Chapter 115 - Relationship

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"I will wait for you at the end of the cycles of reincarnation."

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"Should we go sledding?" Tuoba Yan easily placed the shield on his back by stomping on it with one foot. 

Xiao Shan had always kept his vigilance up a little on this Autumn Close Festival day, as Tuoba Yan's wholly passionate pursuit toward Lu Ying was in full swing. It was only because Lu Ying had told him over and over again before going out that he was prohibited from ripping open his chest and cutting open the mortal's belly, much less summoning thunder to kill him, that Xiao Shan managed to restrain himself, albeit with much difficulty. 

He was still very, very, very unhappy, though.

The corners of Lu Ying's mouth raised. "I'm not going."

"I might not be a Tiele," said Tuoba Yan, "but we can try it. I will ensure we won't slip and fall."

Tuoba Yan had bought food for Xiao Shan several times in hopes of shooing him aside for the time being, but every single time, it didn't go according to plan. Xiao Shan came back very quickly and then fixed his stare at Tuoba Yan.

When the two had first met way back in Chang'an, Tuoba Yan had thought Xiao Shan was either Chen Xing's younger brother, adoptive son, or something along those lines. Their friendship was shallow; Xiao Shan didn't speak Xianbei and could only communicate in the Han language, and even then, he also spoke very little. Not that Tuoba Yan had noticed Xiao Shan's faintly discernible hostility toward him either.

"Lu Ying," Xiao Shan couldn't hold it any longer and called out.

Lu Ying looked at Xiao Shan in the eyes as if pondering over something. He then asked, "You want to sled?"

"No." Xiao Shan felt dissatisfied. "I'm going to find Chen Xing."

Lu Ying said, "Don't bother him, he ought to be very busy today. It's better to stay with us ba."

Xiao Shan took a deep breath. "No."

He proceeded to walk in another direction after that, though he still looked back from time to time as if hoping that Lu Ying would stop him —— yet Lu Ying never opened his mouth the entire time.

Xiao Shan was finally gone. For some reason, Tuoba Yan always felt kind of threatened whenever Xiao Shan was around; it was as if he was going to get stabbed from behind all the time.

"He has grown up," said Lu Ying with a smile as he turned his head and glanced at Tuoba Yan.

"Aren't you recovering from a serious illness?" Tuoba Yan asked. "Are you tired?"

Lu Ying slightly nodded, prompting Tuoba Yan to ask, "Want to drink something?"

Lu Ying was temperate about everything; he just walked wherever his feet brought him to while watching the Hu people do things, though a look of amazement could be seen reflected in his eyes once in a while. He resembled a youth who was finally able to come out to bask in the sun after being rendered unable to leave his house for so many years due to his poor health.

Seeing this, Tuoba Yan thus told him about the magnificent landscape of Chang'an, the mountains in the Xianbei area, and the traveling merchants of the Silk Road... although having said that, they were mostly just tales he had heard from other people. After all, after Fu Jian had taken him in, Tuoba Yan had spent most of his time practicing martial arts or training the Yulin Army inside the palace and rarely ever got a chance to go out. While he had left Chang'an several times on some rare occasions, those were just him following Fu Jian to do the imperial inspection.

The two were sitting on one side of the long table. Tuoba Yan took some wine and moved to sit opposite of Lu Ying.

The merriment during this Autumn Close Festival had already reached another level. The Hu ladies were already so tipsy that they were pressing their loved ones down, wantonly kissing, be it on the table, on the snow, on the tent, or any other places people could think of. On another side, shamelessly picking up their smiling girls, the warriors went sledding on the mountains before proceeding to hide behind the cover of their tents, entangling with each other without the slightest scruple. On the bustling arena and in front of the wine table, men and women, like an ebbing tide, had already begun to leave one after another; they looked similar to wild beasts dispersing toward the prairie, free to sit down anywhere under the canopy of the sky to passionately seek pleasures.

The table was in a complete mess, with wine cups lying askew or straight up overturned. Lu Ying sat quietly as he looked into the distance.

Tuoba Yan smiled. "I heard it was very rare for snow to fall down during the Autumn Close Festival. In the past 50 years, it has only happened twice. The first time was on the day Shulü Kong took over as the Great Chanyu 5 years ago. That day, His Majesty brought us along to congratulate him; I was just an ordinary Yulin guard then."

