Chapter 116 - Wish

Dinghai Fusheng Records

"Not a single one of you mortals is any good."

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The evening of the Autumn Close Festival, the various Hu tribes of Chi Le Chuan all gathered at the foot of the mountain, waiting for the “forge slave” Rouran people to invite the Great Chanyu to light the burning flame that would ignite the world. This was the highlight of the night, and it came from a time hundreds of years ago during the Han era, when the Rouran people were still forge slaves under the rule of the Xiongnu. For the fire to burn long, like a dragon of flame, meant that the heavens and earth themselves were their furnace.

It also signified, within the Ancient Chi Le Covenant, that these various tribes would become one whole in this giant furnace.

Chen Xing: “Why wasn’t there this ceremony the last time we came?”

Xiang Shu watched Chen Xing but didn’t respond. His eyebrows were handsome, and his eyes shone in the night.

Chen Xing: “???”


Che Luofeng brought a torch over, formally greeting Xiang Shu.

To the side, there were also Tiele people holding a Qiang flute and a guqin, waiting.

The leaders of all sixteen Hu tribes had arrived, and Xiang Shu took the torch from Che Luofeng’s hand, igniting the tail of the dragon.

The fire blazed to life, heading along that long coiling dragon, slowly igniting that huge being’s entire body. The more than hundred thousand inhabitants of Chi Le Chuan all raised their heads to watch this majestic scene.

“The four seas and the prairies are all the Great Chanyu’s land, and all of the people under the sky are all the Great Chanyu’s people.

“We praise the master of Saiwai, the name of the greatest warrior in the world, Shulü Kong.

“We wish for the Ancient Chi Le Covenant to last for an eternity, for its lands to be fertile and rich, for the descendants of Chi Le Chuan to last for thousands of generations, and for our fortune to last forever!”

The sixteen Hu tribes split up, bowed, and spoke clearly with the language of each tribe. They then kowtowed to Xiang Shu, and right after, starting from the slope that the flame dragon was on, it spread across the entirety of Chi Le Chuan. All of the citizens knelt down on the ground.

“You don’t need to kneel,” Xiang Shu quietly said to Chen Xing.

Lu Ying and Chong Ming had already taken their leave before this, but Xiao Shan rushed over quickly, coming to a stop behind the leader of the Xiongnu, copying them in kneeling with one knee to the ground.

Shi Mokun walked in front of Xiang Shu, and the royal consort of the Akeles lifted a golden plate in between the two of them.

“Today, in the name of Shulü Kong, with the Yin Mountains as witness, I abdicate this position and hand it to Shi Mokun,” Xiang Shu said in a clear voice. “I nominate Shi Mokun as the new Great Chanyu, and he must not violate the oath of the ancient covenant.”

Chen Xing finally understood why Murong Chong and Princess Qinghe would choose to come all the way to Chi Le Chuan for this Autumn Close Festival.

Xiang Shu first shed his feather crown, placing it on the golden plate, before he then removed the official seal, took off his seals of the ruler, and glanced at Chen Xing. At that, Chen Xing also took off the seal on his hand, placing it on the golden plate. Xiang Shu then took the jade bow and placed it last on the plate.

Shi Mokun said solemnly, “I will uphold this oath.”

With that, Shi Mokun put on the feather crown, the rings, and the seal, returning to the Tiele tribe.


Finally, Xiang Shu turned to face Chen Xing, and their eyes met.

“Say it once more,” Xiang Shu said. “Now you can say it.”

“Say… say what?” Even though Chen Xing knew that last time, when Xiang Shu had quit the position of the Great Chanyu, he had also experienced that kind-of-hard-to-describe shock, in this abdication ceremony, Chen Xing’s emotions were still roiling like the tides, unable to settle for a long period of time.

“That day, on the fifteenth day of the second month,” Xiang Shu said, “on the way north to Chang’an, in front of the campfire, the words you said then. You’ve almost forgotten them yourself ba.

“You…” Chen Xing remembered. “Can you be my Protector Martial God?”

“I can,” Xiang Shu replied. “I promise you.” With that, he turned and raised a hand to the warriors next to him, who lifted the Qiang flute. Xiang Shu took it and said, “But under one condition.”

Chen Xing watched Xiang Shu fixedly, the firelight shining on both their faces.

