Chapter 107 - Implications

Dinghai Fusheng Records

"To me, you are not the Great Chanyu; you are only my Protector."

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With that, King Akele carried his wife in. As soon as the midwife saw Youduo’s corpse, she was so scared that she began to shout loudly, and Chen Xing hurried to say, “It’s okay! Hey, don’t run off!”

A half-screen was erected in front of the bed, and Chen Xing sat right in the middle. He pressed one hand against Youduo’s chest, while he waved the other hand aimlessly, before grabbing the slippery, sweaty hand of the consort.

“Youduo… Youduo…” the consort’s voice shook. “Doctor, I’m begging you…”

“Focus on giving birth to your child,” Chen Xing hurried to say. “Don’t think about anything else.”

When Youduo heard his mother’s voice, he immediately began to move uneasily.

“Use acupuncture on her,” Chen Xing said to Xiang Shu.

“I don’t know how,” Xiang Shu said.

Chen Xing commanded, “Listen to my orders.”

Last time, the consort had gone into labor by coincidence. This time,she had disturbed the fetus by riding out to battle on a war horse despite being pregnant in order to save her eldest son. When Chen Xing did the calculations, today was almost twenty days earlier than when the consort had given birth the last time he had arrived at Chi Le Chuan.

The Autumn Close Festival was also almost here; there was only half a month left until then. The Autumn Deity Festival of the south was approaching. This time, he would definitely protect the consort and her son, and he would not let any regrettable things happen once again.


“Three cun below the neck,” Chen Xing said to Xiang Shu.

Xiao Shan: “Are little kids born just like this?”

“Don’t get too close,” Chen XIng immediately said. “Right now, she is in great pain. Xiao Shan, come over to where I am.”

Xiang Shu did as Chen Xing described and inserted the needle. Chen Xing activated the Heart Lamp, sending its power into Youdou’s heart meridians, while on the other side, he called upon the power of the Heart Lamp in Xiang Shu’s body. Every time Xiang Shu jabbed another needle into the consort, every needle carried a gentle glow.

Chen Xing’s forehead was covered with sweat, as the heart in Youduo’s chest was currently fighting against the purification of the Heart Lamp.

“What exactly did you guys put in Youduo’s chest?” Chen Xing asked doubtfully.

The consort didn’t stop panting as she said, “Kjera, that was what Kjera… personally handed to us. He told us that as long as Youduo had this heart, he would be able to live.”

The consort’s condition had stabilized somewhat. Upon seeing that they were reaching the critical point, Chen Xing hurriedly said, “Push, the baby is almost out!”

The consort’s loud shout was accompanied by the midwife’s joyful cry.

In that instant, Chen Xing immediately sensed that there were two strange currents of energy circling around inside the tent. That was the primal energy of life and death, accompanying the little prince’s birth and Youduo’s death, and it revolved around them like the Taiji, gathering into a vortex.

Xiang Shu and Xiao Shan immediately sensed this flow of spiritual qi. These two energies began to converge into one, and Chen Xing immediately grew wary; perhaps, something would happen that was out of his control. Just as he was about to pull his hand back, he found that, to the sound of a clear wail, the power of life was flowing ceaselessly into Youduo’s body.

That yao heart instantly stopped its beating! All of its defenses collapsed, and the power of the Heart Lamp was sucked in. As that power was gathered up in his chest, a bright light shot out, engulfing Youduo’s body!

“It’s a little prince!”

The wailing continued on ceaselessly.

Youduo’s eyes blinked slightly, and he grabbed Chen Xing’s hand, slowly rising from the bed.

“Mother…” Youduo said in the Akele tongue. “Didi…”

The consort’s face was sheet white, and she turned her head in disbelief to watch Youduo.

Youduo pushed himself up from the bed, turning and clambering into a sitting position, using his one remaining limb to grab his mother’s hand. The people inside the tent grew nervous, but Chen Xing waved his hand gently, indicating that there was no issue.