Lu Ying: "You care very much about your emperor."

Tuoba Yan sighed after pondering over it for a while. "He's akin to a father to me. It's the same as... you and Xiao Shan? He's... your younger brother?"

Despite being alone, Lu Ying was looking after a child, but if one were to say these two were father-and-son or even just brothers, they didn't look alike ba?

"Adopted son." Lu Ying smiled ever slightly. "I had once entrusted him to Chen Xing. From the look of it, it seems that he was very competent in teaching Xiao Shan these past few years. He wouldn't have been this docile before and would've used his claws to scratch all over the place."


Xiao Shan was silent as he sat on the edge of the camp with Sima Wei by his side.

When the children from Chi Le Chuan came over, Sima Wei used bamboo sticks to pick some of the 'drought fiend sweets' from the pot and handed them over. Seeing Xiao Shan sighing and gazing into a faraway place, Sima Wei also handed him a stick of sweets.

Xiao Shan fiddled with the stick, turning the 'drought fiend sweets' back and forth. "Lu Ying is not going to respond to that mortal's feelings. Why does he celebrate the festival with him today?"

Sima Wei replied offhandedly, "I don't know."

Xiao Shan's sitting posture was simply a carbon copy of Xiang Shu's. Although he still had a small physique of youth, the Xiongnu's slim-fit martial robe against his skin highlighted his trimmed waist. He had a perfect shoulder-to-waist ratio, and the shape of a beautiful adult male could already be vaguely discerned on his handsome face. Back to that year when he had first met Chen Xing, his skin color had looked slightly tanned because of long-term exposure to the sun on the icefield. The little hint of gloominess on his face made him resemble the former Xiang Shu, looking just like a lone wolf.

Xiao Shan said, "Will Lu Ying walk (away)?"

Sima Wei, his eyes fixed on the remaining bit of 'drought fiend sweets' at the bottom of the pot, went to try it himself. Although, having been dead for so many years, he couldn't taste anything anymore.

"Anything that grows legs will be able to walk (away)," Sima Wei answered.

Xiao Shan said, "I mean, will he leave?"

"Why don't you ask him yourself?" Sima Wei asked him back.

"I did," Xiao Shan said, "but he didn't answer me. He said I was still young, that I still had a long way to go. But I've already grown up!"

Sima Wei gathered up the drought fiend sweets before finally giving them to a little child. He then fastened the pot to his head and got up. "Let's have a snowball fight ba."

Being so vexed at the moment, Xiao Shan wasn't in the mood to fight. But Sima Wei had already gotten up, and he bent down and formed a snowball with his hand. He then threw it at Xiao Shan, hitting him right in the face with a "pow!".

Xiao Shan: "!!!"

Xiao Shan immediately got up and launched a counterattack against Sima Wei. Children from all over the place began to pour in a moment later; laughing heartily, they soon joined the fight.


On one side of the long table.

Tuoba Yan was seemingly immersed in recalling some slightly confusing fragments in his memories. 

"Wolf cubs," Lu Ying said to himself, "always learn to go hunting by themselves." Saying so, with eyes carrying a smile, he looked up at Tuoba Yan as if he caught sight of someone from a long, long time ago through him.

"What are you planning to do after this?" Tuoba Yan asked. "Will you also follow Chen Xing?"

Lu Ying fixed his gaze at Tuoba Yan's eyes, thinking for a long time before slowly shaking his head in the end.

"There is a hint of sadness in your eyes," Tuoba Yan suddenly said. "Is there any knot stuck in your heart?"

Lu Ying was slightly surprised at this remark, but soon he smiled and replied, "No, why do you say that?"

Tuoba Yan was hugging his arms. With one foot stepping on the bench, he pondered for a while before saying, "Back when I was still a child, His Majesty would take me to do something whenever I was feeling depressed. Would you like to try?"

"Next time ba." Lu Ying once again refused Tuoba Yan's offer in a straight manner, "I simply want to sit quietly for a moment at this time."

Tuoba Yan, who had spent a night tossing and turning about as he racked his brain figuring out a method to win Lu Ying's favor, was at his wit's end knowing all his efforts were fruitless. The two sat opposite of each other just like that. Lu Ying looked into the distance, but his gaze soon fell back to Tuoba Yan's body after a moment. When his eyes caught sight of the ring on Tuoba Yan's finger, he became slightly lost in thought.