“Offer up a song to my hometown,” Xiang Shu said. “This is their right. After all, today, on the day of the Autumn Close Festival, you are taking away their Great Chanyu.”

With that, Chen Xing took the guqin, crossing his legs and sitting down, placing the guqin across his knees. Xiang Shu tested the sound, and the two of them began to play that ancient tune.

The flames burned through the entire body of that long dragon, and its blazing light lit up Chi Le. Amongst the citizens, thousands of qiang flutes began to play as well, and their music resounded through the long night.

“The Fusheng Melody,” Lu Ying said. “It has been too many years since I last heard it.”

Chong Ming and Lu Ying stood behind the flame dragon, their pupils reflecting the bright blaze.

“What do you have planned?” Chong Ming asked.

The ancient melody slowly came to an end, and Lu Ying responded, “I should go.”

Chong Ming replied, “This matter is one that you must resolve on Guwang’s behalf.”

Lu Ying smiled, and he said to Chong Ming, “And after that? Will you go to the great mountains, to once again gather up the yao tribes?”

But Chong Ming scoffed at that. “Does Guwang seem like that kind of boring person? I wish no more than to find my brothers who have been lost to the mortal world.”

When the Fusheng Melody ended, Xiang Shu held Chen Xing’s hand and circled around to the back of the flame dragon with Xiao Shan, where they found Chong Ming and Lu Ying. The two of them stopped their discussion to watch them.

Xiang Shu said, “Let’s talk ba. There are many things I want to say, and when we met again, I had not had the chance to thank you two.”

When Lu Ying saw how Xiang Shu was acting, he understood that he had recalled everything, and he gave Chen Xing a sly smile.

Chen Xing thought, you clearly had a way to help Xiang Shu recover his memories in Carosha, but you had to wait until after we returned to play such a hand. Great yaoguai are indeed cunning.

“No need for thanks,” Chong Ming responded mildly. “You sacrificed yourself to release the spiritual qi of the heavens and earth, thereby saving Guwang’s life. Guwang then rebuilt your physical form for you, so we are even.”

“No need for thanks,” Lu Ying added. “You have all increased the burden on yourselves for the sake of a destiny, and do not hesitate in offering up your lives for the sake of this Divine Land. For me and my kind to do such small favors in return, how can that even be worth mentioning?”

That was true, so Xiang Shu nodded and dropped the courtesy. He said solemnly, “Of the matters back then, there are a few that I haven’t thought through clearly yet. If there is no rush, can we find a time tomorrow to chat?”

But Lu Ying smiled gently. “Life is like the morning dew, and the passage of time is fleeting. Since there is a chance today, why not have a chat right now, Protector Martial God?”

When Chen Xing heard these words, he had a feeling that Lu Ying may have already come to a decision to leave tomorrow. Chong Ming and Lu Ying were great yao that had lived for a long time in this world, especially Lu Ying, who had experienced the passage of countless years, so what he knew was incomparable to what was written on historical records. To defeat Chiyou, there were many more things that they needed his help on, so they could not pass up this valuable chance.

Chen Xing nodded to Xiang Shu to indicate his agreement, and after thinking for a moment, Xiang Shu made a “please” gesture.


At this point, Xiang Shu had already changed out of his royal robe and into the hunting robes of the Tiele tribe. It was similar to those of the warriors, the only difference being that these robes were a little more luxurious. After regaining his memories, he had returned to the way he had been when he and Chen Xing parted before the Battle of Fei River, appearing steady and with a meticulous plan. He and the others who knew of their current situation left the slopes and came to the foot of the ancient tree.

Under the sky filled with stars, Xiang Shu had milk tea brought to them, and after a table was brought over, his fingers gently, subconsciously knocked on the table, as if he was hesitating. Clearly, he had many questions to ask, but he seemed to be hesitant about whether he should or not.

But Chen Xing asked, “In the end, Iuppiter returned the memories of five people. Lu Ying, why do you remember?”

“I don’t remember,” Lu Ying said. “It was no more than a guess from the scattered pieces that Xiao Shan told me, as well as the phenomenon of the Revival of All Magic.”

Chen Xing was immediately shocked. Among all these people, only Lu Ying didn’t know everything that had happened, yet he could deduce a great portion of the entire chain of events.

