved to them and said, “See you in Jiangnan!” With that, he also turned his horse’s head, catching up with Sima Wei, and the two of them left.

“Gege, are you purposefully making him leave?” Xiao Shan asked Xiang Shu.

Xiang Shu didn’t speak. Lu Ying led a horse over, saying, “This horse is for you all, I have no more need of it.”

Chen Xing glanced at Tuoba Yan, who had vanished into the distance. He then raised an eyebrow and looked questioningly at Lu Ying.

Lu Ying smiled. “He didn’t say anything. He only recited half a poem to me, and I suddenly felt it was very beautiful.”

“What poem?” Chen Xing asked.

Marching on and on,” Lu Ying said warmly. “bidding farewell to you.”

Chen Xing: “More than a thousand miles lie between us, and we stand at opposite ends of the earth. The road is long and hard, and who knows when we will meet again.”

“Hu horses still long for the northern winds, and southerly birds that build nests in the north still dream of their southerly trees,” Lu Ying said helplessly, shrugging. “As for what came after, he thought about it for a long time, but he said in the end, ‘I really can’t remember’.”

Chen Xing couldn’t help chuckling at that, and Lu Ying also felt that this was funny. As they laughed, Chen Xing couldn’t help the tears in his eyes, and he said, “I long since knew that this would come to no fruition.”

Lu Ying said, “But I couldn’t help but promise him that, if it was meant to be, I would definitely see him again. Let this wish accompany him, so that he lives a good life. Of course, I also hope that he can find a lover who he can truly call his own.”

Saying this, Lu Ying rubbed Xiao Shan’s head again. Xiao Shan seemed to sense something, and instantly his eyes reddened, stubborn tears springing up in them as he grabbed Lu Ying, unwilling to let go.

Lu Ying began to smile, and he asked, “To set out on the Silk Road, do I have to leave from Chang’an?”

“You can head along the Great Wall,” Xiang Shu said. “When you reach the Hexi Corridor, find a caravan and go with them.”

Lu Ying nodded and said, “Xiao Shan, I too must go.”

“No!” Tears trickled out from Xiao Shan’s eyes, and he said, “Don’t go! You can’t go!”

Lu Ying said, “Xiao Shan, I feel that there will come a day in the future when you will become the Great Chanyu of the grasslands. Do you believe me?”

Chen Xing: “!!!”

“You will have many friends,” Lu Ying said. “You will also have your family, your lover, your children. Just like what Shulü Kong said, I bestow upon you my blessing; may your descendants last for thousands of generations, with no diseases and no disasters falling upon them.”

Xiao Shan couldn’t stop sobbing, and he hugged Lu Ying tightly, not letting go, his little shoulders trembling. Lu Ying smiled gently. “Xiao Kun and I are both great yaoguai, and we need to eat humans. Do you still remember what you asked me when you were small? You asked me when I would let you go, and now, see? Aren’t I letting you go now? You should be happy. Don’t cry anymore.”

“I won’t go!” Xiao Shan only hugged Lu Ying with a deathly strong grip.

“Xiao Shan,” Chen Xing said, “let’s go. I’ll take you to Jiangnan, to Xie-shixiong. Your disciple Daoyun’s still waiting for you to teach her magic and martial arts.”

“No!” Xiao Shan said anxiously. “Lu Ying, you can come to the south with us! There are many places, and I can take you to them! Those places that you haven’t seen before! You’re already better now, you’re no longer sick, why do you still need to leave?”

Lu Ying then said, “Our fate only extends this far, Xiao Shan. In the future, you must listen to Chen Xing. Lu Ying will live well, and I’m going to search for that immortal now. Legend has it that with His divine power, all lives in this world will be able to gain salvation, and will finally be freed from all regrets. See? Isn’t that very good?”

Xiao Shan tightly shut his eyes, his hands loosening their grip without his consent.

“The time has come,” Lu Ying said to Chen Xing and Xiang Shu. “This sole matter, I entrust to you two.”

Under Lu Ying’s divine power, Xiao Shan had slowly fallen asleep. Lu Ying picked him up and handed him to Chen Xing on his horse. Chen Xing arranged for him to sit at the front of the saddle, hugging him to his front.