"You..." Noticing his line of sight, Tuoba Yan came up with a new tactic. After lowering his head to take off the ring engraved with an openwork dragon pattern, he put it on the table and shoved it toward Lu Ying. "Do you like it? I'm giving it to you ba." 

That ring, Tuoba Yan's only remaining possession, had become the final thing he thought about ever since Fu Jian had confiscated his belongings and sent him to prison —— because everything else was given to him by Fu Jian and no longer held any meaning.

Lu Ying naturally knew the meaning behind his gesture.


"No, you misunderstand." Lu Ying smiled. It was merely an involuntary action as he was immersed in memories. Although, since Tuoba Yan had taken it off, he still politely picked it up to take a look.

"It's for you." Tuoba Yan smiled. "It was handed down from my father's mother."

Lu Ying was a little startled the moment he took a casual glance at it. "Liuyun Signet Ring?"

"Look, the ornate dragon on the top is very beautiful..." said Tuoba Yan as he moved a bit closer to Lu Ying to look at the ring in full detail.

Lu Ying denied, "This is not a dragon, but the divine beast of your Xianbei tribe, the Dragon Deer. It's the god that blesses your tribe with glory and prosperity."

"Ah?" Fu Jian had taken Tuoba Yan to Chang'an ever since he was a child. Only the national Mandate of Heaven was promoted in the current dynasty, and since there was skepticism that divine beasts were capable of usurping the country, they had long become a very taboo topic. The Hus traversing the pass, besides those from the Ancient Chi Le Covenant, had gradually become alienated from their traditions and totems. Tuoba Yan had once heard of this 'Dragon Deer' and had seen its portrait when he was a child, but it was completely different from this.

"Those who obtain the Liuyun Signet Ring," Lu Ying continued, "will become the human world's Son of Heaven in the future."

Tuoba Yan merely laughed it off. "It can't be."

Lu Ying didn't inform him that the Dragon Deer on the Liuyun Signet Ring was none other than himself. With a tone full of interest, he only said, "Perhaps it simply meant for you to take care of this magical artifact."

Tuoba Yan was surprised. "This is a magical artifact?"

After meditating a little, Lu Ying said, "Let me teach you a heart mantra ba. Cultivate according to it, and you may be able to put this magical device to use one day."

Lu Ying used this ingenious method to resolve Tuoba Yan's perseverance in giving him the ring, ending the increasing awkward tension as they pushed the ring back and forth. Tuoba Yan was actually flabbergasted. After Lu Ying conferred to him the mantra,  he once again reminded him, "Do not use the spell randomly during normal times."

Tuoba Yan immediately nodded but couldn't help but ask, "Are you a celestial being?"

Lu Ying smiled while shaking his head. He said after getting up, "I'm going, I'll see you later."

Wanting to get up to follow Lu Ying, Tuoba Yan asked, "Shall I accompany you again?"

Lu Ying gracefully turned down Tuoba Yan's good intention; that otherworldly being untouched by mundane affairs no longer allowed Tuoba Yan to follow him.

Tuoba Yan dazedly stared at Lu Ying's figure while holding the ring. He immediately tried to catch up with him after coming back to his senses, taking some big strides, but Lu Ying had already walked into the crowd of Hu people and disappeared.


Xiao Shan, head already covered with snow, guided a group of children to jointly attack Sima Wei. The Xiongnu children were cheering Xiao Shan, shouting, "Down him! Knock him down!"

Sima Wei was having an extremely good time playing with the children. Lu Ying soon arrived.

"Xiao Shan," asked Lu Ying, "let’s go play ba?"

Xiao Shan looked at the people currently sledding on the mountain. He pondered for a while and finally said, "Father asked me to help him fulfill one wish, saying that he had once promised you this but was unable to accomplish it in the end. He wanted me to bring you to sled on the Yin mountains."

Lu Ying was a little astonished. "When was this?"

"Three years ago," Xiao Shan said, "in Yique, during the previous lifetime."

Hearing it, Lu Ying lightly nodded. He knew that the Grey Wolf's remaining yao power was inside Xiao Shan's body, and there was also some kind of strange connection between father and son. Otherwise, Xiao Shan wouldn't have known what Xiao Kun had once said to himself.