Lu Ying continued to explain. “My power is to protect the realm of dreams, and how the realm of dreams arises has quite a few connections to time itself. To be able to deduce all of this is not something to be surprised about.”

Chen Xing “oh”-ed. Originally, he wanted to ask what the realm of dreams had to do with time, but when he thought about how thoughts were had in the day, while dreams were had in the night and the appearance of dreams was to retrace and re-experience the past, he no longer tried to change the topic.

“When Iuppiter left, I thought all of this was over…” Chen Xing continued.

Xiang Shu returned to himself from his thoughts and interrupted Chen Xing’s words. “Let’s first match up the parts that we are not clear on ba, so that it’s easier to figure out our next steps.”

“Very good,” Chong Ming said solemnly. “Finally there is someone who sees sense. Otherwise, with Chen Xing’s endless pestering, when will Chiyou be defeated? Guwang would probably not even be able to outlive this God of Weapons who really only has ruins left to him.”

Chen Xing thought, so that’s why you’re mocking me, huh.

But when he thought about it again, Xiang Shu was truly the most clear-headed. After getting back his memories, his first thing he did was to bring up all of the plans regarding the future. Of all the people he had met in his life, only Xiang Shu and Xie An had such good heads on their shoulders.

“The last time Chen Xing fell into a coma,” Xiang Shu said, “I took a trip to Mt. Hua.”

“You told me that later,” Chen Xing said.

Xiang Shu nodded. “There, I ran into Wang Meng, who had been sent by Chiyou.”

Chen Xing: “!!!”

This was not something that Xiang Shu had brought up before, but Wang Meng had only appeared to pass on a message. He had brought a verbal missive from Chiyou, requesting Xiang Shu to come to Huanmo Palace so that he and the God of Weapons could have a trade. After that, the rest of the series of events had occurred.

“Huanmo Palace is right under the Fei River?!” Chen Xing asked, shocked.

Xiang Shu nodded. “Correct.” He then told them about how he had passed through that light veil, and what Wang Ziye had said to him in the Tides of Time array.

Xiao Shan was silent with amazement at that. After all, after the battle in the Chang’an of the mirror world, he and Feng Qianjun had fallen under the control of the Devil God’s blood, so they didn’t know anything about what had happened afterwards.

“Since the location of Huanmo Palace has been confirmed,” Xiao Shan immediately piped up, “we can go get rid of Chiyou!”

But Lu Ying asked in response, “How will you get rid of him? The Acala Blade has already fallen into Chiyou’s hands.”

This was also the thing that Chen Xing was most worried about. Without the Acala Blade, how were they to defeat Chiyou?

En,” Xiang Shu said. “We must notify Xie An as soon as possible and stop the digging there. We must not startle Chiyou, not until we find a new method that will work, or take back the demonic spear that the Acala Blade has been refined into.”

Chen Xing said, “The second time that the drought fiend chaos erupted in Chang’an, we already tried that. The resentment in the devil spear cannot be purified like that of the Yin Yang Mirror.”

“Because it has recognized a master,” Chong Ming finally spoke. “The Acala Blade is very special.”

Everyone was silent for a while, before Xiang Shu rolled up his sleeve and showed his right arm to them. “The dragon god granted me these, which are the same nine symbols that are on the Acala Blade. What do they mean?”

Chong Ming responded, “These are symbols of exorcism, and were left by Acalantha in the human realm for the purpose of exorcising devils. Based on Guwang’s hypothesis, after Chiyou corrupted the divine sword, the symbols did not transfer, but rather disappeared and became one with the heavens and earth. Zhuyin, in the end, then pulled out this energy from the heavens and earth and handed it to you. Either way, Guwang thinks that the possibility of retrieving the Acala Blade is very small, and there is no need to take this risk. It would be more realistic to think of a way to destroy the demonic spear.”

Chen Xing replied, “Then I have a question. Acalantha and Dipamkara, where did they go?”

Lu Ying replied, “In this world, in the places you cannot reach, outside of the bounds of time, there are many rifts in time. After the gods returned to seclusion, they left the Divine Land and took up residence in those cracks in time. Are you thinking of asking them for a method to re-forge a sword? To me, that seems very unnecessary. Those are places that even the dragon god Zhuyin could not touch, so best not hold out on this line of wishful thinking.”

Chen Xing accepted these words, and he nodded, before continuing, “Did Iuppiter also come from these places?”

