Let Go of that Shou

Original Title: 放开那个受
Original Link: Raws
Release Year: 2011
Chapters: 81

Rumors flew in the Jianghu, that ever since he was young, the young master of the demonic sect had cultivated a skill called "The True Secret to Turning to Yang".

Rumors flew in the Jianghu, that as long as they were a man, if anyone dual cultivated with the young master, their martial level would advance rapidly, moving at the rate of a thousand li per day.

Rumors flew in the Jianghu, that whoever obtained You Mengzhe, they would obtain the world.
One day, the sixteen-year-old young master of the demonic sect ran away from home, and went down the mountain.

And immediately a wave of bloody rain washed over the Jianghu...

This is a book that looks very proper... a simple, dogblood, shocking text, one shou and six gongs, a shou with no integrity, father and son relations that appear and disappear, N-some, final is 1v1, CP no fixed, gongs that wildly switch out, a cruelly treated main lead, a conclusion where the dad gets fucked over.

Related Works(s): Yingnu, Joyful Reunion, Shan You Mu Xi

Translator's Note:

Summary translated by moon.

As you can probably tell by the translated summary, this is not a novel for the faint of heart. The tags alone...

Well, Feitian has warned you.