Xiao Shan paced quickly toward Lu Ying and took his hands. Rushing into the camp, he borrowed a shield rivaling his own height from the Xiongnus and put it on his back.

"The sky is still bright," said Lu Ying before he spread his arms and gracefully turned into his White Deer form. Putting his arms around the White Deer, Xiao Shan then turned over and placed himself on its back.

"Why are your horns missing again?" asked Xiao Shan.

"I don't want to show them these days," the White Deer leisurely replied as it threaded on the sky toward the other side of the Yin mountains.

Xiao Shan stepped on the shield while the White Deer transformed back into a human. When the two people were on the shield, Xiao Shan asked, "Are you afraid?"

Lu Ying smiled. "Be careful I might randomly throw you out."

Lu Ying, standing on the shield, slightly bent down to hug Xiao Shan. "Let's go down."

Letting out a howl that resembled a wolf’s, Xiao Shan brought Lu Ying with him and sled down the cliff amidst the fluttering snow!


With a smile in his eyes, Lu Ying gazed at the sky of Chi Le Chuan in its twilight. The reddish-golden setting sun was descending slowly down the skyline as its golden light traversed far beyond the horizon, passing through thousands of years and landing on that forest at the foot of Mt. Carosha.

The White Deer had been wandering through the forest then. Amidst that little bit of light produced by the twilight, he had spotted a huge bluish-grey wolf standing in front of the mountain beyond the forest. That wolf slightly lowered its head, and nothing was standing between them.

The White Deer immediately turned around and escaped the Grey Wolf's gaze.


Day dawned when Zhuyin opened its eyes, and night fell when they closed. The moment it fell from the sky, thousands of stars, shooting down akin to a waterfall, scattered into falling dust. The resting White Deer was instantly transformed into his human form, who then bewilderedly looked at the sudden changes in the sky. There seemed to be neither days nor nights nor stars in those days, but soon, heaven and earth gradually resumed their former, original appearance.

On that day, Lu Ying, dressed in white with nothing under his feet, was looking up as he plucked the newly-grown leaves on a treetop when a tall figure walked slowly into the forest.

Xiao Kun, wearing animal hide, had his gaze fixed at him. Lu Ying, who had transformed into a human, immediately became alert and turned around to face his gaze while also preparing to escape at any time.


Involuntarily, Tuoba Yan's figure walking into the forest yesterday evening had reminded Lu Ying of the past event happening thousands of years ago.


A strong wind blew over as Lu Ying and Xiao Shan sled to the foot of the mountain.

Xiao Shan: "Again?"

"All right," said Lu Ying with a smile as he turned into the White Deer and carried Xiao Shan uphill.

At that moment, the yao power inside Xiao Shan was unleashed impromptu. A howl seemingly of a wolf sounded, this time reverberating throughout the mountains.

Stepping on the shield, Lu Ying followed Xiao Shan to slide down the precipice one more time.


"Do you like it? I'm giving it to you ba. It's for you." 

The smiling face of Tuoba Yan who was taking off the ring and pushing it to Lu Ying gradually began to blur.


Between the shade of light and shadow, time seemed to have gone back to hundreds of years ago. The Grey Wolf, coming over bringing that lustrous Dinghai Pearl, put the pearl in front of Lu Ying and used its nose to push it toward him.

A golden ring was rotating slowly inside the Dinghai Pearl, producing an exceptionally beautiful luster that was totally unique throughout time.

"It's for you," the Grey Wolf's deep voice sounded, undulating affection apparent in its green eyes. "I found it at the far end of Carosha."


"Xiao Shan!" Lu Ying shouted.

"What?!" Xiao Shan turned his head back.

Lu Ying: "You've grown up! It's very nice!"

The two sled down to the foot of the mountain for the second time. Xiao Shan slightly hesitated, seemingly looking for the yao power within his body to ascertain the final thought left by the Grey Wolf. He finally asked, "Again?"

After Lu Ying had transformed back, Xiao Shan mounted the White Deer and went uphill once more.

Winds blew past their ears. As rose-tinted sky stretched far and beyond to the ends of the earth, a myriad of dreams gently descended without waiting for the Divine Land to welcome the night.

Inside that dazzling dreamscape, Xiao Kun appeared. The black robe he was wearing fluttered in the wind, and, stepping on the shield, he turned his head to smile at Lu Ying behind him.

"Let the mountains bear witness," said Lu Ying.