“My son…” The consort’s eyes filled with warm tears, and she raised her hand, stroking Youduo’s cheek. Youduo used his murky eyes to look towards that newly born infant, and with one hand, he brought his little brother in front of the consort.

“What happened just now?” Xiang Shu asked, astonished.

Chen Xing keenly sensed that the process of Youduo’s death and rebirth was completely different from Sima Wei’s! His birth was the result of three different kinds of energies working together: Wang Ziye had transplanted a yao heart in him, Chen Xing had expelled the resentment in his body, and finally, the little brother born from the mother who was connected to him by blood, seemed to have shared with him the power of life, and called him back to the living realm.

Perhaps, unknowingly, he had created a new great yaoguai. Chen Xing suddenly felt that he was a little dangerous.


One ke later, in the royal tent.

King Akele knelt in gratitude on the ground, pushing a box in front of Chen Xing before personally opening it, offering its contents up to Chen Xing and Xiang Shu. Inside were four rings.

“My Akele people will forever remember the life-saving grace bestowed upon us by the Great Chanyu and the Divine Doctor,” the king of the Akeles said. “The Shulü family has saved my wife and younger son, and protected my elder son.”

Without waiting for Xiang Shu’s reply, Chen Xing accepted King Akele’s gift. Upon seeing this, Xiang Shu couldn’t resist saying in the Han language, “Why are you so impolite?”

Chen Xing replied, “You cannot return something a Xiongnu person gives you, didn’t you tell me this?”

Xiang Shu’s retort was stopped just like that, and he could only hold back. They hadn’t even talked through the reason they were arguing before, and this entire way, Chen Xing had stayed meek and subservient, putting up with him. Finally, he didn’t feel like holding back any longer, and he unconsciously returned to how he had been previously. 

Xiang Shu: “?”

Suddenly, Xiang Shu felt again that something was a little off. He seemed to have said these words before, but he had forgotten when he had said them.

King Akele didn’t understand what the two of them were saying, and he said to Xiang Shu in the ancient Xiongnu tongue, “Please, if the Great Chanyu would bestow a name on this child.”

“The Akele people live on the shores of Lake Barkol,” Xiang Shu said. He thought for a bit, before saying, “Then he shall be named Na…”

“... doro ba?” Chen Xing finished his sentence.

Xiang Shu: “...”

Xiang Shu looked oddly at Chen Xing, but Chen Xing merely replied, “The Great Chanyu wanted to say this name, isn’t that right?”

Internally, Xiang Shu could not be more suspicious. Clearly, Chen Xing had once again put on the mask of keeping public and private affairs separate, because he had been angered by Xiang Shu’s phrase of “what do you treat me as”. It was because of that that now, he treated Xiang Shu as just the Great Chanyu in front of King Akele.

“King Akele, would you like to chat with Youduo?” Chen Xing thought that since he was reunited with his son after so long, they should have quite a lot to say. But after Youduo had revived, he had gone off to who knows where, and he hadn’t come to visit his father either, as if he had something on his mind. With that, he glanced at Xiang Shu, and the two of them rose together, leaving the royal tent behind.


The snow and wind had lessened somewhat, and the snowstorm had stopped. What replaced it was a light snow that danced through the air, blanketing their surroundings.

Xiang Shu and Chen Xing walked out of the tent, and they came to a stop in front of the empty ground. Chen Xing’s entire face was drawn in an expression of unhappiness; now, it had turned into him having a tantrum instead. He could also tell that Xiang Shu’s anger had dissipated, and he had something he wanted to say.

Xiang Shu: “Guwang hasn’t even said anything, but you’re already unhappy?”

Chen Xing turned his head and furrowed his brows as he studied him, but at that, Xiang Shu began to avoid Chen Xing’s gaze a little, growing a little self-conscious.

Chen Xing knew that with Xiang Shu’s personality, these words were an apology. He wondered, when Tuoba Yan had talked privately to Xiang Shu, how much of an effect his words had; either way, Xiang Shu now no longer cared about Tuoba Yan.