“In the future, will we meet again?” Chen Xing asked, not wishing to part.

“All lives will bid farewell one day,” Lu Ying said. “Your humans’ lifespans are far too short. I’m afraid that as soon as today passes, this will become a final farewell.”

Xiang Shu replied, “In front of time, who is not like that? We are all but mere mayflies.”

“You speak rightly.” Lu Ying smiled charitably, before turning into the White Deer and leaving. His gentle voice resounded in the space between the sky and the land as he flew towards the horizon in the west.

“Everything is born from the great land, and will return to the great land.

“At the end of the cycles of reincarnation, we will, in the end, reunite.”

Chen Xing sighed. With a shake of the reins, he and Xiang Shu left, heading east.


To the east of Chi Le Chuan, the towering Great Wall appeared on the horizon. Xiang Shu led them along the caravan route under the shadow of the wall, but they did not cross the wall. After they entered Jizhou, a different kind of scenery greeted them. The wind grew a lot less strong, and firs and cypresses rose tall along the way. There was a smear of grey fog on the horizon, and in the distance rose smoke; there were already signs of human habitation.

Xiao Shan woke, and when he opened his eyes, he almost fell off the horse’s back. Chen Xing hurried to grab him, but Xiao Shan very quickly remembered what had happened, and he shouted, “Lu Ying!”

“Come over here,” Xiang Shu said, slowing his horse’s pace. “Don’t disturb Chen Xing.”

Chen Xing couldn’t help but find this funny. Sometimes, when he was with Xiang Shu and Xiao Shan, it did feel like they were a family of three. When Xiao Shan heard Xiang Shu’s admonishing, he went over unwillingly. When he saw the horses, he wanted to struggle again, but Xiang Shu grabbed him and didn’t let him, shouting, “Listen to me!”

Chen Xing thought, as expected, it was Xiang Shu who truly knew how to deal with this kid. If he really started to make a fuss, Chen Xing would definitely not be able to be Xiao Shan’s opponent.

“Where is Lu Ying going?” Xiao Shan asked.

“Are you unwilling to let him go?” Xiang Shu asked easily, looking into the distance.

Xiao Shan replied, “Will he still come back? Is he never coming back to the Central Plains again?”

Xiang Shu then asked, “Why do you want to go find him? Because he’s your family?”

Xiao Shan: “He’s Lu Ying, Lu Ying is just Lu Ying!”

Chen Xing shot a look at Xiang Shu, meaning, Xiang Shu, stop talking, change the topic, think about something else, and maybe Xiao Shan might find it a little easier to bear.

Xiao Shan’s expression was one of exhaustion.

Xiang Shu continued, “You have learned all that you should have, and there is no need for you to protect Chen Xing in the future; I can protect him. Now, I will teach you one last thing, the most important thing.”

Xiao Shan: “?”

Xiang Shu said, “As long as you are alive, whenever you carry out a matter, feel no regrets in your heart. I’ll give you both these horses; go do what you want to ba.”

And saying that, Xiang Shu let go of Xiao Shan.

Xiao Shan: “Gege!”

Chen Xing: “............”

Xiao Shan came back to his senses, and he immediately vaulted onto a riderless horse. He picked up the reins, turned the horse’s head, and shouted, “Jia!”, galloping away.

Chen Xing almost didn’t understand what had just happened, and he stared dumbly at Xiang Shu before looking to Xiao Shan. He was just about to spur his horse into motion, and he shouted, “Hey! Xiao Shan!” But Xiang Shu reached out a hand, grabbing Chen Xing’s reins.

“What are you going to join in on the fun for?” Xiang Shu asked disbelievingly. “Does this have anything to do with you?”

Chen Xing: “Xiang Shu, what are you thinking?”

“Xiao Shan!” Xiang Shu shouted into the distance.

“What?” Xiao Shan had already galloped far off, and he was a little flustered as he turned his head back to shout loudly.

Xiang Shu: “When you pass through Shazhou, while you’re at it, go listen for news if that bastard Feng Qianjun is still alive! Go ba!”

“Okay --!” Xiao Shan hollered, before continuing to gallop.

“He…” Chen Xing protested, “he’s still a child, he’s just twelve!”