Chong Ming replied, “Me and mine do not know much of the heavens outside these heavens, so we have no way to answer this question of yours.”

Xiang Shu understood that in the end, it would still be up to him. He was silent for a moment, before he then said to Chen Xing, “Before Iuppiter left, did they say any unordinary words to you?”

Chen Xing remembered, so he told them about the conversation that he and Iuppiter had, after the Dinghai Pearl had broken, in his final moments, in that darkness.

“The year that was stolen away?” Xiang Shu asked.

Chen Xing’s face was set in an expression of confusion. “The words that Xiao Ji said, a lot of it I didn’t understand.”

“You can say that you are dead, but you can also say that you haven’t died,” Chong Ming murmured. This was also the first time he had heard Chen Xing pass on the words that Iuppiter had said in the realm of consciousness. “What does that mean?”

“What he was probably saying…” Chen Xing said hesitantly, “At that time, Chiyou could be considered dead, but after the ancient array of the Tides of Time activated, he revived?”

“No.” Xiang Shu immediately nixed Chen Xing’s guess, and he said solemnly, “If that were the case, then Iuppiter would tell you that he was still alive, or ‘right now, he is dead, but it’s a pity he’ll revive again.’ He wouldn’t put it like that.”

Chen Xing said, “But can someone be both dead and not dead?”

Lu Ying replied, “Perhaps the world that Iuppiter saw was different from what we understood. At the very end, two possibilities existed for the God of Weapons: either he would be completely eliminated, or he would successfully revive. And what Iuppiter saw was the superposition of these two possibilities.” 

When Chong Ming heard these words, he suddenly thought of something, and his expression changed.

The four of them turned to look at Chong Ming at the same time, only for Chong Ming to reply, “Continue speaking.”

“The year that was stolen,” Xiang Shu said, “was referring to the decision that I made, to guide Xing’er… Chen Xing, he…”

Without realizing it himself, Xiang Shu had called Chen Xing by his nickname, and he immediately felt a little self-conscious. When Chen Xing heard it, however, he felt a sense of warmth in his heart.

Xiang Shu changed what he was saying. “The battle that he should have originally faced when he was twenty was moved forward to the year he was nineteen?”

Lu Ying nodded. “According to the meaning in those words, I imagine that your guess is correct. The Dinghai Pearl does not exist within the causes and effects of time, which was why when the artifact that made up your physical body shattered, all of the Dinghai Pearls in all time disappeared. What you did was outside of the control of time and its causes and effects.”

Chen Xing said, “But, if all of the Dinghai Pearls in all time disappeared, then wouldn’t Zhang Liu have never found the Dinghai Pearl? Why does this event still exist in our memories? And the three hundred years of the Silence of All Magic, why does that still exist?”

Lu Ying replied, “Matters that are fixed, according to the laws of time and causes and effects in this world, are not easily changed. But, because the Dinghai Pearl is analogous to the wheels of the divine and earth veins themselves, it can wilfully change some moments in time, changing those that Shulü Kong once wished to change. But it also maintained certain causes and effects, which is how it’s miraculous.”

Chen Xing was already dizzy from the twists in that logic, but Xiang Shu who responded, “Let’s suppose that I was still the Dinghai Pearl now. If I were to turn time back once more, what would happen?”

Lu Ying responded, “According to these rules, I imagine, the result would be that the entire series of causes and effects, from now until the point you stop turning back time, would be disrupted, all the way until the point that you set down. Matters from before then would be unaffected.”

Chen Xing said, “No wonder Chiyou wanted to get it, no matter what.”

Lu Ying continued, “And, the divine and earth veins originally possessed a powerful ability to fix themselves. Have you found that, no matter if everything has started again from the beginning, many things are still unfolding uncontrollably in a certain direction?”

En,” Chen Xing nodded. “There need to be variables.”

Xiang Shu said, “I remember that at the very end, I pulled out a ring and put it on Chen Xing’s hand…”

“Huh?” Chen Xing asked, confused. “Was there one? Oh yeah, I completely forgot, at that time you handed something to me. But when I woke, there was nothing on my hand!”

Chen Xing was immediately a little horrified, and he stretched his hand out to let Xiang Shu see, only to see that there was no ring. He said, “It wouldn’t have fallen off in Xiangyang, would it? How about let’s go back to find it? Was that something that was left behind after the Dinghai Pearl shattered?”