"I am the mountains," Xiao Kun said. "I will wait for you at the end of the cycles of reincarnation."

He then disappeared from Lu Ying's dream, and taking his place, as before, was the small Xiao Shan standing before Lu Ying.


Xiao Shan: "?"

Lu Ying patted Xiao Shan's head. "The sun is setting; it's almost time to light the fire. Let's also go and join in the fun ba? You've always liked the human tribe settlements ever since you were a child."

"Okay," said Xiao Shan obediently. Then, he put the shield on his back and took Lu Ying's hand as he led him through the field of snow toward the hillside. Despite his small stature, his bearing already matched that of a grownup.


Under Chi Le's ancient tree, Xiang Shu and Chen Xing were covered in snow as they stared at each other in a daze.

Xiang Shu, still in his royal robe, was sitting with his back against the big tree, his long legs spreading out in the snow. Acting just like a youth who had just declared his love to his beloved, he suddenly felt a little at a loss; he basically hadn't thought about his next course of action in the first place, nevermind properly thinking it through. He was still awestruck; never once did he think that there would be such a brilliant day in his life.

Chen Xing recalled the scene from a long, long time ago when he looked at him. That day, Xiang Shu, dressed in iron armor with a sword on his back, had ridden his horse alone through the snow-covered canyon and ranges of Yin mountains without the slightest care of his own safety in order to save him. Not only do I like him more the more I look at him, but also the more sorry I feel for him. Thinking so, he once more pressed Xiang Shu's shoulders and tried to kiss him.

But Xiang Shu suddenly put a finger against Chen Xing's forehead.

"Wait!" Xiang Shu said. "I remembered! Why didn't you tell me earlier?! You all..."

Chen Xing tugged away Xiang Shu's finger and kissed him again on the side of his face. Xiang Shu was still muddleheaded until now; after he had completely connected the past events together, he immediately became unsure of what to do.

Chen Xing: "You finally remembered. Do you know how anxious I was waiting for you?"

Xiang Shu: "Guwang... I... No wonder, did you people just watch me like I was some kind of joke all this time?"

"Tell me when have I ever laughed at you?!" Chen Xing was totally baffled. "You ran to fight Chiyou alone. I haven't even criticized you for it yet ne!"

"That was to save you." After Xiang Shu got up, he pulled Chen Xing up by the wrist. He then said, eyebrows knitting, "But you? Look at yourself, why did you keep everything from me?"

Chen Xing: "Oh fine, now that you've remembered everything, you want to settle old accounts? Didn't you also keep everything from me?"

"When did I do that?" Xiang Shu retorted. "Tell me, what did I hide from you?"

Chen Xing had wanted to say "you did so many things when I was asleep!" but after thinking about it, he felt that wasn't right; he had been sleeping after all, so Xiang Shu had had no way to tell him even if he had wanted to. Seeing that he couldn't twist the logic, he then tried to find an occasion where Xiang Shu had deceived him so he could launch a powerful counterattack at him, just to come up with none of Xiang Shu's dirt at the moment. There was only one thing he could think of:

"You obviously can play the qin!" Chen Xing angrily accused him. "But you told me you couldn't!"

Xiang Shu: ".................................."


Chen Xing: "Right? You even lied to me about such a simple thing, how much more are you still not telling me?! What else do you have to say?! Talk ah!"

Xiang Shu was rendered speechless. Chen Xing looked at that handsome face of his, heart filled with both love and hate for him; he was practically gritting his teeth. Quickly kiss me ah! We only kissed for a short time just now, it's totally not enough! Come kiss me, enough talking!

When Xiang Shu looked at Chen Xing, he felt his lips getting warm and unwittingly licked his lower lips. Seeing this gesture immediately made Chen Xing feel even more dazzled. It was just, he had kissed Xiang Shu multiple times, while Xiang Shu had only done it once. It couldn't go on like this, or else it would look like he was too proactive!

"Not talking? I'm leaving then!" Chen Xing was in a rage. As he said so, he walked a few steps away before turning back to look at Xiang Shu.

"I said, I'm leaving!" Chen Xing emphasized the words one more time.

Xiang Shu returned to his senses and immediately chased after him. Chen Xing was actually begging for a way out; as long as Xiang Shu coaxed him even a little, he would immediately take the chance to reconcile with him. Alas, Xiang Shu's mind was still out of focus and shaken to the core. He was thoroughly stunned by all these sudden events to the point not even a word could come out of his mouth. He just followed after Chen Xing and caught up with him after some quick strides.