But Chen Xing still cared a lot about it. With how I’ve treated you on this entire journey, you still haven’t realized? How minute is Tuoba Yan compared to this? And things had happened just like this last time; for some unknown reason, Xiang Shu was always very wary of him. It’s because he doesn’t trust me ba!

The two of them stood there, looking at each other. Suddenly, Chen Xing said, “You think that I haven’t treated you like the Great Chanyu. To tell you the truth, yes. To me, you are not the Great Chanyu; you are only my Protector. Maybe you don’t know what being the Protector means, but I know. The exorcist and the protector will trust each other, no matter if…”

Instantly, a minute change came over Xiang Shu’s expression, but it was at this moment that Che Luofeng hurried over.


“Anda,” Che Luofeng said, “there is news from the scouts.”

Xiang Shu: “Keep talking.”

“You go take care of this first ba.” As soon as Chen Xing saw Che Luofeng, he was no longer in the mood to continue talking about this.

Xiang Shu could only say to Chen Xing, “Stay in the camp. In a bit, Guwang has more to ask you.”

Saying this, Xiang Shu turned and left with Che Luofeng. Chen Xing watched his silhouette from the back, a little resigned, and he sighed, walking off in another direction.


Tuoba Yan, Xiao Shan, Sima Wei, and Youduo were sitting at the other side of the Akeles’ camp, soaking up the warmth of the campfire.

“How come you all aren’t in the tent?” Chen Xing asked curiously.

Tuoba Yan: “Didn’t you and the Great Chanyu want to speak?”

Xiao Shan formed a snowball and tossed it to Sima Wei, who tossed it to Youduo, who tossed it to Tuoba Yan, who then tossed it to Chen Xing. Chen Xing tossed it back to Xiao Shan, and the three people and two drought fiends began to play a boring game.

“What did you and Xiang Shu talk about?” Chen Xing couldn’t resist asking.

Tuoba Yan shrugged, saying, “I only told him that I don’t like you. If he took offense to that, then I would end myself in front of him; I do not wish that you two argue because of me.”

“Hey,” Chen Xing said, torn between tears and laughter. “Are you insane?”

Tuoba Yan: “I heard you Han people tell many stories, Wu Zixu conquered Chu only for his body to be sunk into the river by a fisherman, Jing Ke assassinating the Qin emperor, but at the cost of offering up Fan Yuqi’s head. Since the Great Chanyu does not believe me, then what harm is there in using my death as proof? After all, my life has long since not been worth mentioning, and if it can be of any use, then take it as you wish. If you’re willing to stop Wang Ziye and fulfill my desire, then I will die…”

“Enough!” Chen Xing said, anger in his tone, but that could not stop the ache in his heart.

But Tuoba Yan insisted on finishing his sentence. “... If you cannot, then that’s alright, as long as you’ve done your best.”

After a short silence, Chen Xing’s heart was filled with guilt as he said, “Tuoba Yan, sorry.”

Tuoba Yan waved his hand, indicating it was alright.

Chen Xing continued, “You’re angry.”

“I’m not,” Tuoba Yan managed a smile. “I really am not, I just wish not to cause you two to harbor reservations about each other. I did not think it through.”

Xiao Shan: “You clearly like Chen Xing, why don’t you admit it?”

“Xiao Shan!” Chen Xing shouted, at the end of his rope.

“Ah?” Tuoba Yan was a little puzzled, and he said, “Little brother, we haven’t met before, right? Why do you say this?”

Xiao Shan: “You don’t know me, but I know you. Admit it, you like Chen Xing.”

“Stop talking about such boring topics!” Chen Xing immediately said, upon seeing that the atmosphere had lightened a little. “Stop right there, Xiao Shan, stop speaking nonsense.”


Xiao Shan stared at Youduo, reluctantly letting out a wo. He then asked, “Why are you all so keen on saying one thing but thinking another?”

Sima Wei responded, “Humans always say one thing but think something else.”

The corners of Chen Xing’s mouth twitched, and he glanced at Youduo, asking, “You’re not going to go chat with your parents?”

