War of Heaven Records

A little magician who stutters, a brave and noble night, a red-haired king, a saintess with golden eyes; the world has sucked away all traces of time like a vortex. On the land of heaven, miracles of history were happening quietly all around them...

Book that Goes Against the World

Flip to the first page of 'Summoning'.
Follow behind the apprentice who lives in the shadows - Cheyne Illot.
Walk out of the ancient dark castle.
Pass through the twists and turns of betrayal and forgiveness, despair, and dreams.
Although life is short, love isn't.
Let us travel under the brilliant sun and walk into a kind world.

Walk into the world of Summoners: "Book that Goes Against the World"

Galaxy Aria

The boundless galaxy guides lost travelers back home. The arrangement of stars contains a special power; when astrology reaches its peak, it would disrupt the arrangement of the constellations and destroy the order of the world. With every meteor that falls to the ground, a wish is fulfilled. Reverse the cause and effect, alter destiny, in the war of perishing gods, all the stars fell, leaving behind the legacy of an adventurer. Let us follow the young swordsman as he embarks on his journey, following the path destiny laid out for him - Astrologer: "Galaxy Aria"