“He is a man,” Xiang Shu said. “If we count the three years that have passed, Xiao Shan is sixteen this year. He has the power to make decisions, and the power to not give up. He doesn’t have any duty to go with you and me to face Chiyou, isn’t that right?”

Chen Xing was filled with anger, but he had nothing he could say in response to Xiang Shu’s words. So he immediately turned his rage on Xiao Shan, shouting, “Xiao Shan! You bastard! You haven’t even said goodbye to me yet! You heartless thing! I raised you for nothing!”

Xiang Shu: “...”

Xiao Shan had left very quickly, and he had actually forgotten to bid farewell to Chen Xing. After rushing onto the road, there came a shout. “Chen Xing! I will definitely come back!” And with that, he turned into a little black dot and vanished.


The corners of Chen Xing’s mouth twitched, and he once again looked towards Xiang Shu.

“Alright, I know,” Chen Xing said. “You’re just changing your tune, trying to send away all the people beside us.”

Xiang Shu turned his horse’s head to the east, and he said irritatedly, “You’re the one changing your tune, pestering me with unreasonable demands! Who else can’t you part with? Alright, you go find Tuoba Yan, you go find Xiao Shan. I’m leaving.”

Chen Xing thought, you’re also a bastard, you big bastard who taught Xiao Shan, that little bastard.

“Where are we going now? To tour the Great Wall?” Chen Xing was torn between laughing and crying.

“Dongying, to find King Onobayashi!” Xiang Shu said irritably from ahead. “Otherwise how will we set out to sea? Quick, find a place to eat dinner, otherwise we’ll have to spend the night outdoors.”

Chen Xing could only spur his horse into motion and go chasing after.

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1 day ago

Thank you for this. And somehow the last three or two chapters aren’t always accessible. I need to click on a chapter and use the «select chapter» button to be able to access the newest chapters.

1 minute ago
Reply to  tam

It was kinda like that for me too, so I just refreshed the latest chapter and the next button would pop up for me if it was updated.

3 days ago

Lmao their bickering cracks me up💀✋
On another note, i hope we meet Lu Ying and the rest again… i don’t like partings like this🥺

Ty for the chapter!!!!💜💜💜💜

3 days ago

Ahem, 😏😏, how I wish to read that Xiang shu will go all the way with Chen xing… 🤭🤭

5 days ago

This is was so sweet!!!! And so frustrating!!!!! Where’s the papapa??? Somebody said something about XS or CX being a horse(???) a few chapters back when XS was teaching CX archery and I’ve been dying of curiosity ever since!!!

Thank you for the translation!!!!

6 days ago

I really wanna read a whole novel of their three months in a honeymoon tent

6 days ago

Damn XS, you don’t beat around the bush, you’re ready to tie ya man down and officially turn CX into wifey right there lol. CX, ya better get ready boi, ya man is a hungry beast, if he could he would eat you straight for a whole year. And XS being a total mad lad, we all know you sent everyone away so you could be alone with wifey. XS being a dad and Xiao Shan growing up! 😌
They’re so soft in the beginning in each other’s embrace, and XS being stubborn and not admiting he practically fell in love at first sight, ya always knew it was meant to be my dude, it makes ma heart weak!!!

Kerorin 27
Kerorin 27
6 days ago

Papa xiang shu teaches his little son to be a man and chase LubYing 。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。

6 days ago

Ooh… thank you so much for the update and I don’t want to be mean but I want more… every time a chapter finishes, I can’t help feeling a little empty… (really… just venting… not throwing any guilt trips…) I just really, really like this novel.

6 days ago

Tongue-entangling. Stick it wherever. HAHAHAHA I nearly died laughing deym these two dorks finally made it through. Although Xiang Shu is still drinking vats of vinegar gahd he still can’t forget about Touba Yan lol. The way he let Xiao Shan go is like him and his father when he was still small too hihi– they’re truly a family of three lol

Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻

Last edited 6 days ago by Vei Kyuu
6 days ago

XS won’t admit that he likes CX first🤣🤣🤣. He likes CX way early 😆 Boy, XS not being shy wanting to eat CX😚.Irony, even TY likes LY now, XS still can’t stand him around CX. Purposely, shoo him away🙈. And Xiao Shan knows this😅
Ps: thank you translator for the update🤗