Youduo’s hair was unbound and in disarray, and he lifted his head, glancing at Chen Xing. Chen Xing walked forward and tied his hair up.

“They are no longer my parents,” Youduo said. “I do not even know who I am. Great Exorcist, can you tell me who I am?”

Chen Xing glanced at the group, and he guessed that perhaps before he had come, they had been discussing this very question. Xiao Shan must also have told him about many things, as well as everyone’s identity.

“Who are you?” Sima Wei asked.

“I don’t know,” Youduo replied, lost. “And who are you?”

Sima Wei said, “I also do not know.”

From the tent in the distance came the sound of an infant crying. When Youduo heard this sound, he couldn’t resist turning his head and glancing in that direction.

“That is your didi,” Chen Xing said. “Go see them ba.”


At this moment, the king of the Akeles lifted the tent flap aside, standing in front of the royal tent, glancing over to where they were.

Chen Xing could sense that perhaps, some strange connection existed between the two brothers, Youduo and Nadoro. And as of now, he imagined that the Akeles tribe was also facing a great headache in how to settle him in; their eldest prince had returned, but had become how he was today, and back then, the king of the Akeles had brought him into the Carosha mountains and personally buried him… Was he still a human?

But Chen Xing believed that no matter what Youduo became, to the Akeles’ king and consort, he would always be their child. The king of the Akeles must have much that he wanted to say to him.

“Go,” Sima Wei said. “Whatever you want to do will not lack for this bit of time.”

With that, Youduo dragged his heavy, clumsy feet as he walked to the royal tent. The king of the Akeles turned and walked into the tent, leaving them with nothing more than a silhouette of his back. Chen Xing looked in the direction that Youduo had left in, when Xiao Shan asked, “What are we doing next? Is Gege ambushing them? When can we go back to Carosha?”

Chen Xing knew that Xiao Shan was a little anxious, having been away from Lu Ying’s side for too long. Lake Barkol was only a three day journey from Carosha, so he urgently wanted to return and take a look, but because of Chen Xing’s request, he hadn’t left on his own. Looking at it from this perspective, no matter if it was because Lu Ying had told him, “You must listen to Chen Xing”, or if Xiao Shan had originally trusted Chen Xing unconditionally, that always made others think that he was a very obedient and innocent child.

“Go back and sleep,” Chen Xing said. “You all must be tired. After Xiang Shu ambushes Zhou Zhen, we’ll head out to Carosha.”


Chen Xing had one more mission, which was to completely purify Zhou Zhen, so that every time Wang Ziye sent out a subordinate, he lost one, and every time he sent out two, he lost a pair. Perhaps because Sima Wei had been kidnapped by the other side, Wang Ziye no longer dared to lightly send his drought fiend kings out to do battle, but was rather thinking of other strategies. And Chen Xing could vaguely sense that Lu Ying’s request had a deeper meaning behind it, as if he was stopping them from heading there, or he was saying that they should not act too hastily. Perhaps, on this journey north, there would be other variables that would change.

Tuoba Yan had spent the whole day rushing here, and he was also a little tired, so he yawned. Chen Xing then had them go into an empty tent to catch up on sleep, as he began to lead Xiao Shan away.

Sima Wei replied, “I do not need to sleep.”

Chen Xing said, “Drought fiend king, can I trouble you to head to the lake shore and see what the Protector is doing? If there is a need, listen to his orders, at least for now.”

Sima Wei nodded and left the camp.

After Xiao Shan entered the tent, he slumped onto the bedroll and fell asleep. This tent let in wind everywhere, and it was so cold that Chen Xing was a little unable to handle it. Just as he was about to wrap himself tightly in a blanket, the phoenix flew in, and instantly the air inside the tent became as warm as spring.


“Do you need help?” Chong Ming took human form. “Karakorum is okay. I’ve sent out birds who are currently investigating, but it seems like your side here also needs helpers?”