Xiang Shu immediately said, “I’m not blaming you. If it’s gone, then it’s gone.”

Chen Xing asked Xiang Shu, “What use does the ring have?”

Xiang Shu didn’t know what use it had either. At the very end, he had merely wanted to leave it to Chen Xing as a memento, to serve as proof that he had once lived in Chen Xing’s life. And that ring that was left at the end was the thing that had the most possibility to avoid the control of time and return to the past together with Chen Xing. As of today, since everyone was fine, there was no need to be hung up over this ring anymore.

“That’s the Tide Ring,” Lu Ying said gently. “It exists within the Dinghai Pearl, and corresponds to the rings of the divine and earth veins. Perhaps, with the shattering of the pearl, it has lost its use, or perhaps, and this is the best case scenario, it has still kept a little of its effects, if it can be found. I suggest that you all do your best to search for it.”

Chen Xing asked, “What effects? For example?”

This question was one that even Lu Ying couldn’t answer, because after all, many things had already surpassed what he knew. He guessed, “Perhaps it can travel through time to a certain extent? It’s hard to say.”


Xiao Shan was slumped at the table, and upon listening to them talk about many deductions that he couldn’t understand at all, he was so tired that he had already fallen asleep. Lu Ying glanced at Xiao Shan, before saying to Chen Xing, “Tomorrow, I will be leaving. After this, please keep taking care of Xiao Shan.”

Chen Xing nodded. “You’re going to search for Buddha?”

Lu Ying smiled but didn’t respond. Xiang Shu, however, was still thinking about that “year that was stolen”, and he couldn’t resist adding, “If I hadn’t ‘stolen’ that year from Iuppiter, then with what came after, would Iuppiter have a different view of things?”

Lu Ying replied, “I don’t know Iuppiter, but I imagine that that would be the case. But this does not mean that in the end, Chen Xing would be able to live. The most likely possibility would be that the day Chen Xing turned twenty, you all would successfully get rid of the God of Weapons, but in the end Chen Xing would still die just like that, and Iuppiter would leave.”

Xiang Shu had gotten the answer that he had guessed, and he replied, “Since that’s the case, then in that last year that should have happened, what would have happened?”

“That, I really have no way to answer,” Lu Ying said calmly. “Legend has it that in our futures, countless possibilities are created with the choices every person makes. These choices are called ‘variables’, but when all of the ‘variables’ are in place, the one ‘future’ will surface from the sea of time. All of the other ‘possibilities’ will completely disappear; or, that is to say, you will never be able to know what will happen in your destiny.”

“There is a way,” Chong Ming finally spoke. “Guwang once had a friend…”


Chen Xing and Xiang Shu immediately looked towards Chong Ming, but just as he was about to keep speaking, Chong Ming suddenly realized something. His face returned to that cold and impassive expression, and he raised an eyebrow at Chen Xing.

Xiang Shu: “?”

Chong Ming and Chen Xing’s eyes met, and the corners of Chong Ming’s mouth raised slightly, revealing an expression of victory.

“Do you need help?” Chong Ming asked.

Chen Xing: “...”

After Chong Ming said that sentence, he fell silent.

Chen Xing sucked in a deep breath, but Lu Ying chuckled. “You will always have to make this third wish. The phoenix is very busy, and he also has his own matters to take care of. There is no need to force fate.”

Just as Chen Xing was about to give up the third wish that he had thought of and change it to asking for Chong Ming for help, Xiang Shu asked, “Is this an agreement?”

“Yes!” Chen Xing said, a little dejected. “I originally had prepared to use it for something else!”

Xiang Shu’s memories of this journey hadn’t disappeared. Chong Ming had always flown back and forth, and every time, at a key moment, he would show up and ask Chen Xing if he “needed help”. But every time, Chen Xing would respond that he didn’t. Xiang Shu felt that this was’t a phoenix; Chong Ming seemed more like a parrot, but now he finally understood.

Chen Xing sighed, but Xiang Shu gestured for him not to speak, he would take care of it.

With that, Xiang Shu said to Lu Ying, “If the yao king is willing to tell us this method, then I imagine, Chen Xing can say what his third wish is today.”

Chong Ming: “..............”