"Where are you going?" Xiang Shu asked him.

Chen Xing turned around and just stared at Xiang Shu. In the end, Xiang Shu said, "Do you want to attempt running all over the place again? If you do, Guwang will... will..."

This sentence completely made Chen Xing explode. "I want to go back to Jiangkang. Don't come along ah, just properly be the Great Chanyu."

"Woof! Woof!" The dog was wagging its tail. After running outside the camp and searching for so long, it finally found Chen Xing.

"Xiang Shu, come here!" Chen Xing said to the dog.

But when the dog was about to come over, Xiang Shu said, "Chen Xing! Come here!"

The dog: "???"

The dog sniffed the smell of meat as people began roasting them in the distance. It looked at the two people before turning around and running away. Chen Xing was about to chase after it, but Xiang Shu, getting really angry, took a few steps forward and stood in front of Chen Xing. This action made Chen Xing step back a little, subconsciously a little afraid of him.

Seeing this, Xiang Shu's eyes turned gentle.

"I was afraid that even after I told you all about the past," Chen Xing said, dejected, "you wouldn't remember anymore. That you would only think so only because someone else has told you. Like that, if we are to do it all over again, you may not necessarily... like me. What should I do then?"

This was indeed what Chen Xing had truly felt and not mere words spoken to coax Xiang Shu.

Xiang Shu's eyes showed a trace of guilt when he heard this statement, as if this matter was, in the end, his own fault. After thinking for a moment, he tensely replied, "How could that be?"

Hearing this rhetorical answer, Chen Xing felt even more delightful than hearing the words "I love you." Although after that, the two people standing in that field of snow merely stared at each other; they were a little unaccustomed to it, like a window paper that turned unfamiliar because it had been pierced through.

Can you please be a little more proactive? Chen Xing shouted in his heart.

Xiang Shu seemed to feel the same and had already become a little unsure of how to interact with him. He was very awkward regarding romance, not to mention that this was also the first time in his life. Moreover, the 'they' inside his imagination and the 'current' they were as different as heaven and earth.

In the end, Xiang Shu finally made one most pivotal move: he got close to Chen Xing and stretched out his fingers to pull Chen Xing's hand. Chen Xing's heart thumped wildly as his fingers were caressed, and soon afterward, ten of their fingers were interlocked with each other again.

"I..." Xiang Shu was still a little distracted. He wanted to hug Chen Xing, but seeing Chen Xing not responding at all, he dared not rush too much. At this time, cheers came from afar, signaling that the festival was about to reach its climax. Xiang Shu thus led Chen Xing to the direction of the camp.

Chan Xing was also pretty much unaccustomed to this. With their relationship suddenly changing in such a totally impactful, short period of half a shichen, he was already so happy he actually didn't know how to handle it.

"That day... was it very painful? I'm sorry," Xiang Shu said.

"What?" Chen Xing asked.

Xiang Shu replied, "On that final day, I used my sword to hurt you."

Chen Xing rushed to say, "No, I didn't pay any attention at all. I had my whole attention focused on your body then..."

The pain had been there, but Chen Xing had been too preoccupied to think about it given the circumstances back then.

"Where did you wake up after that?" asked Xiang Shu again.

Chen Xing: "In the dungeon, the place where we first met. How are you feeling now? Is it very confusing?"

"It's like I have been sleeping for a very long time," Xiang Shu murmured, his eyes looking toward the camp. "The moment I woke up, I felt I just had a deep dream of a fleeting life."

Chen Xing said, "I have so many things I'd like to say to you... Are we going to join them now?"


"Go ba," Xiang Shu scrupulously said. "Today is different from how it was. We still have a lot of time in the future."

Xiang Shu grasped Chen Xing's chin as he said so, lowering his head and kissing him on the lips as they stood outside the camp. His lips trembled, betraying the excitement and passion he felt deep inside his heart.

Chen Xing's face reddened all the way to the base of his ears, but Xiang Shu didn't go overboard. As flames lit up in the distance, he took Chen Xing by the hand with a faint smile on the corners of his mouth, and together, they returned to the camp.

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Kissing one second, quarreling at another… Why are they like this… 😭

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