Chong Ming had adjusted his strategy, and he had grown a little more polite to Chen XIng. This time, he had to find a chance to finish this third task as well.

Chen Xing replied wearily, “No need. Are you so eager to be rid of me? You’re not even willing to keep me company for a few more days?”

Chong Ming walked to one side, sitting down cross-legged on the floor. His red-gold eyes glanced over at the soundly asleep Xiao Shan, before turning to Chen Xing.

“I can help you completely rout the white bone army,” Chong Ming said. 

Chen Xing replied, “I believe in Xiang Shu. This little bit of trouble, he can still take care of.”

Chong Ming asked coldly, “I want to have a chat with you. What exactly do you want?”

Chen Xing didn’t respond. He turned around, reached out, and pulled Xiao Shan to him, pulling him into his embrace.

Chong Ming continued, “You have long since had an idea in mind. You are a very intelligent human, much more intelligent than many of the humans Guwang has seen before. What harm is there for both of us to speak a little more openly and freely?”

Chen Xing’s eyelids fought to stay open as sleep tried to drag him under. He replied, “Why do I always feel like I’m very dumb?”

Chong Ming: “Your intelligence lies in your great wisdom. For example, right now, you must already have the third task well-thought out in your mind.”

Chen Xing yawned. “Even if you flatter me, that is of no use, I won’t fall for your tricks.”

Chong Ming: “Guwang, however, is curious about one thing.”

Chen Xing turned his head and glanced at Chong Ming.

“If, back then, Guwang hadn’t rebuilt Shulü Kong’s body,” Chong Ming asked, narrowing his eyes, “then right now, who would your Protector be?”

Chen Xing: “...”

This question was one that he had never thought of, but since Chong Ming had asked, Chen Xing suddenly grew a little curious as well. If, on the day that the tides of time had turned back, Chong Ming and Iuppiter had not planted those two variables that had come before everything else, then when he returned to the depths of the prison, Xiang Shu would no longer have been there.

Though Chen Xing had always subconsciously avoided thinking about this question, as the human instinct of avoiding harm and seeking benefits caused him to be unwilling to consider the worst case scenario, this riddle was one that he could not resist thinking about. If without Xiang Shu, he had to relive these three years, what would happen?

“With that, my Protector would probably have become my adopted son.” Chen Xing lifted a hand and patted Xiao Shan in his arms.

“The way I see it, it might not have been,” Chong Ming replied easily.

Chen Xing: “...”

Countless conjectures, little by little, grew clear in Chen Xing’s mind. Some causes and effects that seemed to be wholly unrelated suddenly became linked together through some strange connection.


“Iuppiter has already left you. You will live for a long, long time, and you will also find the one who will accompany you for a lifetime... that Protector Martial God…”

That was the last sentence that Chen Xing had heard before he lost consciousness and sank into the darkness.

If he hadn’t met Xiang Shu, then the him who had lost all his memories would definitely stand, disappointed, at the door of the prison. Finally, he would accept the reality that the Heart Lamp had guided him wrong, and he would leave Xiangyang City to head north. Without being kidnapped by Xiang Shu in a civilian residence, he would arrive half a day earlier at Mai City. He would not have run into Feng Qianjun, but in the end, they would still get to know each other in Chang’an; that would just have been a delay of quite a while.

That day, he would have ridden through Mt. Longzhong, and because it was relatively early in the day, he would not make camp outside that valley, so he wouldn’t have run into drought fiends...

… nor would he have met Zhou Yi.

He would have left Jingzhou just like that, heading towards Chang’an. After arriving, he would have definitely gone to greet Yuwen Xin, and subsequently met...

So, if he followed Xiang Shu’s plan, and everything were to happen again, his Protector was very likely to have become --


Chen Xing flipped over and left the tent. He wrapped himself in his outer robe, mounted his horse, and left, disappearing into the snow and wind.

“Xiang Shu!” Chen Xing turned his horse in the direction of the lake, spurring it on as he shouted. “Xiang Shu! Where are you?!”