This time, it was Chong Ming’s turn to be frustrated. Xiang Shu had merely said “if”, and Chen Xing hadn’t asked him for help either. This was completely possible, and his face was set in a stunned expression. Upon seeing that, Xiang Shu added, “If you’re not willing, then let it be, let’s leave this agreement in place, and we’ll slowly think of a way on our own.”

Lu Ying was instantly so overcome with laughter that he slumped to his side under the tree.

It was with such great difficulty that Chong Ming saw the light at the end of the tunnel, only to see Chen Xing and Xiang Shu about to leave. He said, enraged, “Hold it!”

Chong Ming then pulled out a phoenix feather from his robes, and he said, “I have an old friend who goes by the name of Yuan Kun. He lives in the outer sea, and after the Silence of All Magic, he disappeared completely. Take a ship out to sea, and bring this feather with you. If you run into him while he’s in a good mood, perhaps he will come see you.”

Chen Xing was a little confused, but he took the feather. Lu Ying looked askance at Chong Ming, who nodded.

Lu Ying said, “If it’s that lord… en, perhaps he will be able to unravel your hesitations. He is already very advanced in age, and he is the god who controls the realm of dreams.”

Chen Xing asked, “Then isn’t he the same as you?”

“No,” Lu Ying said. “He has a different kind of power. Through dreams, he can predict the future by seeing the countless ‘possibilities’ hidden under the surface of the sea of time.”

Chen Xing stowed that feather away carefully. With this, perhaps they would still be able to see what happened in that ‘year that had been stolen’. Though Chen Xing was a little curious about this, he didn’t really believe that this would be able to get rid of Chiyou. But since Xiang Shu cared the most about this right now, then he must have his reasons. Did he want to reforge the sword? But in those three years, didn’t they already have the Acala Blade?

“Say it ba.” Chong Ming managed to suppress his rage. After being reborn from the flames this time, he had been led in circles by Chen Xing, and perhaps, even until these thousand years ended, he wouldn’t forget him. For who knows how many days and nights in the future, as long as he closed his eyes, he might see that hateful, jovial face of Chen Xing’s in front of him.

Chen Xing sucked in a deep breath, as if he was considering things. Finally, he began to smile, and he said, “Thank you, Chong Ming. Just now, when Lu Ying spoke of fate, I suddenly got over it. If you want to go, then go ba.”

“Truly?” Chong Ming watched Chen Xing warily, afraid of being outplayed by him once again.

But Chen Xing replied, “En. To have met you must be something that fate ordained. You saved Xiang Shu, and we became the witnesses of your rebirth from the flames. We also had the honor to bestow an official title on you, since you did not mind, and even helped you come up with such an odd name. I imagine we can be considered friends now?”

Chong Ming: “Get to the main point!”

Chen Xing had prepared many words, but they were interrupted by Chong Ming’s impatience, and he could only say dejectedly, “Oh, okay.”

Lu Ying smiled at Chen Xing. “He’s only embarrassed, just like Shulü Kong. He just likes to steer away from those topics, you don’t need to take it to heart.”

Xiang Shu: “...”


At that, Chen Xing also began to smile, and he said earnestly, “You are the yao king, and we are humans. Our lives may be very short… sometimes, when I look at this sky of stars above us…”

Everyone raised their heads. Xiao Shan had played for an entire day, so he had already fallen asleep in this dark night under this vast dome of stars. The wild revelry of the Chi Le Chuan Autumn Close Festival had also dissipated, leaving behind only this ancient silver river, quietly shining down on the human realm. In these many years that had come and gone, their meeting and parting on this day seemed to be extraordinary, but the sun still rose and set, and it was just another day that was as common as could be in this lengthy passage of time.

When Chen Xing raised his head, his youthful face shone with the light of the stars, and he smiled at Chong Ming.

“I think about how, perhaps, in the coming days, you will no longer be friends with us humans,” Chen Xing said, his gaze turning to Chong Ming’s eyes. “Then this third wish of mine, can I ask you, from today on, to look after us humans, as much as you can?”

Chong Ming: “.........”

Lu Ying began to chuckle, and he said, “He’s often bored and has nothing to do, so I think this request is one that he’ll definitely agree to.”

When Xiang Shu heard these words, his face twitched, but Chong Ming couldn’t speak for a long while, his expression very odd.

“You want me to protect the humans?” Chong Ming asked in disbelief.