The banks of the lake were hazy with snow and fog, and a shadow leapt out from within a copse of trees, pouncing on Chen Xing. It brought him rolling off his horse, pulling him into its embrace as they rolled a few times.

“You’re insane!” Xiang Shu’s head and body was covered with snow as he hugged Chen Xing. He forced his rage down as he continued, “What did you come after me this time for?!”

Chen Xing watched Xiang Shu mutely. In that instant, he seemed to understand why Xiang Shu was strangely antagonistic towards Tuoba Yan -- before the Tide of Eternity was activated, Xiang Shu must have also thought about this. With the shattering of the Dinghai pearl, this self-destructive behavior would undoubtedly cause Chen Xing to be left to Tuoba Yan! And this possibility remained rooted in his brain, which caused him to have such strong hostility towards Tuoba Yan!

Xiang Shu: “???”

Xiang Shu looked at Chen Xing with doubt. Chen Xing couldn’t stop panting, and he said, “No...nothing. I was just - suddenly worried about you, and I missed… missed you... a little. I didn’t know… what you were doing, so I couldn’t resist coming out here to find you.”

Xiang Shu: “...”

Che Luofeng hid himself behind the brush, watching this scene from afar.

Xiang Shu and Chen Xing looked at each other for a moment. Chen Xing had a handful of snow, and suddenly a mischievous urge rose in him. With a pa, he slapped it onto Xiang Shu’s face, before he began to laugh loudly, ha ha ha.

Xiang Shu: !!!”

Xiang Shu’s lungs almost exploded from that anger, and he picked Chen Xing up by the arm and muffled his mouth. Chen Xing didn’t stop struggling, even as he was brought into the copse by Xiang Shu.

“Don’t make a sound!” Xiang Shu ordered, his brows furrowed deeply. “We’re currently hiding!”

Chen Xing half-laid in the snow, his entire body covered with snow. He sent his gaze out over the trees, seeing the island in the middle of Lake Barkol.

“Did they say when they were coming?” Chen Xing asked.

“Are you insane?” Xiang Shu asked menacingly, forcefully keeping his voice low.

“Hahaha, that’s right,” Chen Xing replied.

Che Luofeng: “...”

Xiang Shu had no more temper left to deal with Chen Xing. A little while before, in the Akeles’ royal tent, he had still been furious, and his attitude made it seem like he was ready to fight with him for three days and three nights without end. But after Xiang Shu had left for less than half a shichen, he had come chasing after him like a fool.

Was this the same person?

Chen Xing looked outside, his eyes flicking back and forth, before he looked at Xiang Shu, asking, “Are you cold? I brought you some food.” And saying this, he pulled out some roasted meat.

Xiang Shu took it, saying, “How about you? Have you eaten yet?”

Chen Xing stuffed some dried meat into his mouth, handing some to Che Luofeng as he did so. Che Luofeng took it without saying a single word, sending Xiang Shu a questioning gaze. Xiang Shu indicated that they should keep waiting here, and after eating some dried meat, he lifted his head to watch the sky.

It was almost midnight, and the sky was pitch black. The snow and wind had slowly calmed, but Chen Xing was still so cold that he shivered. Of his own accord, he scooted into Xiang Shu’s embrace, and Xiang Shu couldn’t do anything else but wrap his arms around him, using his own body temperature to warm him up. Chen Xing said, “When Zhou Zhen comes, wake me.”

Che Luofeng quietly watched the soundly asleep Chen Xing, before he looked at Xiang Shu. Xiang Shu was silent, his gaze meeting Che Luofeng’s, and the two of them remained silent in this pitch black snowy expanse.

“Yes,” Xiang Shu replied, seemingly in response to a question that Che Luofeng had yet to ask before they came here. “What? Speak ba, we’ve got to clear this up.”

Che Luofeng’s eyes reddened, and he turned his head. He didn’t continue speaking.


Chen Xing didn’t know how long he had slept for when a rustling sound started to come from the lake. In the distance, the white bones army appeared, and a streak of black flame flew over at twilight, landing on the island in the middle of the lake. The bone army was like a white mat that covered the ground as they sent the snow on the ground flying, before they sank into the lake, accompanied by the sounds of ice cracking.

Xiang Shu gently placed Chen Xing in the tree, taking off the royal cloak he wore over his armor and blanketing him with it. He then made a gesture, and the Tiele warriors left the forest, borrowing the protection of the darkness to approach the lake.

Hundreds of thousands of white bones had all sunk into the waters, and Zhou Zhen put away the Zheng Drum, one foot stepping on the ice. A path of white bone appeared across the lake, bringing him to the island in the middle.

The black flame took the physical form of Wang Ziye, who stood quietly on the empty ground.

Zhou Zhen asked solemnly, “The plan has failed. What should we do next?”

The black flames that made up Wang Ziye’s body billowed as he replied, “There is an important matter I am taking care of, and I cannot split my attention. The situation in Shazhou has already reached a critical point, and I am unable to send out troops to support you. We will not be able to conquer Longcheng, so you must find another way.”

Zhou Zhen replied, “I’m thinking that perhaps I can send the troops under my command at them. Taking care of Carosha first can still be a solution, but I hadn’t expected that Shulü Kong would suddenly return at this time…”

Wang Ziye: “Has Che Luofeng drunk the Devil God’s Blood?”

Zhou Zhen fell thoughtfully silent, before finally shaking his head.

“He said that he has not yet decided,” Zhou Zhen responded.

Wang Ziye let out a cold, scornful chuckle. “That is not urgent. Right now, even if you don’t provoke Shulü Kong, he will still come to us of his own accord. We can adjust our plans a little: after capturing him, you will head to Carosha and figure out how to get the White Deer’s corpse in our hands. The White Deer cannot hold out for much longer.”

Zhou Zhen hesitantly ventured, “That Great Exorcist that’s following by his side has already activated the defensive walls of Karakorum, so I’m afraid that the magic you have imparted there will not be of much use. Not to mention, the Grey Wolf’s refinement has not yet been completed, and it may not be able to do battle right now…”

Wang Ziye replied easily, “Let’s take a gamble then. There will always be gambles in life, isn't that right? Last time, the effects were already proven, otherwise Shulü Kong would not have allowed himself to be captured without a fight. If this gamble is won, then you…”

Suddenly, the black flames that had gathered to form Wang Ziye were disturbed, and with the arrival of a billow of green leaves, another burst of power brimming with the vigour of life instantly shattered the black flames!

Wang Ziye’s voice instantly grew flustered. “Feng Qianjun! How did he find us here! Guards!”

The black flames exploded outwards, before disappearing suddenly.

Just at this moment, an extremely faint sound of flowing liquid came from all around the lake, as if there was someone currently pouring fluid into the lake.

Zhou Zhen was observing his surroundings when he suddenly sensed danger, as if at that very moment, he had already become the quarry for a hunter.

Zhou Zhen slowly approached the altar at the center of the lake, pressing one hand on the animal pelt, firmly grasping that huge being.

“Who’s there?” Zhou Zhen’s murky eyes looked into the darkness, while his other hand held the Zheng Drum.


On the shore of Lake Barkol, under the fractured ice, white bones once again slowly climbed out. Torches were lit up in quick succession, covering the valleys and the hills, as the Akeles and the Tiele revealed themselves. Xiang Shu, standing on the outer perimeter, was wearing a full-body set of armor, and everyone held a torch in one hand, creating a long, winding fiery dragon that surrounded Lake Barkol.

“The Great Chanyu who rules over the Four Seas and the prairies, and all the people under the sky.”

Xiang Shu intoned, before tossing his torch into the lake. WIth that, four thousand torches flew into Lake Barkol, igniting the oil on the surface of the lake. In that instant, the surface of Lake Barkol erupted with blazing flames!

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Daang, if that’s how it is, I guess it’d make sense how the current Protector feels ‘threatened’ that a potential Protector is nearby…

But all these are just conjectures kekek

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