“I…” Chen Xing immediately said. “That’s not it! This isn’t a forceful demand, it’s more… you can say it’s more protecting, or you can say it’s… a wish of mine.

“Everything has an end, and living for hundreds of thousands of years, only to be reborn from the flames again and again, one life after another, one world after another, it must be very lonely ba?”

Chen Xing smiled. “I only wish, and perhaps this will be a long time from now, you will truly get to know us humans, to become good friends with us humans, ephemeral as mayflies… perhaps, you will even adopt a human child, just like Lu Ying and Xiao Kun.”

Chong Ming replied, “Shut up! As soon as Guwang sees you humans’ children, Guwang gets irritated!”

“Of course, I also am a bit selfish. The yao tribes and the humans,” Chen Xing said, “once fought amongst each other for a long time, but in these three hundred years of the Silence of All Magic, we all lost all of our power. I often wonder, for exorcists to exist in this world, is it not to exorcise devils? Humans and yaos are all beings who live on this Divine Land, and we originally had no hatred so great we could not live under the same sky.”

Chong Ming let out a cold grunt.

Chen Xing said, “I will also do my best to restrain the exorcists. If it’s possible, I wish that the yaos and the humans will never be in conflict.”

Lu Ying said, “You’re a good child, Chen Xing.”

Xiang Shu’s mouth quirked up faintly, and he raised his hand to rub Chen Xing’s head. Chen Xing, however, grew a little abashed.

Chong Ming sat to one side of the table, not wishing to look at Chen Xing, but in the end he raised a hand.

Chen Xing gestured at Xiang Shu, who said, “Then, Shulü Kong, with the identity of the Protector Martial God, will swear upon this covenant with you.”

“Not a single one of you mortals is any good,” Chong Ming said in the end.

Xiang Shu put out his palm, striking Chong Ming’s palm three times. After the palm strikes were done, Chong Ming instantly took on his bird form, leaving a trail of flame, scattering thousands of points of starlight as it circled.

The cry of a phoenix echoed, and Chen Xing and Xiang Shu held hands as they ran to the vast grasslands. The phoenix flapped its wings, passing through the calm night sky, flying into the distance, leaving Chen Xing and Chi Le Chuan behind.

The sky rose high and the land stretched far, and it flew away unfettered.

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Blue sama
Blue sama
55 minutes ago

Thank you for the translation! It’s very well translated and smooth. Fighting!

14 days ago

Gracias por el capítulo!

17 days ago

Looool Chongmin you big tsun! I think Chen Xing is one of my favorite characters 😊 I just love how he handles everyone and not afraid of how big or powerful his opponent is.

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18 days ago

Thank you for the translation 🥰

19 days ago

Great chapter. I am translating into French, would you agree to put the link in your Summary page?
Thanks in advance !! I love this story

20 days ago

Bought one of the volumes when I came across it in store yesterday! Thank you for translating.

20 days ago

*looks at future Chong Ming*
You played yourself 🤣

20 days ago

Chong Ming is something else! What a tsundere!! This prequel fits the sequel so well. And soft Xiang Shu & Chen Xing… Ah, my heart ❤ feels so soft

Dione Holanda
Dione Holanda
20 days ago

a cada capitulosemmpre apaixonada!!!!

20 days ago

Ahahaha Chong Ming really did uphold his promise.. as temperamental his, he watched over both yaos and humans and really ended up adopting one.. tho he’s half yao.. but still.. hahaha.. I wonder if there will be mentions of chen xing and xiang shu in tianbao later hehe.. I hope they’ll off Chiyou soon hahahaha

Thank you so much for the chapter!!~ 🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻

20 days ago

This was such a great chapter! Such an interesting conversation! Thank you so much for the update. This book never disappoints…

20 days ago

Chen Xing and the Irritation of the Phoenix

21 days ago

I really love ChongMing’s personality 😍😍😍

21 days ago

I’m so reading the sequel after I finish this one!

21 days ago

I wonder when Chongming adopted baby Hongjun, he remembers the promise he made to Chen Xing. All that Asian parent tough love is coz of the irritation he felt at Chen Xing.

Kerorin 27
Kerorin 27
21 days ago

Kkkkkk i agree with juurensha titled for this chapter kkkkk,
Thank you for the hard workヾ(・ω・*)ノヾ(・ω・*)ノ